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Terrorists change tactics

In an article about suicide bombers, I allowed myself to look into the heads of future "live bombs." The topic is inexhaustible. And there is a reason to return to the work of the special services. Really serious reason.

Today it's time to talk about how terrorist methods are changing. This and channels of movement of terrorists. And how to conduct terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, most readers have cine stereotypes on these issues.

In the comments to the previous article, readers rightly noted the degree of danger posed by open borders with some CIS countries. Indeed, it is not difficult to penetrate the territory of the Central Asian states today. Moreover, the gangs defeated in Syria are almost openly moving to Afghanistan. And there the paths have been known for many decades.

Coalition forces that are based in Afghanistan fundamentally “overlook” these movements. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the United States and its hangers-on again are preparing to step on the old rake. It was in Afghanistan during the war with us, it was in Iraq and some other countries.

The Americans are raising soldiers who will overthrow the disagreeable "people" of the presidents. The Afghan Taliban were also "fighters against the Soviet regime." The term that was coined in Syria for "moderate terrorists", today works perfectly.

Although, to be honest, I personally can not understand the term "moderate terrorist". The terrorist is either there or he is not. He cannot be a moderate opposition or a moderate fighter against the regime. Exactly when he picked up weapon or began to prepare IEDs, he is a terrorist.

The main reason for the "night blindness" of Americans is traditional. "Great Army" elementary fears. Yes, afraid to get out of their own fortifications. Do not differ courage American warriors. Especially where serious fighters oppose them, and it is problematic to destroy them "technically". A strange war has been going on for more than one year. And no one is waiting for victory in this war. What for?

Terrorists understand this perfectly. Moreover, today it was in Afghanistan that a new IG appeared (banned in the Russian Federation). They adjust their own actions accordingly. I cannot say where and when a solution was found to the problem, but today the Central Asian republics have really turned into a region, from which terrorists are leaking to us.

European appearance gives an advantage to those who are already in Russia. Hence, the "Europeans" go through third countries to us. The main legend of such movements is a refugee. And those who are clearly Asian-looking make fake, and often real, documents and appear here as guest workers.

By the way, today there are approximately 20 000 terrorists from Russia and neighboring countries in the database of our special services. This base includes potential terrorists. For example, the participation of a person in extremist religious organizations automatically arouses the interest of the special services. And this applies not only to Islamist organizations.

In your letters, you often complain that we have not learned to notice the paths of movement of terrorists. They are leaving for Syria, returning to Russia ... Honestly, the fears are understandable, but ... To say that our special services blocked all the channels for delivering terrorists to and from Russia, of course, is impossible. But almost a dozen of these channels have been blocked successfully.

Now about the new tactics of terrorist acts. In fact, there is nothing new. Tactics just modernized.

The successful work of the special services, the destruction of the majority of more or less large gangs of terrorists led to the fact that today it is difficult for leaders to “assemble” such groups. Therefore, today smaller autonomous groups are more relevant. And the attacks themselves today are no longer directed against large groups of people or against some large objects.

Today the task is set so that the attacks look like ordinary, everyday crimes. Terrorist attacks are gone. The leadership of the terrorists coined even a new term: autonomous jihad.

Today it is important to understand that the objects of the attacks have changed. This may be a famous person from the world of art or just a public figure. This may be a member of the security forces or a soldier. This may be urban infrastructure. It may be some kind of social objects.

The main thing is that such a terrorist attack should cause a resonance in society. Divide the society into parts. To sow distrust to the work of government agencies and law enforcement agencies.

And about pleasant. 20 December 2017, special services celebrate their centenary anniversary. A meeting of the Council of Heads of Security Agencies and Special Services of the CIS Member States (SORB) is timed to this event. In addition to the jubilees themselves, the heads of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, the Executive Committee of the CIS, the heads of the special services of Germany, Spain, Italy, Serbia and France are invited to the meeting.

It is clear that gathering for the sake of celebration is pleasant. But the work does not wait. And the main issue that was already discussed at the meeting was the question of the circulation of drugs and psychotropic substances. Information security issues will also be discussed. And plans for the future. Specialists also conduct exercises and competitions.

And in the celebrations, the meeting participants will necessarily participate. From us - congratulations on the holiday and admiration for the beautiful work. Hoping for further success.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 20 December 2017 06: 44
    Terrorists change tactics

    Presumably, and specialists will change tactics in order to confront - in advance ...
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 20 December 2017 07: 01
      Presumably, and specialists will change tactics

      This is not a solution to the problem of terror ... as long as there are states ready to raise a terrorist and send him to an objectionable country, this problem will remain.
      At the moment, it is the United States, oddly enough, the source of the constant threat of terror ... the actions of this state against other states cause an outburst of terror spreading like waves in all directions.

      How to deal with this ??? what
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 20 December 2017 07: 23
        ... it’s clear to everyone - who grows a terrogyuge, but whoever sits idle, we’ll beat ahead of schedule, otherwise ... we already went through this with the explosions of residential buildings, the metro, etc ...
        1. dSK
          dSK 20 December 2017 09: 42
          Quote: aszzz888
          no one will sit back

          "Whoever comes to us with a sword will die from the sword!"
      2. Vvol
        Vvol 29 December 2017 17: 44
        The sent terrorists are half the trouble, if not less. Far worse are homegrown terrorists. Therefore, the main thing is that inside the country the social base of the terrorists is reduced to nothing (and obviously not due to the physical cutting out of their own citizens!), And that a normal solution to the migrant issue is found. That's what you have to fight for! Only then will it make sense to fight the "import" of terrorists, and with all the other "intrigues" of foreign "partners". And so in Russia we have the largest unemployment in the North Caucasus in Russia, and the same Syktyvkar, where more than once in recent years migrants have bloodyly "messed up" (the last time such a "disgrace" was already a terrorist attack) - this is generally the North. That's right: how do we deal with the import of terrorists, the transfer of money to local terrorists, and even more so with the hegemony of the United States on the planet as a whole, if we cannot restore order in our house? request
    2. domokl
      20 December 2017 08: 49
      Quote: aszzz888
      Presumably, and specialists will change tactics,

      Hy ... Bortnikov said the complete elimination of the bandit underground in the Caucasus. Yesterday. So it's all right with tactics.
      1. Vvol
        Vvol 29 December 2017 18: 14
        AND? After all, IS terrorists (forbidden to use) actively push the idea in general "individual terror"! There is a person who sympathizes with the ideas of the IG, cannot accept membership in any cell, cannot either leave to fulfill the" international duty "or" sees "that it is more relevant to start a" struggle "in his country of residence, and does not want to sit back He took the oath in front of the camera, sent it over the network - and went to business. After his death, the organization checks the oath is correct - and makes a statement where he recognizes the initiator as "his", thus taking responsibility for his "business." Profit! Organization , in fact, it is spent only on propaganda videos and educational films, if possible, an individual or a cell can start chemical work at home / in a garage / where there are still explosives (and powerful explosives), all according to the instructions, however, with explosives and bombs, and you can get into a search for components, all the same, for intelligence agencies this is a “classic of the genre” (Although here's how to look ... I remember recently in our country a gang that made explosives was tied up, moreover, the one that IG it’s fumbling ... But I just didn’t find out later about them: were they themselves terrorists or just “businessmen”? And at the time of the arrest, nothing was clear for the investigation ... So, they tied that gang only thanks to the vigilance of the doctor in the medical institution - one of the bomb dealers burned with acid, and went to his head to heal the pen in the hospital.) Can't get the bombs? If you find a firearm - well done! Not even that? "Banzai!" Found a car or stole - and crush people! No, it’s okay: he took a knife and went to cut the “infidels” ... So the organization saves its strength and for the time being it burns less until it comes to the need to accomplish something really big.
  2. sa-ag
    sa-ag 20 December 2017 07: 56
    Attention is the question - why among the militants in Syria are the second largest immigrants from the Russian Federation? Given that terrorism is a social phenomenon ...
    1. domokl
      20 December 2017 08: 47
      And who told you that this is a social phenomenon? In rich America, did 6 also socially kill people years ago? Today, periodic executions are also a social phenomenon? No, it is rather the result of correct ideological processing.
      You have probably seen a suicide boy who was driving to die in a BMP? Cried, but went. Social? Or prepared by class psychologists and specialists in the manipulation of the human psyche? And what pushes enough prosperous Europeans into the ranks of terrorists?
    2. vlad007
      vlad007 20 December 2017 12: 26
      Quote: sa-ag
      why among the militants in Syria the second largest immigrants from the Russian Federation?

      1. The second largest immigrants from the CIS, and not from the Russian Federation!
      2. Terrorism is indeed a social phenomenon, but this does not mean that the cause of terrorism is material ill-being. I read that, according to experts, the social portrait of a modern terrorist is as follows: a man aged over 30, financially secure, with higher education, a good professional in his field, ambitious. The main reasons for leaving the terrorist units are the inability to realize themselves above the achieved professional level, ideological differences with those existing in modern society, the desire to become an informal leader.
  3. 20 December 2017 10: 36
    Quote: domokl
    And who told you that this is a social phenomenon? In rich America, did 6 also socially kill people years ago? Today, periodic executions are also a social phenomenon? No, it is rather the result of correct ideological processing.
    You have probably seen a suicide boy who was driving to die in a BMP? Cried, but went. Social? Or prepared by class psychologists and specialists in the manipulation of the human psyche? And what pushes enough prosperous Europeans into the ranks of terrorists?

    I allow myself to disagree with you. As for the United States, in my opinion, regular shootings there occur from the accessibility of small arms to everyone, including children.
    As for the European terrorists: I don’t think that immigrants from Middle Eastern and other Muslim countries who, under the guise of refugees, received European citizenship and began terrorist activities, can be considered real Europeans.
    In my opinion: both the social phenomenon and the correct indoctrination together are guilty of the development of terrorism-like phenomena.