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The caliphate died, but the terrorists do not surrender: neither local nor foreign


It seems that just because Syria alone will not leave. The defeat of the "Islamic State", of course, the good news. That's just, the main threat to the Syrian improvement is still coming from external enemies.

The defeat of the "Islamic state" has once again confirmed the well-known fact: it is not the militants who rule the terrorist ball in Syria. Armed igilovtsy, of course, brought fear and horror to the local population, but at the same time were only a tool, a means to achieve the goal. The organizers of the destabilizing processes themselves are cosily located away from the Syrian theater of operations.

Today it became known that the United States, not impressed by the defeat of the most powerful terrorist organization, is forming new military formations from among the terrorists under the banner of the “New Syrian Army”. To this end, US military bases are actively used, located in the territory of the Arab Republic without the permission of official Damascus or UN Security Council sanctions. Until now, it was believed that the militants of the so-called moderate opposition practiced only in the south of Syria near the settlement of Al-Tanf, where there are at least five illegal armed groups numbering up to several thousand people.

We must pay tribute to the perseverance of Americans blindly following to the cherished goal - the overthrow of Assad. In a relatively short period of time, Al-Tanf turned into a real fortress with defensive fortifications and a developed infrastructure that can accommodate hundreds of terrorists and their families.

However, what are several thousand militants against Damascus. To oppose government units and their US allies, new conveyors are needed to train deadly elements. The reports of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria, as well as other official statements by the defense department, indicate that, under the guidance of the American intelligence services, former igilovtsy workers are being trained in Haseke province near Jisr al-Shaddadi. Here, as in Al-Tanfa, the Raj el-Sulaybli refugee camp is located nearby, the situation in which differs little from that of Al-Rukban.

According to the testimony of local residents who have returned to their homes, the international coalition led by the United States has been using the area as training camps for more than six months. On the territory controlled by the US military, there are now about 750 people. They come from the Islamic State, who arrived under the cover of the Pentagon from Raqqah, Deir ez-Zor, Abu-Kemal, and the eastern regions of the Euphrates.

Russian news agencies, citing deserters and defectors, claim that after military training courses, armed groups of several hundred militants will have to fight regular units of Assad in southern Syria. It’s not for nothing that for several months the militants practiced combat skills in urban conditions, practiced mine explosives, studied tactical, fire and engineering training.

It is obvious that in pursuit of national interests, representatives of the exclusive nation do not intend to stop in front of anything. Words of morality and law are not known to the Western establishment, and help to the local population faded into the background, as soon as the smell of oil was in the air, and deposits of “black gold” loomed within reach. It is appropriate to assume that Washington’s plans to turn the entire northeastern part of Syria into a big pipeline for the revival of ISIS and the like, just to regain lost influence in the region.
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  1. ImPerts
    ImPerts 18 December 2017 05: 43
    Why should Americans regain influence? Their task is to wreak havoc. There will be chaos and turbidity, there will be where to fish.
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 18 December 2017 07: 30
      not militants rule a terror ball in Syria. Armed Igilovites, of course, instilled fear and horror on the local population, but at the same time they were only a tool, a means to an end. The organizers of the destabilizing processes are snugly away from the Syrian theater of war.
      The US proxy war, or rather the proxy war of the Zionist-bankers of the US Federal Reserve, in Syria, and throughout the whole warhead, continues. Their weapons are the dollarization of all countries and the "exclusive" right to issue them. It is in their hands that the American $$ printing press is located.
  2. Knowing
    Knowing 18 December 2017 05: 59
    Syria is a tidbit too much for them to leave behind, Assad doesn’t need Americans there and the children of Moses will help them slowly ..
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 18 December 2017 06: 50
    We must pay tribute to the stubbornness of the Americans, blindly following the cherished goal - the overthrow of Assad.

    ... and why "give credit" to Merikatos’s stupidity?!? ... to be in trend?! ... bully
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 18 December 2017 07: 38
      I agree with you.
      We must pay tribute to the stubbornness of the Americans ..
      The author, or it may be better to show such perseverance ourselves, from which the Americans indigestion will happen. VKS, MTR in Syria have shown that Russia can do this if desired.
  4. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 18 December 2017 08: 14
    The fact of creating a second front against Assad is not interesting, everyone is informed about this. Here it is much more interesting, how to counteract this? What to do against the "democratic opposition" and their "breadwinners"?
    1. alex-cn
      alex-cn 18 December 2017 08: 22
      We are unlikely to be able to do anything against the breadwinners ... But against the “opposition”, we have rich experience since the 20s of the 20th century. I think we will share ... and instructors in "conversations with the opposition," too.
      1. Soho
        Soho 18 December 2017 10: 46
        if only what had happened with Najibullah did not happen. Surely help was promised to him in due time too.
    2. Antianglosax
      Antianglosax 19 December 2017 16: 27
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      Here it is much more interesting, how to counteract this? What to do against the "democratic opposition" and their "breadwinners"?

      Watering, despite the squeals and squeals of the Anglo-Zionist geeks. This is the only right decision. If our authorities continue to move in their limited corridor, giving advances to geeks - nothing good will come of it - but only shame and war. If systematically, as warned, they will iron their bases with missiles and bombs, while not allowing hooligans to nonhumans in the air - the omersikos will tighten their tail and dump them.
    3. sa-ag
      sa-ag 20 December 2017 10: 24
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      Here it is much more interesting, how to counteract this?

      No way, Assad has no resources, neither financial, nor natural, oil fields and electric power with an agricultural land that Assad does not control on the left bank of the Euphrates, he can offer nothing to the people but to die for him, and this is not the motive Assad bankrupt, he has no idea, does not want to share power, in general, there’s a solid peak
  5. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 18 December 2017 11: 54
    What is this getting? The "Arab Caliphate" (ISIS) is defeated, but the Arab "samurai" in the urban "jungle" remained "fighting the war to the end" ...
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 19 December 2017 00: 38
      Quote: Nikolaevich I
      What is this getting? The "Arab Caliphate" (ISIS) is defeated, but the Arab "samurai" in the urban "jungle" remained "fighting the war to the end" ...

      No one says that the United States will be limited to one Syria. They will spoil everywhere, but exclusively with the wrong hands in which they themselves will put machine guns and explosives.
  6. Follow us
    Follow us 18 December 2017 18: 49
    And a couple of "Caliber" accidentally drop into this camp in any way?
  7. Kapikuk
    Kapikuk 18 December 2017 21: 23
    they need war, without war, their economy will die ... they are in debt to the whole world ...
  8. Nemesis
    Nemesis 19 December 2017 12: 59
    In Russia, it is necessary to introduce the death penalty for terrorists and their accomplices, with confiscation of property and no more amnesties
  9. Old warrior
    Old warrior 22 December 2017 09: 59
    While the Anglo-Saxons rule, we will not rest. Beat goats fishing - save Russia.))) soldier