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MFA of the Russian Federation: Seoul’s refusal to exercise during OI-2018 will be a positive step

The Foreign Ministry welcomed the decision of the South Korean authorities to refuse to conduct joint military exercises with the United States during the Olympic Games 2018 of the year in Pyeongchang. Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov reported on the reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry (quotation RIA News):
Any steps that lead to lower tensions, of course, we welcome. Russia has long called for restraint, including in terms of the military maneuvers of the United States and South Korea.

The decision to freeze military maneuvers was announced today by the President of the Republic of Korea Moon Jae Ying.

MFA of the Russian Federation: Seoul’s refusal to exercise during OI-2018 will be a positive step

Against this background, there are reports from the United States that Washington is not going to "ease the pressure on the North Korean regime." In mid-January, 2018 (a few weeks before the start of the Olympics) in Canadian Vancouver, a meeting will take place between the US and Canadian foreign ministers, at which they will discuss the next measures of sanctions pressure.

Japanese Information Service NHK reports that they plan to invite representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea, Japan, Sweden, India and others to the meeting.

From Japanese media:
The list also includes those who contributed troops to the United States-led United Nations Command during the Korean War.
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  1. Cornelius
    Cornelius 20 December 2017 16: 09
    Foreign in all its glory. Well, it’s not necessary, well, why are you,...Ugh.
    1. 79807420129
      79807420129 20 December 2017 16: 15
      MFA of the Russian Federation: Seoul’s refusal to exercise during OI-2018 will be a positive step

      And the refusal to speak in this Sabbath of Russian athletes under a white sheet will be a heroic and courageous step! yes
      1. sabakina
        sabakina 20 December 2017 16: 37
        Volodya, hi . They write that our Paralympics were removed. so to hell with them, these "sick" games.
        1. Solomon Kane
          Solomon Kane 20 December 2017 16: 44
          Glory, welcome! hi
          Another thing is scary that those who travel may find themselves in an unpleasant situation, to this all trends exist ...
          And no matter how “Our second Olympic team” had to be sent
          1. Kasym
            Kasym 20 December 2017 17: 17
            As any kind of Olympics happens, the “partners” are sure to guess. But where is she waiting? Will the US hit North Korea during the Games? You can’t wait for a better “gift” - the whole World will definitely turn away from them.
            Worried by Ukraine, the Kiev authorities may take a military adventure. Not only have the internal disassembly of the spiders begun, so also the partners refuse to give grandmas. hi
            May open a new front. Why throw miserable contingents there - surely some instructors are gathering for new barmaley ?! In Moldova, too, misunderstandings, and also the ambassador is recalled. They can stir up against the People's Republic of China - in the new doctrine, too, a place is allocated to it.
    HEATHER 20 December 2017 16: 13
    The mattresses will push, they will go. And Moon Jae In will not be in the subject.
  3. Lavrenti Pavlovich
    Lavrenti Pavlovich 20 December 2017 16: 17
    On the Olympic topic, I found good poems:
    OLYMPIAD 2018

    Until we lost what is holy
    In the name of those who have not come from war,
    Don't Sell Homeland Guys!

    That medal of such a price is not worth it!

    Everything in the world is changeable and perishable.
    The time has come for the “five rings”.
    The ideals of Coubertin are forgotten.
    The Golden Taurus rules everywhere.

    Like a booth, on a cheap stage,
    Where the devil rules in the flesh
    You are brazenly lowered to your knees
    And they demand to crawl in humiliation!

    For them, both lies and truth - all are one!
    And the game will be against the rules.
    You believe in a fair fight
    And at the table, on the contrary - a cheater!

    They will greet you at the entrance,
    Smeared with black mud - for the eyes.
    They have a speckled deck in their hands
    And in each sleeve - two aces.

    Embittered, wretched and stooped,
    Europe is all chronically ill:
    On behalf of "Russia" reduces cheekbones,
    And rabid saliva drips.

    Once again, the "chosen race" wins,
    Opponents squeezed in a vice.
    And pieces of live meat are jumping ...
    Stuffed with dope pieces.

    The "elect" have the Right, there is no Prohibition.
    Did not work out? You can repeat it!
    And as an example - the relay!
    Everything as usual! What is there to talk about?

    You can go. Your right.
    Decide for yourself - to be or not to be.
    But know that today is the Honor of the Power
    It’s easier for you to drop than to protect.

    And you have already created the conditions,
    To nullify your hard work.
    And if you get the medals,
    Not the fact that they will not be taken away later.

    Until we lost what is holy
    In the name of those who have not come from war,

    Don't Sell Homeland Guys!
    That medal of such a price is not worth it!

    Sports combat always calls to the screen.
    And glory to those who won the battle!
    But I won’t watch these games.
    Here they humiliate my homeland.

    Konstantin Frolov-Crimean "
  4. solzh
    solzh 20 December 2017 16: 31
    Why military maneuvers, when the United States probably has some other way to provoke a war in Korea.
  5. Esoteric
    Esoteric 20 December 2017 17: 28
    The most effective step in the direction of showing the insolvency of the joint military maneuvers of the United States and South Korea is to show the insolvency of the US military machine in terms of hegemony ... First you need to knock them out of Syria, where they are outlawed. If Putin does this, then he will be forgiven for weakness in relation to the Olympics. And, if he takes steps towards establishing Russian priorities in politics and economics, he will not have a price. But these are fantasies of a not entirely young man ...
  6. 1536
    1536 21 December 2017 06: 51
    That's when silence is gold.