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Project "ZZ". Bomb attack on American troops in Syria: the Kremlin’s cunning plan is “exposed”

American analysts, who are not at all inclined to panic, believe that in the coming weeks the Russians will strike bombs on American troops in Syria. Moscow’s harsh tactics are aimed at driving Americans out of the region. The Russians themselves want to merge with the local feudal lords, they do not need competitors in this. Other analysts point out that Putin understands the nature of modern military challenges better than Trump and congressmen.

Russia was probably deliberately "bombing the American troops in Syria," writes on the pages "Washington Examiner" Tom Rogan.

Bombing is likely to take place "in the coming weeks." The Russians will strike "US ground forces."

This is “a realistic assessment, and not a panic at all,” says the author of the exciting material.

As Jamie McIntyre reported, the other day, two F-22 fighters from the US Air Force “intercepted” two Su-25 fighters from the Russian Air Force, which crossed the line east of the Euphrates River. There are also assumptions voiced by analysts on CNN, according to which “another Russian plane, the Su-35, could have participated in this meeting”.

True, this aerial meeting can not be called really "so serious." Nevertheless, it is clear to specialists that “tensions between the United States and Russia” in Syria are “rapidly growing.”

It comes "to the growing threat of Russia," which concerns the US Army.

T. Rogan describes in this connection "three specific problems." First, it is an “escalation” leading to a direct collision.

Russia has already “repeatedly threatened to attack American troops on the ground and in the air over Syria,” says the author. Russian aircraft are increasingly over the US-controlled "deconflict zones" east of the Euphrates River. Russian pilots do not respond to radio warnings, and this suggests that the crews were instructed to "challenge" the Americans in US-controlled airspace. Given the "political sensitivity" in this matter, as well as taking into account the risks of miscalculation associated with such meetings in the air, the author concludes: Russian commanders "almost certainly work on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin."

Secondly, Putin’s strategic calculation in Syria itself.

The Russian leader wants the US to leave Syria and stop promoting their interests and the interests of their partners here. Putin knows that as long as the United States maintains a military presence in eastern and northern Syria, the Russians, Iranians, Turks, and the Assad army will not be able to turn Syria into an "artery of imperialism."

Fortunately, the author adds, Secretary of Defense James Mattis acknowledges the benefits of the presence of US troops in the region, and President Trump, obviously, supports his minister in this.

Nevertheless, Rogan notes further, if Putin believes that “killing several Americans with an“ accidental ”air strike” will remain “without retribution” and “help push the United States out of Syria,” he [Putin] will do just that. ”

But this is only half the strategic context! Putin’s Middle Eastern actions, the American is convinced, are aimed at squeezing the United States out of Syria and putting an end to America’s role as a “regional king.” The Russians themselves want to “get access to lucrative feudal-mercantilist relations with states such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.”

In this sense, Putin does not consider the relations of the United States in Syria "one-dimensional". We are talking about a regional political environment. The risk lies in the fact that Putin "can count": a fatal blow to the US military in Syria "will contribute to his perception in the region as an international leader."

Thirdly, there is also Putin’s special strategic assessment for President Trump.

If Putin believes that he can take aggressive action against US interests, while avoiding "significant opposition" from Trump, he "will do it."

Unfortunately, writes Rogan, President Trump "too willingly closes his eyes to the agenda of the KGB colonel."

And that explains where America is now. She found herself in a position where the Russians believe that they can continue to escalate, which will not be followed by a "serious American response."

Yes, this time the Russian aircraft left the zone. But what about the next time?

Rogan believes that this time “the life of the Americans” depends on the decision of Trump.

Other analysts point out that Putin understands the nature of modern military challenges better than Mr. Trump or congressmen.

Putin’s armed forces are not as well funded as Donald Trump’s army, but the Russian army “is better suited for contemporary conflicts,” notes Leonid Bershidsky in a publication Bloomberg View. US spends more, but get less chances for your dollar!

During the annual press conference of the Russian president, one journalist asked Putin whether growing tensions with the United States and violation of arms control treaties could lead Russia to an arms race. "We will ensure our security without participating in the arms race," the president responded, citing the large difference in the defense budgets of the United States and Russia (in dollars).

However, this is a simplified approach of a politician starting his election campaign. The more acute question is the following: as with a relatively small and declining military budget (2,77 trillion rubles, or 42,3 billion dollars) for the 2018 year compared to about 3,05 trillion. rubles this year Russia is still a formidable US military rival? The corresponding US budget is about $ 692,1 billion for the 2018 fiscal year. For comparison: in the current, it is 583 billion dollars. That is, it is also growing rapidly!

Leaving aside the nuclear forces of both countries, the journalist remarks: Putin “may well understand the nature of modern military tasks better than US President Donald Trump and US lawmakers”, and “Russia's authoritarian system can be more effective when it comes to military spending.”

Russia today is "almost equal" to the United States in the Middle East, where the Russian military helped Bashar Assad "actually win" a civil war, in which the United States "helped the other side."

The very figures for defense spending in Russia are “deceptive,” adds a columnist. Russia is much more “militarized” than its defense spending shows. And today's wars do not mean huge mountains of money. Opponents are mainly small moving forces. Brute force is applied locally only at important points of conflict. If the Russians understood this, then the US is still “pumping money into relatively ineffective hostilities,” including “in preparation for a large-scale war, which is unlikely to take place due to existing nuclear arsenals and the unauthorized proliferation of nuclear weapons. weapons". And even North Korea, with its unknown (probably small) nuclear potential, is "dangerous enough to keep the United States from an attack."

On the other hand, Russia still gets into the arms race, too. In relative terms, Russia spends more on defense functions than the United States. Trump's budget proposal has allocated $ 71,8 billion to the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice. Add to this defense spending, and the total security budget will be 764 billion dollars, or less 19 percent of total federal spending.

And here is Russia. She will spend a total of 29% of her federal budget on security, about 4,8 trillion. rubles (summed up the costs of defense and internal security). Probably, this is not even all the costs associated with security, as expert Mark Galeotti admits, since the Russians "even some of the expenses on education and development ... go for military purposes."

In the US, federal law enforcement expenditures form part of defense spending. In Russia, these two areas of government spending are "almost equal." This is the difference “between a country with a relatively liberal internal order and a country close to a dictatorship, which largely depends on the suppression of dissent and should keep large law enforcement agencies under centralized control.”

Russia could show the world, says Bershidsky, how to effectively spend money on more than adequate protection, but instead "she is participating in an arms race," which is "against her own development." For many years, education and health care have been underfunded, undermining just what, according to Putin, is his “vision” of the country's future: flexible, technological, highly productive. Judging by Putin’s answers at the press conference, he still “prefers not to notice this,” ironically Bershidsky.

* * *

If you believe the edition of the Washington Examiner, which does not take on the work of alarmists, the Russians will bomb the US land forces in Syria around New Year’s Eve. Will bring to the unlucky Yankee a sort of fire gift from Santa Claus. The White House will not respond to the Russian strike: Trump will close his eyes on Putin’s Middle Eastern tricks.

It is hard to believe in such a scenario. That is not to be believed at all. If only because the Russians in Syria are fighting with terrorists, and not with the Americans. Probably not all American experts have heard of this. In addition, part of the Russian troops from Syria is displayed. By order of Putin. That Putin himself, who allegedly himself gives orders to the commanders of the Air Force in Syria.

As for the effectiveness of the actions of the Russian army in Syria, it really proved it. There are no objections here.
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  1. The Siberian barber
    The Siberian barber 18 December 2017 09: 23
    .... American analysts, who are not at all prone to panic, believe that in the coming weeks, Russians will bomb American troops in Syria with bombs. Such a harsh tactic of Moscow is aimed at the expulsion of Americans from the region. The Russians themselves want to merge with the local feudal lords, they do not need competitors in this. ...
    That is why an order was issued on the withdrawal of troops)) In order to prevent the Americans from "growing together")) as I understand it, everyone wants to "grow together" and we and they)))
    Another pearl:
    ... Putin knows that as long as the United States maintains a military presence in eastern and northern Syria, the Russians, Iranians, Turks and Assad’s army will not be able to turn Syria into an "artery of imperialism." I don’t even know how to comment on THIS))
    Porridge, in the heads of our "partners")) pearl barley ...
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 18 December 2017 09: 53
      Quote: The Siberian Barber
      US maintains military presence in eastern and northern Syria

      For Russia, the US presence in Syria is not even a question. The question is how, when, and in what way, to remove the Americans
      1. mac789
        mac789 21 December 2017 09: 02
        How to remove ... Sabotage ... snipers ... Shelling ... Shaitan mobil ... Kassam rockets ... Bedouin partisans ... In short, Americans should sit in bomb shelters at their bases for XNUMX hours a day, as if in besieged fortresses, convoys to they should only be able to fight with them, and their scouts should leave and not return, missing ...
    2. Grandfather
      Grandfather 18 December 2017 09: 56
      Quote: The Siberian Barber
      ..American analysts, not at all prone to alarmism,

      hysteria is a dangerous thing, they will inflate themselves to an insane state, and they themselves will begin provocations, and then ... "the whole world is in ruin" (C).
      1. Lycan
        Lycan 19 December 2017 09: 41
        Like a berserker or amok? smile
      2. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 20 December 2017 21: 44
        Quote: Dead Day
        Quote: The Siberian Barber
        ..American analysts, not at all prone to alarmism,

        hysteria is a dangerous thing, they will inflate themselves to an insane state, and provocations themselves, and then ... "the whole world is in dust" (C).

        Most likely, public opinion is already being prepared for a provocation with bombing. Not so long ago (maybe six months ago), there was information that the Americans repainted the planes in the colors of the Russian VKS. I don’t think that they did this as part of "children's creativity." They will hit, take them from different angles, lay out the fragments from Russian air bombs, which will be brought to them by lure bearded "boys" and inflate the "theme". There is no doubt whatsoever that the mattresses will not go on another dirty adventure even with the murder of their military personnel, especially after the provocation with Boeing and the subsequent investigation of the causes of his death.
    3. Sunjar
      Sunjar 18 December 2017 14: 25
      Quote: Oleg Chuvakin
      It is hard to believe in such a scenario. That is, I can’t believe it at all. If only because the Russians in Syria are fighting with terrorists, and not with the Americans.

      And here Oleg is wrong. The Ministry of Defense has long been reporting that the Americans are cooperating with terrorists, Turkey is echoing after Russia, that the Americans are supporting Syrian terrorists, and international ones too. I remind you that US units already had losses when they tried to capture our guys with a hoarfrost with ISIS (which are banned in Russia) and failed miserably.
      It must be assumed that this is not the first such loss in the United States, and in the United States you cannot tell your own that they helped the terrorists, and the Russians eliminated them. But the corpses still need to be somehow buried, or the US troops declared missing. You can also, of course, scatter the planet, served as a pier in Australia, fell, broke your neck, or exploded.
      The news indicated by Oleg suggests that the Americans can arrange a provocation. Either they bomb the Barmaleys themselves, but they say that the US military was there, at the same time dump everything on Russia, or, more likely, when the Russian Air Force destroy another crowd of terrorists, the Americans will say that they were not terrorists, but Americans. And old losses can be legally written off. Here, just such an article will prepare US citizens in advance. And the funniest author will be right, Trump will not take severe countermeasures.
      Opponents of Trump will probably call for the launch of nuclear missiles in Russia.
    4. BecmepH
      BecmepH 19 December 2017 08: 16
      Quote: The Siberian Barber
      Porridge, in the heads of our "partners"))
    5. siberalt
      siberalt 20 December 2017 16: 23
      The second time to punish Russia with an arms race will not slip. bully There is a principle of necessary sufficiency.
    6. 20 December 2017 16: 46
      This is not porridge, it is a product of its processing by the body.
      But in my head, that's for sure!
    7. siberalt
      siberalt 20 December 2017 16: 51
      Russia solved its problem by blocking the construction of a gas pipeline from Qatar to Turkey, and then to Europe. Now we need to complete the Turkish stream and suck in our gas to Europe. As for the American bases, let the locals deal with them. hi
    8. Weniamin
      Weniamin 22 December 2017 13: 15
      I hope the "pearl barley" derivative of the word "pe'rly". Such as their "partners" give out with enviable regularity.
  2. shura7782
    shura7782 18 December 2017 09: 32
    It is very doubtful if we are talking about an alleged accidental hit on the Americans, which would give them a signal to leave Syria. Perhaps they will have losses, so what? They will still bend their line. Here Assad must deliver this “random” blow. God himself commanded him to do this. Him and solve this problem. In this particular matter, our side is our business.
    1. the47th
      the47th 18 December 2017 12: 32
      For example, manage to shoot down the F-22 or F-35 from the S-200. Then, in addition, 5th-generation American fighter projects can be flushed into the toilet. Potential buyers will reject them immediately.
      1. Alexander Skorik
        Alexander Skorik 18 December 2017 16: 56
        The main thing is that the wreckage of Amer’s planes and our missiles should be in the territory controlled by Assad, let’s say that they were S-200 or even S-75 and S-125, let them try to check.
  3. Dashout
    Dashout 18 December 2017 09: 33
    Yes, I would crash over them ... wink but this is already from the field of provocations. Well, let's say the Americans will arrange such a provocation. For what? To dump Trump? ... although ... everything can be expected from them ...
  4. Loess
    Loess 18 December 2017 09: 36
    For many years, education and health care have been underfunded, undermining just what, according to Putin, is his “vision” of the future of the country: flexible, technological, and highly productive. Judging by Putin’s answers at the press conference, he still “prefers not to notice it,” Bershidsky sneers.
    In Libya, healthcare and social services were funded excellent. Where is Libya now?
    1. Dimmedroll
      Dimmedroll 18 December 2017 16: 47
      Well, frankly, the apologists themselves are not all great with social programs and healthcare. One can argue about education.
  5. Azim77
    Azim77 18 December 2017 09: 45
    Everyone imagines to the extent of his depravity. Therefore, they are so sure, directly "exposed." Because you would have done it yourself ..
    On the other hand, the conclusion is that they still understand on whose side the initiative and advantage are. And this is good.
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 18 December 2017 09: 53
    "Exposed" Kremlin sly plan
    ... it seems that in the meritikosii, some “whistleblowers” ​​... laughing
  7. shinobi
    shinobi 18 December 2017 10: 49
    The cap is lit on a thief. Reading Western analysts, and most of ours, you understand that Uncle Misha Zadornov was still humorously humorous about their mental abilities.
  8. Anyone
    Anyone 18 December 2017 10: 49
    Russians ... cannot turn Syria into the "artery of imperialism."
    I did not think that I would live to the time when we would not blame the United States for imperialism, but the United States would blame us. Straight the whole pattern broke))
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 December 2017 11: 08
    "In the coming weeks." Russians strike "US ground forces"
    Frankly, many would wish this, not only in Russia, but also in other countries. For all that the Americans do in Syria, sooner or later they must be held accountable. However, there is one BUT that prevents this from happening - the possibility of escalating into a major armed conflict.
  10. steelmaker
    steelmaker 18 December 2017 12: 40
    We must learn from the Anglo-Saxons, do everything with the wrong hands. There are Syria, Turkey, Iran. They are happy to embed a pin ..... himself, if we support them.
  11. Prisoner
    Prisoner 18 December 2017 12: 44
    It seems to me that the Kremlin is simply in a stupor from "their" plans exposed by American analysts. As for the Americans who are “going to" be killed in Syria, then ... So they shoot.
  12. Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 18 December 2017 13: 42
    It’s high time to take the example of piindos and start to “make mistakes”.
    1. Alber
      Alber 18 December 2017 19: 46
      Quote: Barack Obama
      It’s high time to take the example of piindos and start to “make mistakes”.

      Moreover, they themselves ask! )))
      1. Soldier dusty
        Soldier dusty 18 December 2017 22: 47
        We cannot be "mistaken" yet! They expect only this from us.
  13. unignm
    unignm 18 December 2017 13: 47
    analysts, mom do not worry. pick up on the announcement of idiots.
  14. Dimmedroll
    Dimmedroll 18 December 2017 16: 45
    They may not take alarmists, but dreamers are happy.
  15. Vadim Sh.
    Vadim Sh. 18 December 2017 17: 20
    American analysts,)))))) as I understand it - the next group thinks something there !!!
    It is a pity that this will lead to war, although knowing the “courage” of the amers I do not think that they will decide on a serious answer, but even the loss of one of our guys does not compare with 10 mattresses.
    1. Soldier dusty
      Soldier dusty 18 December 2017 22: 31
      I once read the memoirs of Otto Carius, a German tank ace, who served on the Eastern Front, and later transferred to the West. So he writes that five Russians are 25 mattresses. I think that now the difference is more ...
  16. Nikolay Fedorov
    Nikolay Fedorov 18 December 2017 18: 15
    Putin knows that as long as the United States maintains a military presence in eastern and northern Syria, the Russians, Iranians, Turks and Assad’s army will not be able to turn Syria into an "artery of imperialism."

    This phrase is for the International Sawmill program. laughing This is already something beyond. Did they even understand what they said? !! fool It’s strange that they didn’t drag Eun here ... request
  17. Sergey Cojocari
    Sergey Cojocari 18 December 2017 19: 30
    Waiting for "Maine" ???
  18. leovik51
    leovik51 18 December 2017 19: 35
    That's right, you have to hit the US troops for a long time: they were not invited to Syria.
    1. gridasov
      gridasov 18 December 2017 19: 38
      When someone says a lot about being hit, then wait for the provocation that the enemy will hit himself in order to provoke a conflict
    2. Soldier dusty
      Soldier dusty 18 December 2017 22: 37
      We are not! to provide the Syrians with everything necessary, and let them decide their independence.
  19. Santa Claus
    Santa Claus 18 December 2017 19: 44
    This wise guy didn’t write, but on what rights the United States is in Syria as an occupier! and who all this time threatened and launched bombing attacks on saa. wonderful logic in the usa. and all by the fact that it was necessary to close airspace in Syria completely after the downed su-24, and if that brought down all who did not understand the reason was exceptional.
  20. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 18 December 2017 20: 21
    Well, it’s better - this next ORDERED American nonsense on the topic of Russia was worth translating and publishing. Firstly, it is precisely in OUR topics of MILITARY REVIEW. Secondly, from it densely carries exactly the ISRAELI order. Thirdly, he is on the subject of the realities of the military-political situation on the Syrian theater. Fourthly, he is in the intonations of the military top of the Pentagon and the external intelligence services of the United States and Israel. Fifth, he clearly presses PERSONALLY onto Trump on the eve of his visit to Israel by HIS (?) Vice President Pence, that is, he is publishing in the context of an almost direct “run over” to Trump in a campaign launched in the American media to remove him from power by impeachment. He will be forced to disentangle the Syrian porridge brewed by the "democratic" Clintons. So this publication of Oleg Chuvakin is sincerely approved, sir!
  21. Kirill Ivanov
    Kirill Ivanov 18 December 2017 21: 04
    And not a word about what American troops are doing in Syria.
  22. Turist1996
    Turist1996 18 December 2017 21: 51
    Gee-gee-gee ... And can I also analyze ?! I swear it’s better for me! Even closer to life ..
    One trouble - they won’t pay me for this, because I’ll work "not for a specific point of view .. That is, the article will not be" ordered "...
  23. lady.endzhi
    lady.endzhi 18 December 2017 22: 17
    But are they not preparing, on the contrary, a blow to the Russian forces, and all this bubbling is for them as artillery preparation before the attack, in order to later say that they have anticipated the danger. Because, I do not think that they really like the result of the war in Syria, which does not correspond to their "national interests."
    1. Soldier dusty
      Soldier dusty 18 December 2017 22: 44
      No, they don’t need it. This is an information war. Part of the so-called hybrid. With Russia they are too shy to enter the war for a very long time. Even in tank biathlon!))))
  24. Tai
    Tai 18 December 2017 23: 16
    Beauties! They themselves came up with - they exposed! lol
  25. Aleks2048
    Aleks2048 19 December 2017 10: 41
    I think that of course, am point is not worth relaxing. But in general, it is not worthwhile to bomb our troops against am. Those who believe that this is extremely important to do and thus send the amers from Syria to their homes simply apparently do not want to understand that the ongoing war in Syria is fundamentally different from the Second World War. Inside, the Syrian political conflict and ISIS is a screen. And unimportant. Because of this screen, it’s not a conflict at all, but crap. Starving Russia on the asshole of God decides to urgently save the dictator Assad and sets up a military company for a tidy sum. For a no less round amount, the United States arranges companies to help the natives in the war with the dictator who cannot stand the spirit of the United States and its ideals. I think that the war and confrontation in Syria is rather a war for indirect control over the territory of Syria. This is a war being fought for the supply of carbohydrates to European markets; only such dividends can recoup a war. And here it is desirable to understand who and what is needed. I understand that the Russian Federation will be quite satisfied with the sluggish conflict, although it would certainly be better to have complete control over the territory of Syria and the construction by companies from the Russian Federation of the entire infrastructure for the movement of hydrocarbons across Syria to Europe. For the United States, only partial control over the territory of Syria is needed, that is, a place under the pipe for the transit of hydrocarbons through Syria to Europe is better of course full control over the territory of Syria. And in this case, the position of the Russian Federation is better because we are satisfied with the sluggish military conflict, roughly speaking, this will allow the current state of affairs to exist, that is, Europe will continue to depend critically on the Russian Federation for hydrocarbons. Therefore, there will be no Russian strikes on am in Syria. Americans themselves will leave as soon as the cost of continuing the conflict exceeds possible dividends.
  26. Pavel Frolov
    Pavel Frolov 19 December 2017 11: 59
    This is a verbal artillery preparation. They want to bomb themselves, blame Russia, send troops into Syria under the pretext of fighting Russia, and capture Syria.
  27. Vasily Kladov
    Vasily Kladov 19 December 2017 13: 31
    Sashiki, both in the person of his analysts and in the face of his politicians, They always, everywhere, everyone and everything. But what is most disgusting, because of the pathological fear of a future reckoning for all things with impunity done anywhere in the world, which their sick imagination has designated as a zone of strategic interests, tremble with their subcortex and shout outwardly about justice. Trembling and screaming, trembling and screaming. How to live in such a paranoid state? And in order not to go crazy, you have to lie to yourself. And then hysteria.
    1. vrazhin
      vrazhin 20 December 2017 05: 18
      What do you want??? This is the American ideology, like, the American Dream ,,,, - nothing more than a handful of dollars.
  28. lieutenant colonel
    lieutenant colonel 19 December 2017 15: 03
    This article is more like a Ukrainian script. That is, the stuffing is done, that right now the Russians are about to bomb the Americans, then a situational provocation is created ... for example, the actual bombing of a group of bursting barmales, well, and then ... Matisu (a rabid dog!) Will not how to strike back at half-empty Russian bases ...
    And God forbid that I would be mistaken.
  29. seacap
    seacap 19 December 2017 17: 18
    Who invited them there? So these are not legitimate armed formations (intervention) with all the ensuing consequences. In no circumstances will they have the right to establish any zones on earth and in the sky, restricting the armed forces of the SA and the Russian Federation in their actions. They need to be told that the war is over and any aircraft in the sky of Syria is a violator of the state border of a sovereign state, with the corresponding rights to be destroyed, without any conditions. Also inform that in 2-3 months, an operation will begin in these areas to establish a constitutional order using all types of weapons, who didn’t hide, we’re not to blame, there are deserts, you can burn out the whole district with the most non-humane weapons, that there won't even be any tokens. Enough to be nice to them on their field, this unprincipled, lying, unburdened by any morality only understands tongue of power, and having received an arrogant horn, tail between its legs, squeals with a screech and yapping from afar, never rushes into these places again.
  30. roman zhandarov
    roman zhandarov 19 December 2017 22: 31
    1) When will they understand that their time is ending. Where is Syria, where is RUSSIA and where is the USA. On this side of the Atlantic they have nothing to do! 2) And yet. It's not in Putin. We Russians do not tolerate pressure on us, and do not tolerate the pressure of the strong on the weak.
    1. leonid-zherebtcov
      leonid-zherebtcov 20 December 2017 18: 16
      They will never understand this ..., they are periodically, and it is better to regularly put in place. repeat
  31. bacr
    bacr 21 December 2017 05: 15
    > In the United States, federal law enforcement spending is part of defense spending.
    > In Russia, these two areas of government spending are "almost equal."

    Police spending in the US $ 100 billion a year + prisons 80 billion + DHS 41 billion + FBI 10 billion + other intelligence agencies. A total of> 250 billion a year without private secret police, half of the defense spending.
  32. Selin Andrey
    Selin Andrey 21 December 2017 14: 15
    We are waiting for provocations.
  33. Romka47
    Romka47 22 December 2017 11: 34
    If ours hit the US Armed Forces, then Uncle Sam will answer! They will not be able to remain silent even if they really want to. But it doesn’t need us, at least not now ....
  34. dmitry.kashkaryow
    dmitry.kashkaryow 24 December 2017 15: 13
    Will or will not, and the pants are already wet! To beat the troops fail and concentrate but do not withdraw for thousands of kilometers. Stratigi .... db. bl ....
  35. chicken 96
    chicken 96 25 December 2017 20: 42
    Sooner or later, the question will be about the presence of the United States in the ATS. They themselves will not leave. And while we are wondering how to help them, the cunning Vova must have already come up with.
  36. koshmarik
    koshmarik 17 January 2018 12: 46
    I would advise all American scribblers to remain silent, since the Yankees illegally occupied part of Syrian territory and are simply obliged to get out of Syria, and without any stupid options. The best way to help them with this is a "random", but completely legitimate blow to the Russian Aerospace Forces.
  37. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 27 January 2018 09: 49
    Well, why publish the next "bullshit" of American Russophobia, that there is nothing more serious about wanting to talk? Or is someone trying to scare someone? BULLSHIT!
  38. koshmarik
    koshmarik 20 February 2018 15: 59
    It would be ideal to secure the mandate of the UN Security Council - after all, American troops are in Syria illegally and actually occupy part of the country, and with this mandate to squeeze out our sworn friends, though in this case we will have to recognize Donbass, because in the opinion of the Americans we will occupy it too. So think here.
  39. Vasilij Pereira
    Vasilij Pereira 24 February 2018 19: 02
    All this vyshe..vod, can be described in short: "Yes! Yes! Yes! Russia! Is an evil empire!" And the USA is white and fluffy!
  40. The comment was deleted.