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Putin gave Trump a secret message

Often, the true meaning of the statements of the first persons of the states remains closed to ordinary citizens.

December 14 in Moscow hosted a press conference of the head of Russia Vladimir Putin. It asked several questions about relations with the United States in general, and with Donald Trump in particular.

Obviously, Putin has nothing to praise the American president. After all, he is not the sovereign master of the White House and cannot fulfill his election promises, in particular, to normalize relations with our country. And the president of the Russian Federation speaks with understanding on this, mentioning "known limitations." It turns out that the Kremlin knows that Washington is now engulfed in cover-up battles and we should not expect any fundamental changes.

But Trump is still better than all other politicians with plastic eyes and identical texts. And a very thin signal is sent to him.

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  1. kipage
    kipage 16 December 2017 15: 56
    Yes, there’s nothing to praise them all
    As if
  2. Fedya2017
    Fedya2017 16 December 2017 20: 52
    This Putin himself in the ear explained to the author?! ... Hehehehehehe !!!!! The hard work of the after-Kremlin Kremlin boats ...
    HEATHER 17 December 2017 07: 45
    Colonel TrampIt may soon be gravely childish. wassat