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Leonid Savin: “Where the West will hit next time is almost always possible to calculate ...”


- Leonid Vladimirovich, carefully read your new book. She made the same strong impression on me as Brzezinski’s famous work “The Great Chessboard” once was. It was this study that then gave a new impetus to the leadership of the United States in implementing the project of rebuilding the world in the American way, which they have been continuously engaged in since the creation of their state. From my point of view, your work could be a help for all those involved in making strategic decisions to ensure the security of Russia. But you give a mixed assessment of Russian analytical thought: “As the events of recent years show, Russia has not been prepared enough for a number of conflicts (Ukraine, sanctions regime, agent structures acting as NGOs and research projects, the role of international organizations in weakening sovereignty), but for a number of the challenges answered most adequately the situation (the return of the Crimea, the suppression of the threat of terrorism, the presence in Syria, the modernization of the Armed Forces). ”

- It all depends on who makes the decisions and who will be responsible for them. There is, say, the opinion that in countries where the armed forces are fully professional, politicians are less responsible in their conflicts, since their view of the war is too instrumental. This largely explains the absurd decisions that were made by the US political elite regarding the occupation of Iraq and the destruction of Libya. And the people sent to these countries did not defend their homeland, but fought for the interests of a small group of people who did not understand all the consequences of their decisions.

“At the same time, you write about Syria, in particular:“ The fact that the conflict was prepared in advance is shown by the data of the Syrian special services ”. And about Ukraine: “It is obvious that“ euromaidan ”was not a spontaneous reaction to the statement of Viktor Yanukovich and Mykola Azarov about the need to study the Association Agreement with the EU in more detail. He was planned and directed in advance with the help of foreign consultants and donors. ” Does this mean that the West is planning conflicts (wars), which it then uses as a tool for realizing its geopolitical goals? What can Russia oppose to this?

- Yes, the West plans conflicts, develops their scenarios, carries out provocations. Here you can recall, for example, a group of studies of war and peace, created in the United States during the Second World War. The purpose of this group was to design a future world order, part of which should be war in the interests of the United States. The conflicts in Korea and Vietnam were also provoked by Washington, including for the implementation of their economic projects. However, wars do not always follow the planned scenario; rather, on the contrary, there are more often surprises and uncertainties that Clausewitz called “the fog and friction of war”. Vietnam was beyond the power of even the United States and its allies. The conflict in Syria initially fit into the framework of the “Arab Spring”, but the process did not go as the West had intended. The civil war was unleashed, but its course was changed. Not without the intervention of Russia, of course.

As for countering such provocations, it is obvious that the UN system is ineffective here. Russia (as well as a number of other states) is saved from direct intervention in many ways by the “nuclear umbrella”, but the methods of using proxy actors, the “fifth column” and political pressure continue to be used. The Olympics scandal is another confirmation of this. Where the West will hit next time is almost always possible to calculate by analyzing our own vulnerabilities and the course of actions of our opponents. However, as experience shows, at the "top" they do not always correctly respond to criticism and comments from the fields of geopolitical battles. In addition, there are still too many Westerners and defeatists in the corridors of power who either hope for it or naively believe that we can be friends with the West (some insist on the need to subjugate Russia to the West), and the current situation is only a temporary mess.

Of course, the creation of partner coalitions and allied blocs is one of the classic solutions, since such “cooperation” allows you to work on threats together, share experiences, intelligence data, etc. However, you can and should act ahead of schedule creating “honey traps” (a cybersecurity term when making artificial vulnerabilities in order to lure a potential hacker and define his profile), and implementing programs that only one can do and can trigger them the opponent's view.

- In the USA, with their dozens of “think tanks” and vast experience of provocations in different regions of the planet, they could not have foreseen that President Trump’s decree recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would immediately cause a surge of tough confrontation in the Greater Middle East. I think, shifting accents from Damascus to Tel Aviv, Washington, thus, is trying to level the victory of Russia in Syria and thereby regain control of regional processes. Could Russia have predicted just such a turn of the situation? It seems that we are constantly late in making strategic decisions. Is this why in the book you refer only to works of foreign authors, and where are our “thinkers” and “think tanks”? Which of them could you name, if any?

- Of course have. A considerable number of domestic thinkers and authors of the patriotic direction are concerned with the problems of sovereignty, security, and Russia's place in international politics. I would like to draw attention to the activities and works of Alexander Dugin. It was he who, at the beginning of 1990-s, introduced the term "geopolitics" into domestic discourse and developed a number of concepts that were once used by the current government. Our platform Geopolitika. Ru in principle is an analytical center, some of our research and proposals are published on the site. Of course, there are partner organizations and authors with whom we exchange views, most of them are in Moscow (NGOs, centers on the basis of a number of universities), and there are non-resident.

There are a number of initiatives and projects such as the “Izborsk Club” by Alexander Prokhanov, the Analytics Association, and there are attempts to create pools of experts of a conservative direction. However, the results of their activities, as a rule, are not taken into development. And compared to American NGOs and think tanks, this is a drop in the ocean. Well, government projects are often launched on the principle of "effective management", where, if there are good initiatives, the output leaves much to be desired ...

Unfortunately, it should also be noted that after the reorganization of the distribution model of presidential grants in 2017, the role of analytical centers in Russia will be minimized. The current policy is focused on “social”, and not on the development of concepts, doctrines and strategies. Of course, distributing syringes to drug addicts and collecting empty bottles in the open air is a necessary thing, but government policy should create conditions so that there are no drug addicts, and not the world to eliminate the consequences of such a social policy, part of which is formed from the outside. The degradation of national science also played its part in this. If there are doctors of science who do not know a single foreign language (there are many of them), then this, I believe, characterizes the level of the scientific and educational system as a whole.

- You write, in particular: “a number of studies on social swarming were conducted by American experts in 2009 during and after the presidential elections in Iran, in 2010, after the earthquake in Haiti, after the start of the Arab spring in December, 2010, in Tunis and also in Pakistan, revealing which side has the sympathy of the inhabitants of this country. These scenarios can be deployed in any state where there is little access to the Internet and mobile communications. ” In this context, you also view the events in Ukraine that preceded the coup d'état. Social swarming, what is its essence? Russia, too, may be under the influence of such a “swarm”, and very quickly.

- Imagine that you have disturbed the hornet's nest in the forest. A swarm of angry wasps flies out to sting his abuser at all the places they can reach. What will be your actions? Obviously - run away as quickly as possible. And how will the state escape from its territory? When applying such an allegory, this will be expressed in a change in the institutions of power.

People can be manipulated through their values ​​and interests, through specific techniques, setting goals. In this case, different groups may have different goals, but, ultimately, everything will be in one picture. Having different “squads” under common management, which street performers may not even guess, the customer can plunge the country into chaos, as has been repeated many times. The ability to resist such networks depends on the ability of the authorities to recognize threats at the stage of their emergence, as well as the ability to create their own counter networks for balance through indirect actions. But the basic resistance must be strong enough. This refers to the feeling of patriotism among the masses and the desire to defend their country.

- In your book there are moments concerning the topic that is now being annoyingly actualized in the West, I quote: “you can consider less violent methods of waging network wars - through economics, social and humanitarian programs, and education. As an example, we will cite the North Caucasus as an object, international (Western) organizations as a subject of influence, and gender factors as a topic for manipulation. ” Does this mean that Russia has not drawn conclusions from the armed conflicts in the North Caucasus of the 1990s? Or is this a warning? I do not want to say "foresight" ...

- The technique of introducing a gender policy is quite simple and is used wherever possible, including the republics of the North Caucasus. Starting with clubs of interest and ending with human rights associations dealing with discrimination. With pleasure, the West takes such structures under its wing, allocating grants, inviting people to study abroad, etc. The work has been going on for decades, systematically and for a long time, in order to create the proper infrastructure and social base. When the time comes, "X", this agency is used in accordance with their experience, connections and skills.

- Focusing on the quotations from your book, I would like to identify individual reference points, based on which you give a fairly broad picture of the conflicts of the modern world. Here is one of these points: “Western researchers themselves do not deny the fact that the study and understanding of gender norms implies commercial benefits.” Is it possible to consider the gender policy of the West as an integral part of the economic war against Russia?

“Since gender is directly related to the economic interests of some states and transnational corporations, designing consumer frameworks in countries is part of their strategy.” Fashion regulations also apply to it directly. If earlier there were the so-called opium war (China and Great Britain), pig war (between Serbia and Austria-Hungary due to meat tariffs), etc., conflicts related to price policy and trade flows, now they have only become aggravated. Sovereign states are under pressure from the pharmaceutical lobby, microelectronics sellers and other industries. History with supplies and routes for Russian gas, it shows how serious the geoeconomy is at present.

When there was a bipolar world, the USSR had its own programs of economic development and mutual economic assistance, which differed significantly from Western methods of cooperation. After the world became unipolar, it was understood that only Western liberal models were the only true ones, and these mechanisms began to be included in the internal politics of states around the world. As a result, the standards, methods and ideological background were of a pronounced liberal-capitalist character. And over the past 20 years, they have become almost an axiom in international relations, which even few critically dare to analyze critically.

- Another your thesis: “It is impossible not to recall the influence of media on political processes and decision-making in the field of economics. Publications such as Forbes and Bloomberg regularly publish their ratings. In this case, the situation looks typically commercial - those who pay for advertising and a custom article will be praised by the “experts” in economics and investments of these publications. But priority will always be behind the habitat - the United States. " In your opinion, why won't rating agencies appear, say, in China or India? This is a very dangerous tool of hybrid warfare.

- Such alternative institutions and agencies are starting to appear. And some of them are located in Europe. They still felt the full “charm” of liberal hegemony. Efforts to create a different discourse there have already been undertaken, not to mention China, whose approach does not at all accept the methods of the WTO, the World Bank and Wall Street.

- I thought your next remark was curious: “military capabilities can also be used to penetrate deep into the rear of the enemy. At the same time, the target country voluntarily admits an alien to its territory. For this you need a banal reason - cooperation. The fight against terrorism, the exchange of experience, the strengthening of trust - such proposals for cooperation may be the first step for the de-sovereignty of the state. As a rule, the USA willingly use this opportunity by signing bilateral agreements with many states. ” Does this mean that Russia needs to abandon bilateral agreements with its Western "partners"? Then on what basis to build relationships with them? And with the countries of the former Soviet Union, the participants of the EAEU, the CIS, the CSTO?

- It is necessary to revise all agreements that in any way limit our sovereignty. The DPRK cares little for the statements of the White House - the country wanted to become a nuclear power and became. Of course, we are unlikely to be threatened by Hungary or Thailand, so this is, first of all, traditional opponents of Russia. But so that neutral states are not used against us, and agreements with them are not interpreted to the detriment of our interests, it is necessary to cancel the current agreements in time if they are defective, and to sign new ones after careful analysis. It is necessary to analyze the laws that relate to domestic policy. Their introduction can lobby external forces for further use against our state.

And we must not forget about a balanced approach, which should take into account the interests of our real allies. For example, after the arrival of the King of Saudi Arabia, a rumor began that Russia would supply C-400 systems to this country. Of course, it is unlikely that this will come to this, but these rumors have disturbed Iran, which has rather tense relations with the Saudis. In other words, decisions must be made taking into account the global geopolitical context, the interests of our reliable partners and allies, and also in accordance with the course towards a multipolar world pattern. Otherwise, we will take a step forward and two steps back.

- The book is called "Coaching War." An unusual combination. I would ask you to clarify in what sense do you use this term?

- The term “coaching” is mainly used as a special training method, where there is no rigid framework, constant adaptation to changing conditions is necessary and the competitor (opponent) is highly likely to do the same, therefore, one needs to be flexible and be proactive. Even if the other side was able to beat (win), the coaching technique allows you to quickly extract the appropriate lesson and change the tactics or strategy of action so that at the new stage of the confrontation to prevent defeat. I also note that the use of citations and references to Western authors is connected with the need to show the intentions of our “partners”, as well as the huge range of instruments of influence that they use against us in practice.

- Thank you for the interesting conversation, Leonid Vladimirovich!
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  1. Chertt
    Chertt 19 December 2017 05: 52
    “The book is called Coaching War.” Unusual combination.
    Yeah, such names are not invented by themselves, here you need insight
    Leonid Savin, host of the “Strategies” program on the Eurasia TV channel. Commissioner of the Eurasian Youth Union.
    It is unacceptable to compare Savin with Brzezinski (as if they did not belong to him). If Savin had a sense of proportion and self-criticism, he would not have let such a ridiculous comparison print
    1. dSK
      dSK 19 December 2017 18: 11
      Hello Alexey! It may all be simpler: "Two US enemies who are ranked are openly named: first China, then Russia. These serious charges are brought against Moscow and Beijing in promulgated in Washington New National Security Strategy. "China seeks to squeeze the United States out of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and Russia seeks to restore its status as a great power and establish spheres of influence near its borders, which" is directly opposite to the values ​​and interests of the United States, " - underlined in the document. Which simply dooms Beijing and Moscow to be friends against Washington. (Channel "Tsargrad" 15: 51., 19.12.17/XNUMX/XNUMX) Which is more than obvious. hi
      1. dSK
        dSK 19 December 2017 21: 26
        ridiculous decisionsThat were accepted by the US political elite regarding the occupation of Iraq and the destruction of Libya.
        For the US elite, very successful robbery operations, all foreign assets were seized from Libya, oil is received from both countries at the cost of production. Cheap young, “ready-made” labor for the mother countries and reduction of the remaining “excess population” from hunger. Problems of the local population of Iraq and Libya: "the rescue of drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves."
        1. dSK
          dSK 19 December 2017 21: 50
          Quote: “People can be manipulated ... Having different“ squads ”under common control, which street performers might not even suspect, the customer can plunge the country into chaos, as has been repeatedly said. The possibility of resistance to such networks depends ... on the skill of the authorities Recognize threats at their inception. "
          The classic Masonic strategy is to finance the “left” and “right” and to arrange a civil war. Unfortunately, in Russia, Masonic lodges operate legally. And the siloviki often cut only the tops, and from the roots after a short time the “thorns” again grow.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 19 December 2017 19: 31
      It is a pity that the name is not ordinary.
      Coaching War would be more intriguing.
  2. 210ox
    210ox 19 December 2017 05: 55
    “We need to review all agreements that in any way limit our sovereignty.” ..Gold words. It is a pity that the Kremlin thinks differently ...
    1. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 19 December 2017 09: 48
      Do they think? There are agreements, they must be implemented. If Putin worked 360 days a year, maybe something would have happened.
      1. Lexus
        Lexus 19 December 2017 14: 37
        I’m embarrassed to ask, what do the rest of the "highly effective" ones do? Such a tale about military professional suitability has been around for a long time: stupid and non-executive is no good, dumb, but the executive is good as a rank-and-file, a smart executive is good as a junior commander, smart and non-executive - as a commander. it seems that we have exactly the opposite.
    2. CONTROL
      CONTROL 19 December 2017 10: 47
      Quote: 210ox
      “We need to review all agreements that in any way limit our sovereignty.” ..

      ... and reveal reasonsby which they were signed!
      ...and install aftermath Fulfillment of these agreements!
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 19 December 2017 06: 07
    It is true that when there are many doctors of science who do not speak a single foreign language - this suggests that science is not “entered” into the global “context”, scientists do not have sufficient and active communication with their colleagues, do not read literature in the right volume ... A one-sided view of the problem does not contribute to its solution.
    1. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 19 December 2017 10: 00
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      this suggests that science is not “integrated” into the global context

      There was Soviet science, where at conferences openly, free of charge, they shared their achievements, ideas ... It began to follow the Western model: where a conference is a way to find a sponsor, where - no matter how much you say. And if you still find a sponsor, then sit quietly and do not blur secrets. The sponsor is often also a Western corporation. What kind of development of science, with such a "state" approach can be discussed ??? Why are Skolkovo graduates unhindered to go abroad? Why do not pay the fee ??
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 19 December 2017 07: 33
    “Where the West will hit next time — you can almost always figure it out ...”
    The question immediately arises, why are we almost always forced to hit the tail, and not take countermeasures if everything is so predictable?
    1. CONTROL
      CONTROL 19 December 2017 10: 51
      Quote: rotmistr60
      “Where the West will hit next time — you can almost always figure it out ...”
      The question immediately arises, why are we almost always forced to hit the tail, and not take countermeasures if everything is so predictable?

      А who makes decisions - to beat or not to beat? AND what place to beat - excluding the tail, of course? ...
      1. Oleko
        Oleko 19 December 2017 16: 30
        "Who makes the decision - to beat or not to hit? And what place to hit - excluding the tail, of course"
        Security Council of the Russian Federation
        1. Strategia
          Strategia 20 December 2017 22: 15
          The Security Council is a consultative body under the Prident, it does not make decisions and, moreover, does not make decisions.
  5. Yujiko
    Yujiko 19 December 2017 08: 39
    Here's an interesting fresh video "Madhouse: Exposing the Century or another" Madhouse? Watch everyone! [Voice of Germany] " This video is "Until recently, the video was blocked on YouTube, now the video is available for viewing everywhere except Germany." .
    And a suitable comment on YouTube - "The video is not as funny as they used to be on this channel from Madhouse, but it’s extremely informative and interesting. I advise everyone to MANDATORY viewing! ""
    The video says about neoliberalism, and looking at the mentioned in the text, I see that this site declares resistance to the dictatorship of liberal ideology.
    This is how the puzzles converge.
  6. cannabis
    cannabis 19 December 2017 08: 42
    Well, I would say bluntly: “It is necessary to repeal Law 98 of the Federal Law, which allows the armed forces of NATO to enter our territory to“ restore order ”in the event of popular unrest. Otherwise, those unrest can easily be organized after the presidential election in our country.” In my opinion, Leonid Savin knows too many foreign words, theoretical constructions and economic theories. This greatly distracts him from the national interests of Rasei.
    1. 16112014nk
      16112014nk 19 December 2017 12: 10
      More precisely, "Federal Law of June 7, 2007 No. 99 - Federal Law"
      Adopted by the State Duma on 23
      Approved by the SF 25. 05. 2007
      Signed by our guarantor 7
      1. cannabis
        cannabis 19 December 2017 12: 14
        Probably .... I remember the phrase "on the status of forces." Foggy document ....
  7. Oleko
    Oleko 19 December 2017 09: 10
    We have analytical centers. Here is the opinion of the director of RISI [quote] Russian [/ quote] [quote] [/ quote] [quote] [/ quote] [quote] [/ qu
    ote] analysts are the strongest in the world. Especially regional specialists, who have more recent, “non-polluted" brains. I can confidently say this, after all, 33 years of analytical work, first in the First Main Directorate of the KGB of the USSR, and then in the Foreign Intelligence Service [quote]. [/ Quote] [quote] [/ quote
    [quote] [/ quote] [quote] [/ quote] The main information-analytical center
    [/ quote] [quote] [/ quote]

    Head of the Main Information and Analytical Center Major General of the Internal Service

    Vazhev Pavel Anatolyevich [quote] [/ quote] [quote] [/ quote]
    Offhand took 2 departments. There are other centers. Just the author (Savin) does not have access to the materials of these centers. And if he has, then he will never publish books.
    1. CommanderDIVA
      CommanderDIVA 19 December 2017 13: 24
      What kind of analysts in the regions are you talking about? Our governors have an idea of ​​analytics is to make slides in the report on the forecast for the year and there is no question
      1. Oleko
        Oleko 19 December 2017 16: 52
        1. I speak not the director of RISI. RISI - the analytical center of the Foreign Intelligence Service.
        2. The concept of "region" is different from ours.
    2. gridasov
      gridasov 19 December 2017 16: 05
      There may be analysts, but there are no analysis methods corresponding to the dynamism of the developing world. The vast majority do not even understand that they use binary logic, and that there is no mathematical analysis based on logic based on multipolar interactions.
      1. Oleko
        Oleko 20 December 2017 07: 01
        Quote: gridasov
        There may be analysts, but there are no analysis methods corresponding to the dynamism of the developing world. The vast majority do not even understand that they use binary logic, and that there is no mathematical analysis based on logic based on multipolar interactions.

        "Humanity is facing the need to change the paradigms of
        lectual work. This is due to significant complication.
        devices of the human world. It seems that the appearance
        good technology for working with information (of course, better than
        set out here - and much better than commonly used)
        can devalue the mass of conventional literature and
        bring the more thoughtful part of humanity to a radical
        reviewing entire strata of existing views. "
        Alexander Buryak. Analytical Intelligence.
        1. gridasov
          gridasov 20 December 2017 11: 14
          I absolutely agree with Alexander Buryak, and thank you for the thesis voiced. And why do I agree? Because it is our development, or rather, the discovery in the field of mathematics, that doesn’t overturn, but puts to a new level, the ability of a person to mathematically process super-large data, I understand that it is impossible to evaluate the mathematical technology that people use now and in general it cannot be evaluated if not own the basics of a new and more progressive one. Even the fundamental term about the function of constant value of a number will not say anything to anyone .. And why am I talking specifically on this forum, and not somewhere special on the topic. Yes, because. that it is precisely people of only one category who are capable of very accurately assessing the significance of what I am talking about. After all, it’s not enough to talk about discovery and proclaim a breakthrough in a method that allows you to create just an analysis of information, not its statistical set. It is important to understand the consequences of the instant impact of this new information technology on subsequent processes where it will be applicable. And it will apply absolutely everywhere.
          Now many people already understand the need to create such new methods of analysis. But absolutely no one understands, obviously, what is analysis and where is the fundamental basis of such technology for processing big data. Everyone speaks in beautiful and meaningful words, but they continue to use either the potential of individual individuals and technology based on the function of the variable value of the number., Which is the basis of binary logic. And that’s it! No one even positions a fantastic idea that can give progress. At the same time, we are talking about completely specific and understandable phenomena. The function of a constant value of a number in the base allows you to use not only the logic applicable in the calculation technology based on the function of a variable value of a number, but also includes imagination in the analysis mechanism and at the same time expands it .. Therefore, there is no such knowledge in any scientific treatise or book. All knowledge exists as a totality of the concept of that technology that has its potential, or rather low potential capabilities. And in order to move on to new concepts, it is necessary to force a complex of psycho-physical methods. At least you just need to believe. that there can be something that cannot be associated with what we already know.
  8. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 19 December 2017 10: 25
    Oh disingenuous muschschina! How to make it clear to all these "highbrow" intellectuals that a competent fair domestic policy in the country is the main defense against collapse !!! The fact that the Muscovites have a negative, that they have excommunicated him from grants is clear to me, you just should not give what you want for the real! And so in everything, the main thing is money and not ideals and principles!
    1. CONTROL
      CONTROL 19 December 2017 10: 59
      Quote: andrej-shironov
      Oh disingenuous muschschina!
      ... And so in everything, the main thing is money and not ideals and principles!

      ... in everything, in everything!
      Our "notebook" analysts from economics, geopolitics and so on. - what, disinterested? Those of Glazyev, Khazin, and others were attracted to the “feeding trough”: where will their “superfood” be - theories and plans for re-equipping industry and restructuring the entire economy? And it will not be up to them - once, you have to grab ...
      concerns the majority of "payroll analysts": the loot "in the mind" always wins!
    2. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 20 December 2017 15: 48
      Quote: andrej-shironov
      that literate fair domestic policy in the country

      it’s quite simple to impose responsibility for the decisions made, and it will be easier. It is even easier for government officials to ban foreign countries from introducing duties on consumer goods - and in a year there will be obvious results. And if you still nationalize trading corporations ......
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov 21 December 2017 03: 56
        smile Well what are you! So low! Liberal capitalism, in principle, does not know what personal responsibility is. With whom then will the GDP work?
  9. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 19 December 2017 11: 15
    "Coaching war" .... oh, how they like to come up with some term now and then flaunt them trying to pass for the "smart" ... I’ll tell you a secret that all methods of competition, wrecking, misinformation, economic or military aggression or expansion have not changed since biblical times. To understand this, just read the Bible. wink
    1. gridasov
      gridasov 19 December 2017 16: 19
      Until people understand that any reasoning has a mathematical basis on which the analysis system is based, until then the person will "like a blind kitten poke his nose into problems that he creates for himself." Therefore, I repeat once again that modern people use the logic corresponding to the analysis of low-potential physical processes, and in order to move into a new era of high-potential physical processes, we also need new methods of analysis based on the fundamental properties of banal numbers. Or in other words, no one can invent or discover anything new until a new expanded logical perception is mastered, which, in turn, will have foundations lying in the field of mathematics.
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov 21 December 2017 03: 57
        Dear Gribasov. Totally agree with you.
        1. gridasov
          gridasov 21 December 2017 11: 26
          I will say more that now we need to start working in a completely new direction in the development of mathematics. It turns out that numbers have new unique properties that I have never seen before anywhere. Logically, these properties could not be used in historically earlier times. Because these "new" properties of numbers are not used in calculation methods, and most importantly they are "new" only for us, for people. . They can be used to build methods for analyzing large and extra large mathematical data. With their help, it is possible to build super-intensive mathematical systems with dynamic transformation parameters of all levels of this system. For example, we are at the modern level and applying the properties of a number in its variable function, including methods based on Fourier series, we construct mathematical sequences of only a linear geometric structure. the function of constant value of the number allows you to build spatial interconnected at all levels of the system and radial. Moreover, we are now considering only symmetries that are logically identical, but we can see them as completely new perceived, that is, completely differently arranged, but energetically balanced. It’s all the same that we see our life only as a process of development from birth to death. But you can also consider our life and as a point of symmetry constantly shifting, as a moment of the present, on a linear scale from our birth to death. That is, it is the symmetry or balance of certain energy properties to the present moment from birth to death from this point of the present. What does it mean . This means that, by and large, the entire existence of a certain energy system of our Planet can be considered as a programmed system existing for development in certain transformation algorithms. That is, everything that does not happen in any structure of our living space is always balanced in the potential of the common space, and nothing and any of our harmful or vice versa efforts can lead to its destabilization. And the very development of mankind takes place in the necessary order. not spontaneous and random events.
          1. andrej-shironov
            andrej-shironov 21 December 2017 17: 12
            Dear Gribasov. And you can read it somewhere. I need for self-development. Live and learn.
            1. KKND
              KKND 21 December 2017 17: 42
              Quote: andrej-shironov
              Dear Gribasov. And you can read it somewhere. I need for self-development. Live and learn.

              A plus.
              But I think that there is no such new direction in mathematics on "traditional" media. I think alternative sources of information will come in handy.
              Wait for the summer and go to the forest, they say these sources in large clearings grow.
              I don’t know for sure, maybe Gribasov will enlighten us, I also want a new “knowledge”
              1. gridasov
                gridasov 23 December 2017 12: 03
                It would be naive to think. that I will continue the dialogue with those who deliberately confuse the letters in the login, and the other with an ill-mannered tact and hints is trying to joke.
                And for others, whom I still trust, I will say that I wrote a lot about fundamentally new methods for analyzing superdynamic and high-potential processes, at least those called TURBULEN. So, it is impossible to analyze these turbulent processes on the basis of calculated mathematical methods, because they are complex, that is, at one moment in time, the most diverse in directional algorithmic development and in their individual parameters of physical processes are combined. Rather, they can be analyzed with huge errors and errors. At the same time, we are talking about a completely effective mathematical approach in which every point of any dimension of the space that we consider as the fractal structure of the radial space, and not one linear system, is subjected to analysis.
                All success and with the upcoming holidays!
                1. Baikal
                  Baikal 29 December 2017 11: 03
                  My boobs, Gridastov, an astral engineer, didn’t my native Lviv region receive a handout from the Pindos Embassy and gave out a salary for July? laughing
                  Gentlemen, be careful! The delirious man went hunting! laughing
          2. Baikal
            Baikal 29 December 2017 11: 02
            My boobs, Gridastov, an astral engineer, didn’t my native Lviv region receive a handout from the Pindos Embassy and gave out a salary for July? laughing
            Gentlemen, be careful! The delirious man went hunting! laughing
  10. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 19 December 2017 15: 18
    Quote: rotmistr60
    “Where the West will hit next time — you can almost always figure it out ...”
    The question immediately arises, why are we almost always forced to hit the tail, and not take countermeasures if everything is so predictable?

    Therefore, the quality of those who took power in Russia after the gobate labeled and ebony is lower than the plinth. Thieves' rabble, without principles and goals.
  11. gridasov
    gridasov 19 December 2017 18: 18
    The use of the term that "some analysts are stronger than others." And in this regard, it is worth noting that, for example, American experts very closely associate the development of new methods of working with big data with machine learning. This is still not talking about analysis as about linking information processing with respect to the target landmarks of those tasks that can also change not only by algorithms, but also by dynamics parameters. And they talk about it quite openly, which means that they better understand the issues and try to find answers from absolutely any sources. And unfortunately, the self-confidence of the Russians, who believe that they know everything and that they are able to solve the problems of the development of methods through outdated mathematical technologies, is striking.
  12. Oberst_71
    Oberst_71 19 December 2017 18: 56
    why so miserably miscalculated.
  13. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 23 December 2017 13: 48
    Just with the collapse of the USSR, everything that was the foundation of the life of the people of our country, as well as the foresight of new forms of communication and impact on societies, was thrown out. The state is not actually engaged in the development of new doctrines and human behavior. This is the result of the fact that we are looking for some non-existent ideal for our country, people. And it should be in our Constitution and it should not be sought, it is in it, in our constitutional principles.