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Weekend reading. Why did the main culprit of the genocide in Nanking avoid the tribunal?

These days, mankind remembers the events 80-year-old in the Chinese city of Nanjing. These events in historiography are called the Nanking Massacre, becoming one of the bloodiest dramas of modern civilization - until the beginning of World War II.

The Nanjing Massacre is a six-week, if it is possible in this case to apply such a term, the operation of the imperial army of Japan in the war against China (war years: 1937-1945).

The Japanese captured Nanjing 13 on December 1937 of the year, after which the real genocide of the local population began. In about a month and a half, at least 160 thousands of residents of the city, most of whom were civilians, were killed by Japanese soldiers in Nanjing. This is Western statistics. In Chinese historiography, it is said that the number of Chinese citizens who were killed and tortured to death in Nanking was over 300 thousand. Historians could not obtain accurate data on those events, for the reason that in 1945, the Japanese destroyed most of the documents testifying to the genocide.

The International Military Tribunal for the Far East, which operated in 1946-1948, presented data on 200 thousands of Chinese who died in Nanking. This figure today is considered official. 200 thousands of victims of Japanese aggression in 6 weeks!

In modern Japan, it has become customary to deny the fact that war crimes were committed in Nanjing. Representatives of political elites and the public declare that "cruelty was manifested exclusively in relation to the enemy - the Chinese servicemen." At the same time, in the memoirs of the Japanese servicemen themselves, who were in 1937 in Nanking, there is considerable evidence that the troops, on the orders of the command and "on personal initiative," committed the most atrocities against the civilian population of the occupied Chinese city.

The Tokyo process, which began by the decision of 11 countries of the world (USSR, USA, China, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, India, the Netherlands and the Philippines), identified 29 accused of Nanking massacre. Among the most senior are the Prime Minister of Japan (1937-1939) Fumimaro Konoe, the Foreign Minister of Japan Yosuke Matsuoka and the Admiral of Japan fleet Osami Nagano.

Of the 29, only seven were sentenced to death (by hanging), the aforementioned ex-premier Konoe, drank the poison, without waiting for the tribunal's sentence. And in relation to 15, life imprisonment was chosen, but in the end, most of them were pardoned and released on 7 years. Other persons involved in the process received different terms and as a result were also granted mercy.

Moreover, after being released from prison, some convicted of crimes in Nanking were again among prominent Japanese politicians. So, Mamoru Shigemitsu (the then ambassador to the USSR) became the head of the Foreign Ministry of Japan and its first permanent representative to the UN. Honori Kai became Minister of Justice.

Prince Yasuhiko, who issued the order to murder all the captured Chinese in Nanking in 1937, was avoided, receiving immunity as a representative of the imperial family.

Weekend reading. Why did the main culprit of the genocide in Nanking avoid the tribunal?

The prince (General) Yasuhiko was not in the dock of the Tokyo Trial, since he was granted immunity by the USA and personally by General Douglas MacArthur. In 1951, the man, who is called the main culprit of the Nanking Massacre, accepted the Catholic faith and, as his official biography says, finally retired. The prince-war criminal, who escaped punishment, lived to 93 years in prosperity and well-being. Historians tend to believe that the Japanese imperial family received "immunity" from the Americans not at all on a grant basis. It is believed that the state of the American generals after the "deal" 1945 of the year with the imperial family of the Land of the Rising Sun has increased significantly.
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  1. Jedi
    Jedi 16 December 2017 11: 47
    It is believed that the state of American generals after the "deal" in 1945 with the imperial family of the Land of the Rising Sun increased most significantly.

    Some cutthroats "roofed" the others, and even for good swag.
    1. hrych
      hrych 16 December 2017 12: 01
      Quote: Jedi
      Some thugs "roofed" others

      The traditions of inhumanity in the Asia-Pacific region are perceived as the norm.
      And the fact that China gives 300 thousand, and the court counted 200 thousand is an ordinary Chinese postscript. Here is the article "Deceptively Big China", you can not accept it, but everyone should become familiar and the world will look different smile
      1. Crowe
        Crowe 16 December 2017 12: 17
        Nothing, the United States will swell and retreat from this region! And the Chinese are patient and their memory is good. They will remember everything!
      2. Jedi
        Jedi 16 December 2017 12: 26
        Thanks for the link! hi
        Quote: hrych
        The traditions of inhumanity in the Asia-Pacific region are perceived as the norm.

        In this region, human life has long been valued very low.
        1. Logall
          Logall 16 December 2017 12: 35
          Max, but appreciated - honor and conscience!
          How did the descendants of the samurai descend voluntarily surrendered to the Americans ...
          1. Jedi
            Jedi 16 December 2017 12: 40
            Quote: Logall
            but appreciated - honor and conscience!

            Quote: Logall
            How did the descendants of the samurai descend voluntarily surrendered to the Americans ...

            Already talked about this topic. Shame and shame. sad
        2. antivirus
          antivirus 16 December 2017 21: 06
          since ancient times, human life was valued very low.

          - there are many sands in the desert ... long distances,
          the life of one is nothing before eternity
    2. Hunter
      Hunter 16 December 2017 12: 04
      As I understand this article, to the fact that the DPRK will water the Japanese against the United States ..?
      I have the ability to read between the lines since the days of the USSR!
      Hold on eun!
      1. San Sanych
        San Sanych 16 December 2017 18: 04
        Quote: Hunter
        As I understand this article, to the fact that the DPRK will water the Japanese against the United States ..?
        I have the ability to read between the lines since the days of the USSR!
        Hold on eun!

        better let the Japanese "hold on" and beware, otherwise Fukushima may happen again
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 16 December 2017 12: 05
      For the United States, war is a business. There are no wars on their territory.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  2. VLKSM
    VLKSM 16 December 2017 11: 47
    The United States helped many executioners then escape retribution. Especially the Nazis ...
  3. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 16 December 2017 11: 49
    these always measure justice only with money and personal gain ...
    And the power ... it is in the TRUTH ...
  4. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 16 December 2017 12: 16
    And what is surprising? Nothing personal, just business. Who cares how many hundreds of thousands of Chinese are killed if an American general can get several hundred thousand dollars. It is just a business.
  5. iouris
    iouris 16 December 2017 12: 18
    Japan excelled in the creation of technologies for the mass destruction of people, specifically the Chinese. However, this massacre is a completely unique phenomenon even for the modern era. Only a few years later, the United States achieved the same efficiency by spending billions of dollars. The imperial family was very interested in biomedical problems, and the creation of many types of biological weapons of mass destruction is a direct "merit" of the emperor of Japan. After the war, captured "specialists" from "Detachment 731" worked for the USSR until the mid-1950s. By the way, the encephalitis tick is also Japanese.
    Why haven't these war criminals been tried? Because the Japanese have a specific mentality: they lack morality and personal responsibility. The Japanese must do everything "correctly", that is, obey. The "divine emperor" is responsible for everything. The emperor recognized the supremacy of General MacArthur. MacArthur reported to the President and Congress. The main culprit of all wars is the US administration. Well, the US administration cannot judge itself.
  6. Herculesic
    Herculesic 16 December 2017 12: 43
    It was not just then that the Chinese had liquidation groups for trapping and destroying military, state, and political criminals! Maybe now they are there, such units, I do not know. But, I know that we needed such groups, just yesterday! !!!
  7. Hariton laptev
    Hariton laptev 16 December 2017 12: 47
    Well, time passed the story was rewritten and now they demand the island in exchange for a peace treaty.
  8. midshipman
    midshipman 16 December 2017 15: 39
    The PRC remembers this tragedy. I regret that they do not bill the United States for these support to Japan. All wars on Earth were unleashed and financed by US Jews. I have the honor.
  9. Doliva63
    Doliva63 16 December 2017 17: 37
    Never loved the Japanese. I probably won’t drinks
  10. Weyland
    Weyland 16 December 2017 18: 26
    Prince Yasuhiko escaped criminal prosecution by receiving immunity as a representative of the imperial family.

    Where would u a democratic America has such a reverence for representatives imperial kind of? Why is it possible to judge democratically elected leaders of Germany, but not Japanese princes?
    The Chinese should take an example from Jews and Armenians: they did not rely on international tribunals, but arranged some kind of "Operation Nemesis"
    1. iouris
      iouris 17 December 2017 01: 28
      Quote: Weyland
      Where would democratic America have such a reverence for representatives of the imperial family?

      Japan is a colony of Anglo-Saxons. America (USA) is not "democratic", the US administration does not feel reverence. If Hirohito had been hanged, Japan would not have come out of chaos. MacArthur became emperor, and emperor made a symbol. Japan tied to the US economy, forcing to do what the Americans themselves can not do effectively.
      It should be recalled that the peace between Russia and Japan after the fall of Port Arthur was concluded in the United States. However, already in the year in 1907, a secret treaty was signed between Russia and Japan to counteract the expansion of the Anglo-Saxons. This agreement was published by Leo Davidovich Trotsky (guess why?), Which caused a deep shock in Japan.
      I have a hypothesis that Japan also "attacked" the USA at the strong will of the US administration, in particular, President Roosevelt. This made it possible for the "democratic USA" to enter the war against the wishes of the general population, and to begin the transformation of the USA prepared by the US administration into the only superpower.
      This allows you to give an unambiguous answer to the question asked in the title of the publication.