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Russia left Syria to stay for long

Interesting things happen today in the interpretation of events. Not those who were once again today "rethought." And those whom we all witnessed. Witnesses and participants. One of these events is the withdrawal of the Russian military from Syria.

On the one hand, we see the joyful faces of soldiers and officers. Joyful from the consciousness of the significance of what they have done. From the assessment of the country's leadership, the assessment of the people of the country, the assessment of their own family The Russian army has done a good job. Completed the tasks set by the command. And in Syria, the happy faces of the residents who were able to return home after many years.

On the other hand, estimates by Western military experts and analysts. On the other hand, articles in some of our media. Terrorists broke coalition. Russia has done a lot less. All Russia's victories are nothing more than PR. And the withdrawal of troops is nothing more than capitulation. Events in Syria are just beginning. And the main violin in Syrian affairs will be played by the United States.

I absolutely do not want to argue on this issue. An understanding of simple truth has long been born in the country. You can not make a person happy. You can help with some issues. You can get rid of evil. But a happy person will not do it. Happiness is obtained by everyone on their own.

Russia is doing the same in the situation with Syria. We helped break the enemy. We saved people. But the rest is up to the Syrians themselves.

Naturally, no one hides this, Russia for its assistance has received some advantages over other countries. This and some economic benefits. Any political. But we are interested, in this context, purely military. The Russian army left Syria, but ... The Russian army remained in Syria. We got two bases on the Syrian territory for rent for 49 years. The base of the Navy in Tartus and Hmeimim airbase.

Again, it’s not worth talking about both of these bases. Let's talk about the future naval base in Tartus. Why the future? Yes, simply because what is in Tartus today is nothing more than a logistics point. With the corresponding status and territory. And, having received the consent of the Syrian government and having ratified the agreement, we will now increase the territory of the site, build the infrastructure and create a full-fledged base of the Navy.

Regarding the significance of this base, Admiral Viktor Kravchenko, the former NSH of the Russian Navy, said well: "The base assumes decent territory, all types of guards and defenses, ships call before the first rank cruisers. They will be able to replenish their stocks, and let their personnel rest."

Naturally, it is necessary to slightly open the veil of secrecy over the events that occur at this point. Explain what Admiral Kravchenko meant.

Today, the base in Tartus is already completely covered by air defense. In this area is the C-300B4 battery. Coast cover coastal complexes "Bastion". Thus, ships that are even in the coastal zone are protected quite reliably. The availability of these funds is known to Western "partners". What discourages any desire to check the Russian sailors on the "subtlety of the intestine."

What needs to be done "already yesterday"? First of all, it is necessary to broaden and deepen the fairway. With the existing fairway, the entry of cruisers of the first rank into the port is impossible. Therefore it is necessary to use a large number of auxiliary vessels for the supply of such ships.

The next or parallel step will be the construction of at least two more new piers. Naturally, for ships with a large displacement. For today the task is not to make the base convenient for any ships. Alas, the big ships will supply according to the current scheme ...

Well, the last, or, again, most likely, a parallel task is the creation of normal living conditions for the life of base staff and crews of ships. Simply put, we will build houses and other necessary premises for a normal life.

В stories contemporary Russian fleet there were no such bases. And in the USSR, such a base was only in Vietnam. It is significant that the appearance of this base radically changes the situation in the Mediterranean. The dominance of the American Navy in this region is coming to an end. But, to be precise to the end, the base in Tartus will help our ships and some other water areas to get comfortable. Where we were guests, our ships will be able to be on a permanent basis.

No matter how much the same Americans want to belittle the role of our fleet and army in solving some issues, their memory is good. And an understanding of the power of Russian ships, too. Remember about the Russian capabilities in military affairs, which we demonstrated during the fighting in Syria. "We can all" is no longer relevant. You can exactly as much as allowed. Including the Russian fleet.

I’m not afraid to be a patriotic cheer, saying that today Russian ships are again becoming the guarantor of peace in the region. Russia in reality becomes a stopper for the lawlessness of the United States.

Well, the last. Today, voices are being heard from our fellow citizens offended by the whole world with gloomy predictions of the future. We will build the base again. We will invest a lot of money. And then we will be expelled. As it was more than once. Answer is a must.

So, not only the leadership of Syria, but also other countries in the region, is well aware that the presence of Russian troops on an ongoing basis is a guarantee of peace in the region. I'm not talking about the big war. Talking about those groups that until recently could not only rob and destroy civilians by hundreds, but also destroy entire states. The understanding of this among the Arabs came through a lot of blood. But it is. And this is the best guarantee for us.

On the whole, Russia, by its operation in Syria, really changed the balance of political and military forces in the region. And even Trump's provocative statement about Jerusalem after an explosion of emotions among Israel’s opponents, by and large, did not unleash a new war. We really won. And in the near future we will enjoy the fruits of this victory.

A wolf howl from across the ocean and from Europe is familiar to us. Like singing snow with a decent frost. Crunch-crunch-crunch ...
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  1. Elena Zakharova
    Elena Zakharova 19 December 2017 10: 15
    A military presence in the Great Sea for Russia is a guarantee of our security.
    1. like this
      like this 19 December 2017 15: 44
      and what will we attend?
      1. Twodi
        Twodi 19 December 2017 20: 02
        Well, then we will master it, but then ...
        1. Silver fox_2
          Silver fox_2 20 December 2017 02: 26
          Russian interests in the Middle East) foreign military-economic policy is successful now!
      2. JIaIIoTb
        JIaIIoTb 19 December 2017 20: 03
        Quote: here you go
        and what will we attend?

        Submarines 72.
        Atomic 48.
        Diesel 24.
        Warships 211.
        As you can see there is something to place.
      3. Anton Yazov
        Anton Yazov 20 December 2017 03: 24
        what we need and will be!
  2. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 19 December 2017 10: 17
    Once in Spain, in 1936, our bombers flew unaccompanied by fighters. They were faster, much higher than the most modern British and German fighters used by General Franco. Does this not remind us of the actions of our videoconferencing ?? But by 1941 they were out of date. The West, which was economically stronger, could easily arrange the release of other, more technological models. Of course, the availability of bases is encouraging, but not less, but even more depends on the strength of the economy.
    1. svp67
      svp67 19 December 2017 10: 38
      Quote: aybolyt678
      Does this not remind us of the actions of our videoconferencing ??

      Quote: aybolyt678
      Once in Spain, in 1936, our bombers flew unaccompanied by fighters. They were faster, much higher than the most modern British and German fighters used by General Franco.

      Not everything was so beneficial for our SBs, as you describe. The first combat flight in Spain they made on October 28, 1936, and already on November 2 a single SB of the 2nd squadron was sent to reconnaissance of enemy airfields. In the Talavera area, the aircraft was attacked by a pair of Fiat patrolling 1000 meters higher. As a result, the plane was shot down. The crew of P.P. Petrov, navigator A.F. Vlasov and arrow-radio operator N.P. Tsiguleva died.
      In total, in the first 15 days of operations, Group 12, according to military adviser to the brigade commander Alekseev, lost 8 vehicles (2 in combat and 6 in accidents and disasters). During this period, mainly Soviet pilots flew to the SB.
      1. aybolyt678
        aybolyt678 19 December 2017 11: 42
        Quote: svp67
        Not everything was so blessed for our Security Councils,

        thanks for the comment, of course, but the point is that at the time it strongly resembles the present. With that difference, then industrialization was going on all over the country.
        1. svp67
          svp67 19 December 2017 16: 35
          Quote: aybolyt678
          thanks for the comment, of course, but the point is that at the time it strongly resembles the present. With that difference, then industrialization was going on all over the country.

          No, the current situation is more like Mongolia, the 1939 model reminds me ...
  3. svp67
    svp67 19 December 2017 10: 32
    Russia left Syria to stay for long
    Yes, Russia left Russia in Russian, said goodbye, but stayed ....
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 19 December 2017 10: 50
      svp67 Today, 10:32 ... just not to repeat to us the bitter experience of the past ... how many bases were thrown !!!
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 19 December 2017 10: 49
    Russia left Syria to stay for long

    Well said! good And most importantly - right. To all enemies and crying spite. angry
  5. mih_sergeev92
    mih_sergeev92 19 December 2017 10: 53
    Unfortunately, all this can be very short-lived. After the Chekist some sort of regular Gorbachev will come and write-gone. We will reconcile again, we will bring everything out and everywhere and forget about the former military power. Already passed it. And our supreme is not eternal, and the continuity of power raises questions. But in general, our honor and glory to the soldiers and officers who fought in Syria.
    1. Lycan
      Lycan 20 December 2017 09: 17
      Quote: mih_sergeev92
      After the Chekist some sort of regular Gorbachev will come and write-gone

      That's what “experience” is to use it “subsequently”. Moreover, not only "their" experience, but also "ours." And we need to share it with the allied states (i.e. competent services).
  6. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 19 December 2017 11: 02
    We will build the base again. We will invest a lot of money. And then we will be kicked out. As it was more than once.

    And so it will be. Assad should be removed (and he will be removed, no doubt) and Russia will not have a place in Syria. Americans and Israelis need a fragmentation of Syria, which they will spend over time, and then the United States will already establish relations with the newly formed states as they become "useful." Now Syria is uninteresting for the United States and its allies - they no longer consider it a state and therefore are not going to "invest" in it. That's when it falls apart into enclaves, then another thing. The Russians, on the other hand, believe that Syria will survive as a mono-state, and are already beginning to conclude some kind of contracts with this state there, to help it with weapons, etc. What do you think Syria will pay for all this? If you have nothing to pay? She will pay by "promises" and "preferences." But what are they worth? Nothing, any contract with Syria now can not be short-term due to the complete destruction of the country, you will start to do one thing, and then it turns out that you still need to do this and that, restore the infrastructure, build logistics, etc. And Russia will have to spend its money on this, spend and spend and get nothing in return, except for smiles and a friendly pat on the shoulder- "Well done Ivan! Thank you!" Does Russia have so much money? No. Funds taken from Russian citizens will go to restore Syria. This means that the Russian government will have to figure out how to ease the pockets of its citizens and this will contribute to more tension in Russian society, which again is in the hands of the same Americans. Something like this...
    1. svp67
      svp67 19 December 2017 11: 06
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      Assad should be removed (and he will be removed, no doubt) and Russia will not have a place in Syria.

      This is only if a person OBLIGED to many, if not all of Russia, does not come to power ...
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 19 December 2017 11: 20
        Will not come. "World Community" -not allow. There is planned "democracy" of the "American model" ..... in each of the enclaves formed on the site of Syria wink
        1. 75 hammer
          75 hammer 19 December 2017 13: 18
          Does your back hurt? If it hurts, it is because they put it on you, and what you yourself will guess or tell! "World community", "democracy", how much pathos, you are a nation of murderers and robbers! DOT! FSA must be destroyed!
        2. svp67
          svp67 19 December 2017 16: 39
          Quote: Monster_Fat
          Will not come. "World Community" -not allow.

          There are enough forces "laying the appliance" on the entire "world community", "under the banner of Allah, gracious and merciful"
    2. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 19 December 2017 11: 22
      You from America know better who will pay for what. Stop keeping your bases and you will see how all nations will love you. The first I confess my love for America. Do not stop? What about ?! It takes the money of American taxpayers, and yours too. Why don’t you mind your bases ?! Set an example for us. bully
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 19 December 2017 11: 26
        It takes the money of American taxpayers,

        Do not leave. The United States prints money as much as it sees fit, and other states, including Russia, contain US debt. Look, there is a line for the American "treasuries", it is only necessary to announce their next issue ... And about the fact that from "America is more visible" ... I am sometimes surprised by those who do not see the "absolute" things, in order to understand that Syria is bankrupt special mind is not necessary. Well, there is such a rule: when you gave someone a loan, and you gave a lot, then he doesn’t depend on you, but you already depend on him. wink
        1. Akuzenka
          Akuzenka 19 December 2017 11: 31
          Then we don’t need your “forecasts” and teachings about money. Not yours and all. But they know better how to spend them in Moscow Region. You would be talking about the "tear of an American child", sing a song. About our cyanopus and brain curvature. It’s already known that if the enemy criticizes you, then the country is moving in the right direction.
          And I’ll say about printing money: they are printed a little, in your America, they are drawn on a computer.
          1. Monster_Fat
            Monster_Fat 19 December 2017 11: 38
            "Print" is a figurative expression ... wink By the way, any bank that just gives a loan "draws" them on a computer ... wink
            1. Akuzenka
              Akuzenka 19 December 2017 11: 49
              You also only “draw” demagogy, though not money. Not a single question was answered. You can feel the verbiage with good experience and standard methods of withdrawing the conversation to another area. Criticize your country, and we will do without your advice. Or are you not paid for criticizing your country?
              1. Monster_Fat
                Monster_Fat 19 December 2017 12: 41
                And what “questions” did you ask me? About "stop climbing" into other people's affairs? Well, this is not a question, but a “wish” - the answer is: no, we will not stop, and our president today clearly and clearly said this. wink
                1. Nik Torohov
                  Nik Torohov 19 December 2017 20: 54
                  You are saying everything correctly, American comrade, but please do not forget that if anything, then fight your president
                  and the soldiers will not have to with the couch couchs teaching here
              2. Ehanatone
                Ehanatone 19 December 2017 21: 52
                a cousin
                In principle, in the comments of Monster Fu there is a lot of reasonable, for example:
                They FSA will never cease to meddle in our affairs, even if only as a strong ...
    3. 75 hammer
      75 hammer 19 December 2017 11: 51
      Who will remove it, he is a monument, see how you have not been removed. Especially pay attention to quotes of bitcoin on the Nude exchange. You will be your candy wrappers .... wipe!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. parma
        parma 19 December 2017 13: 57
        Do you really believe that the war over there? I remember the troops were already withdrawn in 2016 ... the "main part" .. Unfortunately, Syria will now smolder for a long time ... Yes, maybe there won't be any big shootouts, but in fact it is already divided into parts ... Kurds control their part, the opposition their part of the country, and they do not submit to Bashar ...
    4. GAF
      GAF 19 December 2017 15: 02
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      And so it will be. Assad should be removed (and he will be removed, no doubt) and Russia will not have a place in Syria. Americans and Israelis need a fragmentation of Syria, which they will eventually spend

      Listen to what Trump says - Assad will lead Syria. "The weather is nice on Brighton Beach."
    5. KaPToC
      KaPToC 19 December 2017 22: 59
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      Does Russia have so much money?

      Russia has many pilots who need training and many bombs that need to be disposed of. You Americans probably forgot - money is a MEANS of exchange and not its purpose.
  7. sa-ag
    sa-ag 19 December 2017 15: 18
    "... everything else is up to the Syrians themselves"
    This is the key in the article, everything else like “victories” is for the electorate, the goals were not achieved in Syria in the form of capturing the north of Syria and putting pressure on Turkey to agree to the 4 threads of the Turkish stream, now Turia demands that the southern corridor there was gas both of Iran and Qatar, and its Syria was left ...
  8. Maverick1812
    Maverick1812 19 December 2017 15: 39
    The annual salary of top managers of Gazprom, Rosneft and Russian Railways could be enough to restore such a little base in Cuba!
    1. sa-ag
      sa-ag 19 December 2017 15: 55
      Quote: Maverick1812
      The annual salary of top managers of Gazprom, Rosneft and Russian Railways could be enough to restore such a little base in Cuba

      As Philipp Filippych Preobrazhensky said, “She is not in the toilets, but in the heads,” and here it’s not about salaries
  9. lukewarm
    lukewarm 19 December 2017 16: 34
    Everything is fine in the article, and it's true. In that part that is good to hear. We could stop here, but in this barrel of honey there is an elusive presence of tar, namely:
    1. This is the third final victory over ISIS, after the first slippers took Palmyra back.
    2. This is the second withdrawal of troops.
    3. Shortly before the withdrawal (about a month), an epic fake slipped from OUR MO (NOT the Pentagon) with a video clip from a computer game issued as an evacuated ISIS.
    4. Even earlier they showed the crossing through the Euphrates. Qualitatively, powerful, as in large exercises. And silence. What happened to the crossing, that they agreed with the ferrymen or again about something?
    5. The base of the Navy, which will be - it is already there, and what and how they are building with us - see Vostochny Cosmodrome. Do we have ships for this base? According to reports, our fleet consists of Varshavyanka and Admiral Essen. Well, the Caspian flotilla, which will not go to Tartus.
    In general, everything is sad somehow. It seems that everything is very bad, but we smile with all our strength so as not to cry. I ask you to understand correctly - I’m not a white puppy and I’m not at all happy or looking for it. This is what everyone sees. Who does not look through his fingers.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. dmitry.kashkaryow
    dmitry.kashkaryow 19 December 2017 20: 12
    Quote: aybolyt678
    industrialization was going on all over the country.
    Reply Citir

    That's it! But did not pass! Only 15 years have passed since the complete revolutionary collapse of industry.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. demo
    demo 19 December 2017 20: 32
    So, not only the leadership of Syria, but also other countries in the region, understands perfectly well that the presence of Russian troops on an ongoing basis is a guarantee of peace in the region.

    The presence or absence of desire in the United States is the cause or not of terrorist groups.
    And the preservation or absence of peace.
    And then the author does not understand common truths.

    And the fact that we have people with the opinion that the author called “gloomy” is not surprising.
    The reasons are full.
    They liberated Bulgaria twice. They liberated Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc. So what? Waited for thanks? Under the occupation of the Nazis, they lived more free than under the fraternal USSR? It turns out like this.

    And the memory of the people is not eternal.
    Especially when students of Harvard projects begin to remodel it.
    Ukraine is not much closer. So what? Russian occupiers.
    And then the Syrians! Forget and shove.

    The base in Tartus is awesome.
    Only have a question.
    And the course of our state in 10-15 years will remain the same?
    And if the liberals come to power again?
    And they will start to blow into our ears that the Americans and NATO are quiet and peaceful guys. There were just temporary omissions.
    And in order to get better (there was no interest in understanding in the plan) you give the 90s. Again. To consolidate the past.
    And where is that Tartus, when again the officers of the Armed Forces will go to the wipers?

    State policy is determined not by a person, but by a party that has the support of a certain category of citizens. Which defines its strategy openly.
    And the strategy does not change after the leader leaves.
    Then the population understands why this is done. And he understands that it will not come out sideways later.
    And we have?
    Now let the author reflect on this.
    And then Tartus, C300, etc.

    Preferences and benefits of certain business structures from Russia - what is this? Reason for popular rejoicing?
    Where will the dividends go?
    To the budget of the Russian Federation?
    Do not make laugh.
    Russian soldiers shed blood and sweat, and world-eaters and bloodsuckers came.
    Author! Aw! Wake up Why rejoice ?!
    1. turbris
      turbris 19 December 2017 21: 12
      demo - what are you! I’m even afraid to indicate which one, do you have absolutely nothing to do? Do all world-eaters and bloodsuckers dream? I can recommend sleeping pills to sleep well. Only you and sa-ag from the USA betrayed negativity, does this bother you? If you already write together, take a family contract with him so that he strains less. Only he strains for the president of his country, and you for whom?
  14. jhltyjyjctw
    jhltyjyjctw 20 December 2017 10: 08
    Dogs bark, and the caravan moves on. To consider GDP short-sighted and indecisive, in my opinion, is reckless. 17 years in the politics of GDP does not prove anything to anyone, but does the job. And he will do another 6 years. I believe that Syria is only one link in the Russian chain of geopolitical dominance. First there was Crimea (let the English thinkers choke on saliva). Now we control the Black Sea, including the Straits. The Syrian express confirmation of this, in Ankara, especially after the July events of 2016, this does not prevent. Without Crimea, there would be no Syrian company. It was impossible to provide uninterrupted supply to the Russian group in any other way. In Syria, our army did not burn dollars, but first burned out the infrastructure of ISIS (thousands of fuel trucks, including Erdoganov’s, confirmation of this). There is only one no-fly zone in Syria - ours. Let the English thinkers think anything. The indisputable result of the Syrian company was the ousting of key players from the region: the US and Israel. Now, Russia, Iran and, having changed its shoes on the fly, Turkey are “solving issues” here. Kurds cannot be independent forces by definition. US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel -
    US desire to destabilize the region, make a good face with a bad game. No more. The next stage is a military and political rapprochement with Egypt and Libya. Why is all this for Russia?
  15. jhltyjyjctw
    jhltyjyjctw 20 December 2017 10: 35
    The basic law of geopolitics is as follows (in close approximation): the one who controls the means of communication must control the area adjacent to them, in the ways that this control was obtained. Syria is mainly not its energy sources, but the geographical location of the country. The one who controls the territory of the country controls the traffic of energy resources from the Middle East to Europe - the main consumer of these energy resources. To do this, we created two bases there (Tartus and Khmeinim). I suppose for a long time. Assad sooner or later (six years will definitely be president) will leave. But something tells me that his successor will not be against our military presence in Syria. Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation to guarantee ...
    1. turbris
      turbris 20 December 2017 13: 08
      jhltyjyjctw - of course, expecting that we have already achieved everything in Syria is early. Assad is unlikely to leave soon, and what kind of alignment of political forces after his departure is difficult to imagine, but this needs to be worked on. Given the great experience of the United States in pushing its henchmen into power structures, there is a danger that military victories may be disavowed by a change in the political elite, and therefore the political course. But this is the Middle East - and here the power is changing, along with political preferences very quickly, but Russia now has a lot of weight in this region and the situation is still mostly favorable.
      1. LAWNER
        LAWNER 20 December 2017 15: 15
        The point is not Assad ..... The fact is that he is the lawfully elected president. And the entire Syrian “kipizh” showed that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, without stretching for decades, can return power to the legitimate government. Arabs are not stupid, they’ll calculate such things. Syev Gingerbread Nuland can be obtained Putin Gauges.