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Museum of military equipment Novorossiysk: steel veterans of the Black Sea (photo essay). Part of 2

In the previous part, we examined samples of infantry artillery, naval ammunition, and some 45mm naval gun mounts. Slowly moving in a circle from left to right, we approached the "department" (so to speak) of naval artillery. However, there is practically no strict separation here, because the “excursion” will end almost immediately after the inspection tanks exposure of anchors. This state of affairs was facilitated by the fact that the collection was periodically replenished.

Additional photo 130-mm full face, but already with Zubkov's battery

The 130 mm B-13 ship bomber model 1935 of the year. For Novorossiysk, these guns are notable because they were in service with the 714 coastal battery of captain Mikhail Petrovich Chelak (Knight of the Order of the Red Banner and World War II) in Rybatskaya (in a new way they call it the resort-glamorous Blue) bay on the outskirts of Gelendzhik. The coastal battery defended both Gelendzhik and Tsemessky (Novorossiysk) Bay. In addition, the legendary Andrei Zubkov began his officer service at 714.

Universal ship 85-mm gun 90-K.

37-mm paired shipboard anti-aircraft gun mount B-11.

And here is the “ancestor” of B-11. The 37-mm automatic anti-aircraft anti-aircraft gun 70-K, which has been in service with the USSR Navy since 1940.

This is all that remains of the Yak-1 fighter of the 1940 model of the year. The engine was raised from the bottom of the Tsemess Bay in March of the 1973.

Nearby, on the right side, the engine of the downed Il-2 attack aircraft became frustrated. Found it on the seabed in the area of ​​the tract Dry gap in 1974-th year. I apologize to readers for such an unfortunate photo, the engine was so overwhelmed on its side (thanks to night guests) that I doubted whether such a “relic” should be put on the list. But, since the truth, so all.

From left to right: the 37-mm automatic anti-aircraft gun barrel lifted from the Gruz minesweeper in the 1973 year (27 was sunk on the 1943 February); 75-mm German cannon barrel; Soviet 85-mm barrel; 45-mm barrel of the ship's cannon (in this exposition we have already encountered such weapons).

And here stands the material embodiment of the tragedy that took place in February 1943, in the area of ​​South Ozereyka. The barrel of the 37-mm cannon and the US light tank tower M-3L General Stewart. It was these Lend-Lease tanks that were part of the armored group of the landing force. This tank (more precisely, what was left of it) was raised from the bottom in the South Ozerieka region in 1973.

Legendary medium tank T-34-85 model 1944 of the year. Especially in the presentation and does not need.

It is difficult not to recognize this armored tank giant by its characteristic “pike nose”. Heavy tank JS-3 model 1945 of the year, did not take part in the battles of the Great Patriotic War, but participated 7 September 1945 of the Berlin Allied parade in honor of the victory in World War II in Europe.

And here is a rarity. 102-mm naval gun Obukhovsky plant sample 1911 year. This gun was lifted from the bottom, removing from the destroyer "Piercing", in 1965 year. The fate of the "piercing" (like "Novik" 1-th serial version), as well as the Black Sea squadron, was tragic. The destroyer with many other ships was scuttled on 18 June 1918.

That came to the collection of anchors. Here, alas, everything is somewhat confused, despite the presence of tablets.

The photo immediately shows 3 of various anchors: on the left, the 19 cat anchor stands vertically, handed over to the museum by the Chernomorets fish farm; in the middle in the background is Hall's massive anchor (named after the inventor), also raised from the bottom of the bay; on the right with the broken “paw” anchor of Captain Roger's system of the 1842 model of the year, raised from the bottom in the 70's.

The Turkish cat anchor of the beginning of the 19 century, was transferred to the номChernomorets рыб fish farm in the 1980 year.

The cat anchor of the 18 century, again transmitted by fishermen in 1979.

The cat anchor of the beginning of the 19 century, found in the area of ​​Maly Utrish, was donated to the Novorossiysk port.

Cat anchor began the 20 century, and this time Novorossiysk fishermen tried in 1986 year.

Anchor Admiralty forged Dutch type of the second half of 19 century - the beginning of 20-th. Raised in the Myskhako area 25 February 2003 of the year.

The latter fact gives hope that the collection will grow. Only there is not enough hope that the contents of the museum will be at the proper level. And the matter is not in the museum workers, elderly women, who are keen on excursions and who work in the summer during the wild heat, but in the winter under very specific conditions in Novorossiysk (ice, north-east and other joys). Sometimes it is not even in finance, although their lack is already a talk of the town. More and more often, the problem is that the high and “wise” authorities, who consider the cans of paint, roller and three Tajik migrant workers sufficient for the functioning of the museum.

This looks especially colorful in our country, where the Minister of Culture has not been able to calm down the indignant “genius” of Mr. Raikin for a month. And what only demanded of the "genius"? To report on the millions of rubles spent by 250 ... I wonder how many decades would be enough for the functioning of the Novorossiysk museum? If in its present form, so much does not live.

And also I have to note that in the summer, when budget lovers of the "southern" rest flock to Novorossiysk (according to myths, a very resort town - with its oil terminal, trade and forest ports, not equipped with a sulfur terminal and a wild stream of waggons), the museum begins to suffer already from ordinary citizens. Well, our vacationer loves at night, armed with a bottle of beer, climb a tank or try to move the barrel. And, if it is difficult to reach Medina (and even the local authorities), then it is humanly enough for ordinary citizens to behave themselves.
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