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Russian submarines will leave the British Isles without communication

The head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Great Britain announced the discovery of Russian submarines in close proximity to the deep-sea cables that connect the British Isles to mainland Europe and are of great strategic importance. According to the chief of staff, Russia continues to develop unconventional methods of warfare, which means that a new “victim” of the Kremlin can become means of communication, such as the Internet.

A military official noted that damage to such communications could have catastrophic consequences for the country. He stressed that the Russian ships are constantly combing the Atlantic Ocean, possibly with the aim of cutting these cables. And as is often the case, such warnings come with ideas on how to reduce risks.

However, the purpose of these submarine cables is not limited to access to the worldwide network.

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  1. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 16 December 2017 10: 01
    British fantasies blocked their heads. What kind of cables? Do you reveal your secrets. Yes, and the boats they clearly saw.
  2. Vard
    Vard 16 December 2017 10: 02
    And a good idea .. I put it next to a mine type with a remote control, and in which case ... Bach! You yourself might not have thought of it ... So thanks ...
  3. cedar
    cedar 16 December 2017 10: 05
    For Tavistock alone, with his inhuman dirty tricks, they need to circumcise everything and everyone ...
    1. Settlement Oparyshev
      Settlement Oparyshev 16 December 2017 10: 08
      What is it? Like just in case.
  4. Eurodav
    Eurodav 16 December 2017 11: 38
    Small shaves without communication, and the back of Boriski and the queen without ointment !!!
  5. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 16 December 2017 13: 16
    Well done RT, it seems, they are talking about cables that Russians can cut, but at the same time reveal the essence of wiretapping. Although I doubt that Germany does not know about this.
    MOSKVITYANIN 17 December 2017 03: 19
    Now it’s clear why the empirialists hate this channel ....
  7. cost 75
    cost 75 3 January 2018 10: 00
    Our submarines can leave them not only without communication but also without the British.