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Nuclear shield of the country: the Ministry of Defense revealed a secret bunker

Journalists are allowed to remove only some parts of this underground structure. No close-ups of secret equipment or details of the geolocation of the object itself. This is the very heart of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces.

The central command post on the occasion of the anniversary of the formation of the Strategic Missile Forces briefly opened its doors to journalists. However, it’s impossible to show all the details of this underground city - the object is especially sensitive.

Far from settlements and at great depth under the ground - dozens of specialists work here. From here, commands are given to missile divisions throughout the country. The very "nuclear shield" is controlled precisely at this facility.

Strategic Missile Forces arose as historical need. Over its more than 50-year history, domestic engineers have outpaced all their Western competitors. It is not for nothing that the Russian Topol-M and Yars missiles attract the special attention of the entire NATO bloc.

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    BLADFROST 15 December 2017 11: 32
    Glory to Russian weapons!
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 15 December 2017 13: 09
      Nuclear shield of the country: the Ministry of Defense revealed a secret bunker
      smiled ... showed a couple of corridors to the zhurnalyugam ... tongue
  2. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 15 December 2017 11: 44
    The main thing is that on December 17th there would not have been a loss of combat effectiveness of the Strategic Missile Forces. And who will bear the "warmth" to people?
  3. older
    older 15 December 2017 19: 18
    Quote: BLADFROST
    Glory to Russian weapons!

    to ban you, idiot. You need a title write to the moderators, cry, we can be an officer