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Bulk program for the mythical people


Alexey Navalny published his program before our national leader, and even podgadal its publication to the traditional press conference of the Russian president (which, in my opinion, creates the greatest intrigue of the moment - will the president be asked about this program or not?).

My first impression of the program was a nuisance to myself - why could I not find the button that I could read, not the table of contents and the set of abstracts, but the program itself. Soon enough, however, I had to admit that this set of declarations was a program, and, despite a substantial increase in volume, the approach to the presentation remained the same: isolated measures are given, which are not always clearly stated, and their quantitative characteristics, as well as the ways of their coordination society, implementation methods and expected results are simply omitted. Well, since there is no substantiation base, we will have to discuss the declarations - perhaps their criticism will encourage Navalny to explain the methodology for developing these measures and give a more systematic description.

First of all, a significant difference between the economic and non-economic parts of the program is striking. The non-economic part declares a whole set of correct, in my subjective opinion, goals - from the expansion of self-government and substantial federalization to the reduction of the powers of the president and the reform of parliament. Unfortunately, sometimes these goals also suffer from vagueness and lack a mechanism for implementation; Meanwhile, each of them carries with it substantial risks, the protection against which simply must be described at the level of a serious program (unless, of course, we are not talking about a set of slogans not intended for implementation).

Refusal of the participation of higher authorities in the formation of subordinate - a beautiful declaration; it is not clear, however, how to protect oneself in such a system from local criminal groups that came to power at the regional level and the destruction of ties in the state. The statement about the “complete autonomy” of municipalities sounds altogether strange — do we create thousands of independent counties in the country, returning to the 11th century? Write about the redistribution of tax revenues so that the municipality became the main recipient of taxes, can only one who does not imagine the system of functioning of the state. Being implemented even in a country with a more or less even geographical distribution of income, such a program will leave the country without vital infrastructure and federal systems; in Russia, it also rests on the need to create a system of fundamental redistribution of taxes between the regions, which will be completely impossible if control is transferred to them over the flow of funds and the federal government is removed from the process of forming regional governance.

There are undoubtedly important things in the program. Among the most significant are judicial reform (one can argue about it, but already in this program it is described quite logically), changes to the Criminal Code (also more or less accurately described) and the reform of the FPS (not described at all, just indicated). Also important and necessary is the idea to change and adjust the system of functioning of the media; however, there remains the question of the feasibility and controllability of such a reform.

The economic part of the program looks, in my humble opinion, unlike any worse. Most of the proposed measures, mostly preserved from the first version of the document, raise serious doubts both in terms of feasibility and in terms of their usefulness, giving the impression of left-wing populist slogans a la the CPRF program. On the notorious increase in the minimum wage to 25 000 rub. (Why 25 000, not 26 000 or 24 000, remains a mystery, as well as the question of how to combine this measure of draconian cost increase for most businesses with the idea of ​​reducing the state's influence on the economy) has already been said a lot and extremely impartial, but Alexey Navalny shows commendable for the policy of hardness and does not exchange a strong populist slogan for some kind of economic credibility.

Big questions raise a desire to collect money from businessmen (in each draft it is expressed differently, in this, in the form of a “compensation tax on the use of infrastructure created by the labor of previous generations and dishonestly privatized in 1990 and 2000”). It’s even boring to argue with this idea, to prove that in a country with an extremely low level of trust in property and a devastated judicial system, it is even boring to introduce extortion from business on the basis of “revolutionary justice”. A little more fun to ask, for example, - and what is the size of the tax? And why “to use infrastructure”, what kind of infrastructure is it and who uses it and how? And which generations are the same, and which are not the same? And what is “dishonest” privatized, if everyone has all the documents? And who will finally pay this tax, especially if one considers that the infrastructure is privatized by some people, and others use it (for example, if the water supply system is privatized, it is not the owner who uses it, but residents of the houses to which he approaches)?

A whole series of measures resembles juggling pieces of the state in front of surprised viewers. State property is sent to the FIU. No, in another section of state property is sold. No, it seems to be all the same in the FIU. Why do thousands of semi-meaningful enterprises go to the FIU? Navalny wants our PFR to be like a Norwegian pension fund. But the Norwegian pension fund in a nightmare would not have acquired Russian state property! Moreover, today the PFR for 50% is financed from the budget, including from state property revenues. What will change if it is transferred to the FIU? Will there be a new bureaucratic structure inside the FIU, managing these assets, instead of Minek? Maybe the people from Minek will immediately transfer or appoint new people from among their associates? Why are these people better than previous ones?

There is in the program a thesis inherited from the nationalist youth of Navalny about work visas for residents of Central Asia. Why they are needed is not explained, but I would venture to suggest that their introduction should in theory protect some deprived Russians from competitors receiving lower wages, as well as Russian citizens from crimes and terrorism coming to Russia from Central Asia. Alas, in reality there are no citizens of Russia who are deprived of work by visitors from Kyrgyzstan, but there are thousands of companies that without such visitors cannot find workers. Statistics show that migrants commit far fewer crimes than Russians; Russia does not suffer from imported terrorism. The decision to introduce work visas under our system of issuance will create not only a new huge bureaucratic mechanism (ay, are we still struggling with bureaucracy?) For issuing 5-7 million visas, will not only bring chaos to the labor market, but will also form a new feeder for corrupt officials unprecedented size. Let's first put things in order in the migration control systems, create an institution for the adaptation of migrants, effectively protect their rights, and then introduce restrictions (if we still want).

The program, meanwhile, says a lot about combating corruption - however, the methods it proposes are described in detail and more than once by the current president of Russia: this is an increase in the transparency and responsibility of officials. Now they somehow do not work, and it is not clear why they will earn in the future. A number of clever people say that what is needed is not transparency and responsibility, but a reduction in the role of the state. Navalny’s program is also in favor of reducing the role of the state, but in theory. In practice, the fight against corruption begins under the program from “the establishment of a new independent state structure to combat corruption” and “a new competition development authority”, that is, with the multiplication of the state, and the state’s withdrawal from the economy - with consolidation of state property in the FIU, forced increase the minimum wage, the growth of state funding for health and education, and “mortgage at 2%” (and where to get those 5% that today separate this rate from 7% of OFZ profitability? Maybe the state will subsidize this based on the fact that under 2% only lazy will not take a mortgage in a country where the forward rate on the dollar is 8%, and the state will quickly have to spread 5-10% of the budget only to this program? Due to the issue? ). By the way, the program claims that the cost of housing after a sharp decline in mortgage rates and an increase in property taxes (as stated in the program - to compensate for the reduction in rates) ... will decrease. Of course, Navalny is not the first to declare that economic laws do not work in Russia, but then why is he better than the rest? "Developers are building mostly luxury housing," - says Navalny. Really none of his associates could not show him the statistics: from 75 million square meters. m, handed over in Russia per year, more than half accounts for economy-class housing, that is, the cubicles in multi-storey panel houses, anthills, in which only poor people live in Europe; about a further 35% accounts for slightly higher class housing; the construction of lower class housing is growing by 12% per year, the rest falls by 15 – 20%. The truth is that Russia is building houses for the poor, and it is strange to suggest that this trend should be further exacerbated.

There are also numerical oddities in the program. For example, it is proposed to replace taxes on small businesses with a fixed fee in the amount of 25 000 – 30 000 rub. in year. Purely mathematically, this measure will increase taxes for everyone who earns 500 000 rubles. a year or less, will greatly reduce taxes on those who earn more, and in total will give the budget about the same amount as today. Mysteriously, why Navalny, who declares the desire to reduce inequality in a dozen places in his program, suddenly suggests that in this way significantly increase inequality in the sphere of small business.

Or, for example, the proposal to reduce insurance premiums from 30 to 15% of salaries. Since the same program (about this below) deals with a substantial increase in medical expenses, it can be assumed that 8% going to the FSS and the MHIF will not be touched. Does this mean that the FNR will go not 22%, but 7% - a threefold decrease? And this reduction is compensated by the transfer to the FIU of Rosneft and Gazprom, whose revenues are indirectly channeled to the FIU through the federal budget? And this is against the background of a reduction in labor resources and an increase in the number of pensioners? And this, together with the promise to raise pensions?

There are also frank errors in the program. When calculating the wages of a future contract army, taxes are forgotten; It is erroneously assumed that military personnel salaries can be 50% of the military budget (the army is not a business, where salaries are 50% of expenses, the army bears huge costs for armaments, infrastructure maintenance, payment of military pensions and allowances, etc.). The program angrily reports that 3,7% of GDP is spent on health care in Russia and 9% of GDP in OECD countries. The author simply looked at the wrong table - 9% of GDP in the OECD was cumulative health care costs, including both budget and private expenditures, in 1995. As for budget expenditures, according to World Bank statistics, the OECD as a whole spends on health 7,8%, but Israel - 4,7% of GDP, South Korea - 4% of GDP. It is unlikely that the author intended to force Russians to spend much more on treatment than now from their wallets; it is unlikely that he also seriously believed that it was possible to cut taxes from our level in 33% of GDP and in healthcare costs with countries where the tax burden was under 50% of GDP. We would have to master the South Korean level ...

I know what the supporters of Navalny will say: all these shortcomings, overtures to the socialists and economic mistakes can be discussed and corrected - if only we manage to come to power and hold our supporters in parliament. Our program should interest the masses, and only then we will do everything right. And here, as it seems to me, the main problem of the program is revealed: the fact is that it consistently attacks all active groups of people in favor of the mythical “people”. “On the merits” receive consistently: the federal authorities, who will be subjected to prosecution; regional authorities, which are all completely replaced; officials who will be lyustrirovat, cut and control; businessmen who are directly called thieves and will pay tribute for getting into privatization; business owners hiring migrants who will have to unfasten fatty FMS pieces for working visas; those small entrepreneurs who today earn 200 000 – 400 000 rub. per year and which, due to the reform, will pay more taxes; investors who have placed funds abroad - hunting will be announced with foreign funds, and here everyone will obviously suffer “on the way”; citizens with decent apartments, the tax on which will rise sharply to compensate for a meaningless mortgage rate; the security forces and the military, whose funding will be reduced, and themselves, apparently, expelled from work; judges who are also driven from their places together with the staff of the courts; bankers accused of “making fat”; priests and believers - the church promises to remove from everything and remove all moral prohibitions in society; patriots - they will be taken away from the mission in Ukraine and Syria, enmity with the EU and the USA and will offer Crimea to “self-identify” (here is another new state - member of the EU and NATO); liberals - they were badly called in the preamble of the program; even employees of defense enterprises are distracted - their enterprises will “compete with each other for state orders” (I would see how in Russia two competing fighter manufacturers emerge with our capabilities, choose one of them and what will happen to the second, and then looked, from whom we will choose the next time). Who will be the active minority? Pensioners remain, but they are already engaged by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, low-paid employees of state-owned companies, but their candidate is Vladimir Zhirinovsky. I am afraid that finding a voter for such a program will be difficult.

No, I am far from thinking that the program of the presidential candidate should promise everyone paradise for free. The great Churchill at one time did not promise his people anything but "sweat, blood and tears." But Churchill did it honestly, openly, for all equally, not trying to put half of the country into swindlers and idiots in his program, not manipulating poorly understood concepts and numbers and offering everyone not to redistribute the remnants, but to take responsibility. I would have waited for the same from the program of Navalny; I would have been glad to see it, but, unfortunately, I did not see it. However, this is only the first impression - it is deceptive.

The author is a financier, head of the economic program of the Carnegie Moscow Center.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 21 December 2017 15: 08
    As always, I started reading from the end. And then ... I didn’t read the author of the financier from the Carnegie Center. And so everything is clear
    1. Vladimir16
      Vladimir16 21 December 2017 17: 57
      Bulk is not a candidate. It turns out all this opus of nonsense.
      Someone in Photoshop corrected the photo. In the original, he holds in his hands a bolt with two tomatoes.
      1. esaul
        esaul 21 December 2017 18: 21
        I support your comment, Vladimir. The author, it seems, is not a stupid person, but to say so ...

        / No, I’m far from thinking that the program of the presidential candidate should promise everyone a paradise for free /
        Bulk - who is it? In fact, a narrow-minded and sickly on the head little man who imagines himself to be a political bison. He needs to jump before the candidate race.
        1. Antianglosax
          Antianglosax 22 December 2017 12: 25
          Quote: esaul
          Bulk - who is it? In fact, a narrow-minded and sickly on the head little man who imagines himself to be a political bison.

          Is it possible that under the laws of the Russian Federation a convicted person can become a prezik? It seems like not, then why all this farce?
          1. AlexKP
            AlexKP 25 December 2017 12: 20
            a person with a cleared conviction, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, is not limited in rights.
      2. Rey_ka
        Rey_ka 22 December 2017 10: 03
        There was such a doctor in the 17th century in Paris, Gali Mathieu (a relative of Mireille Mathieu) and he noticed that if the patient is in a good mood and he laughs, he recovers faster and he began to write jokes and puns and the signature of Gali Mathieu on the back of the prescription. That is where the nonsense came from - a healing joke, now we have started calling it so absurd
      3. Mavrikiy
        Mavrikiy 24 December 2017 00: 21
        Quote: Vladimir16
        Bulk is not a candidate. It turns out all this opus of nonsense.
        Someone in Photoshop corrected the photo. In the original, he holds in his hands a bolt with two tomatoes.

        Yes, in vain you are so. A chopper is a chopper, but it will always come up, unless of course there is financing. So from here it can be more powerful than from a tel.
        Bulk program for the mythical people The people .... THE TERRITORY we sit and look who will blink.
        Wimps. They got Pendal, but I'm sorry the program, you won’t trample .... That's the rod ...
        Nuclear weapons, turn off the light to everyone and go to rest, and then we get down from the stove and see whose forest.
    2. Aspid 86
      Aspid 86 22 December 2017 12: 27
      Quote: 210ox
      As always, I started reading from the end

      In Russia, often everything is done through jo ...
  2. Terenin
    Terenin 21 December 2017 15: 15
    Is it really possible to seriously discuss this candidacy in such a solid forum? request
  3. Astoria
    Astoria 21 December 2017 15: 32
    Judging by its contents, the schoolchildren wrote the economic program of Navalny laughing even Movchan noticed this, and he is still that analyst.
    1. Trotil42
      Trotil42 21 December 2017 18: 38
      The government cannot do this for 20 years ...
      1. Astoria
        Astoria 21 December 2017 18: 57
        Are you worried or just from the electorate of Alexei?
        1. Trotil42
          Trotil42 21 December 2017 19: 16
          Far from it ... I can’t stand the bulk .... just that in power
          1. Mestny
            Mestny 21 December 2017 23: 05
            The post was written on an old iphone of a comrade who died of starvation.
            Power brought, canned food from hedgehogs end. The battery is low ... goodbye.

            ... you young man do not know what "nowhere" really is. From the word "finally".
            1. Trotil42
              Trotil42 23 December 2017 07: 59
              It’s not for you to judge that, I know that it’s not ... and I’m far from a young man ... but when the real London boys ask for a guarantee from the guarantor ... it’s humiliating (for the guarantor and diehard anti-corruption fighter ... they trust) .. .when they are ready to make him look after the common fund ... this is disgusting ... when 63 billion are simply lost on the way to the Far East it is creepy ... when 1 trill. rubles, the doubt of two private banks is complete .... so comrade reindeer herder ... if it suits you and think it is where ... with your optimism, a gay parade should be carried out in the United Arab Emirates ...
          2. Rey_ka
            Rey_ka 22 December 2017 10: 05
            If earlier the concept of poverty was impossibility to have the most necessary, now POVERTY is impossibility to fulfill all Wishlist!
            1. Trotil42
              Trotil42 23 December 2017 07: 32
              Please fulfill your Wishlist .. per min. the amount of wages at 6 rubles ... subsistence minimum 700 rubles ... 9700 percent. dystrophic draftees .... 10 million Russians (living below the subsistence minimum ... ROSSTAT data) ... in Yakutia and us in Siberia in winter minus 22 or more ... 000 minutes at this temperature in the Chinese down jacket and hoteloks you can never have ... now open your secret for 000 rubles ... maybe the Wishlist froze? Or a doshirak with sturgeon?
  4. leonid-zherebtcov
    leonid-zherebtcov 21 December 2017 15: 44
    Nether-brew from the library ...
  5. Baloo
    Baloo 21 December 2017 15: 53
    Everything that the narrows made in their program does not take into account one important point - external threats, sanctions, smoldering bonfires along the western and southeastern borders, which can break out at any moment. Actual Donbass, ripening problems-Central Asian neighbors, the Middle East.
    At the beginning of the year, Americans began talking about the need to increase their contingent in Afghanistan. When the videoconferencing began to seriously water the barmaley in Syria, there was infa about the transfer of ISIS to Afghanistan. Recently infa about the strengthening of the group in the north of Afghanistan. Those. they will create a base for the supply and training of barmaley, who again, as in Syria, will be located around American bases. And when Tajikistan turns into Syria, 2 the Central Asian neighbors will flee again to Moscow-Russia; help, save. Either they will fall under the igil (under any other name), or under amers. No, let the President of Russia at such a difficult time be a competent, sane and responsible leader, whose profession is to defend the homeland, and not the nonsense and rubbish from the squares of Moscow. angry
  6. forester
    forester 21 December 2017 16: 00
    Well, why discuss the topic of anal candidacy if he does not have the right to run because of an outstanding criminal record
    1. Trotil42
      Trotil42 23 December 2017 08: 02
      Has ... there is a decision of the European Court ... see guarantor interview ... question Sobchak
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 21 December 2017 16: 20
    At a lecture on political science: - Go to the pigsty. Those pigs that are at the trough are quietly champing, and those that have been wiped and trying to break through are desperately yelling. That, in fact, is all you need to know about the opposition in Russia.
  8. ando_bor
    ando_bor 21 December 2017 16: 30
    Bulk - ordinary hired weapons, - a component of the weapons of hybrid wars, - why should we poke around in his shit.
  9. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 21 December 2017 16: 41
    Some kind of turbidity ...
    The only thing that infuriates this is:
    "... until the president’s powers are reduced ..."
    What all is numbing like a bone in their throat these terms! Let's elect for a month, and only for one term! And if, the President really well and competently governs the state? I'm not talking about anyone specific, but in general! And then what? Anyway, re-election, because someone came up with some kind of restrictions? Yes, people, through a referendum, must decide this, and not someone to tell us!
    HEATHER 21 December 2017 17: 01
    Bulk how do we need it here? Bother, let's get Sobchak attached. And we will discuss House-2.
  11. passing
    passing 21 December 2017 17: 15
    it’s enough to discuss and advertise the failure, he does not shine in the Russian state.
    According to the current legislation. If they give him the opportunity to run, then our power is bent as with the Olympics. Then such power is needed only by herself, to save the stolen
  12. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 21 December 2017 17: 16
    Is there any point in discussing the program of this person?
  13. Aureol
    Aureol 21 December 2017 17: 40
    Quote: VERESK
    Navalny how do we need here?

    Do not underestimate the enemy. We live in a paradoxical country in which EVERYTHING is possible.
    And the author says the case: the program, even without serious analysis, a set of populist cliches, BUT, the Lord, Mavrodi, bitcoin, Maidans, also did not bother much. But there is a result.
    Have you been standing in lines with pensioners for a long time? One by one theses slip through. And this is the most active electorate.
  14. Bastinda
    Bastinda 21 December 2017 17: 46
    My candidate - “against all” is not Sobchak.
    But for the sake of justice, it is worth noting that Navalny announced his program, and where is Putin's program? And what has been done from past (and were they?) Programs?
    1. Astoria
      Astoria 21 December 2017 19: 01
      Something is fulfilled, something is not fulfilled, and something can be evaluated only subjectively, since objective criteria are too vague.
  15. San Sanych
    San Sanych 21 December 2017 18: 46
    Still, what a disgusting erysipelas, this bulk, it is even worse than Yeltsin
  16. groks
    groks 21 December 2017 19: 35
    The author however .... And the author writes the right things, criticizing Navalny, and Navalny has normal things.
    But in general - if our power had moved even a little, Navalny would not have simply had the opportunity to blather something.
    Most likely - Navalny is a project of the authorities, for dumping steam from those who are dissatisfied, who are no longer satisfied with the bracheology of Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky. And it turned out that these are young people who are already tired of the mess in the country. Perhaps they expect that having supported Navalny, they will force the authorities to pay attention to this same mess.
  17. Alex20042004
    Alex20042004 21 December 2017 20: 14
    Well, yes, yes.
    When did politics coincide with words ?!
  18. Evgenijus
    Evgenijus 21 December 2017 20: 17
    And who will push the program of Navalny into life? How are foreigners in Kiev? Clown this bulk ... I did not read his program and do not intend to read.
  19. 82т11
    82т11 21 December 2017 20: 22
    I honestly did not master it, as soon as the author stated that migrants are good for Russia, the desire to read was gone.
    What Navalny is the author of this opus ..... I will say culturally people with low mental abilities.
  20. Self
    Self 21 December 2017 23: 21
    Putting Navalny in the presidency is certainly stupid. But let's admit that not even noticing his investigations regarding the wild corruption of the top officials of the state is even more stupid. All the same, after Medvedev, what was said was true. On the one hand, yes. Putin is great and all that. And on the other. Chubais (why is he at all free), with the Abramovichs they are still famously sawing budget billions, like in the dashing 90s, and Serdyukov got away with things that you can grab onto his head. The same Vasilyeva who suffered the punishment? The concentration of the Sechins and Rottenbergs surrounded by Putin is too great. This is where Navalny plays. If the authorities acted quickly and clearly in relation to the same corruption schemes, then he would not even have to write a program at all. Another thing is that such as Navalny even close to power can not be allowed. So it turns out that radish crap is not sweeter. And Navalny is not a fountain, but also a near-Kremlin environment, oh how far not without sin.
    1. forester
      forester 22 December 2017 01: 56
      But what investigations are there - a lie 3,14zhezh and provocation plus wild fantasy - I advise you to listen to him more closely, compare and count - and you will understand that his ringing is for the gifted among the underdeveloped. I didn’t forget how the hell he tried to cling to our driver’s action against Plato - he declared himself almost the organizer, but the guys from the ODA made it clear to him - dump. By the way, nobody saw him anywhere near cars with strikers. Now shuts up mu to ringing.
      1. Petr1968
        Petr1968 22 December 2017 14: 04
        Quote: forester
        But what investigations are there - a lie 3,14zhezh and provocation plus violent fantasy

        Seriously? Well, I didn’t see any refutations to the film about Medvedev .. I didn’t see any refutations to the film about Chaika .. The Kremlin pretended that we already know everything, don’t go around there. So it is with doping. I didn’t hear what Putin would say, we never accepted .. "There are problems .."
    2. Icarus
      Icarus 22 December 2017 17: 06
      I agree that Navalny is evil. But the question is, what lesser evil? The existing government cannot cleanse itself of corruption, because it is corruption. Periodic irremovability of power is always stagnation and corruption. To begin with, it is imperative to tighten criminal penalties for rigging elections - up to 20 years of strict regime, for example. The head of the Central Election Commission, Terkoms, precinct commissions should be elected, for example, by parties without participation in any form of executive and presidential power. And then do not interfere with the nomination of all worthy candidates. Then there will be a choice, for example in 2024. And let Navalny take part in the 2018 elections, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which has the highest legal force (Art. 32), does not prohibit this, even for convicts, but not kept in prison.
      PS If there are elections, then let them be honest, or should we completely abandon the elections and establish a monarchy.
  21. Rey_ka
    Rey_ka 22 December 2017 09: 55
    The truth is that Russia is building up houses for the poor,

    Now the fashionable trend has gone to studio apartments: it is 20-30 square meters with a kitchen area in the room. Khrushchev in comparison with them mansions! And if we all cursed the architects of that time who invented it, I want to say that they even thought about the family, and what family is in these studios? So bring someone up in the morning and so that nobody is in the morning! And now the customer asks us to remake half of the apartments in the studio!
  22. Petr1968
    Petr1968 22 December 2017 13: 21
    Bulk is not Bulk ... But the circus with the Zyuganovs, Yavlinsky, etc. .... it is generally not clear to anyone. And the Kremlin’s slogan that the Russian land hasn’t yet spoiled a man is better than Putin, just like he’s fed up.
    Any mechanism loses its functions with age. And unlimited power, it is also like an aggressive environment. Eats away the soul and consciousness. Well, either Putin is a saint .. then it's time to write icons. Power should change - it should be afraid of competition, it should be breathed in the back of the head, controlled ... Otherwise, for another 20 years, we will live chewing gum and talk about GDP growth of 1,4 percent, and that life is getting better and better (on paper)
  23. Amper
    Amper 22 December 2017 22: 36
    In fact, regular GDP elections have been announced! What does Navalny and others have to do with it!? stop
  24. Mu Dialer
    Mu Dialer 23 December 2017 05: 05
    Bulk may be a bad person, but many questions arise for the current government. As, for example, there are pennies with a pension of 8 thousand rubles, and there are such pennies, it’s not even poverty - it’s poverty.
    There shouldn’t be pensions below 16 thousand, and in the north there should be 2-3 times more pensions.
    1. Anyone
      Anyone 23 December 2017 22: 06
      I don’t agree with the last passage about the need for a triple pension in the north. Ask me now, where would I go to survive for 10000 rubles, I would answer - in the Murmansk region. or Arkhangelsk region. There is a fishing rod and a gun - you'll be full. And if you have the strength to collect the same cloudberries, then you will not only be full, but also provided. But if there are deers, then generally Laf ... But in a village in the Smolensk or Tula regions. for 10000 rubles you will eat one potato (if it is still ugly!).
      1. Mu Dialer
        Mu Dialer 24 December 2017 02: 53
        Many pence have no health even to reach the store.
        1. Anyone
          Anyone 24 December 2017 10: 51
          We still have a lot of villages where there is no electricity and roads, and you are talking about the store.
  25. Klaus
    Klaus 23 December 2017 21: 01
    For Grudinin and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation!
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 23 December 2017 21: 13
      Quote: Klaus
      For Grudinin and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation!

      Have a thump or something? From the trunk, go? laughing
      1. Klaus
        Klaus 23 December 2017 21: 27
        Be humble in the comments, sir. Modesty colors a person
        1. Golovan Jack
          Golovan Jack 23 December 2017 23: 50
          Quote: Klaus
          Be humble in the comments, sir

          I propose the next toast - "For Santa Claus and his granddaughter, Snow Maiden!" laughing
          1. Klaus
            Klaus 24 December 2017 00: 06
            Studying toasts is especially a national hunt. ))) A toast, as you know, should be as brief as a shot. It is good that we raise our toasts in a state of peace and quiet, in which our country is located. Thanks to the current president and minister of defense. Our task as citizens is to transfer powers to another president, who will also ensure our security. I inform you that fools do not take presidents. And even Yeltsin in a drunken stupor did not shake the button. I am sure that Grudinin will be a good president: both the army and the navy, and agriculture and industry will perk under him.
            1. Golovan Jack
              Golovan Jack 24 December 2017 00: 11
              Quote: Klaus
              and the army and navy, and agriculture and industry with it perked up

              To do this, you need a choice: a magic wand, a talking pike (the one that Emely had) or an old man Hottabych with an inexhaustible beard. And better - all three together.
              Unfortunately, there are no miracles in the world, and Grudinin ... well, what is Grudinin? He is no one yet, and there is no way to call him.
              God forbid, they suddenly choose him - the system will gobble it up at a time, and we will have one more EBN in the presidents at best.
              The system is a terrible thing, colleague ...
              1. Klaus
                Klaus 24 December 2017 00: 18
                what are we doing with you? Yes, but look at the same Navalny! We must learn, after all, we live in the computer age. System at a loss now: laws
                spring, misulin, and other grandmothers crap the brains of the whole country. They lived, they are grandmothers, they do not care. They decide for us!
                1. Klaus
                  Klaus 24 December 2017 00: 28
                  one law of this ... like its spring, takes out so much from our pocket with you that mother does not grieve. But she ... she has a salary in the Duma of 400 thousand. Note notebooks on this forum do not have such bonuses! You can ask
                  1. Golovan Jack
                    Golovan Jack 24 December 2017 00: 49
                    Quote: Klaus
                    one law of this ... as it is spring, it takes so much from our pocket with you that mother does not grieve

                    Once again I ask - how exactly? You raised the tariff for a mobile phone? For the internet?
                    Which specifically In your opinion, does he "take" something out of your pocket?
                    Quote: Klaus
                    she has a salary in the Duma of 400 thousand

                    It is a sin to envy. Get elected to the Duma, you will receive the same amount. Or even more yes
                2. Golovan Jack
                  Golovan Jack 24 December 2017 00: 29
                  Quote: Klaus
                  what are we doing with you?

                  We are extras in these games. Remember the "cool" Swan. And where is that swan? That's right ... pushed and eaten.
                  And many other such can still be cited as an example.
                  What did the people do? Yes, as it should be - he was silent yes
                  Quote: Klaus
                  ... the laws of spring, mizulina ...

                  What specifically did these laws not please you? Let me remind you:

                  Quote: Spring Package
                  ... The Russian authorities tightened and introduced several new criminal articles, obliged telecom operators to store data about all conversations and correspondence of Russians, and came up with a way to require messenger owners to provide security officials with access even to encrypted correspondence ...

                  You began to pay more for a cell phone (in, I remember, there was a scream ...)? Didn’t, just like that?
                  What is the harm from these particular laws? I do not understand...
                  Quote: Klaus
                  System at a loss

                  The system is in perfect order. I'm not talking about the state, I'm talking about those, for example, whom Grudinin is going to dispossess. So they will devour him. Like a rabbit yes
                  Putin, we note the "seven bankers" failed to gobble up.
                  Here is the difference between a person who knows how to handle the system and an amateur (there Swan flashed as an example, if you noticed).
                  Quote: Klaus
                  They decide for us

                  Niche really they do not solve No.
                  1. Mordvin 3
                    Mordvin 3 24 December 2017 00: 46
                    On Tele2 it became more. They write on the rupe per day. In the column "Calculation of the subscriber's number when the phone is disconnected, or in the non-zone" ... Something like this. I refused this service, it appeared - some kind of subscription fee. I do not understand a damn thing.
                  2. Klaus
                    Klaus 24 December 2017 00: 51
                    Hide the helplessness of the FSB behind helpless laws. Operational work, logistics of employees, so that everyone was like James Bond and better ... Where? These people should get above the norm, but also have to work overtime. And they must be professionals who are legendary ... And now they listen to Navalny and beat schoolchildren with batons on the head. James Bond ...
                    1. Golovan Jack
                      Golovan Jack 24 December 2017 00: 58
                      Quote: Klaus
                      Operational work, logistics of employees, so that everyone was like James Bond and better ... Where?

                      In ... a pan. On the nail laughing
                      The world has changed a lot since James Bond. Everything has become much more complicated.
                      Here, spend 7 minutes in total, check out. The Americans, of course, are "stupid" ... but they made the system very correct:
                      1. Klaus
                        Klaus 24 December 2017 01: 07
                        thank. impressive. I think that we have a positioning system at about the same level. Although ... what's the difference, our missiles will hit Yellowstone + or -5km: not significantly. Tryndets will come to Omerika and the whole world pretty soon.
  26. Klaus
    Klaus 23 December 2017 21: 08
    I would like to say a huge human thanks to Gennady Andreyevich Zyuganov for the wise decision. Still, the Communists, no matter how they were blamed, are the most adequate political force in Russia. Grudinin is a worthy man. I think who worked on the earth, and not only on the earth - they will express their trust in him.
  27. Klaus
    Klaus 24 December 2017 00: 39
    Only the Communist Party is capable, on the basis of current achievements, to move the country further up. United Russia, screwed up, to say the least. Chubais, Gref, Kudrin, Medvedev, Nabiulina - let them pack their bags to their homeland - in the United States.
  28. Klaus
    Klaus 24 December 2017 01: 15
    A distinctive feature of an agitator from an ideological one is that one, like a simple political instructor, Klochkov, writes on tanks, and the others write on soft sofas and then drape
    1. Klaus
      Klaus 24 December 2017 01: 24
      2/3 of the agitators from here will catapult with the speed of sound just a little. For the Urals and beyond. Where the ass is warm. And from there they will continue to write angry articles. And we, Russians, will beat and destroy European or Chinese barbarians. And then, they will cry as they were humiliated and insulted.
      1. Klaus
        Klaus 24 December 2017 11: 21
        Yes, however, and now all kinds of "human rights activists" moan and write on the echoes of Moscow. Yes, with his Navalny all rush.
  29. Nemesis
    Nemesis 25 December 2017 00: 23
    He would create his programs in his native Poland ...
  30. The comment was deleted.
  31. Satum
    Satum 25 December 2017 21: 39
    And what to expect from the Initial program if it was written by the USA. They have both the Binom country and Limpopo
  32. Zadayvoprosy
    Zadayvoprosy 26 December 2017 08: 22
    published its program before our national leader

    Excuse me for clarifying. What kind of nation are you talking about?
  33. Dormidont
    Dormidont 26 December 2017 21: 02
    Heart bleeds. How many defenseless human dough was flushed down the toilet laughing