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Dzhemilev: Russia may disintegrate tonight ...

The notorious representative of the so-called “Mejlis” (* extremist organization, banned in the Russian Federation) Mustafa Dzhemilev in an interview with Ukrainian journalists said that 2018 year “will be a turning point on the return of Crimea to Ukraine”. According to Dzhemilev, a “totalitarian regime” operates in Russia, and this “regime is unpredictable, like other similar ones”.

According to Dzhemilev, "totalitarian countries behave as if they are eternal, but they suddenly fall apart." At the same time, the “Medzhlisovets”, who at one time received funds in the form of grants from Western curators, cited the example of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Dzhemilev: Russia may disintegrate tonight ...

From the statement of Dzhemilev:
And Russia may disintegrate tonight, maybe next week, or maybe God knows when. Therefore, it is difficult to make any predictions here.

At the same time, Dzhemilev noted that in the 2018 year “everything can become clearer on the situation with the Crimea”. Judging by his expression “God knows when,” Mr. Dzhemilev recently has clear problems with forecasts. Recall that in all previous years - after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia - this person constantly said that “Crimea is about to return to Ukraine”, he himself participated in sabotage and terrorist activities. Now, the flow of grants, apparently, has dried up, and even attempts to warm up media activity seem clearly unintelligible.

Against this background, attention is drawn to the statement of another “Medzhlisovets” Lenur Islyamov, made on the air of the talk show “The People Against” on Ukrainian TV. According to Islyamov, representatives of the Mejlis (*) in February 2014 had firearms in their hands. weapon (Kalashnikov assault rifles) and could begin hostilities. According to Islyamov, the hostilities did not start, as weapons were not enough.
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TV Ukraine
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 18 December 2017 12: 55
    This midget in a suit five sizes larger can fall apart at any minute ..
    1. Shura Perm
      Shura Perm 18 December 2017 12: 58
      And Russia may disintegrate tonight, maybe next week, or maybe God knows when. Therefore, it is difficult to make any predictions here.

      I can say so about this type — tomorrow he will die or next week, and God knows him ...
      1. Going
        Going 18 December 2017 13: 06
        And his forecast will be implemented like this:

        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 18 December 2017 13: 10
          Ha. I cannot look at this Mustafa Dzhemilev without a grin! He in his suit for growth looks like a hanger, which you just need to take to the closet - and then close the closet so that the mole of all Jamelyev does not eat! laughing
          1. Going
            Going 18 December 2017 13: 13
            And let his mole there take full advantage. lol
            1. Tatyana
              Tatyana 18 December 2017 13: 17
              Ha! I can imagine what Jamelev will come out of the closet after that! laughing After all, a mole will devour all the hair on his head! In the picture will be! B / ear politician to throw in the trash! And the cabinet after it will need to be wiped and wiped! recourse
              1. Going
                Going 18 December 2017 13: 21
                And naphthalene will not help him.
              2. Dashout
                Dashout 19 December 2017 21: 21
                ! I mean Jimilev, this clown
          2. Ami du peuple
            Ami du peuple 18 December 2017 13: 17
            Quote: Tatiana
            ... and then close the cupboard so that the moth of all Jamelyev doesn’t eat!
            Rather, this cabinet with Dzhemilev should be thrown into the trash, otherwise, on the contrary, the mole will start from this decrepit and nasty old man. And even worse ...
          3. dison
            dison 18 December 2017 13: 27
            What did you stick with the costume then? But the knees are covered from the wind smile
            1. Tatyana
              Tatyana 18 December 2017 13: 37
              Ha! For some reason, I don’t see Dzhamilev’s knees at all. Not legs, but sticks! But something always always sticks out in his pocket in his trousers forever? It’s not his manly power before the trip. after the interview for low tide to the toilet? laughing With fear or what?belay
              1. dison
                dison 18 December 2017 15: 30
                No, it’s obvious that he put his right hand in his pocket — to scratch his knee. smile
          4. Uncle lee
            Uncle lee 19 December 2017 04: 56
            Quote: Tatiana
            for growth

            And what, he will also grow?
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. bulvas
        bulvas 18 December 2017 13: 08
        Quote: Shura Perm
        I can say so about this type — tomorrow he will die or next week, and God knows him ...

        someday he’ll die, but while the suits give from someone else’s shoulder, it stinks on the ground

        A special blow to Kiev was the fact that the batteries for the equipment involved in the construction of the Crimean bridge are supplied by the Ukrainian Energoavtomatika plant, which belongs to the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko himself ....
        -most? utm_source =

        - from here and “God knows him”, from here certainty
    2. Finches
      Finches 18 December 2017 13: 00
      So when I see such figures, such as Dzhemilev, I fully support the decision of Joseph Vissarionovich on the deportation of peoples! And I want to say to the Crimean Tatars, Chechens ...- normal and decent, Crimean Tatars and Chechens - all the troubles that happened then, solely because of such dodges! Therefore, here you need to think about who to be with! Strangle such at the exit from one place and the prosperity of the people is guaranteed!
    3. 79807420129
      79807420129 18 December 2017 13: 06
      Lord, buy a normal costume for this stuffed animal laughing There’s an epidemic like that, that petro, that miho, that jamil, at least put on the garden, all the crows will die from ...... wild rzhach. laughing
      1. MoJloT
        MoJloT 18 December 2017 13: 18
        This is the style

        Mishiko so in general only the bowler is missing.
      2. Knizhnik
        Knizhnik 18 December 2017 14: 29
        Do you think that they are not able to buy a normal suit? Poroshenko earns, contain Saakashvili and Dzhemilev (plus the last one from the Polish millionaire euro could unfasten a couple or two hundred). Image is everything ... fellow
    4. Vend
      Vend 18 December 2017 13: 06
      Quote: 210ox
      This midget in a suit five sizes larger can fall apart at any minute ..

      Do not offend the old man. he began to get confused with age in geography, he obviously wanted to say Ukraine could fall apart at any moment. laughing
      1. Alexander 3
        Alexander 3 18 December 2017 13: 30
        There is simply nothing to say about this breed. I agree with all HA HA HA HA.
      2. NKT
        NKT 18 December 2017 16: 10
        Very smart old man, has eight walkers, the first back in the USSR (rape). In the zone he collaborated with the administration (was a snitch).
    5. bagr69
      bagr69 18 December 2017 13: 45
      I have a dream, Mikhalych ...
    6. The Siberian barber
      The Siberian barber 18 December 2017 13: 47
      Absolutely posed, heartfelt!))
      Even for a suit, there is not enough money) to see for "work", curators, "unsuccessful." put)))
    7. Incvizitor
      Incvizitor 18 December 2017 14: 40
      They are wearing suits for the American masters.
    8. kirgiz58
      kirgiz58 18 December 2017 16: 29
      Quote: 210ox
      This midget

      This is not a midget (good midgets), it is an evil dwarf or goblin (I do not distinguish between them) smile
    9. Fight
      Fight 18 December 2017 18: 43
      Petin costume .. wassat
    10. Vasyan1971
      Vasyan1971 18 December 2017 19: 54
      Quote: 210ox
      This midget in a suit five sizes larger can fall apart at any minute ..

      Well, costumes of this style are not sold in the Children's World! Not in school uniform to dissect him! lol
  2. dubovitskiy.1947
    dubovitskiy.1947 18 December 2017 12: 57
    Do not drop your pants, nedotatar. Or is it already impregnated beyond measure?
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 December 2017 12: 59
    Mustafa Dzhemilev
    This dwarf with Napoleon's ambitions feels the absence of a part of the brain. Is it possible that in due time the necessary ritual was performed there, confusing the head with something?
    1. KCA
      KCA 18 December 2017 13: 04
      No need to compare Napoleon with this, especially since Napoleon’s growth was very significantly reduced by propaganda, now they say that his height was about 175 cm, and at that time it was much higher than average
    2. Going
      Going 18 December 2017 13: 09
      It resembles such a character:

      1. HAM
        HAM 18 December 2017 13: 15
        This one, probably, has not only a walking wife, but also a country ... to have such horns!
        1. Finches
          Finches 18 December 2017 13: 17
          Why a wife ?! He cheats on himself - not one normal woman will not be friends with such a person! laughing
          1. Going
            Going 18 December 2017 13: 47
            By type - "quietly with myself I have a conversation"
      2. The Siberian barber
        The Siberian barber 18 December 2017 13: 48
        ... "just an elk" ..)
  4. razved
    razved 18 December 2017 13: 00
    Does the old senile try on Brzezinski’s hat? In general, who is interested in this nonsense of a madman, who in addition he carries in an interview with no more adequate (than himself) media.
  5. Greenwood
    Greenwood 18 December 2017 13: 04
    We have in Vlad for 8 pm. He looked out the window, and did not understand whether Russia had already disintegrated or not. request
  6. hhhhhhh
    hhhhhhh 18 December 2017 13: 06
    Islyamov said the fighting did not begin, as there were not enough weapons.
    it became scary, but it did not start.
  7. Dwarfking
    Dwarfking 18 December 2017 13: 06
    The suit is not otherwise bought for growth
  8. Mihanishche
    Mihanishche 18 December 2017 13: 08
    The USSR has collapsed, but Russia will not fall apart! I don’t know why - but I believe in it! So - and it is a fact!
  9. Slon_on
    Slon_on 18 December 2017 13: 09
    The colorful character of the fairy tale "Ruslan and Lyudmila" - an evil carla, only circumcised and powerless - Ruslan healed his beard.
  10. K-50
    K-50 18 December 2017 13: 11
    Dzhemilev: Russia may disintegrate tonight ...

    An old man's weedy grass, you see how he is flattening !!! laughing
    In old age, you should not get carried away with such potent "medicines", it will not last long either in the psychiatric hospital or in the "box". yes laughing
    ODERVIT 18 December 2017 13: 13
    Russia is eternal, dwarf.
  12. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 18 December 2017 13: 17
    The probability of the collapse of Russia in the evening is 50%. It may fall apart, but may not fall apart. What is noteworthy, this probability, up to the Nth decimal place, coincides with the probability of meeting a living dinosaur that evening. You can meet, but you can not meet.
  13. cannabis
    cannabis 18 December 2017 13: 19
    Old people cannot be teased, they are unrequited. Man has been captive of an inferiority complex all his life. Hence the nationalism and the throat of powerlessness. Not from a big mind, from weakness. There is a rule "Do not chirp". Take at least Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Shevarnadze. After all, they hated everything around, but silently climbed to the top of the government in order to spoil more. He is an enemy. He openly stated this. And for this he can be respected. Another thing is that as a provocateur of others he calls for blood, you already have to punish him.
    1. Lexa-149
      Lexa-149 18 December 2017 13: 27
      He does not call others “for blood.” He pushes them to the slaughterhouse, but he himself will never go ahead of this column. Pure water provocateur pursuing his mercantile goals. He wanted to spit on the Crimean Tatars and their desires.
  14. shinobi
    shinobi 18 December 2017 13: 22
    Galapiredol is ill, and is better at a higher dose. To calm down forever.
  15. Lexa-149
    Lexa-149 18 December 2017 13: 24

    God, is this clown and a chukhan in a suit not in size yet someone else is listening ?!
    Crimean Tatar visionary, damn it! fool
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 18 December 2017 20: 55

      Outstanding Crimean Tatars, then and now ...
  16. cormorant
    cormorant 18 December 2017 13: 24
    Send him someone size suit already ...
    1. DenZ
      DenZ 18 December 2017 13: 49
      White slippers - the maximum that he can count on from Russia.
  17. Opera
    Opera 18 December 2017 13: 25
    From 2010 to 2014, I lived in Crimea. Long rented an apartment in Simferopol with an elderly Tatar named Shevket. He and his family returned to Crimea from Uzbekistan. The family is not small as usual. Sons were engaged in private carriage and earned money where necessary. Both were married and had children. His sister seemed like a nurse. But the main type of income was this very apartment that they rented out, while they themselves lived together in an unfinished house in the village of Beloe2 near Simferopol. That’s how the conversation about the Mejlis and Mr. Dzhemilev came into our place. Shevket lowered his voice and even somehow guilty said - Igor, but who needs this Majlis ?! These are hucksters! What did they do for simple Tatars ?! Look how he lives this Dzhemilev ?! But I can’t bring my grandchildren to Bakhchisarai ... Every penny counts!
    By the way, Bakhchisaray with the Khan's palace is a 30-minute drive from Simferopol. But man couldn’t afford it.
  18. dison
    dison 18 December 2017 13: 25
    And Russia may fall apart tonight, maybe next week, or maybe God knows when.

    Yes, you can say about any country.
  19. Gray-haired
    Gray-haired 18 December 2017 13: 29
    The remnant of the "huge" sweatshirt grows above itself. As Vasily Shukshin used to say: The smaller the bug, the smelly! Zvizdanul and under the broom, and then come by accident and all, just spray shit from under the boot.
  20. askort154
    askort154 18 December 2017 13: 32

    The little dog faithfully looks into the eyes of the owner.
  21. Overlock
    Overlock 18 December 2017 13: 34
    here is al. u..rock! Even the time to spend on this freak is a pity
    RUSOIVAN 18 December 2017 13: 41
    the same grunt, the same jacket, the same "aroma"
  23. Sergey53
    Sergey53 18 December 2017 13: 53
    For some reason, his words are not taken at all seriously. And looking at him, I recall only the CLOWN.
  24. Azazelo
    Azazelo 18 December 2017 14: 02
    Change him tailor
    1. Sergey53
      Sergey53 18 December 2017 15: 00
      It is self-rising in this way.
    2. kirgiz58
      kirgiz58 18 December 2017 16: 40
      Quote: Azazelo
      Change him tailor

      This is how women take a dress two sizes smaller in order to appear to themselves miniature, and this one is three sizes larger so as not to be overwhelming. I immediately remember the folk: "Small bug, but smelly."
  25. Fudo
    Fudo 18 December 2017 14: 19
    But what is going on with these ukrov with costumes, I can’t understand. Fashion for the homeless outfit?
  26. Semyonych
    Semyonych 18 December 2017 14: 28
    Sorry, maybe not the topic. And Mercader, this is a sort of cheese7
  27. NF68
    NF68 18 December 2017 15: 27
    Someone would take at least a little to heal the head of this Jamilev. After all, it is clear to everyone that the head of people like him is clearly not all right.
  28. rumatam
    rumatam 18 December 2017 15: 43
    the little jacket is clearly from someone else’s shoulder ..............
  29. Mole
    Mole 18 December 2017 16: 41
    Not tired of paying attention to this nonsense? It’s not worth it. (did not read article)
  30. komrad buh
    komrad buh 18 December 2017 17: 24
    Well, a miracle in the photo brrrr ....
  31. Nemesis
    Nemesis 18 December 2017 18: 28
    Let Dzhemelev better comment on the rally in Warsaw, which was attended by 100000 Poles with posters `` Polish Lviv ''
  32. Wolka
    Wolka 18 December 2017 18: 57
    prophesies, but even the dust does not fall to the Prophet ...
  33. asiat_61
    asiat_61 18 December 2017 19: 00
    Judging by his expression “God knows when” ..... Looks like fat came across German, not Khokhlyat.
  34. Moonsund
    Moonsund 18 December 2017 19: 58
    And Russia may fall apart tonight, maybe next week, or maybe God knows when. Therefore, it is difficult to make any forecasts here.
    what a super accurate forecast! what a deep analytical mind. The language directly revolves:
    One simple tale
    Or maybe not a fairy tale
    Or maybe not simple
    We want to tell you
    We remember her from childhood
    Or maybe not from childhood
    Or maybe we don’t remember
    But we will remember
    tram-pam pam .... ping
    RECORHE 19 December 2017 01: 20
    Is this a jerk where the clothes take? Stealing from the huts, the rat is scum?
    1. LeonidL
      LeonidL 19 December 2017 05: 05
      It dries out, dries out from anger and powerlessness ...
  36. LeonidL
    LeonidL 19 December 2017 05: 04
    Every evening, before going to bed, this stub repeats itself like a mantra: “Russia can fall apart tonight ..” ... and falls asleep happily so that when he wakes up in the morning again to see Russia that has not broken up ... Hope nourishes the young man, and gives spur courage.
  37. BMW535IA
    BMW535IA 19 December 2017 20: 29
    There are inaccuracies in the title photo. I make an amendment.

    That's how he is remembered in Crimea
  38. sergevonsohrn
    sergevonsohrn 20 December 2017 13: 24
    the old senile mumbles his abracadabra ... and the Crimea, meanwhile, has long been living a new, full-blooded life! and who, interestingly, will "ruin" Russia? Really Dzhemilev? !!! Yes, he himself would rather fall apart!