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Pentagon voices: nuclear war will take place in 2026, Russians will untie it

According to knowledgeable American sources, the Russians plan to increase the number of low-powered nuclear weapons by the year around 2026, which are suitable for use in local conflicts. Experts' conclusion: for the sake of war, Moscow is expanding its arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons.

On the local nuclear war, which threatens the world with Moscow, told sources of the publication The Washington Free Beacon. These sources come from the Pentagon. These Russian military experts attributed the nuclear ammunition of the Russians to the latest generation. New charges will receive high-precision cruise missiles. However, the Russians will not stop at this: they will equip even the satellites with the latest generation of charges. Trembling, Earth!

Referring to the original material.

In the online edition "The Washington Free Beacon" published an article signed by well-known in wide and narrow circles Bill Hertz (Bill Gertz).

Russia is rapidly "expanding the nuclear arsenal" and "modernizing underground facilities." This is claimed by representatives of the Pentagon.

Russia "is actively building up its nuclear forces, and by the 2026 year, according to Pentagon representatives, 8.000 warheads will be deployed as a whole, and deep underground bunkers will be upgraded," he writes.

The 8.000 warheads mentioned will include "both large strategic warheads and thousands of new low-power and very low-power charges." Low power will be given to these "charges" for the sake of circumventing arms contracts.

Moscow implements the new doctrine, which allows Russians to use nuclear weapons "at the beginning of any conflict," the journalist Hertz comments on the statements of the people of the Pentagon.

In addition to expanding the number of warheads, Russia also "strengthens the underground facilities," where the command is located and where it controls "over the course of a nuclear conflict."

One of the “officials” told the journalist that the “alarming expansion” of the Russians indicates that Russia is preparing to get out of the current restrictions on nuclear weapons, that is, of those that are currently operating under the arms treaties: the START-2010 treaty and 1987 of the Intermediate Nuclear Weapons Year, which Russia has already “violated” by testing a ground-launched cruise missile (ground-launched).

An assessment of Russia's military activities also suggests that in future conflicts, Moscow plans to combine its traditional forces with nuclear forces, which "complicates the use of American nuclear weapons as a deterrent."

The new information on arms buildup in Russia is being studied by the Pentagon in the framework of the detailed “Nuclear Policy Review”. The findings are expected to be published at a time when President Trump will make a statement before the US Congress in January 2018.

Bill Hertz recalls in this connection that last summer Donald Trump called for the building up and modernization of the US nuclear arsenal.

The previous president, Barack Obama, adhered to the opposite policy: in 2010, the corresponding Review called for reducing the role of nuclear weapons and the size of the nuclear arsenal.

The Obama administration, Hertz believes, based its strategic nuclear deterrence and the policy of warfare "on an outdated assumption of a sharp reduction in the prospects for military confrontation between the United States and Russia." However, “since 2010, Russia, China and North Korea have steadily increased their strength with the help of new nuclear weapons and delivery systems; besides, Iran is still a rogue state, which, according to many experts, ultimately decides to create a nuclear arsenal - this will happen in the next decade or earlier, when the restrictions stipulated by the international nuclear deal expire. ”

The new "Review" The Pentagon is partly building on the rejection of outdated estimates of the "Obama era," the author writes. After all, Russian nuclear forces (new warheads, missiles, bombers, submarines) "are increasing sharply." And this nuclear modernization is something ominous, since Moscow adopted a new strategic doctrine that allows the use of nuclear weapons "in the course of any ordinary conflict."

The journalist is particularly concerned about the new Russian short-range and medium-range missiles, including the SSC-8 ground-launched cruise missile and the Kalibr SS-N-27 system. In addition, Russia is developing “innovative nuclear weapons” that include very low power nuclear weapons: less than 1 kilotons (the TNT equivalent is 1000 tons), which will deliver “precision guided missiles”.

Russian gunsmiths have been working on these progressive nuclear weapons since the end of the 1990, Bill Hertz points out. He tells at the same time about the weapons of the Russians, which is capable of generating “specialized effects”. Here the analyst included neutron bombs, which, instead of a big explosion, are killed by radiation; electromagnetic impulse blasts that destroy electronics, and x-ray and gamma weapons.

Finally, the Russians will equip even satellites with low-powered nuclear weapons. From there, they will hit the enemy with an accuracy of "several feet". Also, their missiles will "penetrate the ground before detonation."

It is estimated that the arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons in Russia now ranges from 3.300 to 5.700 units.

James R. Howe, an expert on nuclear weapons, said that according to his forecast, Russia will have at least 8.000 warheads in the next six years.

And what does Russian President Vladimir Putin say? Back in 2012, he said that by 2022, Russia would build 400 new intercontinental missiles that would be equipped with 6-10 warheads.

Mr Howe believes that in the coming years Russia is likely to plan to combine high-power, medium-power and low-power warheads integrated with cyber, space, defense and non-nuclear forces capable of overcoming the US defense.

“Russia's buildup of active and passive defense and space weapons,” this expert believes, indicates that Russians have their own opinion about the role of nuclear forces. They rely on "useful" weapons that can be used consistently "for the purpose of conflict."

“Events also show that Russia is preparing for a nuclear war to achieve strategic military goals,” further writes Bill Hertz.

According to the same Howe, the number of high-precision low-powered warheads in itself indicates that Moscow is considering a “far-reaching nuclear conflict”, and not at all that which Washington implies in its predictions, developing its nuclear deterrence system.

And it was not for nothing that in January 2017 at the Pentagon Council (Pentagon's Defense Science Board) in a report for the new Trump administration sounded a message about the need to consider the issue of creating their own nuclear weapons with low-power charges. And the development of appropriate technologies "will require the abolition of the ban on new nuclear weapons by the Congress." The council questioned the Obama administration’s suggestion that reducing the role of nuclear weapons in the United States would lead to a similar stance by other states. The Pentagon today are committed to "nuclear deterrence." The report also says that the Russians “plan” to use low-power nuclear weapons against the better armed forces of NATO as part of their doctrine.

In addition, the Russian military "is already boasting" that the current Russian nuclear forces "significantly exceed the American forces."

Thus, the forecasts of the CIA came true: as early as August 2000, department specialists indicated that Moscow plans to use very low-power nuclear weapons, including missiles with directional emission of radiation.

Regarding the modernization of underground complexes, Pentagon officials said that the Russians are currently modernizing two large command centers, as well as several small facilities, including a secret complex called “Kosvinsky Stone”, located in the Urals, about 850 miles to the east from Moscow.

"Kosvinsky Stone" - the main Russian command and staff center in Russia, indicates Hertz. It includes an underground railway system, which will be used "for the transportation of Russian rulers from Moscow."

Another command post, located about 850 miles from Moscow, is located on Mount Yamantau in the Urals (near Beloretsk).

Other underground control bunkers were also "identified by American intelligence." One is in Voronov (approximately 46 miles south of Moscow), the other is in Sharapovo, about 34 miles from Moscow. Both also have underground railway lines.

The material, we add, does not specify where the Pentagon specialists became aware of the expected date of the final build-up of warheads (2026). Also, sources are not named, from which experts have gathered data on the number of missiles and the power of charges from the Russians.

In fact, it is impossible to find in open access information on the number of tactical nuclear weapons of the Russian Federation. Rather, you can find, but it will be speculation or assumptions of analysts. The scouts that Bill Hertz mentions must have sat down somewhere in the Russian Ministry of Defense (and perhaps in the bunker) and from there send their latest reports from the front of the coming nuclear war to their overseas bosses.

In addition, today Russia is noticeably losing to the Americans in terms of the number of cruise missiles. About this in the material of Mr. Hertz, too, not a word. This is understandable: otherwise, the very thesis about the Russian nuclear threat will come to naught. And there will be a thesis about the threat of the American.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 December 2017 06: 53
    nuclear war will take place in 2026 year, it will be untied by Russians
    Why not in 2018? To walk, so to walk. Why put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Perhaps the American layman began to take a more relaxed attitude toward the “Russian threat”, therefore, “analysts” decided to warm up the sour soup from the Russian threats.
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 18 December 2017 07: 02
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Why not in 2018?

    2. dSK
      dSK 18 December 2017 07: 05
      Hello Gennady!
      Quote: rotmistr60
      warm up
      and "boils down" on the mass construction of bomb shelters.
      1. Vladimir16
        Vladimir16 18 December 2017 11: 53
        Quote: rotmistr60
        "analysts" decided to warm up the sour soup from Russian threats.

        This soup was eaten by the Americans. Now they decided to feed us.
        We have grown a generation that is already discussing the Russian military threat. The media did their best. And this article pours water on this mill.
        And to discuss this insanity did not make sense. The Russians did not start wars with the West ever. And there is no need to consider who has more guns. Since we do not start wars, we end them.
        And articles with similar headings are dumped onto the reader either consciously (many readers stop at the headline) or without thinking. But the goal has been achieved: - Russian society is discussing the Russian military threat.
        So much for the soup and the eater. hi
    3. Finches
      Finches 18 December 2017 07: 45
      In general, the existence of the United States is a crime against humanity ... in order to wage war and at the same time then have someone with a gesheft, the leaders of the semi-criminal CJSC USA, do not spare even their ordinary shareholders: Pearl Harbor, September 11 .. .. So it’s worth paying close attention to such nonsense by American scribblers, in order to blame Russia, these figures will be put into the White House and anywhere else!
      1. Lexus
        Lexus 18 December 2017 13: 05
        Nevertheless, they really represent themselves as messiahs.
    4. mih_sergeev92
      mih_sergeev92 18 December 2017 08: 00
      Just the demonization of our state means that it is doing everything right
    5. svp67
      svp67 18 December 2017 10: 45
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Why not in 2018?

      Why, why? It's one thing for six months to "cut the budget", and the next eight years is completely different ...
    6. katana
      katana 18 December 2017 14: 21
      Quote: rotmistr60
      nuclear war will take place in 2026 year, it will be untied by Russians
      Why not in 2018? To walk, so to walk. Why put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Perhaps the American layman began to take a more relaxed attitude toward the “Russian threat”, therefore, “analysts” decided to warm up the sour soup from the Russian threats.

      Better 8 years to live longer.
  2. Knowing
    Knowing 18 December 2017 07: 20
    No, but what, everything is exclusively in the spirit of the Americans - to put everything on its head ...
    Reptiloids, mother of theirs ..
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 18 December 2017 07: 27
    Well done Americans, quickly turned everything upside down, they scared themselves and blamed Russia for everything.
    Now we read their writings correctly: Trump will speak out in 2018 with a new strategy for the development of nuclear weapons, which denies Obama's previous policy of restraining the development of nuclear forces. In reply to this Russia maybe will be forced to move away from strict compliance with START-2010 and previous START treaties.
    This will continue scheduled replacement 400 strategic missiles for the period 2012-2022., i.e. the withdrawal of the "Voivode" and "Poplar" and their change to "Sarmat" and "Yars" while maintaining the number of warheads available on them.
    So with a clever movement of the hand and tongue, you can elegantly dump from a sick head on a healthy one by securing money for Niagara to increase spending on nuclear weapons.
    1. Foxmara
      Foxmara 18 December 2017 11: 44
      Quote: inkass_98
      Now we read their writings correctly: Trump will speak out in 2018 with a new strategy for the development of nuclear weapons, which denies Obama's previous policy of restraining the development of nuclear forces. In response to this, Russia may be forced to move away from strict compliance with the provisions of START 2010 and previous START treaties.

      Given that Trump, the Pentagon is listening - yes. In any case, the reason is most likely in the plans of the Yankees for the future of their nuclear weapons. The Yankees also need to justify their actual withdrawal from the contracts.
  4. zzdimk
    zzdimk 18 December 2017 07: 32
    I understood! This is the hidden ad of Trumpbunkerstroy! Like, every American family needs to dig a hole by the indicated date and stock up on provisions.
  5. Altona
    Altona 18 December 2017 07: 47
    Where do they get such fenced grass? Just such an "expansion of consciousness" is coming. The stream of delusional mind. At the moment, in fact, the generation of energy from nanoparticles is already being considered, where the energy output there is 10-100 times greater than nuclear.
  6. 1536
    1536 18 December 2017 07: 55
    And what will happen after the war? Will the US, as usual, provide assistance to all victims? So who benefits from the "future" war?
  7. zzdimk
    zzdimk 18 December 2017 08: 15
    Cool, they see an additive in tobacco. Or downhole powder - they did not dilute soda.
  8. Sverdlov
    Sverdlov 18 December 2017 08: 34
    Call Hertz, an old Hertz,
    He will read them a new, very popular,
    In our synagogue, an outcast ...
  9. Sverdlov
    Sverdlov 18 December 2017 08: 49

    Oh yeah! Kosva is standing guard over the Motherland!
  10. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 18 December 2017 09: 02
    And you know that, frankly speaking, the Yankees simply - DIGGERED and further conversations simply do not make sense. We are building our army, and if these squeals and squeals, then we are building correctly and well.
  11. Silver fox_2
    Silver fox_2 18 December 2017 10: 25
    The US Army is experiencing an unprecedented crisis! rearm the American army is not possible)) it is inflated from them to a colossal size! trillions of dollars are needed now))) they are so loot
  12. uhu189
    uhu189 18 December 2017 10: 41
    It really seems like another contribution to the creation of an atmosphere of fear and hysteria, in the conditions of which an attempt will again be made to increase funding for both the US nuclear program and the development of non-nuclear strike weapons and conventional armed forces. Nothing new, except that the intensity of hysteria is already very high. All of this is bad, one of the responsible persons under the constant pressure of such negative information can pass the nerves
  13. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 18 December 2017 10: 42
    What's new good 2026 year lol
  14. basil200
    basil200 18 December 2017 10: 44
    The United States is the only country to use nuclear weapons. And you have to mention this all the time.
  15. enmesher
    enmesher 18 December 2017 11: 17
    If the Americans prepared a report on the start of the war in 2026, we must wait for it 4-5 years earlier.
  16. Expedition
    Expedition 18 December 2017 11: 34
    Well, Hertz completely dispersed :-). Does Katz still not offer to give up?
    Well, call Hertz,
    Old Hertz,
    He will read her fashionable,
    Very popular
    In our synagogue is a scumbag.
  17. MoJloT
    MoJloT 18 December 2017 11: 57
    Russians will equip even satellites with low-power nuclear weapons

    International agreements do not allow this, and besides, the atomic bomb constantly carried overhead is unlikely to please even those who launched it there, and how our satellites launch it is too risky. But the American x-37 is perfect for this.
  18. NEXUS
    NEXUS 18 December 2017 12: 31
    The feeling is that the Anglo-Saxons live in some other reality. Or even on another planet. The heads of these states, playing with weapons with both nuclear and non-nuclear, kill millions of ordinary people around the world with their actions. At the same time, the townsfolk in the countries of the Anglo-Saxon group seem not to see all this. The enlightenment of these cephalopods comes only when bombs begin to fall on their heads. Then they begin to think soberly and not vomit, because it is about their skins. Well, about the United States, there’s a separate conversation, as enemy bombs did not fall on their land and they have no idea what it is.
    1. Svetlana K.
      Svetlana K. 18 December 2017 23: 49
      Finally, let these stupid consumers in USA feel on their skins what it feels like when bombs are falling on your head. God forbid, it will come true.
  19. dok123
    dok123 18 December 2017 15: 50
    These creatures themselves provoke and incite Russia. If the bear is driven into a corner, then it can jump on the attackers. Americans are completely stupid!
    If anything, little will not seem to anyone.
    Russia, of course, has the wisdom to leave America alive, even though they themselves by all means crawl into the loop.
  20. Buffet
    Buffet 18 December 2017 16: 27
    the other is in Sharapov, about 34 miles from Moscow
    and I served there. laughing
  21. SOLO52rus
    SOLO52rus 18 December 2017 16: 31
    Campaigns with Americans with logic in general are frantic ... And after all, they will never ask the question, "Why does Russia need this war, why start it?" Here, their undeveloped territories are immeasurable, there is no end to work, the economy is barely getting out of collapse, moreover, catastrophe with demography, what kind of war is it? Either they, as the late M. Zadornov used to say, are generally stupid or they include a fool ....
  22. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 18 December 2017 16: 33
    Quote: Siberia 9444
    What's new good 2026 year lol

    Wangyu: Their author is probably informed about the US readiness for the "Big Nuclear War" (BNW). They (according to some plan?) Appoint her for 2026, i.e. their plan for comprehensive preparation for the war is calculated for 8 years. According to our estimates, now their readiness is somewhere around 10-20%, and they intend to increase it by about 10% per year. We need to track their annual plans and their actual implementation, starting in 2012 - somewhere around the beginning of their 15-year plan is buried (probably exists in the form of a CIA and Pentagon document), now they and we must understand the results of the 1st Five-Year Plan. The plan is probably underfulfilled, if not failed at all - you need to understand where and why. Syria and Ukraine certainly were and are, and will be in this regard, and it is already clearly cracking at the main seams. Poland, the Baltic states and Transcaucasia are also in the same "planned" position. The Philippines and Afghanistan - there they also have unexpected deviations from the plan of the strategic nuclear forces, and it is necessary to determine their most painful points there. We need to catch particular American errors and failures - and model their vision of the real picture of the stage.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 18 December 2017 18: 09
      What are you talking about? The US-Russia war is possible only if we have a full rag in the Guide and the complete sky-ready readiness of the Strategic Missile Forces. But if we have the “first”, then we don’t need to fight against us because it blows like in 90 — we will give everything up ourselves, and the second will not come about without the first. Here is the answer to you - no matter how it turns around by 2026, there will be no war.
      Moreover, by this year, the Merikas would have at least something to represent economically, or China would have already paid them, now the dollar is surviving with seven steps and replacing it with the yuan, after which it will be possible to put up a cross on the US “economy”. Well, the mattresses have forgotten how to live within their means, well, completely unaccustomed)), and step by step they are expelled from everywhere, even an attempt to break off the economic relations between Russia and the EU will not save them. The USA has a problem as it once was with the USSR - they are terribly inferior in development and “plannedness” to China (as the USSR used to be), but unlike the USSR (and we were unlucky in this) China has well-made mechanisms, for example, protection against all types of US exposure. This is partly a private economy, and a huge domestic production (and often monopolistic in the world), and a rigid internal system of suppression of "proponents of democracy." good . Moreover, China is already “working” on changing its economic structure in order to get rid of its dependence on Expert. No matter how ridiculous or mocking it may sound, our retaliatory sanctions showed "how dangerous it is to depend only on exports."
  23. Tolik_74
    Tolik_74 18 December 2017 17: 54
    Pentagon voices: nuclear war will take place in 2026, Russians will untie it
    Alaska and California will return to their homeland, clearly.
  24. Lekov L
    Lekov L 18 December 2017 18: 59
    "Kosvinsky Stone" - the main Russian command and staff center in Russia, indicates Hertz. It includes an underground railway system, which will be used "for the transportation of Russian rulers from Moscow."

    METRO 2026
    Far reaching out - 850 miles east of Moscow! fellow
    A little more and to Sakhalin from the station "China City" trains will go.
    DEMENTOR 18 December 2017 19: 01
    “Voices of the Pentagon: a nuclear war will take place in 2026, it will be unleashed by the Russians” - this was to be expected from the State Dep Downs.
  26. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 18 December 2017 19: 34
    Guys, where can you read Russian sources? But io direct offensive, Americans know everything about us, but we do not
  27. Feldscher
    Feldscher 18 December 2017 19: 40
    What nonsense did I read ?!
    But there is some truth laughing
    Those self-propelled guns that they wanted to dispose are undergoing modernization love
    And they will give gifts to our "friends" with wreaths.
    For rockets hi hi sorry for them comrades
  28. yousha1980
    yousha1980 18 December 2017 20: 52
    Predict our behavior in response to their aggression. Chatted. I do not like that to invade us with conventional high-tech weapons, we reserved the right to use low-power nuclear charges. And do not place offensive weapons at our borders.
  29. Svetlana K.
    Svetlana K. 18 December 2017 23: 41
    What a fantasy these fucking storytellers have! The only way out for the Earth’s population is for you to rest there! USA - go to ass!
  30. PKTRL
    PKTRL 18 December 2017 23: 56
    Hysteria .., comrade Dude! Are you bored with living with Skomorokhov ?! Your assumptions on the assumptions of "friends" because of the puddle cannot be called provocation. You should not be concerned about what is happening in the "kitchen" of the Moscow Region ..
  31. Dashout
    Dashout 19 December 2017 08: 27
    Quote: Finches
    In general, the existence of the United States is a crime against humanity ... in order to wage war and at the same time then have someone with a gesheft, the leaders of the semi-criminal CJSC USA, do not spare even their ordinary shareholders: Pearl Harbor, September 11 .. .. So it’s worth paying close attention to such nonsense by American scribblers, in order to blame Russia, these figures will be put into the White House and anywhere else!

    According to provocations, the Americans are specialists, they have genes from England. But then what? Will they start bombing Russia? Well this is unlikely! Then why should they do these provocations in relation to themselves? What's the point?
  32. DimanC
    DimanC 19 December 2017 10: 13
    As usual, they issue their own Wishlist for our horror stories. Incidentally, the Americans seemed to be the first to begin the development of artillery atomic ammunition
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 22 December 2017 17: 11
      Quote: DimanC
      Americans seem to be the first to develop artillery atomic ammunition

      We will not talk about the mysterious and incomprehensible SOVIET past, then it’s not that artillery shells with a nuclear warhead were developed, such bullets did! True, praise the Almighty, California has a short half-life.
      Yes, as for who is the first, then of course the times were not as severe as under Lavrentia Palyche, but also not like later.
      What would the Puddle be, but we don’t ?!
      Then even academician Sakharov, then a human rights activist, did little to develop nuclear weapons, yet he proposed a plan to destroy the USA!
      And you are the first Yankees ...
  33. Michael_Zverev
    Michael_Zverev 20 December 2017 08: 26
    AAA !!! RUSSIANS ARE COMING!!! RUSSIANS ARE COMING!!! / throws out the window /
  34. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk 20 December 2017 14: 36
    I knew, I knew !!! laughing
  35. NordUral
    NordUral 20 December 2017 23: 33
    From a sick head to a healthy one.
  36. intuzazist
    intuzazist 21 December 2017 19: 33
    These words would be about Russian armament and preparedness, but to God’s ears .......
  37. Cynic
    Cynic 22 December 2017 16: 57
    Mmm, as I understand the USA will not allow this, having made all of the above faster?

    No, they’re definitely stupid, for so many years they couldn’t come up with a new reason ...
  38. The comment was deleted.