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7 April - Memorial Day for the dead submariners

Carries submarine Letheiskoy River.
Golden sorrow falls on the shoulders.
In the chapel by the sea candles burst into tears.
Close waves and rocks mourn,
Children are born to the dead guys ...
Requiem, Alexander Khryashchevsky, November 2000

7 April 1989, in the depths of the Norwegian Sea, tragedy broke out. On board the nuclear submarine K-278 “Komsomolets”, returning to its native shores from combat duty in the world's oceans, a fire broke out. As a result of a dramatic and truly heroic fight against fire, from 69, a man of a submarine crew killed a 42 sailor.
According to the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the crew members of the submarine Komsomolets were awarded the Order of the Red Banner. And the Order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy dated 19 December 1995, the date 7 of April was declared the Day of Memory of the Drowned Submariners.
The accident of Komsomolets is, unfortunately, far from the first in the list of tragedies associated with underwater fleet.

This is not a complete list of catastrophes of domestic submarines in which the submarine fleet suffered non-combat losses:
16 June 1904 of the year. "Dolphin". As a result of the error of the crew commander, the boat sank during the training dive, after which it was lifted. Died 24 submariner.
29 May 1909. "Flounder". During the exercises in a semi-submerged position, the boat collided with the battleship Rostislav, split into two and sank. Died 20 sailors.
November 14 1915 of the year. "Shark". For reasons still unclear, the boat lost its stability and sank during a storm. 35 people died.
10 May 1916. "Som". The submarine collided with the Angermanland ship sailing under the flag of Sweden. Died 18 submariners.
8 June 1917 of the year. "AG-15". During the exercises, the ship cook decided to air the boat and did not close the hatch before diving. The boat sank at a depth of about 30 meters. In one of the compartments remained 11 submariners. Without waiting for help, the sailors decided to leave the boat, rushing to the surface in an air bubble. Evacuation survived only 5 submariners. The total death toll from the accident was 18 people.
22 May 1931. "Working". During joint maneuvers, the submarine collided with the Krasnoarmeets submarine. A hole the size of a palm ruined the entire crew. The boat sank at a depth of 84 meters. 46 sailors died.
25 July 1935 of the year. B-3 "Bolshevik". During the naval school exercises, the boat collided with a battleship and sank at a depth of 56 meters. 55 cadets and teachers died.
20 October 1939 of the year. U-424 (U-312, 321). The submarine collided with a trawler and, after getting a hole, sank within three minutes at a depth of 250 m. Among the victims of the disaster was 31 a sailor.
November 13 1940 of the year. D-1 "Decembrist". The main version of the death of the submarine - care to the beyond depth. The boat, apparently, was flattened by pressure. The number of dead - 55 people.
December 16 1952 of the year. C-117 ("Mackrel"). After reporting engine failures, the boat disappeared without a trace. Among the alleged causes of the incident - a sudden failure to the beyond depth and accidental torpedoing by the American submarine. In the abyss 52 submariner disappeared without a trace.
November 21 1956 of the year. M-200 Revenge. Having received a hole as a result of uncoordinated actions of the crew, the boat sank at a depth of 53 meters. The victims of the accident were 36 sailors, six of them managed to escape.
26 September 1957 of the year. M-256. The cause of the accident is a diesel explosion. Killed 35 submariners, seven were saved.
27 January 1961 of the year. C-80. The boat sank due to equipment failure. C-80 was discovered only 7 years after the disaster. On board the submarine was 68 submariners. As the experts found out, after the accident, for some time the 24 seaman remained, who could not leave the emergency boat in individual vehicles.
11 January 1962 of the year. B-37 and C-350. During the preparation for the march, the crew of the B-37 conducted a routine inspection and checked the condition weapons and technical means of the boat. Because of the welding work on the boat, an explosion of ammunition occurred, from which the entire nose of the boat suffered severe damage, all the way to the cabin. Standing nearby, the C-350 suffered serious damage to a solid hull, with the result that two compartments were flooded. At the same time, in the stern compartments of the exploded B-37, living sailors remained, but they went down with the boat. On two boats 122 people died, only one managed to escape.
8 September 1967 of the year. K-3 "Leninsky Komsomol". The fire on board the boat, returning from the exercises, killed 39 sailors.
8 March 1968 of the year. K-129 (up to 1967 of the year B-103). A boat on duty in the Hawaiian Islands has stopped communicating. The causes of the disaster have not yet been clarified. One thing is clear: 98 submariners have not returned to their native shores.
24 February 1972 of the year. K-19. While patrolling the North Atlantic, a fire broke out on board the boat. Thanks to the coordinated actions of the crew, managed to save the lives of 76 sailors. 28 people died.
13 June 1973 of the year. K-56. During a night hike in the direction of Vladivostok on the surface, the boat collided with the vessel Akademik Berg. As a result of a collision, a hole appeared in the hull of the boat, and chlorine began to come out of the batteries. Killed 27 people who were in damaged compartments. Thanks to the non-standard and effective actions of the commander, the 140 man was saved (except for submariners on board were civilians).
21 October 1981 of the year. C-178. Passing the Eastern Bosphorus, the submarine collided with the vessel “Refrigerator - 13”. The cause of the collision is an unauthorized change of course by the commander of the boat and the failure to take measures to prevent the foreman from colliding with the refrigerator.
7 April 1989 of the year - the tragedy of K-278 “Komsomolets”.
12 August 2000 of the year. K-141 Kursk. The tragic death of the entire crew of the submarine (118 people) as a result of the explosion of torpedo ammunition and flooding the boat.
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  1. older
    older April 7 2012 08: 29 New
    Eternal memory to the heroes who gave their lives for their homeland!
    1. domokl
      domokl April 7 2012 08: 40 New
      Eternal memory to all submariners who died performing combat missions to defend their homeland! Let the crews remain crews in our memory!
      1. Neighbor
        Neighbor April 7 2012 09: 51 New
        Glory to the heroes and eternal memory in the hearts of Russians!
        The good news is that since 2000 there has not been a single disaster! But if you look at the list and dates, you can see that they happened before - very often, almost every 3-5 years!
        For 12 years, not a single tragedy - keep it up! Pah, pah, pah - over your left shoulder, and knock, knock, knock on wood!
        1. 755962
          755962 April 7 2012 13: 07 New
          "No one is forgotten .." Eternal memory!
  2. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim April 7 2012 08: 39 New
    Eternal memory to those who have not returned from the sea! recourse
    FREGATENKAPITAN April 7 2012 09: 02 New
    Eternal memory of the brother ..... we will not forget you !!!
    1. esaul
      esaul April 7 2012 10: 06 New
      With all my heart I wish there were no such tragedies. But, this is not possible to exclude. this work is always associated with increased risk. However, like any - military. Therefore, let the memory of these guys always be bright and grateful. Eternal memory to the fighters!
  4. Uralm
    Uralm April 7 2012 09: 21 New
    I do not like to fly on airplanes. Because like in a submarine. In the most critical situation, when everything collapses, you can’t do anything to save yourself, pilots can even eject
    You can jump off the train or something else. from the car. And here, sacrifices are inevitable.
    Eternal Glory to the lost. They behaved with dignity and died in the fight against the "crap"
    1. Satanail
      Satanail April 7 2012 09: 36 New
      Jump off the Nevsky Express! Or from a bus that rides 80 smile I don’t think you can survive ..
      1. Uralm
        Uralm April 7 2012 09: 48 New
        Riding quietly will drive more. In his youth, too, drove. God gave a hint a couple of times and I understood correctly
        You won’t earn all the money, you never have time to be everywhere in time
        And the nickname even when it starts from Satan. think, here everything is mostly Russian.
        1. Satanail
          Satanail April 7 2012 10: 00 New
          Not a fan of "Recklessness" But this is an express or a nag to each his own, I am against public agitation of phobias. Many are afraid to fly, but some did not fly ... I flew and got into turbulence ... All by chance ...
  5. Satanail
    Satanail April 7 2012 09: 34 New
    Standing taking off his hat, I bow my head before the courage of the dead sailors! I suggest doing a moment of silence before someone wants to write ...
  6. patriot2
    patriot2 April 7 2012 09: 35 New
    Submariners who died in the performance of military duty Eternal Memory and Glory!
    Glory to the Russian submariner - a devoted defender of the Fatherland!
  7. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum April 7 2012 09: 45 New
    A terrible and painful death befell at the combat post of our heroic guys ... Let us, friends, honor the moment of silence of the dead submariners.
    According to the old Russian custom, I suggest, without further ado, to drink 100 grams (if possible).
    Eternal glory and memory to our heroes!
  8. rexby63
    rexby63 April 7 2012 09: 53 New
    Eternal memory to the best of the best
  9. Georg Shep
    Georg Shep April 7 2012 09: 59 New
    Eternal glory and eternal memory to Russian submariners - heroes of the depths!
    1. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV April 7 2012 11: 05 New
      I join and be silent.
  10. ward
    ward April 7 2012 10: 00 New
    Eugene called ... remembered ... plus ..
  11. YARY
    YARY April 7 2012 10: 10 New
    The blessed memory of brother.
  12. Tersky
    Tersky April 7 2012 10: 13 New
    God rest their souls, the heroic death was accepted by the guys.
  13. Rodver
    Rodver April 7 2012 10: 25 New
    Glory and eternal memory to the heroes of the underwater depths!
  14. Indigo
    Indigo April 7 2012 10: 42 New
    For the brave and courageous guys who honestly serve the country! Viva in their honor !!!
  15. Ascetic
    Ascetic April 7 2012 10: 52 New
    We went to the bottom and made a decision,
    We realized that the motherland needed
    They gave their debt to Russia with their lives,
    Although so many should not.
    We died, but no, we are forever alive
    And under the lead ice water
    Stayed to make you happy
    Always with raised proud heads

    The waves behind the stern, the seagulls above me
    And in the distance, the pier goes high into the sky.
    If I knew I would hug you
    I would have hugged harder before I left
    Forever go to fiction.

    Wives will forgive us for not carving
    And mothers who left them before.
    Sons forgive us for not raising us,
    And daughters under the crown did not lead.
    Forgive the bride, and friends in the feast,
    Having poured a glass, with a bowed head,
    He will be lifted after drinking for health,
    As for the living, and not for peace.

    He will be lifted after drinking for health,
    As for the living, and not for peace.

    Bright memory to the heroes of the submarine!
  16. Trevis
    Trevis April 7 2012 12: 51 New
    I would like to remember the tragedy of "Kursk" and honor the memory of the dead guys!
    It was not my first sight that ships, like people, have their own destiny. There are lucky ships, those for which everything in their life turns out. They come out unscathed from the most incredible situations, serving faithfully to people for many, many, many years. However, there are ships on which the seal of a certain curse lies. They literally attract all kinds of trouble.

  17. APASUS
    APASUS April 7 2012 13: 06 New
    This is a letter from the commander of the 7th compartment of the Kursk nuclear submarine, Captain Lieutenant Dmitry Kolesnikov
    “... do not despair!
    it's dark to write here, but I’ll try to touch.
    there seems to be no chance,% 10-20.
    let's hope at least someone reads.
    here are the lists (...) of compartments.
    who are in the 9th will try to get out.
    Hello everyone, no need to despair.

    God forbid that such letters would not come when!
  18. Pessimist
    Pessimist April 7 2012 13: 13 New
    Eternal memory to you, guys, who died in the SERVICE OF THE FATHERLAND! .. Under the tsar, at the dawn of the development of the submarine fleet, the decree was: "to appoint a salary to servicemen on submarines as much as they want, since everyone will drown someday. How dangerous, even in peacetime, service! I adore people who risk their lives for the sake of the Fatherland!
  19. sergo0000
    sergo0000 April 7 2012 14: 16 New
    Eternal memory and glory to the submariners who died for their homeland! We remember you guys!
  20. Uralm
    Uralm April 7 2012 14: 43 New
    Remember so remember. I'm a magician. Sorry for all the guys. I hope I have enough of a liter. bye. happy sailing
  21. JoylyRoger
    JoylyRoger April 7 2012 15: 48 New
    Eternal memory and glory to the heroes.

    PS I would not remember a person who said "She drowned" about Kursk
  22. Dimka off
    Dimka off April 7 2012 16: 12 New
    The kingdom of heaven to fallen soldiers! we will not forget about you! everlasting memory!
  23. Trevis
    Trevis April 7 2012 16: 16 New
    3l and I are definitely not enough.
  24. Igor
    Igor April 7 2012 16: 25 New
    Eternal memory to all who remained in the depths of the sea.
  25. Vadim-ragalevich
    Vadim-ragalevich April 7 2012 16: 31 New
    The list of lost boats is not complete. Where is K-8?
  26. kosmos84
    kosmos84 April 7 2012 17: 23 New
    I. The cold sea does not sleep
    Northern Fleet mourns
    Black waves are coming
    Requiem they sing
    The souls of the dead guys
    A groan is calling and screaming
    Where are you people where
    Our bodies in water

    SOS do not send key
    SOS is not at hand
    Life fades away with a candle
    Slowly underwater

    II. Stronger than the alarm sounds
    Guys are pounding upstairs
    Weakened hand aboard
    Sounds blowing Nord
    We heard then
    Is it really trouble
    There is air and light there
    The crew is alive there

    SOS do not send key
    SOS is not at hand
    Life fades away with a candle
    Slowly underwater

    III.Barents storm
    Keeps secrets at the bottom
    It will not deceive the mother
    See the funeral path
    Sea Bitter Water
    It has always been so
    Cry on land and here
    Hot tears flow

    SOS do not send key
    SOS is not at hand
    Life fades away with a candle
    Slowly underwater

    IV. "Kursk" and its sailors
    Petersburgers Siberians
    They can’t tell us in any way
    For what you got so
    Vedyaev build ???
    Sailor souls there
    Wives of the dead guys
    They do not want to let them go

    SOS do not send key
    SOS is not at hand
    Life fades away with a candle
    Slowly underwater
    1. JoylyRoger
      JoylyRoger April 7 2012 22: 04 New
      cool poems !!!
  27. VikVik741
    VikVik741 April 7 2012 18: 30 New
    Everlasting memory!
  28. Trevis
    Trevis April 7 2012 18: 34 New
    Guys, I drink so that all our submariners are alive and serve the Great Country!
  29. the USSR
    the USSR April 7 2012 19: 59 New
    Seven feet under the keel Alive! To the lost brothers, ETERNAL MEMORY and the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN !!!
  30. olegyurjewitch
    olegyurjewitch April 7 2012 20: 27 New
  31. Veteran
    Veteran April 7 2012 20: 52 New
    Quote: Vadim-Ragalevich
    The list of dead boats is not complete.

    Really incomplete. They are not included in the list of K-8 (1970 g.) And K-219 (1986 g.), And partially here include the twice-drowned, but twice after that lifted K-429, and a major accident at K-19 (1972 g. 28 people died).
  32. phantom359
    phantom359 April 7 2012 21: 06 New
    I would like to see detailed statistics on American submarines. Although, in the near future is unlikely. They are strict about this. "Nautiulus" and "Thresher" surfaced in the press because of that. that outlets to the sea were widely covered by the media, there was nowhere to go. But the US Navy quickly drew conclusions.
      FREGATENKAPITAN April 7 2012 21: 35 New
      "Scorpion" ... - not "Nautiulus" May 26, 1968
      1. phantom359
        phantom359 April 7 2012 22: 14 New
        FREGATENKAPITANYes old man was wrong
    2. Delta
      Delta April 9 2012 17: 15 New
      the Americans have one answer to everything: "we are not discussing the actions of our submarine fleet." It was our "public" that longed for details from the Kursk, accusing everyone in a row
  33. AZ
    AZ April 8 2012 10: 28 New
    Eternal GLORY to the Heroes of the submariners!

  34. 13017
    13017 April 8 2012 17: 04 New
    eternal memory, I was called to the guys in 86. Our boat died in the Bermuda Triangle. Komsomolets died on 89; on Saturday, then the search for dismissals throughout the fleet was canceled and the funeral I also remember Bezki and caps with daggers on the coffin lids ETERNAL GLORY AND MEMORY
  35. 9991
    9991 April 8 2012 20: 17 New
    Iron people. Respect.
    You don’t drag me by force into the submarine either.
  36. jenifer
    jenifer 9 June 2012 13: 22 New
    Nothing costs us so cheaply and is valued so dearly as politeness. Cervantes