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The Russian Armata, the French Leclerc and the Korean K2 will converge in an unequal "battle"

Recent military conflicts in the world have shown that Tanks still play a decisive role on earth. A vivid example of this is Syria, where it was the timely delivery by Russia of these machines that contributed to the advancement of the country's government forces.

Also considered in India. This country pays close attention to its armored forces, regularly updating them. Today, India’s Armed Forces are equipped with 3000 tanks. Most of them are already obsolete T-72М1. About a thousand more - T-90С tanks, the production of which is established within the country. In addition, the Indians adopted the Arjun 120 self-developed tanks.

Now the Ministry of Defense of India intends to write off all T-72М1 and replace them with more modern samples. According to unnamed sources, the Indians are considering three options: the Russian Armata T-14, the French Leclerc, and the South Korean 2 Black Panther.

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  1. vlad007
    vlad007 19 December 2017 16: 09
    It is unclear whether they are going to buy or produce these tanks. They have established production of the Indian counterpart T-90 - the Bhishma tank. What is the point of switching to Leclerc or Black Panther.
    1. svp67
      svp67 19 December 2017 17: 18
      Quote: vlad007
      What is the point of switching to Leclerc or Black Panther.

      What kind of "reward" you can’t do ... One thing I will say is that Leclerc needs a lot of money, so they won’t be able to buy a lot. Sheikhs can only afford it. Yes, and "K-2" was a prototype of their "Ajuna" and what is his fate?
      Now the most optimal for them is the T-90MSU
      1. Cxnumx
        Cxnumx 20 December 2017 06: 27
        Quote: svp67
        What kind of "reward" you will not do ..

        I agree. raped for the big dibs without the transfer of technology purchased the same. Now it’s possible to arrange saw cuts on leklerkas))
        1. SAG
          SAG 22 December 2017 03: 16
          According to unnamed sources, the Indians are considering three options: the Russian T-14 Armata, ...

          ... I have long laughed at this place laughing , with the same success, you can consider the diendorepioid dicraper from the planet Plyuk, the galaxy Kin-Dza-Dza fellow completely lost the coast ...
      2. Alexei-
        Alexei- 20 December 2017 17: 47
        Quote: svp67
        Yes, and "K-2" was a prototype of their "Ajuna" and what is his fate?

        "Arjun", so ancient (with German "leopard" roots), which is rather the opposite. "Arjun" prototype of K-2)))). IMHO, of course.
    2. In100gram
      In100gram 19 December 2017 19: 10
      Quote: vlad007
      They have launched the production of the Indian counterpart T-90 - the Bhishma tank. What's the point of switching to Leclerc or Black Panther

      For bargaining. They will still dance intermittently for 7-10 years before the contract. Now to yours, then not to ours laughing
      1. vrazhin
        vrazhin 20 December 2017 14: 50
        Exactly. The Indians, for all past contracts, pulled, crushed Pts. for a long time and not without tangible benefits for themselves. Bargaining is also able to.
        With regards to ,,,, cut ,,,,. You don’t have to climb into someone else’s garden with your arshin. Something is not heard about corruption in public procurement in India. Do not equalize all countries in Russia and the United States.
        1. svp67
          svp67 20 December 2017 21: 03
          Quote: vrazhin
          You don’t have to climb into someone else’s garden with your arshin. Something is not heard about corruption in public procurement in India. Do not equalize all countries in Russia and the United States.

          Yes? Do you think so. But what about this?
          A big scandal erupted in India in connection with an investigation into the purchase in Italy of two tanker ships for the navy.
          The deal amounted to $ 733 million, but in 2013 it became known about the rollbacks of at least $ 27 million paid to senior Indian officials. It was reported that bribes were received by Sonia Gandhi, chairman of the Indian National Congress, and a number of military personnel.

          The Indian Ministry of Defense plans to develop new arms procurement procedures in connection with the corruption scandal surrounding the acquisition of VIP helicopters by the Italian company Augusta / Westland.

          In India, a tremendous corruption scandal erupted in which Defense Minister Arakkaparambil Kurian Anthony and the chief of the combined staff of the ground forces (in Russian terminology, commander in chief) Vijay Kumar Singh were involved.
          Chief Singh allegedly received an offer for a large bribe to buy and equip the Indian Army with a large batch of Czech Tatra heavy trucks, more precisely, platforms on which you can place multiple launch rocket systems and repair shops, and use them for their intended purpose - for transporting goods and personal composition.

          Despite the reforms undertaken, the defense procurement system of India continues to be tarnished by corruption and other offenses that could compromise the country's defense modernization program.
          To date, the Central Bureau of Investigation of India (CBI) is investigating more than twenty cases of corruption and abuse of authority. The Indian Ministry of Defense has also blacklisted four large international companies: Rheinmetall Air Defense, Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd, Israel Military Industries Ltd and the Russian Defense Corporation, and the former head of the Indian state-owned company Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) in 2010. arrested and imprisoned for misconduct. Most recently, the Department of Defense, as a result of a violation by Agusta Westland International, a subsidiary of Finmeccanica, of an honest conduct agreement, refused to purchase 12 AW 101 helicopters in the amount of $ 570 million. The violations led to new CBI investigations into the activities of 11 individuals, including several executives of Agusta and Finmeccanica, a former Indian Air Force commander, and four other companies (two foreign and two Indian). Local opposition parties also used these violations to put pressure on Secretary of Defense A. TO. Anthony. However, the New Delhi response to the AW 101 contract is questionable. First, while the CBI is investigating the “helicopter scam,” doubts arise about the wisdom of the Foreign Policy Promotion Board (the agency that regulates foreign investment in India )’s decision to support the establishment of a joint venture between Indian Tata Sons and Agusta Westland, Indian Rotorcraft Limited. The company will be engaged in the assembly of single-engine helicopters and their maintenance in the domestic and foreign markets. In the light of recent events, the Ministry of Defense is not at all enthusiastic about such a decision. On the other hand, the Indian Defense Procurement Council - the body that approves all defense procurement proposals - froze the offer to purchase 98 Black Shark heavy torpedoes for the Scorpene submarine project. By the way, they are built by Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquel, which is also a “daughter” of Finmeccanica. Adds oil to the fire and the current status of the tender for 127-mm guns for ships of the Indian Navy. BAe Systems, reportedly, refused to participate in the tender, leaving another “daughter” Finmeccanica the only bidder. Finally, competition around the protracted MMRCA tender remains a thorn in New Delhi's eye. Bye A. TO. Anthony continues to insist that the final decision to purchase 126 fighter jets is delayed due to lengthy negotiations on life-cycle cost calculations and offset agreements, insiders attribute this slowness to investigating various complaints from senior Indian politicians. One of them, the head of the influential parliamentary finance committee, Yashwant Sinha, even wrote a letter to the Minister of Defense, urging him to review the MMRCA contract. Nothing new. However, corruption scandals have corroded Indian defense purchases for decades. For example, the Bofors scandal in the late 1980s. In order to obtain a contract for the supply of artillery guns to India, the Swedish industrial giant allegedly gave kickbacks to the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and members of his government. This not only led to the resignation of the Gandhi government, but also negatively affected the modernization of Indian artillery, the consequences of which continue to haunt the country's army to this day. As a result, over the past ten years, at least four artillery tenders have either been canceled or re-assigned, which has led to serious problems. Accordingly, an investigation into the AW 101 contract could also have serious consequences for India’s military modernization program, especially if the CBI Finmeccanica and its subsidiaries are blacklisted as a result of the investigation, although these are two different cases.
        2. Evgeny Strygin
          Evgeny Strygin 21 December 2017 19: 14
          with cuts there everything is as it should. They can also teach the Russian Federation with the USA.
  2. yuliatreb
    yuliatreb 19 December 2017 16: 16
    Tricky, unreliable Indian "partners" Armata, Leopard, Ka 2 give them, the Syrians won on T-72 different modifications are fighting and do not complain, because they learned and know how to fight, and the Indians at least on Armata, at least on Leopard there is no difference get. I would like to see the Syrians at the tank biathlon already.
    1. ProkletyiPirat
      ProkletyiPirat 19 December 2017 16: 20
      they have their own biathlon every day, with the best examiner ...
      1. Kent0001
        Kent0001 20 December 2017 23: 20
        Tochnik. Relocation, if that, is simply not possible.
    2. In100gram
      In100gram 19 December 2017 19: 14
      Quote: yuliatreb
      Syrians won on T-72 of various modifications fight and do not complain, because they have learned and know how to fight, and the Indians at least on Armata, even on Leopard, there is no difference

      But how they paint and decorate tanks in parades. It reminds me a bit of a "strange" parade lol
  3. NEXUS
    NEXUS 19 December 2017 16: 49
    According to unnamed sources, the Indians are considering three options: the Russian T-14 Armata,

    And who is going to sell Armata to them? In the best case, the T-14 SM ... Well, let Leclerc or K-90 (PANTERU). Given their price, I think the Indians will quickly want to buy these tanks.
    1. misti1973
      misti1973 20 December 2017 17: 21
      If they buy, they will sell. Weapons for export are a lot of money. And due to them, the state defense order for armored vehicles is easier to shift.
  4. m.cempbell
    m.cempbell 19 December 2017 19: 39
    For 2000 Leclerc India may not have enough GDP. K2 option is interesting, but all crews will also have to retrain the identity, the T-90 remains, because Armata will not be exported, at least for now. And if they still decide to buy K2, Leclerc and other Abrasms, then they will not have armored troops, but a clowning suit of different colors ....
  5. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 19 December 2017 23: 59
    Impudent Indians, rolled out a lip on Armata. Let them rest from this thought.
    1. bald
      bald 20 December 2017 05: 01
      So they will also require documentation, and then they themselves will begin to collect - and we are on the side.
  6. Greenwood
    Greenwood 20 December 2017 06: 31
    I do not understand the Indians. Isn't it easier and cheaper to order another 1000 pieces of the familiar and proven T-90. The point of filling warehouses with a variety of equipment?
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 20 December 2017 17: 23
      Quote: Greenwood
      I do not understand the Indians. Isn't it easier and cheaper to order another 1000 pieces of the familiar and proven T-90. The point of filling warehouses with a variety of equipment?

      In general, I got the impression that the Indians biathlon deliberately failed with the T-90, so we threw off the price and gave all the documentation on the “Breakthrough”.
      1. IQ12NHJ21az
        IQ12NHJ21az 21 December 2017 08: 35
        Hindus really want to get technology for free, and not just buy tanks. Your tank doesn’t work, and it’s already out of date.
  7. Valery Saitov
    Valery Saitov 20 December 2017 10: 00
    Well, no one will sell them Armata because it is not accepted for service, respectively, not launched into the series, and most importantly, there is not even an export version on paper.
    1. vrazhin
      vrazhin 20 December 2017 14: 55
      Do you know that the first 300 T-90 tanks were delivered to India a few years before they were put into service and appeared in the Russian troops?
      There he was tested and underwent the first modernization. Voooot.
      1. Nulgorod
        Nulgorod 9 January 2018 16: 14
        Then it was about the survival of the plant. Dashing 90s, what sad
  8. Alix NIKITIN (Alix TV)
    Alix NIKITIN (Alix TV) 20 December 2017 15: 39
    Armata has not yet come out to them.
  9. Max Max
    Max Max 20 December 2017 18: 26
    Would you like to upgrade 3000 T72m1 units to b3?))) Or will it fail to "write off"?)))
  10. olgsei2017
    olgsei2017 21 December 2017 14: 13
    I propose a new future tank for them to call the "Black Baboon" tired of their curvature and survival. this is not enough this much is too direct here! worse than the Arabs! pancake!
  11. Vdi73
    Vdi73 21 December 2017 16: 13
    Will they produce their own t-90s and t-14s will do their own? Not stupid to give up technology?
  12. Stena
    Stena 23 December 2017 13: 10
    Frank stuffing and lies!
    These "unnamed" people no longer know and it is not clear who recognized "experts" how to get into the Indian market.
    The question for these experts is what are the production capabilities of France and / or South Korea to produce the required number of Leclerc and K2? Can they produce them in thousands? And what are the comparative characteristics of these tanks - "cost-effectiveness" in comparison with the T90? Are the above countries ready to transfer technology and do make in India?
    Just a frank creative whistle that was not confirmed by anything ...
  13. Dante
    Dante 23 December 2017 19: 19
    Give them reinforcement, but their lip does not crack?
    They themselves have not yet.
    As there will be more than 5000 Armats in the ranks of the Russian army, then you can begin to discuss to whom it is possible to sell what without production licenses.
    And then they and T50 and armature and we can immediately develop and sell everything on the insi, and they will come to Russia mother from the raids of NATO and the United States zasheshit?
    Let the lekler for 3y buy expensive.
  14. Dante
    Dante 23 December 2017 19: 33
    The question is, why not Russia do that.
    All helicopters, aircraft, armored personnel carriers, T72 tanks. T80 Kalash, etc. upgrade to the newest modifications and sell.
    It will be possible to equip your entire army with the latest developments for the capital received.
    A big plus is the workplaces to modernize existing equipment and gain experience staff.
    And some workshops will constantly update the "old" models of equipment and other workshops at full speed to stamp new equipment.
    How do you like this idea?
  15. Foxmara
    Foxmara 24 December 2017 13: 32
    Hindus want technology. It is desirable for free. What can you do, dancing in tank building will not help. And since no one will give them a freebie for the T-14 - they will arrange a tender, all of a sudden, at least someone agrees to share it? Although neither the French nor the Germans are likely to move. Old - please. And given the love of Indians to throw ..
  16. Nulgorod
    Nulgorod 9 January 2018 16: 13
    "Consider" how so smile The order is specially made for T-14. The rest is just "to the heap."
  17. philosopher
    philosopher 15 January 2018 18: 36
    Give the Indians an alternative: Black Eagle, updated for modern combat systems and materials.