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The newest landing ship "gave a light" in the Baltic

The Baltic Sea is undergoing state tests of the landing ship of the new project 11711 "Ivan Gren". Its design began back in the distant 1998 year, and it was laid down after 6 years. At the time of launching in 2012, the ship was only ready for 70%.

Today, the Russian "unfinished" is preparing for admission to the Navy. "Ivan Gren" is more than 1,5 times larger than the most mass ship in service fleet - BDK project 775. It can take on board from two to three times more infantry and armored vehicles.

A distinctive feature of all domestic amphibious ships is also the presence of a deck helicopter Ka-29.

Armed with the 11711 project, there are AK-630-2 and AK-630-guns. In addition, the ship can carry out support for the landing using the Grad-M A-215 volley fire systems.

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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 21 December 2017 12: 19 New
    finally, “unfinished” saw the Great Water .. it’s a pity that the “Grad M” volley was not seen.
  2. antivirus
    antivirus 21 December 2017 13: 31 New
    Americans ask us to "untwist" the Poles to revive the fleet?
    only in the Baltic could be experienced?
  3. leonid-zherebtcov
    leonid-zherebtcov 21 December 2017 16: 06 New
    "Dolgostroy" seems very effective and judging by the development of the fleets: ours, NATO and Sshakovsky, is not even an outdated option good
  4. smaug78
    smaug78 21 December 2017 21: 21 New
    And who gave it a light, the author?)))
  5. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 21 December 2017 21: 33 New
    God grant! Taburetkin really did not want to finish it.
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    1. core
      core 22 December 2017 15: 07 New
      apparently people who put him in the ministers of defense. obviously smarter than you. and they know very well what he did in the army.
  9. SPLV
    SPLV 22 December 2017 02: 49 New
    .A distinctive feature of all domestic landing ships is also the presence of the Ka-29 deck helicopter.

    And the "Rogov" and the same type with him, you have to understand there were no helicopters? Disinformation again.
  10. svp67
    svp67 22 December 2017 07: 33 New
    Well, thank God. Seven feet under the keel. And good service.
    It is a pity that the full-fledged UDC "Ivan" falls short ...
  11. Kp0t
    Kp0t 22 December 2017 11: 48 New
    and to whom he had already "give a light" ???
  12. Jaros81
    Jaros81 22 December 2017 15: 31 New
    This is the lead ship, 1 serial is being completed ... Will there be 2 serial? Or will BDK only build 2 pieces?
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. race
    race 25 December 2017 16: 13 New
    How many tons is your ship?
    And where did the crew come from?
    ... about the crew, okay, but how much is the displacement of the ship?
    1. Jaros81
      Jaros81 27 December 2017 18: 11 New
      6000 tons. The crew of 100 people.
      1. race
        race 27 December 2017 22: 16 New
        Thank you Seven feet under the keel and ... Happy New Year!
        1. Jaros81
          Jaros81 28 December 2017 03: 05 New
          Happy New Year, too!!!