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Pilot Mi-28H removed the destruction of the tank of militants from the 3 distance of a kilometer

All types of combat vehicles in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces went through the Syrian conflict. Helicopters played a special role in the war against international terrorism. They suffered the most notable losses, which amounted to six units. These are two Mi-8 helicopters of different modifications, two Mi-35 and two Mi-28.

This is understandable: helicopter pilots had to fly at low altitudes, carrying out direct fire support to the units of the Syrian army. However, not all helicopters were destroyed by terrorists. Part of the losses incurred due to piloting errors.

Be that as it may, Russian helicopters played a crucial role in the military successes of the Syrian government forces.

The TV channel "Star" published interesting footage of the military work of the VKS. On them, our helicopter Mi-28H destroys the combat vehicle of terrorists. As explained to the video, shooting was carried out from a distance of 3 kilometer.

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  1. Horst78
    Horst78 20 December 2017 17: 14
    + 100500 would put pluses to our swallows good
  2. NEXUS
    NEXUS 20 December 2017 17: 25
    The guys are working. No noise and dust and unnecessary window dressing. They turned the tank to the base as well.
    1. Train
      Train 11 January 2018 14: 51
      if the Barmaley had PZR-there would be guys dead, so much hanging over the target and not be shot down ... really a war of the kankestodors with the natives ... so depended on the abrams of the army of the USA-would have fallen like a hen
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 11 January 2018 14: 53
        Quote: Zug
        if the barmaley would have PZRK, there would be guys dead

        The range at which the Igilov’s equipment is being hit will not be covered by any MANPADS.
        1. Train
          Train 11 January 2018 15: 03
          Three kilometers !!!!!))) Yes, you're kidding! -For PZRK three kilometers it’s like to poke a finger at me on the monitor screen ... no, we have rockets lined up, I forgot, and the United States has a pancake, their Apache pinpoints 12 targets for mine at once all the rockets are released and cleaned up - sorry, no good for our good helicopters. it would be normal for barmaley to have airplanes, helicopter pilots would fall like that ... it's like shooting ducks
          1. NEXUS
            NEXUS 11 January 2018 15: 10
            Quote: Zug
            Three kilometers !!!!!))) Yes, you're kidding! -For PZRK three kilometers it’s like I poke a finger on the monitor screen

            You really don’t understand or are you just interested in the process of causeless banter? The fact that zhurnalyugi in the video say is not a fact ... there may well be 5 and 6 km ...
            Quote: Zug
            we don’t have missiles lined up, I forgot, but the United States has a pancake — their apache detects mine 12 goals — at once it launches all the missiles and retracts back home — it’s a pity — our good helicopters have no norm. rocket

            Yeah, no, not at all ... Hermes is not a rocket, but a teapot for brewing against mattresses.))
            1. Train
              Train 11 January 2018 15: 16
              how many didn’t look, didn’t read, I didn’t see hermes, I know what to eat, but “eat” and use different things. And no matter how many shots I saw in Syria, a helicopter hovered, calmly shot targets as if in a dash and flew away. This is a fact! You won’t hang like that under the stingers, but this wouldn’t work for Afghanistan ... I’d take it off right away. I’m not talking about the fact that I’m very glad: I have a damn question! -What are these missiles !!!! !!!!!
  3. seos
    seos 20 December 2017 17: 34
    Strange and the equipment shows 2 km ...... negative
    1. gromoboj
      gromoboj 20 December 2017 17: 55
      The helicopter flies, the distance is reduced.
      But no one noticed su 25 at the end?
      1. PN
        PN 21 December 2017 07: 17
        Drying has already been inserted from another video.
    2. Sergey Cojocari
      Sergey Cojocari 20 December 2017 17: 57
      Why is it strange? The material is served as work, of a helicopter, and Rooks turn. The specialist in the picture can still determine who works, and those who are not in the subject can only guess why they are being deceived.
      1. Bronevick
        Bronevick 20 December 2017 21: 22
        Well, if we are talking about a distance of 2 km, how many Su-25 will fly these 2 km? You won’t have time to count.
        1. Shturmovik
          Shturmovik 23 December 2017 15: 20
          at a speed of 600 km / h 12 sec)))) at 700 a little less than 10 sec
    3. svd79
      svd79 21 December 2017 18: 30
      This picture is static. The video is real.
  4. forten07
    forten07 20 December 2017 18: 04
    In other words, 80s Apache are catching up. They worked like that then. Today at 10km they see
    1. Lock36
      Lock36 20 December 2017 21: 32
      Attack 9M120D bullets for 10 km so what?
    2. Kostya Shakhnazarov
      Kostya Shakhnazarov 21 December 2017 09: 25
      The main advantage of foreign weapons is that they have already "let it in and forget" for a long time, and not in range
      1. cast iron
        cast iron 22 December 2017 02: 22
        YES what are you? Is it true? But I now know that the latest TOW ATGM models still send a missile to the target via the optical channel.
    3. Gabriel
      Gabriel 25 December 2017 20: 26
      Quote: forten07
      In other words, 80s Apache are catching up. They worked like that then. Today at 10km they see

      What? _)))) Can the guys have enough amateurish opinions ???
    4. Cetron
      Cetron 25 December 2017 21: 10
      and where is a bunch of wrecked barmalei equipment in Iraq? For some reason, the amount of technology is only increasing, are they multiplying by division? Lick the backside of the owner on "good hansik."
  5. Evgenijus
    Evgenijus 20 December 2017 20: 12
    Flying rocket just 4-5 seconds and 3 km.? Most likely, an error in the text. But the work is good ...
    1. Valery Saitov
      Valery Saitov 21 December 2017 09: 07
      Maximum flight speed: 550 m / s
      9M120 - guided anti-tank missile "Attack" with a tandem cumulative warhead. Range 6000 m. Armor penetration warhead - 800-850 mm homogeneous armor with dynamic protection (normal to the surface).
      1. Evgenijus
        Evgenijus 21 December 2017 13: 22
        Good info, thanks!
      2. oxygen
        oxygen 2 January 2018 20: 48
        The assault flies 520m / s. Attack 450m / s. She is heavier.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. eleronn
    eleronn 21 December 2017 10: 56
    Judging by the readings of the altimeter (visible on the left), the helicopter disguised itself as a tank and fired at the enemy without leaving the ground.
    1. svd79
      svd79 21 December 2017 18: 29
      don’t look what’s around the video. it's just a picture. and the video and voice are real.
    2. 17085
      17085 10 January 2018 20: 24
      This is the moment the video controls the shot.
      The helicopter has long been at the base, and the video can be viewed again. Let this technology not surprise you. This does not hammer the sensors, these are the buttons to press.
  8. Romka47
    Romka47 25 December 2017 11: 25
    It's expensive to see)
  9. Gadfly
    Gadfly 25 December 2017 19: 24
    Whose rocket is flying fast. In such a time 2km will not overcome
    1. oxygen
      oxygen 2 January 2018 20: 46
      Easy!!! This is an attack. 450 m / s.
    PARTIZAN MOJAKHEDOVICH 26 December 2017 15: 42
    There is no 3 km ... there is much closer.
    1. oxygen
      oxygen 2 January 2018 20: 45
      There is a shooting video from 6 km., And not one. I don’t know why the journalists posted it.
  11. master2
    master2 26 December 2017 23: 04
    this is the second series of the series shot by the defense ministry about the destruction of an enemy convoy in Syria
  12. oxygen
    oxygen 2 January 2018 20: 36
    I shot. Video filmed from SVR. Journalists, as always, embellished everything. The second was beaten at point blank range, PAN thought for a long time what to do with it.