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Impregnable shore: the power of Russian anti-ship complexes

Coast defense is the most important task for countries with a long coastline. After all, a successful landing operation of the enemy troops and the subsequent seizure of the bridgehead can fundamentally change the course of the war. The length of the coastline in Russia is 40 thousand km, so our Armed Forces always had a need for complexes that can effectively repel a strike from the sea.

One of the first such complexes was the mobile BRK Redut. Being able to shoot at a distance of 460 km, it was intended to destroy all types of surface ships. Also there was a stationary version of the complex called "Rock". Both BRK were armed with P-35 missiles.

At the end of 70's, in the Redut supplement, it was decided to create a cheaper Frontier. The capabilities of this BRK were more modest: the P-15 rocket covered the distance only in 80 km.

In the 21 century, the Russian defense industry developed two completely new complexes whose characteristics have no equal in the world. This is the ball and ballistic missile complex "Bastion".

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    MOSKVITYANIN 20 December 2017 00: 25
    Beautiful video. Although there are certainly promising SPRCs, we have a large coastline and a bunch of island territories.
    I don’t understand why it was necessary to restore the stationary "Cliff", this is an excellent fixed target for the enemy’s KR and DRG .... how many extra funds and forces will have to be allocated for its protection and air cover ....?