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Kedmi revealed why Putin flew to the Middle East

December 11 President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin made an express tour of the Middle East, visiting Syria, Egypt and Turkey in one day.

Early Monday morning, the plane of the presidential flight squad Tu-214PU landed at Hmeimim airbase. Speaking to the Russian military, Vladimir Putin announced the completion of the active phase of the operation in Syria and ordered the withdrawal of troops from that country to begin.

Just a few hours later, the presidential board arrived in Cairo. On the agenda of negotiations with the Egyptian counterpart Abdelfattah al-Sisi were a number of issues, among them - ensuring security in the Middle East.

Some time later, Vladimir Putin was already shaking hands with Recep Erdogan in Ankara. At the seventh meeting for the year, the two presidents discussed including the Syrian issue.

Israeli expert Jacob Kedmi believes that the Russian president had three main goals during his visits.

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  1. figwam
    figwam 18 December 2017 14: 35
    In the early morning of last Monday, the plane of the presidential flight squad Tu-204PU landed at Khmeimim air base.

    TU-214PU was there.
    MOSKVITYANIN 20 December 2017 01: 03
    Again American empiricism showed its true grin to the entire world community and the countries of the Middle East ...
    1. Vladislav Bolshakov_2
      Vladislav Bolshakov_2 20 December 2017 20: 28
      American Indians! What will you take from them!
  3. Vladislav Bolshakov_2
    Vladislav Bolshakov_2 20 December 2017 20: 24
    Putin is the world champion in political chess, a real person!
  4. Fidel
    Fidel 23 December 2017 20: 52
    Yasha knows everything about everything. But still, all the time, not on this planet.)) Azochen Wei! drinks