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Near Vladimir will be tested military complex "Nerekhta"

Tests of the combat robot "Nerekhta" in winter conditions will be held in the town of Kovrov, Vladimir region, according to the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

In the 467-m interspecific district training center ZVO in the course of conducting tactical exercises with motorized rifle units, military tests will be held in winter conditions of the Nerekhta robotic complex in order to determine the location of the combat robot in the structure of ground forces units when conducting general arms combat
- quotes RIA News military department

Near Vladimir will be tested military complex "Nerekhta"

The Defense Ministry noted that to test the combat qualities of the complex, a special route was prepared at which the capabilities of the robot in the area of ​​mobility and overcoming obstacles will be tested, as well as the standard equipment of the Nerekhta will be tested

According to data from open sources, the Nerekhta complex was created as a universal transport platform for delivering cargo and working even in 14 specialties. Depending on the installed module, the robot can patrol the area, conduct reconnaissance, detect enemy artillery positions and remove the wounded from the battlefield. Nerekhta is equipped with an unmanned helicopter and operates in the uniform information field of the company.

Three modules have been developed for the platform: combat, transport, and artillery reconnaissance. The combat module in various versions is equipped with a 12,7 mm Kord machine gun or a 7,62 mm machine gun tank machine gun "Kalashnikov" can also be additionally equipped with an automatic grenade launcher AG-30M.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 18 December 2017 15: 50
    I hope that he will be adopted.
    1. Pancir026
      Pancir026 18 December 2017 15: 52
      Quote: 210ox
      I hope that he will be adopted.

      An analogue of armored infantry? For a forest-steppe, where did it go. Would it be. In the mountains?
      You need to look at the test result, including the place in the OSH parts.
      1. Vasya Vassin
        Vasya Vassin 18 December 2017 16: 26
        Our territory is not covered by mountains.
      2. Yarik
        Yarik 18 December 2017 17: 09
        An analogue of armored infantry? For a forest-steppe, where did it go. Would it be. In the mountains?

        And in the mountains we have, as you know, "Putin's foot soldiers", so that's all normal. wink
      3. kos2910
        kos2910 19 December 2017 07: 41
        Armored Infantry Analog

        Why not? There was a report on the tests of Uranus-9 in Syria. Quite successful.
    2. NEXUS
      NEXUS 18 December 2017 16: 06
      Quote: 210ox
      I hope that he will be adopted.

      Range of Nerekhta to 400 meters. In other words, would such a platform not be an easy target for enemy snipers with armor-piercing bullets? ...
      1. wlkw
        wlkw 18 December 2017 16: 19
        And xs, will they or not, the war in Syria will show what they are capable of, they will fight for a long time
      2. 18 December 2017 16: 26
        So a fighter with a machine gun or a Bumblebee is an even simpler target.
        And then - the same Kord in OT is capable of cutting into 1500 km. Even if not the bull's-eye, but still unpleasant and scary.
        And to notice this minitractor in gullies is also not so simple ...
        1. Berber
          Berber 18 December 2017 16: 31
          In general, the necessary equipment. And what can be put out of action is better technology, not people. It is amazing how quickly technological advances change strategy and tactics.
      3. Pancir026
        Pancir026 18 December 2017 16: 30
        Quote: NEXUS
        Range of Nerekhta to 400 meters.

        400 METERS ??? Position MSV -
        The question is, this robot, for a platoon maximum and all?
        Then how many of them need to be riveted, if the question immediately arises, and how many of them are put on the MCP, but in the SME, or will it be robotic units subordinate to the commander from SMEs and above?
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 18 December 2017 17: 14
          Quote: Pancir026
          The question is, this robot, for a platoon maximum and all?

          His level or division, or army is likely.
      4. okko077
        okko077 18 December 2017 16: 33
        The targets will be the operators who manage this “miracle.” It’s more interesting with a helicopter type UAV, it is 100 times more useful and useful, and it’s being sculpted for this imperfections ... First, the UAV is in the combat zone, and then everything else can be controlled with it . Comrades again do not understand ... And what is a "company information field"? Who invented this? An author from myself? Or are we stupid people in the GSH slowly seeing through?
 18 December 2017 17: 02
          In Syria, it’s somehow been successfully used to capture the stronghold of the Barmalei. And what would that unmanned helicopter be able to do? Wait for your turn from DShK? Well, I would give a beautiful view of the same fortifications, well, I would give a couple of bursts of rifle caliber, maybe even a couple of bearded men would get ... so what? OP as it was with the barmaley, it remained.
          And Nerekhta is a mobile uninhabited bunker that distracts the fire of defense and snarls. Moreover, not one, but in a group, as in Syria it was. And the "live" infantry, in the meantime, completed the job. No loss, by the way!
          1. Lopatov
            Lopatov 18 December 2017 17: 11
            And Nerekhta is a mobile uninhabited bunker.

            Nerekhta was originally a mobile reconnaissance. artillery point. Then they made an armed version for the protection and defense of the artillery reconnaissance module. And now this media guard is portrayed almost as a terminator.
     18 December 2017 22: 42
              The Chinese quadrocopters, too, at first like toys did. And now???
          2. okko077
            okko077 19 December 2017 20: 58
            It is only for dummies that UAVs transmit a beautiful view, and in a modern army, UAVs transmit the coordinates of the target in real time and detect the enemy. And in the coordinates from the UAV, the MSTA shoots or a mortar, for example, from a zone inaccessible to the enemy and the fire is being adjusted in real time .... And this imperfection after the enemy detects the infantry with losses, you need to bring in a certain time, deploy and the operator, which it controls, is in the zone of defeat of the enemy using sniper weapons and light mortars ... Before firing the farts, you need to think ... strategist ... If the enemy is discovered why this crap? Only if people are civilians and in their territory, for an anti-terrorist operation ...
    3. electrooleg
      electrooleg 19 December 2017 08: 08
      Very promising contraption. And there may be a ton of uses. The examples in the article are far from all.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. earloop
    earloop 18 December 2017 23: 03
    The idea is clear, etc. clear .. Tests and time - will show the effectiveness of Nerekhta.