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DNR: OSCE does not record the consequences of shelling by security forces

Two people were killed and seven were injured in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic over the past week as a result of shelling by the Ukrainian security forces, Edward Basurin, deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR, told reporters on Friday.

As a result of attacks from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (Ukrainian Armed Forces), four civilians were injured. Two died and three wounded personnel of the Armed Forces of the DNI
- said Basurin.

DNR: OSCE does not record the consequences of shelling by security forces

According to him, over the week, there were about 250 truce violations by the security forces, more than 50 homes, a kindergarten and an outpatient clinic were damaged.

At the same time, Basurin declared that the observers of the OSCE mission were unwilling to record the consequences of shelling by the Ukrainian security forces.

He called on the deputy head of the OSCE mission in Ukraine, Alexander Hug, to draw attention to violations by the Ukrainian security forces and "take effective measures to protect the citizens of the republic and international law."

In your inaction, Mr. Hug, we see a frank reluctance to record the war crimes of the current Ukrainian regime. In fact, in spite of our reports and messages of the JCCC, none of the representatives of the OSCE SMM arrived at the shelling sites. And citizens of our republic continue to die and get injured from criminal actions.
- added Basurin.
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  1. Sergey53
    Sergey53 15 December 2017 13: 20
    It not only does not record the consequences of the shelling, but also does not transmit them anywhere if it captures them.
    1. Going
      Going 15 December 2017 13: 22
      And when they acted differently.
      1. Vasya_Piterskiy
        Vasya_Piterskiy 15 December 2017 14: 18
        White helmets No. 2?
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 15 December 2017 16: 09
          DNR: OSCE does not record the consequences of shelling by security forces
          Most likely, some members of the OSCE correct these attacks from the Armed Forces of Ukraine on LDN and periodically.
          I have no doubt about that!
      2. Lexus
        Lexus 15 December 2017 14: 35
        Who will show their pants with a "speck"?
    2. LeonidL
      LeonidL 16 December 2017 01: 45
      The OSCE and all the other "Minsk" tinsel - there are descendants of the three famous monkeys of the head of Hitler's Abwehr Admiral Canaris "I see nothing!" “I can’t hear anything” “I won’t tell anyone!” Minsk is a stillborn child; none of the players need it for nothing. If Potroshenko goes for honest execution of Minsk, he will be torn to pieces by nationalists, Nazis, Bandera! If Moscow - then punitive will enter the Donbass and arrange a bloody bath. This is a terrible reputation loss of face! In addition, Crimea will immediately stand in line. If, as a result of Minsk, the ukrovermaht and the ukrovaffen SS enter the Donbass, then the bloody end or the shameful flight of all those who participated in the construction and defense of Donbass more or less. the leadership of the LPR-DPR in their right mind would not do this. Western owners of ukakaini also don’t need to carry out Minsk - sanctions must be constant like a Domocles sword. Who needs Minsk? Probably only Lukashenko!
  2. Logall
    Logall 15 December 2017 13: 21
    The osse gives Kiev another chance to declare - '' the militia itself is shelling its quarters! ''
    They still gathered to guard, by UN forces! am
  3. Egorovich
    Egorovich 15 December 2017 13: 31
    Turning to the OSCE is turning to the void. Representatives of the OSCE SMM will never discredit the fascist Bandera junta, because they themselves have not gone far from them.
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 15 December 2017 13: 37
      Greetings! hi It is enough to recall with whose hand the OSCE feeds and everything becomes clear.
      1. Egorovich
        Egorovich 15 December 2017 13: 43
        Hi, Max! One organization of fucking is different and everyone has the same motive. Evil is not enough, emotions are going through the roof.
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 15 December 2017 13: 45
          This is one of the elements of their struggle - to test our nerves for strength. That's just a psychological test can end with very real lyuli.
          1. Egorovich
            Egorovich 15 December 2017 13: 52
            Well, right, in the war all means are good, but what is the end of this war, it is not clear to anyone yet, that’s for sure.
            1. Jedi
              Jedi 15 December 2017 13: 57
              In this war, the United States will definitely not succeed in arrogating a victory for itself.
              1. Egorovich
                Egorovich 15 December 2017 13: 59
                Max, I write and laugh. This certainly will not succeed.
                1. Jedi
                  Jedi 15 December 2017 14: 05
                  When I wrote, I laughed. yes
          2. Lelek
            Lelek 15 December 2017 14: 56
            Quote: Jedi
            That's just a psychological test can end with very real lyuli

            Maksim, hi . An interesting note came across. I will share it. The registers of volunteers and volunteer fighters of the ATO cunningly fell into the hands of the FSB.
            1. Jedi
              Jedi 16 December 2017 07: 42
              Leo, welcome! hi The note leads to interesting thoughts ...
  4. 23424636
    23424636 15 December 2017 14: 01
    block 0 went in front of him, the MP was sorting out with carriers and a gang of ransomware in full outfit under the red-black flag. Then there was a strange picture - 4 rows of cars trying to get into the corridor from a thorn and hedgehogs constantly gassing and pushing a neighbor into the side of another In this stream from a car strange people with percusses squeeze in mud to the coveted buses on the horizon and it’s in a line 15 meters wide where there are thorns and mine signs to the right and left. Similar movers every day on the major block And here they stand in the confusion of the OSCE Toyota = or crush people or wait for the crowd to resolve. THIS became due to the fact that the rare and vaginolysis of Tymoshenko-Turchinov gave a command to the busy gray zone and the OSCE stupidly cannot even get the hell out of itself. Well, these trolls are from Europe, why the Donetsk ones, at least the Tatar who took almost everything here under Yenukovich’s chauffeur a native of Gorlovka, Boyko, even the Russian-speaking Chukhonite Azarov, will not glimpse the inhabitants of Donbass, whom they used and threw into a survival experiment. BUT we will survive, but here you are the hell of the court will return.
  5. Topotun
    Topotun 15 December 2017 14: 23
    They will not fix - even if they kill them with this shell. Well, they don’t see ...
  6. vanavatny
    vanavatny 15 December 2017 14: 24
    I want to attach deep axes to these helmets in them ...
  7. rodus
    rodus 15 December 2017 15: 07
    15.12.17/XNUMX/XNUMX. Commentary from the militia Alexander Zhuchkovsky.

    “Because of my employment, I didn’t follow the scandal with the Ukrainian film“ Flight of a Bullet ”shown in Moscow. I’ve read more now, the story is typical for our realities, we haven’t found anything new and surprising. We all know how Ukrainians are condoned in the Russian Federation and hinder Russian.

    The outcome of the story: Igor Beketov, who disrupted the screening of the film, was given seven days of administrative arrest yesterday. The film "Flight of the Bullet" received the main prize of the Documentary Film Festival "Artdocfest". The Moscow authorities did not prevent the screening of the film, although many days before it was already widely known what this Ukrainian agitation was.

    In this regard, one cannot fail to mention Natalya Vladimirovna Poklonskaya. She fought with Matilda for a whole year, but didn’t say a word about “Bullet Flight” and in defense of people who prevented him. It is sad when even the most energetic and principled people prefer to sidestep things that require real physical intervention and opposition.

    I will give the opinions of our military commanders Dmitry Steshin and Sergey Belous.

    Steshin: “Maxim Fadeev, one of the best documentaries of our time, applied to Artdocfest with an application for showing his film about the Donbass. He was refused with the wording“ there is nothing to popularize the killers. ”It’s supposed that the Aidar battalion, a military unit with an incomprehensible status and financing, distributed flowers and coupons for jam in the Donbass. "

    Belous: “Why did the best documentary filmmaker in the DPR for 4 years of the war not get normal equipment and post-production (costing a lot of money) does it“ on the knee ”? And when the film is ready, it is removed from the festival of documentary military cinema? For the command“ from above ”arrived - so as not to offend some "Ukrainian migrants". "

    I immediately remember the film “Crimea” released in the autumn by director Pimanov. Wherever there is a word about the Russians and the Russian Spring (yes, in the film about the reunion of the Russian people, the word "Russians" is pronounced 0 times). The director called the reason for this simple: "he did not want to offend the Ukrainians."

    In the story with “Flight of the Bullet”, as in many other similar stories, everything is the same: they do not want to offend the Ukrainians. Just as the Russian Federation does not want to offend the Tatars, they do not want to offend the Chechens, they do not want to offend the Yakuts, they do not want to offend anyone. Except the Russians. "
  8. BAI
    BAI 15 December 2017 16: 08
    All of Ukraine knows about this unknown "third force", without hiding, they are proud of those killed on the side of the militia, and observers do not observe anything.
  9. Alex Justice
    Alex Justice 15 December 2017 18: 27
    Interview Strelkova.
  10. LeonidL
    LeonidL 16 December 2017 01: 38
    How pathetic and naive this succulent is! Yes, the OSCE is not going to do anything for the people of Donbass - they were not created for that and were not introduced for that.
  11. LeonidL
    LeonidL 16 December 2017 01: 52
    For those who do not consider nationalism a dangerous phenomenon, it is worth quoting the words of the cleverest politician, journalist and writer Shulgin from the book “The Last Witness”. “... in exile, I saw the wrong side of all nationalism. The world went into a period when nationalism ceased to be a constructive force. Adolf Hitler especially meted out the other teachers in this regard.” This is written by a man who, for ten years in the State Duma, until 1917, positioned himself precisely as a nationalist. Nationalism is the last, necessary and sufficient step to the peak of National Socialism. Without nationalism, Nazism is impossible in principle. That is why Ukrainian nationalists-Bandera and can quite logically be considered the successors and preachers of the ideas and practices of national socialism and Adolf Hitler.
  12. Antares
    Antares 16 December 2017 15: 53
    At the same time, Basurin declared that the observers of the OSCE mission were unwilling to record the consequences of shelling by the Ukrainian security forces.

    Show Basurin the link at last
    -to-ukraine / 158001
    usg = ALkJrhjWfAvcWsmxorozGOOJ9vL9jKkOJw
    For example, I stopped by and read in just one day. Here are snippets of fixation.
    In Dokuchaevsk on the street Furmanova, 8, observers saw two broken windows on the southwestern side of a single-story house (both windows were covered with polymer film), fragmentation damage to the southwestern wall and a satellite dish with fresh holes distorted. The SMM team determined that the damage was caused by shells of an unidentified type (caliber not exceeding 30 mm) fired from the sector between south and west. A neighbor (aged 60-69 years) reported that the shelling occurred on December 12 between 11:00 and 12:00. Earlier, observers heard that in the courtyard on the street. Furmanova, 8, 62-year-old man received shrapnel wounds (see SMM Daily Report December 13, 2017.)

    In Lugansk on the street Farmers, 10, members of the Mission patrol recorded shrapnel damage to the southeast wall of the house and a destroyed wooden outbuilding in the backyard of the house. About 20 meters southwest of the house, the SMM team saw a fresh funnel. According to observers, the funnel was formed from a projectile, released from the BMP-1 gun or recoilless guns (SPG-9, 73 mm). A man (aged 40-49), who lives across from the street, told the SMM that his mother lives in that house (aged 70-79), and added that the shelling took place on 11 December at around 22:00 p.m.

    On December 13, the Mission carried out an assessment of the damage to the power line caused by shelling in the “LPR” -controlled s. Kalinovo-Borschevatoe (61 km west of Lugansk). Observers saw that one of the high-voltage power lines was cut off and cables hung from poles. The SMM team also saw about 30 fresh funnels (10-20 m apart) and fragments of an unidentified type of ammunition on soft ground about 200 m northeast of the poles and about 100 m east of the nearest residential building in the village . According to observers, all the funnels were formed from explosions of shells of an unknown type, fired from the western direction.

    And this is only a small part. The mission records time and direction, consequences, deaths, injuries. Judging by the reports, the picture is very simple - everyone shoots! Death is carried on all sides. And there is no side that brought peace. For they shoot everything and everything.
    By the way, the mission confirmed in a report on December 14 that Ukrainians restored power supply in Gladosovo and Mayskoy, but villages are shelled. Avdeevka is also heavily shelled (there are endless repairs to restore the supply)
    As for Basurin, it is clear that his goal is to attract more attention to violations of the Ukrainian side. The goal of the Ukrainian side is just the opposite.
    So the OSCE mission and its reports are much more objective than the statements of Basurinov, Tymchukov and other representatives. They want to fulfill what they cannot do, namely to end the war on their own terms! They are only observers. And they die there too.