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Results of the week. "Russians are just damn crazy."

Watched all

13 is the big press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. More than 1600 journalists are accredited to it, including journalists from foreign publications and TV channels. The event takes place in the World Trade Center.

What turned out - the press conference, clinging to the screens, "crying, pricking", but continuing to watch, watched around the world. In the same Ukraine, as shown by ratings on the views, interest in the press conference in a number of regions was higher than in Russia. Why are there Ukraine. Lithuania, Poland ... CNN did a live broadcast for the night owls. Among the "night owls" was the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who, after the conversation between Vladimir Putin and journalists, phoned his Russian colleague and thanked him for the high appreciation of his economic work expressed by the Russian president.

In general, the president of a small-town regional power station, a gas station torn to shreds ... What is it ...

Comments from our readers:

To be or not to be
I do not remember that the presidents of the United States and the West would hold such conferences at which they could ask any questions to them and they would answer them fully - as the president of the Russian Federation.

"The opposition should not only make noise in the squares and talk about the anti-people regime, it is important to offer something."
Golden words!

From the series "Who Lives Well in Russia". Taki who is good, then good, but for someone bad - wait. The elite zhiruet, the people growing taxes "welcomes", "friends" in Uropu gas and oil flows like a river. What is not a lump, then a thief, and who hangs them there at the Christmas tree. In general, God forbid that we do not gozhe.
And most importantly, the country lives by a liberal ideology — under a white flag, but everyone knows that it is red, and the Nazis have already become victims.
And so, thank God, we are fine.

And if you dig deeper

The Presnensky Court of Moscow sentenced 7 to the day of the administrative arrest of three members of the anti-fascist group SERB, who disrupted the show of the pro-fascist film Flying the Bullet, which celebrates the militants of the Ukrainian punitive battalion.

Results of the week. "Russians are just damn crazy."

Here, perhaps, we should not even think about why 7 days of arrest were “soldered” to these activists, but over those who are generally responsible for dragging the vileness from the “bullet flights” series to the show in front of Russian viewers. And there, I think, there is much to dig. Because all these figures work, well, obviously, not in isolation. They have, as they say, addresses and passwords, appearances, and the legend that “everybody can offend an artist”. And certainly not to satisfy their own creative urges, they do it all. Conspirology? Who knows who knows...

Comments from our readers:

And what, the Russian authorities are seeking such a good-natured attitude towards the fascists, so that the patriots themselves began to make Natsik on the forks?

1. People were punished for violating the law. It's all right here.
2. In a state of law, defend their position in the legal field, otherwise Ukraine will turn out.
3. While there is no decision of the court or other supervisory authority by the law authorized to authorize or prohibit the showing of the film. The display restriction becomes a violation.
4. I do not like the situation - sue, write applications to the prosecutor's office, organize social movements and rallies. There are many legitimate methods for upholding your position.
5. Lord indignant, can you show scans of your statements to the prosecutor?

But it seems to me that the ballet Nureyev, a film glorifying the fascists, and perhaps other “trifles” is part of a huge, competent provocation right before the elections. Well, the persecution of gays, of the “creators of cinematography” will begin, they will simply start beating people. So what? The GDP will defend for those who are indignant righteously - oh, oh, how they will raise the banner of the ban on freedom of speech both in the country and in the west. Touches for the "creators" - the people in the elections recoil? Not? In any case, all this diligently summed up under the "Maidan". And it seems to me that 2018 will not pass peacefully and quietly inside the country. At this point, the all-in bank will go ... if you don’t worry in advance.

Let's play hard

A US operation to strike at Russian oligarchs may excite some of President Putin’s entourage.

Well, it would be possible to argue about a possible “capitulation” if it were not for one nuance. Powerful such a nuance. Capacious word of four letters - Crimea. It seems that if Putin went for another presidential term to capitulate, then stories with the Crimea would not be originally. There, Bandera’s ков Sharikovs ’would already rule over there and the new American naval base would be completed.
So, let's play some more. And, it seems, precisely in hard.

That's just the problem, not only in the “partners from there” ... There are inside the country those who are ready to bring everything and everyone to capitulation in the image and likeness of the beginning of 90, and moreover, what our foreigners want from Russia friends". - To curry favor with the "greatest democracy" and get your cookie.

Comments from our readers:

There will be no quiet surrender, but opposition to the West will be tougher. IMHO. Otherwise, why to move forward for a fourth term, and ... May the Russian people and God help Putin.

Someone still hopes that the Tsar, once awake, will exclaim: “But what has become of this with my people and country ?! Now I’ll restore order ...” Have you still not understood anything and live in dreams? Pink glasses, take off already ... look more attentively at the environment, friends, relatives (not yours of course), wipe your eyes. the system is formed, and nothing will change. (point)

Yes, how do we know what will happen? And the Darkest himself clearly does not fully represent what awaits him, the country and the world in the coming 6 years. Too many factors began to influence the political terrarium, which was formed due to the independent policy of the Russian Federation and the US desire to maintain the status quo. The old world order went into the dressing, only this is obvious, but what will happen next is a huge question. In particular, how the boy Kim will behave, what he will do with his new favorite toys, and how hysterically American power will respond to these pranks.

And material encouragement? ..

Money bags itched. And their reaction was announced last week. The reaction is very original. According to the information agency “Reedus”, citing sources, the richest Russians keeping their funds outside the Russian Federation made a proposal for the Russian government to render (attention!) Financial and legal assistance to return funds from abroad to Russia.

If the American “hawks” still have at least a little more pressure with their anti-Russian sanctions, then there is an opinion that we will see many “old acquaintances” - and not on a bench in London, but on the air of a talk show on Russian TV channels. They will explain to us with you that, in fact, they did not run away anywhere with the looted capital, that, they say, we did not understand them so well, and that we generally worked under cover from behalf of and on behalf of. Well, there, you know, already orders and medals, plus material incentives ...

Comments from our readers:

So that American jurisdiction did not "spread to the whole world" it was not necessary to enter it. Nobody forced us to abandon our national bank, join the WTO, recognize the priority of foreign law over national law and allow capital to be exported over the hill. Until the system is changed, nothing will change.

Compromises will be. True, not with all and not for all. One may frown his brows and blast out with his fair and terrible words, but the reality, however, is that the entire world credit and financial system (perhaps except China, the EU) is sharpened on the dollar and stands on the dollar. In this sense, all national banks (and our Central Bank including) are only branches of the US Federal Reserve. And our ruble is derived from the dollar and some equivalent showing how many goods and services in dollar equivalent you can buy for the amount you have in rubles. And we have a hard peg of the number of rubles to the available dollars. The Central Bank buys currency from exporters for rubles. It is possible to argue long about the fairness of such a system. Periodically in different places of the world, different countries, financial institutions, etc. attempts are being made to get away from the dollar noose. Surely sooner or later it will happen. But while it is and still there. In conditions when it is impossible to get a loan in Western financial institutions, and the country and enterprises need currency to buy know-how, technology, equipment, because over the decades of the so-called “democratic reforms” we have drastically lagged behind in some critical technologies, and some have lost all or we don’t have at all, money withdrawn from the country illegally would be very useful. Here is the basis for a compromise. But the state here must put the conditions on its own: We will accept this money and give you an indulgence from past cases only if you act as investors in high-tech industries where we point out to you.

On the one hand - the height of arrogance and shamelessness. And on the other ... quite realistic requirements for our liberal government. After all, the oligarchs, they are not "half-intelligent", require only what they can give! Therefore, I would not be surprised if their unscrupulous demands are approved by the Kremlin. In the end, one gang-watering, everyone knows each other as peeling, and have already agreed on everything.

Conditions should be alone - money to the base to the penny, and then, perhaps, you will live in freedom. Maybe Putin Trump asked prizhuchit impudent Russian thieves?

Tanks APU - boiler veterans

Deputy Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for Logistics, Major General Yuri Tolochny:
In general, the reserve of equipment is still large, but all of this equipment is obsolete, and the potential for modernization is almost exhausted. Some upgrades turn out to be unsuccessful in real combat. For example, the T-64BM “Bulat” tanks, due to their heavy weight and weak engine, turned out to be ineffective, were transferred to the reserve and replaced with linear T-64.

In fact, everything is easily explained here. The Ukrainian general “backward mind” understands that, God forbid, the States, through Georgia, will supply the same desired, “Javelins” to the APU - write it is gone. After all, through the Ukrainian online stores and other metatorgovye schemes "Javelins" may eventually be among those who will use them against the mentioned "Bulat" of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. So the general got into a fuss: it is better to say now that the tank is bad and not finalized ... To foresee, so to speak, taking into account the fact that everything is sold and bought in Ukraine, including the state as such ...

Comments from our readers:

One would like to answer: you just don’t know how to prepare them ... If the mind is not enough to properly control the machine and to interact with other units, any tank will not like them.

And why selyuk, rogules and farmers high technology? For them, the most important thing is balakat on the move, wearing embroidery and dancing hopak. These three things for them are the objects of national pride. And high technology? Fi! This occupation for m ... lei! And we will dance hopak, sing folk songs on the melodious move, wear an embroidered shirt and be proud of it.

Alexey RA
With the BTR "Iraqi order" in Ukraine it was even more interesting. They wrote that in fact in the troops, these machines were very much appreciated - because compared to the machines of the new release, they were of high quality.

And what's under the mask?

The final sentence against the ex-minister Ulyukaev is eight years in a penal colony. In addition, Ulyukaev will pay a fine in the amount of a bribe - 130 million rubles. After his release (in 8 years minus the term of house arrest), he will be deprived of the right to occupy state positions for the same period.

Shock, torn hair, bloody gebnyh, incommensurable with the crime of punishment - this is a brief summary of the hysteria of the liberal "elites" within Russia, who had previously declared themselves as the lights of the fight against corruption. As soon as the screw of the corruption machine was carefully unscrewed and thrown into the box labeled “recycling”, they rushed to look for a reason for statements in the style of “something is not right”, “the fault is not proven in general” and “hands off normal corrupt officials”. In general, the mask from liberal bortsuny for anti-corruption ideals foiled famously ...

Comments from our readers:

Congratulations, the oligarch of the Russian Federation brought sacred sacrifice to the people. Now we will see how this individual will sit, and then, remembering Vasilyev, bad thoughts come to mind.

I even feel sorry for Alyosha. For such mere pennies and on 8 years ... Apparently he did not share it with someone, and we are talking about a much larger amount. "We can steal trains with us and sit in a chair, or we can steal a bicycle and sit on the backboard for many years."
For the gifted is irony. Such show cases are made for the average man to satisfy his hunger for justice.

The Siberian barber
Oops !!)) Suddenly somehow))
However, the next episode of "Star Wars"))
The struggle for the "trough" in full swing)
Everyone wants to "suffer for the people", they are already ready to kill each other)) But it's nice, damn it!

Shoot drones

In service with missile troops and artillery consists weapon different classes and types, capable of performing certain combat missions. At the same time, to achieve the desired efficiency, gunners need both ammunition and some additional equipment. They need intelligence, control systems and other equipment. Within the framework of the current state rearmament program, due attention is paid to this area. Certain results have already been obtained, and the material part is being updated.

A drone can also be guided by a projectile which, with the help of a “carrier” rocket, can be abandoned to the required distance for reconnaissance. Developers are preparing for such purposes a rocket complex "Smerch" - for the future. As an option, it is quite effective, even taking into account the fact that, for obvious reasons, the developers are not reporting all the nuances.

Comments from our readers:

"Smile-M" is an interesting system. Perhaps there was no need to separate the calculators of weather bulletins, which were counted on slide rules. Go down in history "Trumans" as a vehicle. And nothing has changed in the way of producing hydrogen for weather probes. And the balls above 30 km are already starting to burst.

Nikolaevich I
The main thing is to start, and there in 152-mm or 203-mm artillery shells of the UAV it is possible to “sew up” ... Americans in 155-mm artillery shells are sewn up ...

In the lawlessness
What is the fault of the supporter of the “Russian spring” who laid so much strength (and the means too: for the needs of his movement, Basov sold his apartment in Sevastopol) to achieve the goal of reunification with Russia?
Six years in prison Basov received for ... attempted fraud.

There would be a man, and the article, as you know, there will be. Though attempted fraud, even attempted to commit an attempt.
When “comrades” are sitting on the ground, capable of striding over their heads and destinies for a new asterisk, regardless of the merits before the Fatherland of those for whom they are walking, the Crimean incident will not be the only one. You know yourself before God, before the king ... And therefore the piece of paper on the report on the work done becomes the main "proof" of eHvektivnosti from the field. Such evidence of success in the fight against ordinary citizens. And Crimea is definitely not an exception. We have such “Crimean precedents” from Kaliningrad and Murmansk to Vladikavkaz, Perm and Sakhalin. No limits, no frames. But what about the constitutional power of the people? Oh, do not make me laugh ...

Comments from our readers:

In any "struggle for ..." there are at least two categories of fighters. The first who stood at the origins of the struggle, choosing the only side for themselves, principled. And there are the second ones who joined the winner "somewhat later." Between them - a significant difference. The first are simple people who rose up to defend the Crimea against Neo-Banderers, risking their lives. The second ones, clothed with power and position, just made bets, like at races, and then, having fallen asleep under one flag, without too much noise, woke up under another. I was not at all impressed by the “circus” performances of Poklonskaya in a crumpled pea coat and in the earflap, of course, under heavy guard, while ordinary citizens with improvised means and hunting weapons were preparing to repulse armored vehicles. The result was that the Crimea, returning home, brought with him a portion of easily changing shoes. Some of them have taken the oath for the third time, and if an opportunity arises, they will take the oath for the fourth and the fifth. Why did the government bet on them - yes, because they are controlled (for the time being), because they are shaking for their skin and wealth. Colleagues, so to speak. And the people? It glimmers hope for justice and a prosperous homeland, he is extra "at the table."
Therefore, such a proven instrument, such as “witness testimony,” regularly works, when it is necessary to knock the pride from “ungrateful citizens”, and there is absolutely no evidence. Who are the judges?

Pax tecum
There is nothing new under the sun.
And, impunity is the basis of permissiveness. Particularly characteristic of representatives of different branches of government who are in a criminal conspiracy. It is becoming the norm that in general even sounds creepy.
100%, demonstrative "executions" of such "business from the authorities" will correct the situation, whatever they say.

If you wish, you can find such cases in any (certain!) Region of Russia, and not necessarily related to political movements; no need to focus on the scene.

Not learned?

Last week, a statement was made from the mouth of Finance Minister Anton Siluanov that the funds of the Reserve Fund of Russia will be exhausted by the end of this year. The reserve fund is combined with the National Wealth Fund.

So, the Reserve Fund is almost exhausted and will now be merged with the National Wealth Fund. The statement of fact is that the state has not learned how to earn and save funds in the format of large reserves for future infrastructure projects with cheap oil. Talk about economic success and growth in 1,6% - has learned, and to replace oil and gas with alternative sources of income to the budget - yet nothing.
In this regard, it is difficult to imagine what indicators the economic situation would have reduced to, if oil today was not worth 60-65, but the same 35-37, as it was just recently.

As one of our friends says: “Give me a barrel of 120, and I will show you an economic boom, and with a barrel of 35 I will leave for honorable resignation.”

Comments from our readers:

It is clear that we need reasons for the next "degreasing" of the population. But before the election, you can not worry. And there, as usual. We are not used to.

And actually, how should it be under capitalism? It may be that in general pensions will not be, only if the citizen does not bother to accumulate.
Well, imagine another government will come. Or, in general, other people, as many here crave.
Do you think there will be pensions or some other social successes following the example of the late USSR?
No, they will not.
There will be a collapse of the country. And then, maybe a few generations later, a social sphere will suddenly appear in a small country on the former territory of Russia ...
But the chance for this, frankly, quite small ..
Therefore, we groan, we spit, but we pull further. We have no choice yet.

Already POSTED the lack of talent of officials, government and stupid legislative initiatives.
1. Set all members of the government, parliament, officials salary equal to the minimum wage with a small coefficient approximately 1,6 for hospitality. (Schaub did not break away from the people)
2. Apartments provide only service (after service fuck on the outside) with the content for utilities at the expense of the government.
3. Legislatively establish the responsibility of senior officials (up to the death penalty) for preserving the state within the current borders (in order to avoid the desire to distribute - sell off the territory and land of Russia).
4. Oblige the government to develop the industry of Russia - to adopt a program to build factories and factories for the production of goods of 1 need (for example, for 1000 enterprises per year with thousands of jobs each)
5. Legislatively establish the accountability of the president, the prime minister, the leaders of both parliaments, the heads of ministries to the people. (People's Assembly. Committee of National Control ...)
In short, shake everyone and everything! It is time to put in place the snickering bureaucrats.
And the president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, if he has a conscience, he will immediately take measures to restore order!
We give him credit.
By the way, the thieves will be against! Thieves need to "chop the brogs" ...
Ready to go to work "executioner" part-time. And even on a voluntary basis ...
Well, how many people can, the simple Russian people fooling?
I personally do not believe a gram of the current government and legislators.
It is time to appoint from the common people to any leadership positions at least in the regions. The people see all the "charms" of the current bureaucratic lawlessness and mediocrity ...
Now you can break me or eat me with bread and butter.

Stars pour no bags to drag.
I can write such manifestos for the ten per hour.
And these, who are now at the helm, that ... blue bloods?

I order to proceed!

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Syria, at the aerodrome of the Khmeimim base of the All-Union Military Spacecraft of the Russian Federation in the Syrian province of Latakia.

From the Kremlin’s press service: “At the airbase, the head of the Russian state was met by President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar Asad, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Russian military commander Sergei Surovikin.”

Speaking to the servicemen, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation thanked the servicemen for their courage and heroism in defeating the terrorist group IG (prohibited in the Russian Federation). After that, Vladimir Putin ordered the withdrawal of the main Russian contingent from the UAR: "I order the Minister of Defense, Chief of the General Staff to proceed with the withdrawal of the Russian group of troops to their points of permanent deployment."

Curiously, Western analysts announced that Putin had outplayed the West, led by the United States, in Syria. In addition, Putin flew to the base for a reason, and in order to show the collective West who is the real winner of international terrorism.

Comments from our readers:

Putin is a man. Do not piss fly to where the war is going.
And on board his plane is a huge FLAG OF RUSSIA. Let everyone see. Let the whole world know.
This is not Olympic athletes.

I understand how hard mattress. Putin does what he sees fit, flies wherever he wants, does not consult with "western partners", clearly, there is no democracy in Russia.

Sergey Cojocari
I do not understand the thought. The same Trump, without asking permission from Putin, flies wherever he wants, and the results of Trump's trips are much higher than Putin's. What is there pipiski measured, it is their job.

I didn’t notice the elephant ... The game of Russia is more subtle: Russia, with the withdrawal of troops, wants to make its already strong position irreproachable from the moral side. And this will be the main moral resource of Russia as a mediator for negotiations with the Kurds and for negotiations with the opposition. Everything now rushes Russia to the negotiation process. By agreeing with the Kurds and the opposition, Russia will do so that the Kurds themselves will remove the Yankees, with security guarantees from Russia ... And as for the clear victory, the Yankees themselves provoke just such a development of events with complete imperial uporoughness.
Rotten tomatoes from Arabs and so on will fly to Israel and the USA for a long time. Muslims for intrigues around Jerusalem. So they are turned off from the settlement process in Syria. Objectively. Lt. Col. Trump is time to assign a colonel)

“Only Russian masters can do this. Greetings to Russia! ”

The network continues to discuss the professional actions of the Su-30CM fighter pilot, demonstrated in the skies over Syria. We are talking about the actions of the fighter pilot, who literally stuck to the IL-76 transport aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Force and for several minutes literally kept a couple of meters from the loading compartment of the aircraft.

After dumping the cargo of the Su-76SM from the IL-30, it still “hung” for a military transport aircraft aviation - so that the nose of the fighter seemed to be about to be inside the 76th. Then the pilot of the Su-30SM with a spectacular maneuver “peeled off” from the tail of the transporter and continued to patrol the airspace.

Online comments have been posted by foreign users. Here are some of them:

“Russians are just damn psychos. I would not want to fight against such! "
"The pilot is just the king of the air."
"Damn amazing, but an elegant dive at the end is simply breathtaking."
“Only Russian masters can do this. Greetings to Russia! ”

Another event in the sky over Syria is actively commented. We are talking about the actions of Russian pilots, which cause mixed feelings among Americans: from anger to respect. In recent days, a video has been commented on, in which a Russian fighter flies literally a few meters from an American plane, literally knocking an American pilot astray.

This event in the sky SAR occurred at the end of November. Later in the American segment of the Internet, there were reports that Su-35 acted "cheekily", driving away a US Air Force aircraft from Russian bombers, which struck IG positions (banned in Russia) on the west coast of the Euphrates. The American fighter released heat traps and carried out dangerous maneuvers, trying to make it difficult to strike at igilovskim positions. The Drive portal in enthusiastic replicas explained the actions of the Russian pilot, who had to apply “special measures of suggestion” to the American pilot.

Comments from our readers:

Masya masya
Well, it is not given to them, that’s why they don’t understand ours, all that remains is to look from the side and then retreat ...

Well done ours !!! Only our people can do this, Americans are afraid to do that! Only we, and only Russians!

It was necessary for the peasant to hold the nose of the fighter. That would be a unique video: “A Russian man is holding a fighter by the nose, flying at a speed of 1000 km per hour.”

At the end of the video, those who dumped cargo showed. THERE ARE NO INSURANCE !!! With open compartment !!!

Approval with the explosion

On Tuesday, there were two significant events. First, the authorities of the German federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern approved the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, and second, an explosion occurred at the OMV gas hub in Baumgarten in the morning. As a result, Russian gas deliveries to Italy, Slovenia and part of Hungary were temporarily suspended.

The resolution issued is dated November 2 of the current year. And it became the first official permit issued by European licensing authorities for the construction of the second phase of the Nord Stream. According to the document, the consortium can build a section of the gas pipeline running along the German continental shelf, even today.

The second event, that is, the explosion, “played into the hands of Gazprom very well, column observer Yu Podolyak believes.

Due to the explosion at the Austrian gas distribution station, Italy, Slovenia and part of Hungary were left without supplies of Russian “blue” fuel. In Italy, a state of emergency was declared and a temporary restriction was imposed on the use of gas. Slovenia and Hungary had fewer problems. However, the explosion on the main gas pipeline forced the Europeans to look at the problems of laying new Russian gas pipelines in a different way.

If Italy had a fallback, today's problems could have been avoided. But it would be possible if no one interfered in its time with the construction of the "South Stream", one branch of which was supposed to end in southern Italy. According to the original plan, the southern gas pipe from Russia, bypassing Ukraine, should have been laid before the end of 2015. But Washington intervened, and now Italy is saving gas.

It is to be expected that one of the likely consequences of an emergency in Austria will be the intensification of negotiations on the second branch of the “Turkish Stream”. As we know, Gazprom intends to build it only after clarification has been made on the final consumers of gas. Just three countries that have suffered from an explosion in Austria, ironically, are most interested in this alternative.

Comments from our readers:

... Most likely a violation of TB. He worked in the trunk grids, there it is very strict, before going out - mandatory instruction on TB, as well as in all industries of increased danger. “The explosion led to a vast fire. According to the preliminary version, the explosion could have occurred due to technical reasons, "an OMV company that owns 51% hub said in a statement. According to analysts, the gas hub in Baumgarten annually receives about 40 billion cubic meters of gas from Russia and Norway. It is also from here gas goes to Germany and Italy. Despite the statements of experts who have already promised to restore gas supplies in the coming hours, the price of gas at the Baumgarten hub with delivery has increased by one and a half - 413 dollars per 1000 cubic meters. the day is already trading at 537 dollars per 1000 cubic meters, Interfax reports.

All this, of course, is good and, most likely, our Gazprom is happy about this event (or is not happy: supplies are now reduced, and, therefore, sales are falling). More interesting is another thing: they did everything like the Nord Stream. Is he not working? Why is another one needed? Or is it selling too little gas? It seems like the opposite, it is necessary to save resources. In the end, if the gas has nowhere to go, I can offer to gasify my village. I will specify the address. All residents agree.

Your village is too small for profit. And Germany is huge. And yes, on one branch of the type there is little gas. They want more. Well, those who sit on the resource, ready to sell it anywhere. (Which is sad, because money overshadows all eyes.) But no one will give up their appearance and rustling in your pocket. Although in such industries as school and medicine, there should be no cash flow at all. Naturally, except for salary payments.

Traditional atom and unconventional wind

“Nobody tried to put together figures and statistics on European“ alternative ”energy? Recommend. Very fascinating sight. After half an hour of enthusiastic digging on the Internet, I realized: everything that is written about the energy alternative is a lie. And a lie from the first to the last word, ”writes Yu. Podolyak. “I propose to calculate the cost of“ green ”electricity produced in Europe. To calculate and make sure that NEVER, or under any circumstances, it can compare with the traditional one, and that everything that is written about it today is a deception from the first to the last word, ”the author asserts.

Taking into account the cost of operating a US wind farm, which was commissioned in 2016, the average cost of electricity production will be 4,5 cents per 1 kWh.

But at the NPP this parameter is 2,8-3 cent for 1 kWh. To reach the same performance indicators as nuclear scientists, American wind defenders need to cut their specific capital construction costs at least twice. Or less, but then you also need to achieve and reduce operating costs. Which in many respects constitute the ZIP and ZP of the attendants, and here you will not save much.

And this is the US case, the ideal case. In Europe, everything is much worse: the cost of wind electricity there will increase to 15 cents per 1 kW * hour!

Comments from our readers:

The biggest problem is that the bulk of the world's power plants are coal. In coal there is a large proportion of radioactive materials, when burning coal with ashes, these materials are emitted into the atmosphere in horrendous quantities, this part of the problem is tried to be silent. Now you understand why many developed countries are trying with all their might to get away from coal stations, even in unprofitable ways. Wind, tidal, hydro, solar batteries, in France, in my opinion, generally only nuclear remained. Any - just not coal. So I think it’s not entirely correct to criticize wind turbines. The author did not disclose the topic ...

The “problem” of the allegedly increased radioactivity of the environment is simply furiously bloated. We have lived and worked in Donetsk for centuries among coal mines, in my cellar the radon content in 17 is higher than the permissible rate (the grandfather is the chief engineer at the mine, when he was young, he measured it).
And you know what? All are alive and well, neither two-headed calves, nor early baldness, nor problems with potency.
Even, they say, such a Hochma was: the Japanese somehow wanted to build waste treatment at us, but when they measured the radiation, the engineers refused to go, because they have a much cleaner place in Hiroshima at the epicenter.
So do not be like those American housewives and students who, during surveys in the United States, call radiation and nuclear energy year after year the most dangerous factor, although in terms of the total number of deaths, it is in the penultimate, 19 place.

The coal ones are dirty, the gas ones are dependent on the bloody Putin regime, the hydropower stations have few rivers, the nuclear power plants are fukushomopasno, the wind farms are shaving Santaklausy ... Everywhere there are minuses. Here is a question of choice: what to accept and what to pay for.

Does it make sense to conflicts?

The following types of conflict are possible between NATO and the Russian Federation:

1. Global nuclear missile, that is, the conflict, starting with the full use of strategic nuclear forces by both parties. Regardless of whether such a conflict is sudden (say, as a result of an error in the warning systems of a nuclear attack) or preceded by a certain period of aggravation of relations, the United States, the Russian Federation and Europe will retain a certain military potential after the use of strategic nuclear forces and air battles, including with the use of tactical nuclear weapons. This is due to the fact that today's first-strike forces (of the order of 1500-1600 warheads for each side plus some amount of deployed nuclear weapons from England and France) are not enough to completely destroy the economic and military potential of the opponents.

2. The second type of conflict is non-nuclear. It will begin with the use of conventional weapons, but it can be argued that any full-scale non-nuclear conflict between the Russian Federation and NATO, during which the parties will not find a diplomatic solution, with probability 99,99% will develop into a global nuclear missile. This leads to the fact that such scenarios, such as, for example, a large-scale non-nuclear invasion of the Russian Federation with the aim of destroying its statehood (or vice versa, a “excursion” of the Russian Federation Armed Forces to the English Channel) cannot be undertaken due to the lack of any reasonable goal. . If such an attempt is not reflected by conventional armaments, then the nuclear will be used, and the invaders will suffer damage, putting the nation on the verge of destruction and multiply surpassing any possible benefits from the war. Consequently, the conscious unleashing of such a conflict is completely pointless for any of the parties.

It turns out that despite the impossibility of a pre-planned large-scale non-nuclear conflict, an accidental collision of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and NATO in a “hot spot” cannot be ruled out. And if the injured party does not go through a political settlement of the incident, but strikes back, thus opening up large-scale military actions, in this case a state of war may arise between the Russian Federation and the NATO member state.

The main scenarios are three possible scenarios:

1. Military actions will be limited in time, place and composition of the forces involved (like coercion to peace in Georgia), after which a diplomatic solution will be found and peace reigns

2. Military actions will escalate into a full-scale non-nuclear conflict between the Russian Federation and NATO, which, however, will be able to stop and conclude an armistice before the full-scale use of strategic nuclear weapons

3. Military action will grow into a full-scale non-nuclear conflict between the Russian Federation and NATO, which, in turn, will develop into a global nuclear war.

Well, in the next world war, as one prominent mind said, humanity will fight with clubs.

Comments from our readers:

Do not be afraid, for the full is not enough. This is confirmed by calculations.
A poster on GO. 1 megaton-affected areas of destruction. The radius of 15 (fifteen!) Km is a zone of WEAK destruction.
We impose on the city of New York, we pretend how many 200-300 CT warheads are needed (now it is not fashionable anymore) to burn it in nuclear fire. The whole.
And in the US there are hundreds of large cities.
And the strikes must be applied to the military structure, there are thousands of warheads needed.

But why?
Enough of a tiny warhead. One. To come collapse. You can recall what happened during "Katrina" or during the "Great Blackout" 2003 year.
And it will be much worse than the complete destruction of the city. We will have to make so much effort to save the state that it will definitely not be before the war. The same applies to Europe. But there the situation is even worse. They have much less opportunities to suppress the declassed element, and these people themselves have more, they are better adapted to self-organization.

I'll tell you more. Enough to disable power, and collapse provided. You do not even need nuclear weapons - enough hackers. Given the level of computerization of the West.
As for the military actions, the author did not take into account one thing: we also have the means to block / destroy enemy satellites, and they have been there for a long time, for the first time I heard about the testing of 10 years ago. The installations allow you to suppress satellites or a GPS signal, there is no exact information, and even if it were, it would not give)). Cruise missiles, of course, have duplicate guidance systems, but with airplanes and ships everything will be sadder. Some without ZHPS may not be able to conduct military operations at all ...

Got off the stocks

6 December 2017, the second "multi-purpose" promising destroyer DDG-1001 USS "Michael Monsoor" class "Zumwalt" worth more than 3,5 billion dollars came from the stocks of the shipyard "Bath Iron Warks", located on p. Kennebeck (Maine).

Most significant news concerns a radical change in the concept of using new stealth ships. She was voiced by the US Navy Rear Admiral Ron Boksale and representatives of the United States Naval Institute.

According to Ron Boksail, the US Navy command is increasingly inclined towards increasing Zamvolt’s exclusively anti-ship capabilities, which allow it to carry out massive rocket attacks on the ship’s and aircraft carrier strike groups of the enemy. In this case, the multipurpose designation of destroyers of this class is mentioned less and less.

Comments from our readers:

Big ship - big torpedo: Russian proverb!

Good morning, gentlemen, comrades, allow me to state my subjective opinion. We all remember how at the beginning of the 20th century British fleet the Dreadnought was built - a ship that revolutionized the construction of large, well-defended and armed artillery ships. Most countries with fleets began a race to build just such ships to maintain parity. But then there were no missiles, there was no developed submarine fleet, and even then everyone pointed to the excessive cost of projects. “Zumvolt” as a ship for testing technologies is fine, but is it worth building them in such a small series? I think not. The artillery was not completed, the disguise like an aluminum boat is wonderful, but if the ship cannot work normally alone, then no one will give him access to the warrant from Arly Berkov for a distance of 90 km. And in the event of war, intelligence will begin to work much more intensively, and all dangerous objects will be monitored by all available means and methods. It follows: such an expensive ship will work as part of strike groups, where its "exclusivity" will greatly decrease. Then isn’t it easier to build extra destroyers or cruisers of a not so futuristic look?

voyaka uh
"... it is fine, but is it worth building them in such a small series?"
So he did a small series to test the concept. The ship is futuristic and very expensive. With the release of a large series, you can go broke. And three things - the most it. They will check which weapon is optimal for it. How to apply it effectively.
"... isn't it easier to build extra destroyers or cruisers of a not so futuristic look?"
It does not interfere. They bake "berks" like pies. They will be about 80 pieces. Made 66, it seems.

Bypassing Ukraine

On Monday, a long-awaited event happened: all the freight and passenger trains of the Russian Railways, following in the direction of Moscow-Rostov-on-Don and back, bypassed Ukraine by the new railway line Zhuravka-Millerovo, 137 kilometers in length. This road is laid on the territory of the Voronezh and Rostov regions at a distance of 25 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. Previously, Russian trains crossed it twice, passing in transit through a short haul Gartmashevka-Zorinovka in the Luhansk region.

Commenting on the event, the Russian media noted that the railway built around Ukraine would “strengthen Russia's independence and ensure traffic safety.” In addition, savings are expected on the payment of Ukrainian transit and the Gartmashevka-Zorinovka haul service, leased by Russia at the beginning of the 1990-s for 49 years. This is more than $ 100 million per year!

“Chu,” said Ukrainian analysts, more like accomplices of the Kiev regime than responsible experts, “this stage has long been in a withered state.” Then they admitted that "the loss of even a small amount of payment for transit, which is about 70 million dollars, of course, is undesirable."

Comments from our readers:

Normal process. Under Yatsenyuk, Ukrainians were surrounded by a net, with air travel there for a long time everything is bad. Now the trains are beginning to go around this "zaumlennuyu", It remains auto-message, but not for long.

Same lech
The Kiev junta, like a sadistic sadomazo, cuts its limbs over and over again ... See, they are getting ready for the earth.

Russian bear
in fact, all of this is very bad, and our united Russian people are further alienated and divided. Yatsenyuk come and go, but the barriers built by them remain ...

Does he trust anyone?

The history of the future, which Western analysts diligently study, has established that in the coming years Russia will be ruled not by Putin himself or his protégé appointed by the Yeltsin canon, but by the omnipotent team of military and special services. True, the variant of the sly "heir to the throne", who will promptly "tired" Putin in time, is not excluded.

There is a special opinion: Putin allegedly will change the constitution and create the Supreme Military Council or the Security Council. Of course, he himself will appoint his leader - for the sake of his influence.

So, foreign, and at the same time Russian analysts have two versions of the history of the future.

1. Putin is leaving, having worked another six-year term in the Kremlin. Even during his stay in the chair starts an uncompromising struggle for power and influence among the representatives of the current Putin "court". Actually, the fight has already begun, and among the fighters in the front ranks is Mr. Sechin, who, due to his considerable influence, is often mentioned by various experts.

The Putin system, left without an obvious heir, can break down, and Russia will face a new, unknown future.

2. Putin leaves the seat in the Kremlin ahead of time, not having worked for six years, and, like Yeltsin, transfers his post to his chosen successor. A person whom he fully trusts.

In this case, the Putin system as a whole will continue, and the country will not expect major changes. Scientists at the same time finally fall under the hood of the FSB and degrade: some European experts believe in this.

However, the question of the successor seems to almost all experts to be extremely doubtful: after all, Putin “does not trust anyone” ...

Comments from our readers:

Per se.
Putin’s or someone else’s time is exactly as long as the Soviet safety margin remains, primarily in science, in the development of our armed forces. This is hardly a lot of time. The third term of GDP is the litmus, who is who, Putin, the "real colonel", the communist and the KGB, returning Russia to the independent power pole, reanimated the socialist orientation with the support of the army and the people, or it becomes clear to all that the communist in it was defeated by the dragon, and there will be only attempts to squeeze out a stake from the West or attempts to create a "parallel" capitalist system with oligarch friends. For the prosperity and survival of Russia, there is only a socialist way of development, since, being at a different pole of power, with capitalism selected from the dustbin of history, nothing good will succeed. If we nod at the "hybrid" model of China, we must understand that the West allows China for all this only because it sees in China an eastern anti-Russia, and modern China on our borders as a potential aggressor, capable, like the Third Reich, to solve the problem of self-sufficiency of Russia.
If Putin is only a friend of the oligarchs, Russia will have two main scenarios. First: with the end of the Soviet safety margin degradation, lag, the transformation of the country into a colony, the protectorate of the West, the surrender of the country by the bad guys for all that they have amassed with "overwork." Vtoru1: military coup, the emergence of the Russian Pinochet, only a communist, when the army itself will rise by virtue of the preservation of the sovereignty of the country, the very preservation of Russia as a great power. In this version, Western analysts, perhaps, are close to the truth, as is the case if Putin himself crosses the Rubicon, leading a “revolution” from dependent capitalism to socialism.

I fully agree with the assessment of the prospects and with the postulate that the kinetic impulse of the USSR is almost exhausted.

How did you decide that the GDP will suddenly decide to change something? 18 years built the "vertical", and suddenly start to break it and give power to the "Soviets"? The maximum that can happen is the dusting of the head with ashes, excuse me, citizens, I was wrong. Well, Yeltsin repented, asked for forgiveness in 2000, and what has changed, maybe corrected the mistakes of privatization, changed the economic orientation? Not. And now the time has already been lost, it is already impossible to restore the Soviet industry. Firstly, everything is destroyed and sold out, secondly it is outdated by 30 years. So do not build empty illusions.

We need a collective governing body, chosen from among the people who have been selected for a whole set of parameters. At the elections are allowed people in the rank of not lower than the colonel, owning judo and able to ride bears ...

Not funny and not smiling. The selection should go on educational qualifications and practical achievements.
The principle is: who will you go on reconnaissance, swim in a boat across the ocean, go to the ascent into the mountains, has not been canceled. Deeds - the measure of man. Words are a reflection of thoughts. It is only necessary to be able to listen and hear, no matter how a person pretends.
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  1. siberalt
    siberalt 17 December 2017 06: 42
    This week was great that we were able to discuss Putin’s answers right during his press conference. For the "Results" to the authors, respect, as always on top!
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 17 December 2017 07: 15
      Quote: siberalt
      For the "Results" to the authors, respect, as always on top!

      I am joining. thank wink (sorry Oleg, when I grumble about your articles .... I'm not going to stop)
      1. To be or not to be
        To be or not to be 17 December 2017 10: 50
        Very interesting answers to the problems of Russia. Raised in the weekly review. Karen Shakhnazarov in the program "Right to Know" dated December 16.12.2017, XNUMX
        1. To be or not to be
          To be or not to be 17 December 2017 12: 07
          From 1 hour 16 minutes 00 seconds Karen Shakhnazarov to the presenter’s question: “The main problem that Putin and the country must solve in the next SIX years ??”
          Shakhnazarov: "Putin has one serious adversary: ​​He himself !!! This, On the one hand, I repeat, He creates this system On the other hand, He is already starting, so to speak, to enter into some internal one. look. CONFLICT
          This is the most important problem in fact.
          And the second ... understand? What is directing a movie? Cinema directing in my opinion is the main selection of actors This is the main thing ... Casting ... (from the hall -Frames) .This is the selection of actors strictly speaking. If you have exactly chosen the actors, you can drink vodka wine. What do you drink The picture will be
          But .if you do not fall into them, EVERYTHING! You won’t do anything. And staging scenes and nothing .. I think that Vladimir Vladimirovich has this problem. Not quite accurate casting at times .. This is the subject that will be encountered about ""
          Presenter: "FRAMES decide everything!"
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 17 December 2017 06: 43
    The Presnensky Court of Moscow sentenced 7 to the day of the administrative arrest of three members of the anti-fascist group SERB, who disrupted the show of the pro-fascist film Flying the Bullet, which celebrates the militants of the Ukrainian punitive battalion.

    ... the 5th column does not want to give up, and more and more often they remind themselves of themselves ... angry have survived - a Nazi film showing with the tacit consent of the authorities ... or a lot of rapists, the prosecutor’s office should have looked ...
    1. Glory1974
      Glory1974 17 December 2017 13: 05
      have survived - a Nazi film showing with the tacit consent of the authorities ... or a lot of rapists, the prosecutor’s office should have looked ...

      I honestly don’t understand how this can be. It seems that "Right Sector" is banned in Russia, and cinema about it is not banned? In general, some kind of nonsense turns out. Probably we need, following the example of some countries, to criminalize the denial of our victory in the Second World War, the glorification of Nazism, etc.
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 17 December 2017 13: 27
        Glory1974 Today, 13:05 I honestly do not understand how this can be.

        ... I completely agree with you ... for these machinations it is necessary to punish cruelly ... and then we begin - why is the history rewritten? ...
      2. 17 December 2017 15: 47
        Don’t go to this movie. Losses are the best answer. They only loot, or rather, his absence is understood
        1. Glory1974
          Glory1974 17 December 2017 15: 49
          Don’t go to this movie. Losses are the best answer. They only loot, or rather, his absence is understood

          Unfortunately, “not walking” is not the case. This is propaganda and it must be fought actively.
  3. apro
    apro 17 December 2017 06: 53
    The week went quietly, the expected self-nomination of Putin for the next term, met with understanding, parents like Putin do not choose.
    An evening of questions and answers was held as usual, who did not understand anything, see previous doubles.
  4. Karakut
    Karakut 17 December 2017 08: 00
    Alive Russia! We cannot be put on our knees ..
  5. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 17 December 2017 08: 06
    In short, there will be no freebies! In Russia. And this is very sad for someone. And where in the world is it?
    Except where the fruit grows on the beaches. And even if I’m only ready to eat them ... wassat
    And in Russia, winter also happens ...
  6. Esoteric
    Esoteric 17 December 2017 08: 14
     On the greatness of the press conference and the right to conduct online discussion of questions and answers:
    If the ancient Greeks and Romans were allowed to give praise to their ungodly rulers and to deliver their vile deeds for edification to posterity, could we, Christians, who received the light from Byzantium, in this case turn out to be less worthy and grateful?

    On plans for further economic development of Russia and the role of the population living in it:
    - And you will pay me many tributes, - the prince continued, - from whom the sheep bring bright, write off the sheep for me, and keep the bright one for yourself; Whoever has a penny, break it in four: give one part to me, the other to me, the third again to me, and keep the fourth for yourself. When I go to war - and you go! And you don't care about anything else!

    About the trial of Ulyukaev and the verdict of this court:
     - I sent a real thief - it turned out to be a thief, - the prince grieved at the same time, - I sent an odoyev who was nicknamed "sell lean eggs for a penny" - and he turned out to be a thief. Whom shall I send now?

    Answered M.E.Saltykov-Shchedrin.
    From me personally: I truly rejoiced at Trump's reaction to Putin's praise. Saddened by the news of the unfortunate demise of the reserve fund of the Russian Federation, but, having learned about the investment of $ 1 in US securities, the body rejoiced again. The lack of Putin’s trust in governing the country has led to the idea that it’s easiest to entrust some issues of state administration to a computer and “AI”. For these technical means have neither high-paying wives, nor “quick husbands - successful businessmen”, nor “talented” offspring of both sexes, to which we, ordinary citizens, owe their hopeless poverty to ensure a prosperous existence ...
    The authors for Result are respected, and the authors of some of the week’s results are “universal hatred and contempt of workers”
  7. 1536
    1536 17 December 2017 08: 40
    Flies separately, cutlets separately - this is a fact. I just want it to be like in life: flies flew over patties, and the dining room fought with unsanitary conditions. But so far this is not. Even in the buffet of a single movie theater, not to mention city points.
  8. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 17 December 2017 09: 29
    Got it! I'm tired of everybody! States and their henchmen, native government, housing and communal services, medicine. Clearance is not visible!
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 17 December 2017 12: 39
      Quote: vladimirvn
      Got it! I'm tired of everybody! States and their henchmen, native government, housing and communal services, medicine. Clearance is not visible!

      Oh, trouble trouble .... wassat
    2. Victor N
      Victor N 18 December 2017 11: 07
      I recommend the traditional treatment for blues - they won’t come up with the best!
  9. Karakut
    Karakut 17 December 2017 09: 35
    Our hockey players have carved Canada into the trash! drinks Well done guys!
  10. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 17 December 2017 09: 47
    Dear authors! The review is too biased. You have 1 critical comments on 2 critical there. On the site, everything is exactly the opposite. Who do we want to fool?
    1. Volodin
      Volodin 17 December 2017 09: 56
      Quote: andrej-shironov
      You have 1 approvals on 2 critical kamment. The site is exactly the opposite. Who do we want to cheat?

      Dear reader! If you have managed not only to count, but also analyze all the comments to all the articles listed on the "VO", then we will apply for your zeal to be applied not in idle, but in state bodies - for example, in the Accounting Chamber. Thank you for the hard work of sorting thousands of comments on the "attorneys" and "non-recriminations". Homeland will not forget you!
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov 17 December 2017 10: 11
        smile Dear Volodin! Are you offended chtoli? In vain. As for the Accounts Chamber, I’ll think about it. By the way, if the editors of VO need help, tell me how I can help. And then recently when I write something to the authorities with a proposal for help, everyone refuses. Although Putin says that he welcomes the initiative from below.
        1. Volodin
          Volodin 17 December 2017 10: 18
          And here with Oleg, we thought that you were offended by the fact that we are not reprinting in the Outcomes exclusively unreasonable comments.
          1. andrej-shironov
            andrej-shironov 17 December 2017 10: 24
            smile And what reason should I be offended? I like to read both you and Oleg. At least in contrast to a certain Yuri, you know how to look at the situation non-trivially.
            1. Volodin
              Volodin 17 December 2017 10: 43
              Yes, and we have no reason to be offended. It's just that you yourself accused us of trying to deceive someone here. How can you try to fool someone from the readers, if any reader, just like you, can simply follow the link and reread all the comments on previously published articles if it is of interest to him.

              And for the interest in the materials - a special thank you))
              1. andrej-shironov
                andrej-shironov 17 December 2017 10: 48
                good Fine! So everything is no offense. But about the comments and deception, I had in mind something else. You understood the word deception too formally. We understand that you and I are not writing here for those who leave comments, or rather, not only for them. All this work is for those others who just come in and can read articles and comments, but do not participate in the discussion. There are an order of magnitude more than those sitting here. No wonder that a bunch of freelancers hang out here. I hope you understand what I mean.
    2. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 17 December 2017 10: 47
      Whom want to cheat?
      The one you want to "want." If you need extremely critical comments as a result, try to search on other sites and even find them with interest.
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov 17 December 2017 10: 55
        smile Your conclusions are too hasty. I am for fair and honest criticism and, accordingly, for a fair reflection of the number of critical comments in the reviews. And now we are talking not about other sites but about VO. It is not worthy of self-respecting, and therefore other people, to refer to other sites.
  11. nikolai chupin
    nikolai chupin 17 December 2017 09: 52
    And in the states, only millionaires go to the polls
    1. gm9019
      gm9019 17 December 2017 17: 39
      And in the states, only millionaires go to the polls

      Only 1964 that year, a civil rights law was passed prohibiting racial discrimination in the United States (and Gagarin already flew with us!).
      What do you want? - wild people ... laughing
      1. Sling cutter
        Sling cutter 17 December 2017 17: 50
        Quote: gm9019
        Only in 1964 was a law on civil rights passed prohibiting racial discrimination in the United States (and Gagarin has already flown with us!).
        What do you want? - wild people ...

        Don’t confuse the Soviet People of the USSR and Sassch, it is precisely when the Americans look at the Soviet system that they have made radical changes to the law regarding “color”

        Ku Klux Klan - also "funny guys" were ...
        1. Paranoid50
          Paranoid50 18 December 2017 00: 50
          Quote: Stroporez
          Ku Klux Klan - also "funny guys" were ...

          Why were there? request
  12. Alexander War
    Alexander War 17 December 2017 09: 57
    I want to congratulate everyone! Cheer for ours! Hockey Channel One Cup. Russian national team - Canada national team. The main broadcast. 16.12.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX
    1. Alexander War
      Alexander War 17 December 2017 10: 24
      Channel One Cup. Russia - Finland - December 17, 2017
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. midshipman
    midshipman 17 December 2017 11: 52
    I published an article “Ensure transfer to the whole country” in VO. This article, as on August 28, 1942, in the besieged Leningrad, was launched by a long-wave radio station. The transmission range was more than 2000 km. Transmissions were in German and Russian. Hitler and Goebbels were furious. In one of the programs, the letter of the murdered fascist officer, which was found at him in Stalingrad, was read out. He did not have time to send him home to his family; he was killed by our fighters of the Red Army. So, in this letter he called the Russians "meaner than chain dogs. We can’t get away from here alive." The letter was read over the air with an address in Germany. In Germany, during the Second World War, the population had folk receivers and fascists listened to programs from all countries. The rights were fascist. We are not only "crazy psychos, but also meaner than chain dogs." Americans stop angry Russians! I have the honor.
  15. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 17 December 2017 12: 26
    There will not be any changes, why everyone knows and talks about it, and if you say directly there is no political will, strategic thinking and planning, if you can still agree with foreign policy, then domestic policy has failed completely, especially economics, personnel and ideology, and there are many examples , only one, according to various sources, we have from 22 to 37,5 million. CITIZENS OF RUSSIA live below the poverty line and all the statements of the supreme power about unity, uplift, it's just populism, not backed up by anything. She’s a boltologist and a talker, as he was a conductor of rich Pinocchio, that’s how he will remain .. I don’t believe !!!
  16. Conductor
    Conductor 17 December 2017 14: 40
    Quote: aszzz888
    The Presnensky Court of Moscow sentenced 7 to the day of the administrative arrest of three members of the anti-fascist group SERB, who disrupted the show of the pro-fascist film Flying the Bullet, which celebrates the militants of the Ukrainian punitive battalion.

    ... the 5th column does not want to give up, and more and more often they remind themselves of themselves ... angry have survived - a Nazi film showing with the tacit consent of the authorities ... or a lot of rapists, the prosecutor’s office should have looked ...

    The prosecutor is waiting for the team. It’s not for you to close the Lorechnik, ETOGES, POLITICS,
  17. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 17 December 2017 15: 22
    Quote: Nicholas Chupin
    And in the states, only millionaires go to the polls

    Browse with old holes in IMPORTANT and HOT places. In Syria - an important restoration of the border crossing with Lebanon, the SAA has been beating off for 5 years! In Lebanon - half the Syrian refugees, they CROWDED ALREADY rushed back to Syria to the "bloody Assad" - this is ASAD'S VICTORY! He restored (with the help of the Russian Federation) the full combat effectiveness and strength of the SAA — moreover, WITHOUT ANY RECRUITMENT, by volunteers and militias. It has the Syrian Armed Forces in the amount of about 250-300 thousand, with the restored air defense system, missile, aviation, armored and artillery units, having 6 years of combat experience! That is why our group could be reduced to the level of ensuring the security of our bases in Tartus and Hmeimim. Moreover, the PRC special forces appeared in Tartus, which is of particular importance for the alignment of forces in the region and even in the world. According to the review of Putin’s press conference, “observers” did not hear his comment on the decisions of the recent STC Congress of the CCP and the international meeting of 130 Communist Parties CONFIRMING THE CCP's Leading Role in the World Communist Movement. Putin is essentially OPEN these decisions and this new role of the PRC approved. Then guess what will happen after his election as president of the Russian Federation. I really hope for a trend in this IDEOLOGICAL direction. The smaller “gaps” of “analyst analysts” I even have no desire to mention. However, I put a rather weak plus for them. At least the abominations do not PR, and that bread!
  18. kamski
    kamski 17 December 2017 19: 10
    I don’t understand one thing. WHY conduct this farce ELECTIONS, ELECTION results are determined not by elections !!!
  19. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 17 December 2017 20: 28
    Quote: kamski
    I don’t understand one thing. WHY conduct this farce ELECTIONS, ELECTION results are determined not by elections !!!

    Read the Constitution and laws of the Russian Federation.
  20. turbris
    turbris 20 December 2017 13: 36
    Somehow, the analysis of the week’s events carried out by the authors is not very inspiring, in terms of selecting readers' comments. The obvious bias of such a selection is striking - the mass commentary criticizing the authorities and Putin evokes support and sympathy from the authors. As for the authors, if Volodin’s support for the “anti-Putinists” is not so clearly expressed, then Oleg Chuvakin, in my opinion, is completely on their side, which is very sad and does not make it possible to really evaluate the events on the site.
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. The comment was deleted.