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Russian sappers will receive "flying metal detectors"

Russian military engineers and reconnaissance aircraft will receive lightweight Breeze unmanned helicopters capable of detecting underground caches, communication cables and explosive devices, according to News.

Russian sappers will receive "flying metal detectors"

Currently "Breezes" are being tested. Several copies of the product were transferred to engineering and sapper units for trial operation. After the improvements, new complexes will be added to the arsenals of military engineers and intelligence officers.

According to the official wording, "Breezes" are intended "for the operational monitoring from air of large areas and the detection of hidden objects containing metal."

“Outwardly, such a device looks like a radio-controlled model of a helicopter (it easily fits in the back of an army armored car“ Tiger ”). A magnetometer sensor, similar to a large washer, is attached to a bar sticking out from the starboard side, ”the newspaper writes.

Editor of the journal Denis Fedutinov:

With regard to equipping the UAV with devices to search for mines, then Russian developers follow the global trend here. Abroad, devices of the Austrian company Schiebel, which initially specialized in building mine detectors, are in steady demand. To date, these UAVs, including those in the mine version, have been bought around 15 countries. Such systems accelerate the survey area and at the same time eliminate the risk to the life of sappers.

UAV "Breeze" were developed by JSC "NPP" Radar MMS ". They are already used by civil structures for geological exploration, as well as rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The duration of their work is about one and a half hours. This time is enough to fully explore a small town and its surroundings. Information about all items found and their characteristics is applied to an electronic map of the area for subsequent transfer to sappers.

The take-off weight of the BLAH is 37 kg, while it carries up to 8 kg of payload. The Breeze has a cruising speed of 65 km / h, its practical range is 35 km, and can conduct reconnaissance at altitudes up to 1000 meters.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 21 December 2017 10: 10 New
    A very necessary thing. It will save many lives.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 21 December 2017 10: 14 New
    ... stomp all over the land, definitely safer ...
  3. Loess
    Loess 21 December 2017 10: 26 New
    The title of the article inspired ...

    About the peaceful Soviet tractor

    author: Evgeny Dolotov

    I will tell you about the blatant fact:
    On the banks of the Amur River in the middle of fields
    Caught our simple Soviet tractor
    In the sight of six Chinese batteries.

    Hit a volley, shells flew,
    But the tractor driver was a guy with a head:
    He presses the pedal - and now the goal is not visible
    In the smoke curtain delivered.

    And the tractor soared over the sweet side,
    And at the same moment the aggressor responded,
    To beware of scaring us with war
    Hit a volley of tactical missiles.

    And our tractor driver, captain Litvinov,
    I looked at the map and turned on the afterburner,
    Calmly bombed over Beijing
    And laid home turn.

    He turned off the reactor over Cupid,
    So as not to frighten native sheep and goats.
    Our Soviet tractor rushed through the sky
    To refuel in your own collective farm.

    And, if the enemy takes action again,
    To prevent us from harvesting,
    By order Agroprom ES-ES-ES-ERA
    A harvester will fly to our field.

    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 21 December 2017 10: 45 New
      ... these are a couple of “combines” in LDNR, to “attach” to the harvester ... good
  4. ROM1077
    ROM1077 21 December 2017 11: 56 New
    they cried by the number of cats when 1000 people enlisted in the troops will train people ... and this is all a window dress
    1. Boris Chernikov
      Boris Chernikov 21 December 2017 14: 55 New
      Hmm, it remains only to find a place where the article says about "having no analogues" .. or do you write for the sake of writing, such as for reporting to someone?