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In Melbourne, a car drove into a crowd of people

Australian Police reported a tragic incident in one of the largest cities in the country - Melbourne. The material of the law enforcement department says that an unknown person entered a group of people in the very center of the city. At least 19 people received injuries and injuries of varying severity. It is reported that at least four are in critical condition. Physicians of one of the Melbourne clinical centers are fighting for their lives.

Stated that among the victims there are children, including pre-school age. On the dead at the moment is not reported.

Australian media reported that the incident occurred on Flinders Street. Called and car brand. This is a Suzuki SUV.

In Melbourne, a car drove into a crowd of people

At the moment, the police avoids the term "terrorist attack". However, this is not reported on other reasons that led to the fact that under the wheels of the car for a few seconds were almost two dozen people.

According to some reports, the driver of the SUV was still alive. He was detained. In the Australian press it is said that there was another person in the car. He is also detained.
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  1. Greg Miller
    Greg Miller 21 December 2017 12: 39
    To the bulb !!!
    1. Blombirus
      Blombirus 21 December 2017 12: 44
      This is becoming the norm for tolerast countries. It is ordered not to resent the victims, PARENTS No. 2 still give birth. Or number 1? Fuck them there, under the numbers, will take it apart.
      1. Sergey53
        Sergey53 21 December 2017 12: 50
        For that fought for it and ran. It is necessary to change the priority in their fucking European values.
        1. Gonchar
          Gonchar 21 December 2017 13: 45
          This is in Australia, if that. And it is in Australia declared
          - Rudd said that Muslims who intend to live according to Sharia law, of course, can do this, only outside Australia.
          Kevin Rudd unpleasantly surprised Muslims, noting that he supported the constant surveillance of special services for what was happening in Australian mosques. It is reported by, with reference to media materials.
          “Immigrants who do not have Australian citizenship must adapt to Australian society, and not vice versa. Or they do not belong here. I’m already tired of worrying that God forbid inadvertently not offending these people and their culture, ”said John Howard.
          “After the terrorist attack in Bali, the nationalist sentiment in Australia intensified. Our society is 200 years of conflict, perseverance and victories of millions of men and women in the struggle for freedom. Our official language is English. Not Spanish, not Arabic, not Chinese, not Japanese and no other. If you want to live in our society, learn English, ”said the Australian Prime Minister.
          “Most Australians believe in a Christian God. This is not religious discrimination, not the influence of the right, not political pressure. It is a fact. Men and women created this nation on the basis of the Christian faith. This is the lifestyle of our country; it is being instilled in children in schools. If our god offends someone, let them go to another place. Here is our land, our country. If you share our values ​​- welcome. If you have come to resent, if you do not like our flag, if you do not like our Christian faith, you can always use the basic democratic right - the right to leave here anywhere. Do you not like it here? Bye. We did not call you here, ”said the Prime Minister of Australia.
          1. Gladius
            Gladius 21 December 2017 14: 06
            GonChar, Australian Prime Minister voiced very correct and wise thoughts. With their charter do not climb into someone else’s monastery. Europe should learn from Kevin Rudd. And then they play some mystical democracy and tolerance to the detriment of their peoples and states. I do not like it - no one is holding you, they have collected their trunk and to hell .. on all four sides.
      2. Ren
        Ren 21 December 2017 13: 04
        Quote: BlombiRus
        ODITERS number 2 still give birth. Or number 1?

        Children through rear-wheel drive do not work! recourse
  2. Vard
    Vard 21 December 2017 12: 41
    It seems that this is already becoming a constant phenomenon ... How to fight ... More than three do not gather ...
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 21 December 2017 12: 41
    the driver of the SUV remained alive.
    - explicit barmaley!
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 21 December 2017 12: 49
      Volodya, hello! hi
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      explicit barmaley!

      It turns out that this is an Australian of North Korean descent - I won’t be surprised. wink
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 21 December 2017 14: 56
        Hello max! hi I think this is an FSB agent! sad
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 December 2017 12: 43
    police avoid the term "terrorist attack"
    Of course, they don’t want to think about the attack, because this will lead to a lot of questions for the special services and the police. But as I understand it, the authorities have not yet ruled out this. If this was really a terrorist attack, then this is a good example of the fact that you can’t hide from terrorists across the ocean and do not pay off with your inaction in the fight against them.
  5. solzh
    solzh 21 December 2017 12: 44
    Terrorism is evolving. This method of terror: cheap, reliable, secure and very dangerous, because there is a desire for sick people to imitate all kinds of freaks.
    1. Gonchar
      Gonchar 21 December 2017 13: 47
      Do you already know that this is terrorism? So what, what is an Afghan? negative But the truth in this case will be yours.
      1. solzh
        solzh 21 December 2017 14: 34
        I did not say that it was a terrorist attack. I talked about method and method, as well as imitators. If this was not a terrorist attack, then we must fight with the "imitators." If this is a terrorist attack, then how to deal with this method of conducting terrorist attacks?
        1. Gonchar
          Gonchar 21 December 2017 15: 30
          Quote: solzh
          I did not say that this is a terrorist attack
          You can speak.
          Quote: solzh
          how to deal with this method of carrying out terrorist attacks?
          Each mistake (terrorist attack) has a name, surname, middle name and address. It is necessary to identify those who instructed, these performers and give them an acquaintance with the gurus. Preachers and financiers of terrorism - to the next world.
          1. oldzek
            oldzek 21 December 2017 20: 09
            That's it! Preachers and sponsors first!
  6. Azazelo
    Azazelo 21 December 2017 12: 44
    Well .... but what about the main threat of all times and peoples-Russia?
  7. gaura
    gaura 21 December 2017 13: 30
    Yes, in fact, in almost every city in our wide homeland there were similar stories, like some kind of dumbfounded nutty man drove into the crowd at a bus stop. No terrorism, just drugs, alcohol and a sense of impunity
  8. Makarov
    Makarov 21 December 2017 13: 50
    Three dead. And on the day of our departure, well, we were not walking there ... I thought they won’t release the flight .... As I understand it, it was canceled that, given the love of Australians, driving drunk is not surprising ....

  9. Alex Justice
    Alex Justice 21 December 2017 15: 57
    Quote: Sergey53
    For that fought for it and ran. It is necessary to change the priority in their fucking European values.

    Stupid koment.
    The usual accidents which are many in Russia and isolated cases in Australia.
    Australia has a very high standard of driving safety. The number of accidents per capita, I think, is 1:10, and the number of deaths is 1:20 in favor of Australia. The police are invisible here, but they are fighting with violators very effectively. Bribes and requisitions are impossible by definition.
    So there is nothing to spit bile here, wishing that few were killed. You need to look in the mirror more often.
    My condolences to the dead and injured.