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How the secrets of OTRK "Oka" became known to Americans

The tactical missile system 9K714 "Oka", known in the West as SS-23 "Spider" ("Spider"), was the pride of the Soviet army. NATO generals considered him one of the most dangerous specimens. weapons USSR and the Warsaw Pact, writes Messenger of Mordovia.

How the secrets of OTRK "Oka" became known to Americans

Indeed, NATO’s fears were well-founded: “Mounted on a floating high-mobile BAZ-6944 chassis with a powerful 400-powerful Spider engine could deliver unexpected high-precision strikes, including using nuclear and chemical warheads. Now it is precisely known that the advertised Patriot was powerless against the Soviet super-weapon, ”writes the author of the material Daniel Rodionov.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Americans began to urge the leadership of the USSR to destroy these complexes. “Although SS-23 did not fall under the agreement on the limitation of medium-range and short-range missiles (they had never been tested at distances over 400 km), guided by“ new thinking ”, it was decided to destroy 102 launchers and more 200 missiles to them. The army’s combat damage was enormous, ”the article says.

Subsequently it turned out, by thoughtlessness or malicious intent, about the secret missile systems that were in service with the Warsaw Pact countries, "forgot". GDR alone became the mistress of 18 installations (destroyed in 1990). The same amount was in Bulgaria. Approximately 10 machines remained in Slovakia and 4 more - in Romania.

Later, the leadership of these countries all the Soviet military secrets to which it had access, handed over to the NATO command. So, "Spiders" were on the American ranges, where anti-missile systems were being worked out.

It is also known that the USA bought in the former socialist countries of Europe, including in Ukraine, the old Elbrus, Luna missile systems and the newer Dots.

“Apparently, the characteristics of SS-23 seriously frightened NATO members, since at the beginning of the XXI century they demanded from Slovakia the complete destruction of all the complexes at its disposal. The bloc calmed down on this occasion only when the last rocket was blown up, ”the author concludes.
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  1. 21 December 2017 12: 55
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    1. Conductor
      Conductor 21 December 2017 13: 15
      So far, only to him the order of merit, but the Russian pension, I think is not weak. And so all the words about the responsibility of MSG are just a spoilage of air. Nick will not really pursue him, he will not have received one hundred cells, and there, although the grass does not grow. Kvachkov is not on him!
      1. NKVD
        NKVD 21 December 2017 14: 36
        He will also open the center as he dies. His accomplice thought of opening, the shame of Russia.
        1. hrych
          hrych 21 December 2017 23: 14
          Quote: NKVD
          His accomplice thought of opening, the shame of Russia

          There is a conspiracy thesis here ...
          count aspen in the label for such tricks

          Another count of those Bolsheviks who gave such weapons to all the Bulgarian Roman Catholic gods, besides this device there is much more advanced at that time, including fighter jets.
          In defense of Gorbiiuda, a range of up to 400 km, warhead mass is more than 700 kg, however, a high-explosive warhead, with a slight movement of the hand (replacing the warheads at the starting position took 15 minutes), the mine was replaced by a vigorous charge, the weight of such a charge is less by an order of magnitude. Having a direct correlation between the weight being thrown and the range, one has to admit that this falls under the agreement on limiting INF.
    2. 210ox
      210ox 21 December 2017 13: 17
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    4. opus
      opus 21 December 2017 16: 47
      Labeled stake aspen in the label for such tricks should be!

      no not in the "tag" is too simple and humane

      Agnieszka Ucinska (FocusHistoria).

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  2. loginovich
    loginovich 21 December 2017 12: 58
    I congratulate all progressive mankind on the birthday of Stalin I.V.
    1. Conductor
      Conductor 21 December 2017 13: 16
      Right !!! Happy birthday I.V. Stalin, the last leader of the country. !!!!
  3. san4es
    san4es 21 December 2017 13: 00
    Operational and tactical missile system 9K714 "Oka", known in the West as SS-23 "Spider"
  4. Anatole Klim
    Anatole Klim 21 December 2017 13: 07
    Grandmother “Oka” has a worthy granddaughter, “Iskander”.
  5. VladGashek
    VladGashek 21 December 2017 13: 07
    How did the secrets become known? There is no secret. The end of the 80s. - This is the "all for sale" time. Then betrayal became the norm of the party, sovno-nomenclature. The complete moral and political decomposition of the "partocrats" and the disregard for the interests of the Soviet state and the Soviet people caused the transfer of all defense secrets. And in our time, traitors play the first roles in public consciousness. You watch the news, there is a message according to the version of the Russian Forbes that M. Fridman is recognized as the best Russian businessman for having invested 5 billion dollars abroad, having previously exported them from the Russian Federation. And why not invest in the Russian strategy of import substitution? All this is betrayal of the top.
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 21 December 2017 13: 17
      Betray their own. And what are we for Fridman and K? So, a means for plucking and cutting.
    2. Vard
      Vard 21 December 2017 13: 18
      You can only betray yours ... But we are strangers to them ...
    3. Strashila
      Strashila 21 December 2017 13: 18
      “And why not invest in the Russian strategy of import substitution?” ... but they can’t think they are stupidly stealing ... the most telling example of Prokhorov with an E-mobile.
      1. PN
        PN 21 December 2017 16: 38
        So, can you learn more about the ё-mobile? There was no state money in it.
        1. Strashila
          Strashila 21 December 2017 17: 26
          More ... that a money bag having a bunch of dough could not even produce a screwdriver assembly ... it wasn’t enough to organize a lot ... a bunch of PR with a big zilch at the exit.
  6. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 21 December 2017 13: 22
    Labeled stake aspen in the label for such tricks should be! am

    And he rounds his eyes, saying I don’t understand why they hate me in Russia!
  7. Evgenijus
    Evgenijus 21 December 2017 13: 32
    I can't get to Iskander, Mikhail Sergeyevich has already been written off by "partners", he has done his own "dirty deed" at one time, but there are no other real "figures" yet ...
  8. Amorphis
    Amorphis 21 December 2017 13: 37
    And why not recreate this complex with new improvements?
    1. minomoto
      minomoto 21 December 2017 14: 09
      Already recreated, Iskander called.
    2. Hey
      Hey 21 December 2017 14: 11
      And why not recreate this complex with new improvements?

      It’s easier and more profitable to make an additional Iskander than to restore what was lost.
  9. Xnumx vis
    Xnumx vis 21 December 2017 13: 39
    Quote: Evgenijus
    but there are no other real "figures" yet ...
    There are plenty of figures. Only while their hands are short .. Wait for the moment!
  10. Zomanus
    Zomanus 21 December 2017 14: 34
    So what? And who in Chechnya left the Dudaevites full warehouses of weapons?
    It feels like we were in a panicky escape from Eastern Europe.
    Throwing weapons, people and mate. values.
  11. acetophenon
    acetophenon 21 December 2017 15: 41

    Is very similar
    1. Amorphis
      Amorphis 21 December 2017 20: 07
      And where is the bottom like a boat and a motor to swim? request
  12. Dreamboat
    Dreamboat 22 December 2017 23: 17
    My father told me (retired colonels of the guard) that when, according to the hunchback’s decree, these complexes were cut (they were put out of order before being sent out for recycling from a commission of NATO officials and officers), the officers stood and tears ran down everyone’s cheeks! And the service weapon was taken away from all the officers, even from the duty officers, before that, so that no one would place lynching on the traitors on the spot ....
    1. Multicast
      Multicast 24 December 2017 01: 38
      Yes, you see, ordinary people cannot be fooled. The people will always see the truth and will curse the traitors of the motherland, who was the hunchbacked one.