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The Minister of Defense congratulated the servicemen on the Strategic Missile Forces Day

Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu congratulated the servicemen and veterans on the Strategic Missile Forces Day.

Today in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation celebrate the 58 anniversary of the formation of the Strategic Missile Forces. "In 1959, on that day, a decree of the USSR Council of Ministers was issued, in accordance with which the post of the Commander-in-Chief of the Rocket Forces was established, the Main Headquarters of the Strategic Missile Forces and other military command bodies were formed," press-service military department.

Strategic missile forces have always reliably stood guard over the Fatherland, ensuring the protection of national interests. Today, military personnel successfully master a new strategic weapon, improves his skills and abilities, conscientiously carries combat duty and is ready to effectively repel the aggression of any opponent,
reads congratulations.

The Minister noted that “the achievements of the Russian scientific and production teams of defense industry enterprises deserve high marks”. Using the most advanced technologies, they are actively working on promising projects, creating modern samples of strategic missile weapons.

The combat squadron of the Strategic Missile Forces today is about 400 launchers with ICBMs.

“In recent years, the purchase of launchers of the Yars missile system with intercontinental ballistic missiles has ensured a steady rate of re-equipment of a group of both mine and mobile basing options. The implementation of planned activities for the 2017 year to re-equip units and military units of the Strategic Missile Forces increased the share of modern missiles to the 66% and gave the Strategic Missile Forces grouping new capabilities for solving nuclear deterrence problems, ”the department said.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 17 December 2017 08: 40
    May the shield of our country be strong and always on the alert, with the Holiday !!!
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 17 December 2017 12: 19
      Quote: Spartanez300
      May the shield of our country be strong and always on the alert

      Remarque: For some reason, I always thought that the Strategic Missile Forces is a punishing SWORD of our Motherland ...

      And yet:
      From colleagues on the BALLIST system, submarines of the rkSN, I congratulate the strategists on their professional holiday! drinks
      Health, success, GOOD LUCK !!! (And so that old age can be quietly spent in the country!)
  2. Logall
    Logall 17 December 2017 08: 40
    Congratulations! Thanks to all all everyone that we still exist! Tsiolkovsky, Korolev and everyone else ...
    Happy holiday, comrades!
    1. Teberii
      Teberii 17 December 2017 09: 11
      1. Thrall
        Thrall 17 December 2017 09: 25
        Happy Holidays! soldier
    2. novel66
      novel66 17 December 2017 09: 16
      indeed, only they are between us and the war. I will continue a row - Chelomey, Yangel
    3. Nick
      Nick 17 December 2017 12: 23
      Happy holiday to everyone who has served and is serving in the Strategic Rocket Forces! Special congratulations to employees and employees in military unit 01349. Personal greetings to all employees and employees in the REZO / REZM divisions!
  3. Karakut
    Karakut 17 December 2017 08: 42
    In 1959, a decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR was issued on that day, in accordance with which the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Missile Forces was established,

    The country only recovered after the war .. And we already had missile weapons no worse than in the USA! That generation was steel! Thank you fathers and grandfathers for this, Russia exists thanks to YOU!
  4. Observer2014
    Observer2014 17 December 2017 08: 53
    As my neighbor says. Retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Strategic Missile Forces. "A real weapon, this is a weapon whose power is measured in megatons. And the rest is all show off." laughing Happy holiday! Indeed, the most powerful military branch. And God forbid that you ever took part in a war. So remain the most unclaimed military branch. But at the same time the most prepared and always ready to turn any enemy into dust. hi
    HEATHER 17 December 2017 09: 07
    They served. It was. And the orchestra half a day.
    HEATHER 17 December 2017 09: 16
    Happy Birthday, guys! hi
  7. Bosch
    Bosch 17 December 2017 09: 40
    Thank God that the traitors did not manage to destroy the Strategic Missile Forces.
  8. pvv113
    pvv113 17 December 2017 09: 42
    Happy Holidays, strategists and everyone involved!
  9. Alexander War
    Alexander War 17 December 2017 09: 44
    I join in the congratulations, even if our Country shield continues to protect us from adversaries! Happy Holiday!
  10. Tusv
    Tusv 17 December 2017 10: 01
    Happy Holiday. And you, adversaries scratch your turnips so that the greeting card does not arrive at the postal address. All sorts of MOKs and Bruxelles are sent for "congratulations"
  11. Krasnyiy komissar
    Krasnyiy komissar 17 December 2017 10: 12
    Nowhere could I find data on 400 ICBMs as part of the Strategic Missile Forces, only 322 missiles are mentioned in pedagogy.
  12. igfrost1957
    igfrost1957 17 December 2017 10: 23
    All veterans and currently serving 35 RD with a holiday!
    1. Rimlianin
      Rimlianin 18 December 2017 12: 10
      Thank! He served there from 2001-2003. Congratulations to all missile launchers on a holiday!
  13. Alexey Z
    Alexey Z 17 December 2017 11: 15
    Happy Holiday! Good luck And so that the “BR” caught fire only in training.
  14. Zomanus
    Zomanus 17 December 2017 11: 24
    Congratulations Largely thanks to you, we
    We study world wars only from textbooks.
  15. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 17 December 2017 18: 24
    Everyone who intervened after the divorce forces on duty divorced ... To defend our homeland, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ... of the Russian Federation ... on duty forces in the position areas to go down and further on duty to intervene ... 1 is ... 2 is .. .3 is ... Happy holiday to all. Everyone who created and ensured readiness ... everyone who was involved ... and families in particular)) ... Happy Holidays !!! Good luck !!!
  16. Amper
    Amper 17 December 2017 20: 19
    Rust in everything, in the Strategic Missile Forces as well. The question is how deep, to the button .... Holidays are never enough! Happy Holiday.
  17. Old26
    Old26 18 December 2017 10: 38
    All involved with the holiday !!!

    Quote: Krasnyiy komissar
    The combat squadron of the Strategic Missile Forces today is about 400 launchers with ICBMs.

    And you won’t find it. The scourge of the press services of both the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces and the Ministry of Defense lies in the fact that they blurt out everything that comes to hand, without thinking at all in what light they are exposing their leadership.
    Even the Wikipedia figure you cited is overpriced. A more real figure will be if the above 400 are divided by about one and a half