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MosVOKU has adopted the Syrian experience

The experience of fighting terrorists in the cities of Syria formed the basis of a number of new curricula at the Moscow Higher All-Arms Command School (MosVOKU), which today turned 100 years old, according to News.

It is noted that more than half of the teachers of the tactics of this university have visited Syria and are now adjusting the curricula based on the experience gained there.

This work is ongoing. There are new sections, directions. We have to keep up with the times. For more than a year, we have been sending our officers to Syria to study combat experience. This year, a number of school teachers, including myself, underwent an internship there,
said the head MosvOKU Major General Alexander Novkin.

Lecturer at the Mosvok Department of Tactics, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Military Sciences Nikolay Moiseenko:

In almost all recent operations, troops had to fight in urban conditions. Syria is no exception. Some cities, such as Palmyra, had to be beaten off from terrorists twice. Considering this, special attention in the training of cadets is paid to the mastery of a locality or its defense. Changes have been made to the work programs, an educational section entitled “Platoon and company actions on mastering a populated area” has appeared, additional objects have been created on the tactical field.

Future officers are studying the composition and tactics of the actions of assault squads and groups during the destruction of the enemy on the approaches to the village and in it. “Cadets learn to use reinforcements, including grenade launchers, anti-tank, sniper units. In the company link, special attention is paid to working out interactions with mortar and artillery units, aviation, including unmanned, ”the article says.

According to the editor-in-chief of the magazine Arsenal of the Fatherland, Viktor Murakhovsky, Syria has revealed new features of actions in the city and this experience must be taken into account.

The role of commanders of small divisions - departments, platoons, companies has significantly increased. Now they often operate autonomously, independently occupy or retain individual objects. For example, there is a case when in Syria, 12 special forces fighters held back a gang of up to 300 militants for several hours. And they solved the problem without losses due to the very good coordination and precise guidance of our aircraft. The organization of this interaction must be taught
said Murakhovsky.

He noted that in conditions of urban combat there are significant restrictions on the use of heavy weapons.

If an artillery or aircraft strikes the enemy in a city, as a rule, this is done according to the laser range finder targets. That is, we need to highlight the target from the ground. And the unit commander should be able to organize the work of the aeronautical planners and artillery spotters,
added an expert.
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TASS / Russian Ministry of Defense
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  1. hrych
    hrych 15 December 2017 10: 27
    No theory can replace practice. In Georgia and the Crimea, they also trained, but taking cities fortified by the enemy, working in the desert, using precision weapons, interacting with local fighters, etc. - a unique experience.
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 15 December 2017 10: 42
      Quote: hrych
      No theory can replace practice.

      So that's the plus. The "practice" has not yet ended, and the theoretical materials for future "practitioners" have already been updated.
    2. kirgiz58
      kirgiz58 15 December 2017 11: 13
      Quote: hrych
      No theory can replace practice

      And what was the theory and practice at MosVOKU? lol I only sewn, caps with tall tops and boots, came across laughing But drill, go to hell - you download !!! How do they now feel in a modern “office” setting? laughing Do not hit your kidneys hard smile Happy anniversary of the Supreme Soviet !! Such you will always remain for me! love drinks
  2. Radikal
    Radikal 15 December 2017 10: 56
    If a strike is made by artillery or aircraft against an enemy in the city, as a rule, this is done according to laser rangefinder-target designators. That is, you need to highlight the target from the ground. And the unit commander should be able to organize the work of air guides and artillery spotters
    First of all, it is necessary for the unit to have the appropriate technical means, and means of communication with which it would be possible to transfer this data to aviation. winked
  3. oleole97
    oleole97 15 December 2017 11: 40
    “Changes were made to the work programs, the training section“ Platoon and company actions to master the village ”appeared, additional objects were created on the tactical field."
    And why didn’t this happen after Chechnya?
    1. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 15 December 2017 14: 54
      And why didn’t you suggest before. It is easiest to criticize ... But to propose and introduce something sensible by himself, is it better that others? And we will look and criticize ...
      1. oleole97
        oleole97 15 December 2017 14: 56
        And this is not criticism, this is a question.
      2. oleole97
        oleole97 15 December 2017 14: 59
        And by the way, by my occupation, I just propose and introduce something sensible, so there is no need to indiscriminately blame.
  4. cannabis
    cannabis 15 December 2017 14: 04
    First of all, it is necessary to make changes in the organizational and staff structure. Starting with a platoon and ending with a division.
    1. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 15 December 2017 14: 55
      Make suggestions, not just change advice.
      1. cannabis
        cannabis 15 December 2017 15: 42
        This is not a light to give. Information is unknown in whose hands and heads will fall.
  5. earloop
    earloop 15 December 2017 22: 26
    I hope that it’s not only the MVOKU that has taken to the introduction in the training programs the lessons learned in battles of useful experience.