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The search and rescue forces of the Pacific Fleet will receive two new special trailers

In 2018, Pacific Search and Rescue Forces fleet (Pacific Fleet) will receive two special boats, which will significantly expand their search and rescue capabilities, reports TASS message of the official representative of the Pacific Fleet Nicholas Voskresensky.

The search and rescue forces of the Pacific Fleet will receive two new special trailers

In the current year, the composition of the Pacific Fleet search and rescue squad has been replenished with a modern modular diving boat of the catamaran type "SMK-2177". Next year, rescuers are preparing to take two more special boats of the new project, which will significantly expand the capacity of the Pacific Fleet to search and rescue at sea,
told Voskresensky, summing up the work for the 2017 year.

It is a question of new diving boats of the 23040 project, built at the Nizhny Novgorod Shipyard OJSC.

They are designed to "ensure the performance of diving work at depths up to 60 meters at sea waves up to three points, prospecting, survey and research work with the help of a regular small-scale remote-controlled uninhabited underwater vehicle and towed sonar." In addition, boats allow you to extinguish fires on ships, floating and onshore facilities up to 30 meters, pumping water from emergency vessels.

During the year, the crews of the rescue team of the Pacific Fleet completed more than 20 special tasks. For almost 4 thous. Running hours, lifeguards completed 25500 nautical miles. The largest naplavannaya for the year at the rescue ship "Igor Belousov" and rescue tug "Fotiy Krylov". One of the main activities of the search and rescue forces was the holding on the basis of the new rescue vessel of the Pacific Fleet "Igor Belousov" a record dive of the group of divers of the Pacific Fleet to the depth of 317 meters with access to the ground, which was carried out in November this year
said the representative of the Pacific Fleet.
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  1. Teberii
    Teberii 18 December 2017 12: 08
    The good news is, such a technique is necessary.
  2. Mihanishche
    Mihanishche 18 December 2017 12: 08
    Well done our !!! Our fleet is growing, Putin is keeping his word. I can imagine how much growth will be after the next election! The word "explosive growth" fits perfectly!
    1. Fedalex
      Fedalex 18 December 2017 15: 55
      And the word holds, and the fleet grows! But, so carefully, and just a little bit (I'm talking about the fleet laughing ).
    2. Conductor
      Conductor 18 December 2017 21: 16
      I can assume that there will not be much growth. All the same, there is one choice, but to build a real object is different, there are not enough ballots and Tsika here.
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 18 December 2017 12: 27
    Great news, achievement !!! in short, our overpower ... and the Chinese built a new frigate.
    Oh, our fat belts with their yachts and other things shake, you see, and the fleet would grow more serious and more combat units ???
    And for the lifeguard is also good and very necessary !!!
    1. Fedalex
      Fedalex 18 December 2017 15: 52
      Exactly, the Chinas are a frigate, and WE are two boats (rescue)! We will be "saved" from the Chinese fleet crying
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 18 December 2017 20: 44
        Let's not despair, a holiday will come to our street.
  4. san4es
    san4es 18 December 2017 12: 58
    This is a new raid diving boat project 23040

    Training in Astrakhan soldier
  5. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 18 December 2017 20: 50
    So these are variations on the "diver" A160!