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In Novorossiysk, the excavations began mass graves of the Second World War

December 12 search engines NTSPR (Novorossiysk Center for Search Work) left for a place and camped in the village of Haiduk (subordinate to the administration of Novorossiysk). The very next day, the first finds appeared at the site of the alleged mass grave. At the moment, six skulls and a huge amount of crushed bones have been accurately identified.

Bones in the excavation are clearly visible

Given that the search engines were occupied by the camp for almost the entire first day, and the estimated expedition time was about 15 days, the six shot were found, this, alas, is only the beginning. After leaving the place, I myself had to make sure of it, and also find out history so sad find.

Some time ago, during the installation of a rainstorm, workers saw that human bones got right out of the ground. By this time, the NCPR search engines had already done a good job on the archive data and knew that supposedly there was a small concentration camp for the peaceful population of Novorossiysk in the Haiduk area. It was also known that since September 1942, the Nazis carried out mass executions, hiding bodies in the folds of the area or simply digging them into a ditch.

Therefore, having learned about the discovery, the search engines turned to the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the city administration to conduct an examination of the remains. Soon, an official act of approximate dating of the bones was obtained, which left no doubt that the victims of the Nazi atrocities of the war were buried in the excavated rain storm.

The picture in the upper left corner of the ground protrudes heel bone, and below part of the skull, which means - the corpses were piled one on another

According to archival data studied by NCPR, up to 1000 civilians may lie in this burial site or, at least, in this area. And the fact that it was the corpses of the civilian population in the ditch that was found became clear on the second day of the excavation due to the found feminine balaclava and other things.

On the photo of bullets and shells

The excavation site is located right between private buildings next to a gravel road. And on what territory the burial area may be distributed is still unclear. Also, alas, often landowners prefer not to notice such things, because it costs money and time.

The street, which are excavated

With a question, for what reason the burial was not found even in the times of the USSR, I turned to the head of the NCPD, Dmitry Ninua:

“There are many burials on the territory of Novorossiysk and the district; some residents were shot by the Nazis right in the courtyards of their houses. The corpses were hidden in the gorges and moats, so they could only be detected when construction began on the spot. That is, when the city grew.

When I was asked where this tragic tomb road could begin from and where to end, the deputy Ninua Nikolai Melnik answered me:

- In fact, small and large firing moats can stretch directly from the Wolf Gate to the Tsemess Valley and city walls. All those whom we can find here, we will re-bury at the monument “The Unconquered” where the civilians shot by the Nazis are buried.

At the moment, search engines are provided with all the necessary commandant of the city and the city administration allocated tents and field kitchen. Feasible help not indifferent entrepreneurs. They work on site until 26 search engines work, as usual, on enthusiasm, i.e. free of charge, but they still do not need help, as they say.

Search Camp Hiking Camp

During the week we can expect new news, as well as documents on the atrocities of Nazism in Novorossiysk. After all, this issue is practically not raised in the media, but it is worth remembering that our troops entered the completely devastated city.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 15 December 2017 06: 32
    Kohl from URENGOY urgently needs to be sent to these excavations ... let him then defend the German soldiers. am
    1. tasha
      tasha 15 December 2017 07: 39
      I support. In all seriousness. It will work for a week with a shovel, and then they have already poisoned the nonsense. Is there any journalist who will travel with Kolya instead of verbal exercises on a beneficial subject?
      1. verner1967
        verner1967 15 December 2017 20: 52
        Quote: tasha
        and then they’ve already baited a nonsense.

        meanwhile, those who thoughtlessly repeat the “pearls” about this Kolya, they don’t even have the mind to master all the information about this stupid case in the Bundestag.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 15 December 2017 07: 50
      In fact, it is necessary to institute criminal proceedings and conduct an investigation at least formally. Then the results will be lawfully justified.
      1. KOMA
        KOMA 15 December 2017 09: 03
        A criminal case is filed for any human remains. So everything is legal and justified!
    3. ando_bor
      ando_bor 15 December 2017 20: 06
      Stalin was to blame, he did not outweigh all the Nazis, so they had to die as innocent prisoners of war, and Kolya says everything correctly, according to the law, Soviet and modern Russian.
    4. gerkost2012
      gerkost2012 19 December 2017 00: 20
      Or maybe send there not only Kolya, to whom someone wrote the notorious text, but the entire Olympic team of Russia? Let gentlemen, the athletes dig, think, under what flag did Soviet soldiers die and what does the flag, coat of arms and anthem of their country mean for its representatives especially abroad.
  2. Terenin
    Terenin 15 December 2017 22: 29
    I personally know that this type of excavation is very difficult physically and especially psychologically.
    I sincerely wish patience and health to the guys from the Novorossiysk search center. Guys, your work is very important for our people. Thanks you! Sincerely.
  3. a housewife
    a housewife 15 December 2017 22: 38
    Half of Novorossiysk stands on the bones. Can you imagine how microdistricts were built on Malaya Zemlya? And I wonder if the remains are collected behind the ridge, in the forest beyond the Sugar Head? Perhaps collected, I was there a very long time, there just the ground was covered with bones! Everywhere lay some kind of piece of iron, broken helmets. Bushes and grass grew through the bones. Judging by the fact that the helmets were both ours and German, there was melee. I don’t know who to ask.