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Korean Games: Amateur View

Korean Games: Amateur View

As for current events, everything is probably up to date. There was a trial ball in Rio. A big sensation arose, and our “friends” understood where to strike. And hit. With all the breadth of their western soul, or whatever they have instead of a soul, they hit. If the events in Rio had passed with little significant background, then it would have remained an unpleasant spot on the Olympic movement, but we have what we have.

Crazy, mostly unsubstantiated charges of doping fell on Russia. Understandably, our Olympic Committee initially was in shock. Well, how can you respond to outright nonsense? On nonsense, for which they promise to disqualify the entire national team is not the smallest sporting power? But the shock passed, stirring began, attempts to prove something to someone. Obviously useless attempts, because everything has already been decided in advance without us. And here options were possible.

You can threaten a boycott of the Olympic Games. And, accordingly, to boycott. But boycott BEFORE the decision of the IOC and WADA. And in this situation, we would automatically recognize all these delusional and unsubstantiated accusations. For the Western public, this would be reason enough to believe in the justice of the IOC and WADA accusations. We'll keep silent about the officials, because they wanted to do this. And as a result of the boycott by appendage, we would automatically be banned from participating in two Olympic cycles. Yes, both the USSR and the USA boycotted the Olympics in their time and did not suffer such severe punishment. But both the Soviet Union and the United States had many allies and satellites that would automatically boycott the Olympic Games in the event of the punishment of their “elder brothers”. Russia currently does not have enough reliable allies for such a demarche.

In principle, one can accept the non-participation of our country in several Olympic Games as a result of the boycott. In the event that it is possible to organize something similar in scale to the Goodwill Games. But ... These are huge financial costs, comparable to the costs of holding games in Sochi. And this is with the ongoing preparations for the World Cup 2018. And the country's budget is not rubber. It is even scary to imagine how many supporters for the boycott of the Olympics and the holding of the Goodwill Games would have raised a cry for another budget cut. And how many countries will agree to participate in these games? From European countries, except Belarus and maybe Serbia ...

But it happened. The decision of the IOC and WADA is. Team to the Olympics are not allowed. It's time to declare a boycott! Boycott what? The boycott of the event, to which we are already not allowed? From the side, I think it would look very funny.

It was possible to fill up with tons of waste paper in the form of complaints and appeals to all the courts, to which we can only reach. You can hire crowds of lawyers. But who are the judges? Does anyone believe in the impartiality of the Western courts in relation to Russia? And in any case, none of the courts would have passed a single acquittal verdict against Russian athletes before the start of the Olympic Games in Korea. There were many reasons to delay any process, and after the start of games, any verdict on the participation of our team in these games will have no effect.

To ban athletes from riding a neutral flag? On what basis? Team and so does not go. And on what basis can a person be forbidden to go abroad? Do athletes have unpaid fines or child support debts? After all, we have a demo, forgive, O Lord, divides. To ban athletes from traveling to Korea on the grounds that they should represent Russia? So there will be no athletes representing Russia, there will be athletes "from Russia". Feel the difference ... They can only recommend not to go ...

These athletes will eat there. The close attention of journalists and inspectors, court nagging ... I think they know what they are going for, it is their choice.

IOC concessions on the team game, according to the inscription on the form that the athlete is from Russia, the choice of the color of the form ... What is the point of these concessions? If the IOC could “crush” to the end, it would “crush”, there would be no hint about Russia ... The IOC went too far in confrontation with the Russian Olympic Committee to stop without a reason. This means that there is no opportunity to push further the IOC. Opportunities to spoil the little things still remain, and the pressure - no. And if so, then any reward won by an athlete "from Russia" will improve our position before the start of the response.

Now we just have no choice. We will have a choice of actions after the games. These are lawsuits, this is a refusal to finance the IOC and / or WADA. Surely there are many ways that I do not know, I am not strong in this kitchen. In any case, as it seems to me, after the Korean games and the IOC and WADA are facing hard times, I would not be surprised if WADA in its current form will cease to exist in the next 3-5 years ...
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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 21 December 2017 05: 44
    Minister of Sports Pavel Kolobkov after the Olympic meeting told several interesting points.
    “Those who decide to go to Pyeongchang will receive full support,” Kolobkov said. - There will also be a payment of prizes following the results of the Olympic Games. Those who decide not to go will also receive all the necessary assistance from us.
    PS. Here it goes, without a flag, without a hymn, but with prize money. Who would doubt that
    1. Conductor
      Conductor 21 December 2017 10: 53
      And even if you don’t go, they will help anyway! This is philanthropy!
      1. Lexus
        Lexus 21 December 2017 12: 10
        Everything is clear with us. Selling politicians, artists, athletes are poor, they need help.
        Pensioners, children, invalids are dependents.
        It is interesting, but will they (the athletes) also perform the IOC anthem at the presentation of this very state support?
      2. S-kerrigan
        S-kerrigan 25 December 2017 06: 25
        This is philanthropy!

        No philanthropy - a person dedicated his life to sports and not his problems in that "the partners decided to hit" and their own in response to "shit watered if he goes". So everything is right - the state has understood the situation of the vice. And it’s trying to help as it can. Otherwise, you can put an end to all sports without any exception - what the hell, if then you can immediately go and have a fight asking for alms?
        1. Alf
          Alf 25 December 2017 20: 29
          Quote: S-Kerrigan
          Otherwise, you can put an end to all sports without exception.

          You do not confuse professional sports and amateur sports. In my yard, the boys are driving football "from eleven to eleven." And they are unlikely to do this to become world champions, they just play for their pleasure.
          1. S-kerrigan
            S-kerrigan 26 December 2017 05: 01
            No, no, in no case do not confuse.
            Look, just in a “healthy” society, purely even at the statistical level, the most ordinary, “healthy” competition will arise. Those. conditionally, from a hundred or two “kicking the ball” with a dozen will be highly-motivated for an active game with the goal of “winning”. And out of this dozen, one will be with a desire for "adult" sports. On a national scale, "juniors" are emerging. If you do a “bann-hammer” when switching from “kick the ball” to “adult sport”, then this will not end in any way for the image of this direction as a whole.

            * It's not just about the kickers of the ball - it applies to one degree or another of the whole sport.
  2. Odysseus
    Odysseus 21 December 2017 06: 35
    The next version of the HPP, but this one is completely servile-inferior. I especially liked the ending, where the slave helpfully endured all the spitting and bullying of the owner begins to tell, so I'll show him now!
    Wow, what will happen, now in one fell swoop, after 3-5 years, all WADA and the IOC will kill ... In fact, of course, the lackeys will continue to be pushed further.
    Regarding the arguments of this HPP
    1) Since, as a result of the brilliant work of our sports officials, it turned out that we had absolutely no control and nothing to influence, it was necessary to talk about the possibility of a boycott of this event even before the IOC decided, but after the threat of removal. - the accusations are not true, and if the IOC decides on the basis of whom to exclude them, we will boycott the game. Concerns that for the West this will be a proof of our guilt are unfounded, firstly because for the West we will be a priori in any case guilty secondly, we will just show by such a principled position that we do not in any way recognize the reality of unproven accusations, and thirdly, why should we even think about what the "western public" will think?
    2) Since we didn’t do this, it was necessary to start talking and decide on a boycott after removal. Since the IOC did not forbid our athletes to go to the Olympic Games, he allowed them to go there as representatives of an unknown country, if the IOC itself is neutral athletes will be allowed to do this, and if Russia pays money to the IOC. The essence of the decision is you can go if you give up your country and we will allow it to you, and, in addition, if your country also pays for it.
    Of course, any self-respecting country should not agree to such unheard-of humiliation.
    3) Regarding the thesis that “there is no way to keep the athletes”, well, please, want to go in spite of the boycott, go, but we do not send any applications, we do not agree on anything, we don’t pay a penny, and we don’t have any more for these athletes no relation. Not now, not in the future.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 21 December 2017 08: 30
      Of course, at first our Olympic Committee was in shock.

      - to lose the trough to officials is a shock.
      they will give medals, Zagrushnaya will shoot 3 medals (?) and an increase of 300%.
      only the Foreign Intelligence Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can expose asthmatics and other strokes-- they did not do it in 07 g and are now silent.
      sit under the baseboard for a long time.
      loot wins pride.
      1. d ^ Amir
        d ^ Amir 21 December 2017 10: 37
        impotence of the Ministry of Sports is old ... I’m not a doctor but I know that the disease has stages, well, there’s an acute stage and it ends with a chronic stage ... if you don’t treat it, of course .... we forgot it already ..... the first calls about our sports bureaucrats were when the skaters were forced to share gold with the French, it seems ... I don’t remember ... and no consequences for this shame the bureaucrats flew in ... so apparently the disease is already at that stage when amputation is required ...
  3. lance
    lance 21 December 2017 07: 07
    stop nagging. Once again, a mock led by a bach twisted away from the attacks of the United States and its henchmen. On a completely white uniform, a red circle about the athlete’s affiliation is visible a mile away and will be a beacon anyway. and bureaucrats from sports are a sign for the inability to defend the interests of their country. I think about the traitors, I will still remember time, but it will definitely not be athletes (although the family has some freak informants)
    1. Bulrumeb
      Bulrumeb 21 December 2017 09: 59
      and in a completely white form the red circle about the athlete’s accessories is visible a mile away

      Japan national team or what?
      1. Alf
        Alf 21 December 2017 21: 36
        Quote: Bulrumeb
        and in a completely white form the red circle about the athlete’s accessories is visible a mile away

        Japan national team or what?

        No, deflorinated comrades.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 December 2017 07: 18
    Honestly, there is no desire to discuss this painful topic for the tenth time. But I agree with this with the author
    These athletes drank there famously ...
    1. BecmepH
      BecmepH 21 December 2017 08: 39
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Honestly, there is no desire to discuss this painful topic for the tenth time. But I agree with this with the author
      These athletes drank there famously ...

      Yes, for the grandmother they will at least stand up and at least endure. And then they will return and begin to whine. Whine and wait for sympathy.
      I already have an internal rejection, not only to OI, but also to the "microclimate" in our sports environment.
      You "+" for brevity and accuracy.
      1. Hoc vince
        Hoc vince 21 December 2017 11: 33
        Until we lost what is holy
        In the name of those who have not come from war,
        Don't Sell Homeland Guys!
        That medal of such a price is not worth it!

        Sports combat always calls to the screen.
        And glory to those who won the battle!
        But I won’t watch these games.
        Here they humiliate my homeland.
  5. Bulrumeb
    Bulrumeb 21 December 2017 09: 58
    And on what basis can a person be forbidden to go abroad? Do athletes have unpaid fines or child support debts? After all, we have a demo, God forgive me, racist.

    In what clouds is the author floating? Until recently, people were not released for 100 rubles of debt to a mobile operator. You don’t need to hold it by force, but reminding them with whose hands they eat and what will happen after they finish their career does not interfere. Not everyone will be able to earn a carefree rest of their lives, among the athletes are full of the same army men, Dynamo, etc. who subsequently put on epaulettes and generally go to the civil service, so why do we need such people who are now setting up loot and their own ambitions above the homeland?
    1. Conductor
      Conductor 21 December 2017 10: 55
      This is where you dig about 100 rubles? Are there any facts? Do you generally understand how the exit ban mechanism works?
    2. Sasha_Sar
      Sasha_Sar 21 December 2017 16: 50
      “Not everyone will be able to earn a carefree rest of their lives,” that's for sure. That's why they carry out the command "must go." And do not follow the command, the chair in the State Duma, or else wherever you get.
  6. To be or not to be
    To be or not to be 21 December 2017 10: 34
    "Oh sport -You WORLD!"
    Too far gone in the USA and the West .. CLONING ..
    Now it has reached world sports
    They can’t win fair sports. They began to clone their “victories” ..
  7. AKC
    AKC 21 December 2017 10: 47
    they were banned from the flag, anthem, uniform! most likely they will be sued! maybe I don’t understand something, but as an amateur, I would just send everyone to the naivp. and went on to train! I don’t understand why knock on the door where they are sending!
    there is such a thing as honor and pride, for athletes it is probably different. if they are asked to take a pose in taking off their pants and step backwards by sticking the RF flag there by flicking the anthem of the Russian Federation, will they agree and? and what excuse would come up with?
    I do not watch the Olympics. because it’s not a sport but a political show. which show the achievements of formacology
  8. passing
    passing 21 December 2017 11: 23
    And if so, then any award won by an athlete “from Russia” will improve our position before the start of a response.

    there will be no action! No need, hoping for something! Our sports officials treat the team as a commercial project at state expense. Miller does not cease to drive gas to other countries, even though they put sticks in wheels of Gazprom and impose sanctions. So the team is a way of making money by government officials.
  9. Kostadinov
    Kostadinov 21 December 2017 11: 38
    What boycott? A boycott of an event that ALREADY not let us in? From the outside, I think it would look very funny.

    Russia as a power is not allowed there, but athletes from Russia are allowed to make their Olympics better. If it was better for the IOC to beat without Russian athletes, then they banned their participation, too.
    It turns out that the IOC humiliates Russia, and Russia helps the IOC in this. Now for the IOC it’s better to always forbid the participation of Russia and let it only train athletes for the Olympic Games.
    A boycott of unity is a way to correct the behavior of the IOC and eliminate WADA. And if they are not sober, then only the splitting and creation of a new IOC will remain. In 10 years, most of the countries in the new IOC will be in the world, and the real IOC will be organizing North American games.
  10. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 21 December 2017 11: 48
    Anyone who sat down to play with cheaters on a quatran, at their table, their deck, with their friends is a fool, to say the least. What is this wide jump tactic? Does the author hope to win something under the conditions presented? It’s ridiculous. If the rules do not allow winning, gentlemen change the rules!
    It is necessary to change the table, and cards, and cheaters to bend. How? All these years we believed that we have a great political leadership close to genius. It's time to show the class. We wait...
  11. Pushkar
    Pushkar 21 December 2017 13: 46
    The first one. Who are Mutko, Zhukov, Rodchenkov, Zhukov and others like him? And this is the "darkest" team. How do they select the "team" of athletes? And how Vlasov was gaining. Who wants to live well is a step forward. The second one. For seven years poppy was not born - there was no famine. Just do not watch the "Olympics" - see less advertising. All.
  12. NEXUS
    NEXUS 21 December 2017 13: 53
    Delusional, mostly unsubstantiated allegations of doping rained down on Russia. Of course, at first our Olympic Committee was in shock. Well, how can you respond to frank nonsense?

    As I read in one article on this subject ... "We live according to the law, that is, what is legal, then right, and the West lives by precedent, that is, there is a precedent, then this is the truth." And we will always be caught on this, as we have a different view of the rule of law with us.
  13. gorsten79
    gorsten79 21 December 2017 15: 18
    “And as a result of the boycott weighed automatically we would be prohibited from participating in two Olympic cycles. Yes, both the USSR and the USA, at one time boycotted the Olympics and did not suffer such severe punishment. But the Soviet Union and the USA had many allies and satellites who would automatically boycott the Olympics if their “elder brothers” were punished. Russia currently does not have enough reliable allies for such a demarche. "- This is the most important thing. There is nothing to answer. Here, we are simply powerless. And I agree about the courts .how many people were not allowed to Rio. And so? But Mutko, Zhukov is clear away. I respect Kolobkov as an athlete, but I do not perceive him as an official.
  14. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 21 December 2017 17: 24
    There is always a choice! Do not try victim behavior on yourself.
  15. dDYHA
    dDYHA 21 December 2017 18: 13
    Yes, they recognized, albeit indirectly, that they doped athletes in front of Sochi. Therefore, such a reaction. They simply did not expect such a reaction from the West. Like they then snout also in fluff. The West is beautiful and, most importantly, effectively shows who is the boss in the house. The blow was not at the athletes but at the state. Athletes if they want, of course, let them go. They should not be responsible for Mutny’s affairs. I do not like the reaction of the government to all this. If the sports leadership does not have the conscience to resign themselves, then this must be done in an orderly manner and without severance pay. Although the raven crow ...
  16. sabakina
    sabakina 21 December 2017 20: 58
    After all, we have a demo, God forgive me, racist.

    No, it’s right. We used to have PARADISEexecutive committee now BPministry. As the saying goes, feel the difference.
  17. sabakina
    sabakina 21 December 2017 21: 14
    By the way, one of the rings did not open at the Olympics. Judging by the fact that ours quickly fidgeted and replaced the live rehearsal picture on the air, the ring did not open for a reason. Hopefully guessed which continent was the ring?
    1. Foxmara
      Foxmara 23 December 2017 08: 22
      Quote: sabakina
      Hopefully guessed which continent was the ring?

      Well this is dupe. Our hackers are the most hacker zakers .. here, a person definitely knew where to look.
  18. Vikxnumx
    Vikxnumx 22 December 2017 11: 33
    It’s enough not to go to the Russian national hockey team. And it will be a normal move. The team was not allowed!
  19. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 23 December 2017 03: 41
    The Olympics is the same show that Eurovision is not the best to win, but who has the most money. Sport has become a means of making money as well as pop music. And athletes with Russian citizenship who go to the Olympics are morally decomposed individuals on mercantile grounds.
  20. Awaz
    Awaz 24 December 2017 11: 12
    no need to try to justify the traitors. the Russian authorities from sports, either must admit their participation in fraud and manipulation and shoot themselves voluntarily, or they must fight with all possible means that they wouldn’t rush us .. And the situation when Russia was lowered below the baseboard in sports - already suggests officials do not cope and must be removed, even if they did not participate in fraud. People just can not cope with their duties. In any normal office, they are fired for this with an appropriate reputation.
    Shame, shame and shame. And do not pull ratings on the fact that the population is against the boycott. I will say more - the population did not care deeply at your Olympiads and the World Cup. I won’t be surprised if people start renting tickets bought at the World Cup or don’t buy them at all. Personally, I changed my mind. In general, I will not attend sports events of any kind for money. I already lose my money, which I pay in the form of taxes on these traitors
  21. AleBors
    AleBors 24 December 2017 12: 40
    Waiters, cabmen, entertainers, and now athletes are fattening under any authority.
  22. Balagan
    Balagan 24 December 2017 18: 22
    By the way, why are geographical critics silent? Remember how actively you shouted that they say what winter games in Sochi !? Winter in the subtropics ... And now silence ... And Pyeongchang in latitude, 700 km south of Sochi, on the same latitude with northern Syria ...