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Glam and thrash are the main political trends of today


Politics is a reflection of the processes that change the world and it changes with it. What trends are important to bet on today, so that our political system meets the challenges of the future and at the same time maintains an adequate perception of current processes? We sought answers in the continuation of our conversation about glam capitalism with Dmitry Ivanov, doctor of sociology, professor at St. Petersburg State University.

What has changed in politics in recent decades?

There was a decline of mass democracy, which leads to the question of political mobilization, the involvement of voters in the process of legitimizing power.

In Russia, on the one hand, democracy is perceived as an absolute necessity, and, on the other, citizens are not particularly interested in participating, and they need to be lured.

This is where virtualization technologies work, aimed at creating an image - an image that has little to do with a real person, a real career as a candidate and parties.

Parties are now image PR projects, they no longer have any permanent ideology, a set of slogans varies from election to election, and the mass of party members is only part of the image. Since there are many membership cards, this creates the appearance of a large and influential organization. The most important thing in this organization is the creative team and access to communication channels.

In the West, contracting for PR campaigns and advertising agencies is practiced, since professionals are needed. Those who know how to advertise beer and underwear, and cope with the image of the deputy. We still have this shy, but in fact, will have to work as well.

This tendency of the last decade, although it also gradually exhausts itself, leads to a dead end, since everyone acts the same way, the images are built the same way, the slogans are the same - everyone promises good and prosperity.

And here they start to work, firstly, glam, and secondly, thrash. Glam means that party candidates must be exotic, erotic, understandable for everyone, ride with bikers, perform on stage with the stars. But voters are already overloaded with communications and ordinary political campaigning does not work anymore. Therefore, gaining weight is the complete opposite - thrash. This is brutal violence, scandalous actions that mobilize in the same way as the glossy format of political communication.

In this connection, is the example of the US presidential election indicative?

Trump is the perfect embodiment of all political trends. This is a billionaire who is not burdened with a beautiful, flawless biography, a person with a bad reputation and bad manners. He works on the principles of “glamor” and “trash” at the same time and therefore he won the candidate who acted in traditional political schemes.

This victory showed that the previous logic is no longer working, and Trump and his team are groping for some new logic. Its essence is that the motives of separation begin to be used. Instead of promising everyone everything different at the same time, and not noticing, glossing over splits in society, on the contrary, they are betting on conflict.

Including because the absolute majority is unattainable, the relative majority wins. The statistics are simple, Trump won, typing less in the country than Clinton. This is the American specificity, it is important to win there by states. The point is that about half of the voters participated in the elections, and another half of this half - that is, 25%, legitimized the supreme ruler.

In Russia, the last election was 65% of voters, of which 63% voted for Putin. We make arithmetic calculations, and we understand that the order of 40% has legitimized this power with its own hands and feet, and the majority are either “against” or indifferent.

Therefore, trying to construct a total mass, an absolute majority, becomes meaningless. It is necessary to achieve the support of an active, and, if possible in its activity, aggressive minority. This aggressive minority will fill its communications channels, create a virtual reality, the image of mass and victory.

Therefore, conflicts are no longer displayed somewhere in the background, but rather become the center of an election campaign.

And what is the conflict in Russia?

We have two factions in the ruling elite. One proconservative. Its representatives are trying to find some symbolic foundations, call them clips, trying to freeze the situation. Grounds are sought in the past, respectively, they also need to conflict with the West, and this requires a strong economy and a strong army. And then we get this pre-Petrine Muscovy of the middle of the 17 century. Or you need to develop, and then you need to act as you want and what the modernization faction calls for. There is an irreconcilable ideological conflict between these factions, even if they do not publicly recognize this.

If our economy continues to stagnate, and the likelihood is that this will be the case, the conflict between the factions will aggravate and the question is which of them is mobilizing what dissatisfied part of the electorate, and what trash political technologies will be decided and dared.

Relatively speaking, either a conservative faction will push Putin to the counter-revolution. Either the modernization elite will raise it to the revolution from above. Or they will be in the clinch for a long time, and then some kind of revolution will come from the side.

How have the media changed under the glam capitalism?

They are no longer mass media. Now we have many channels for delivering information to its consumer. Target audiences fragmented, there is no longer a single mass of readers, viewers. Each microgroup prefers its communication channels.

This is very clearly seen in the gaps of generations: the elderly still read newspapers, and directly, childishly perceive television programs. And young people watch television less and in a different mode. They may be interested in some programs, but they will not hang around the TV to wait for the desired broadcast, to be part of such a hierarchical communication, controlled by the broadcaster. They will download and watch on the web page of the channel they need when they are interested.

In addition, they actively use social networks in the Web 2.0 mode - a speech about a platform provided by professionals, programmers and web designers. But at the same time, without even noticing it, they begin to develop the 3.0 Web technology., Which assumes that users themselves generate the platform and fill the platform with content themselves.

The 3.0 web is self-made resources. For example, with the help of the tools provided, you can make your own website or mobile application without programming and web design skills. There are also instant messengers, chat platforms, when you can create your own private networks, small and private.

As a result, non-mass media emerge, the strategic role of which will soon be more important than traditional mass channels. So, in the future, it is necessary not to control the mainstream media, but create your own network of microchannels to micro audiences, which will be larger than your competitors.

Obama and Trump's victories are partly explained by the fact that they have created a network of such microchannels, more intense, more branched, and more active than their competitors.

How will the media evolve in augmented reality?

New media are not people on the other side of the screen, somewhere in virtual reality, but people like you who are in the same space with you. Virtual reality simply “flows” into your life.

I would cynically say that now the most powerful and powerful resource that can be used is 12-year-olds who really want to be bloggers and start their own YouTube channels. It is clear that, in most cases, there is nothing to watch, but they have something to show.

For this target audience of content producers, media companies need to work. If you look at what toys and spinners do with them, then you will see that these are quite strong streams that can be used for both advertising and long-term political purposes.

There is a new generation, there is a generation gap, and this opens up the prospect of further development of the media.

In augmented reality, events in the physical, in real space will also be in demand. Media will either have their own creative space, where people can come and do something, or constantly hold festivals. For example, there is already a “VKontakte Festival”, which is held annually, when people gather on the lawn, do something together, communicate live, and this is a giant social network with millions of subscribers.

What are the main risks for the development of Russia in the coming 10 years?

The main risk lies in a stagnant economy and closing politics and culture. The leaders of the proconservative faction think that they are blocking external threats, but in fact they are being closed from development and from themselves.

It would be possible to draw an analogy with the Islamic Republic of Iran, but we are not, our culture is atheistic, and all attempts to present Orthodoxy as a kind of spiritual basis is a continuation of virtualization, which is manifested in the responses of people to sociologists, but not in real actions.

I do not say that it is bad to be conservative, I say that there are no chances “in our opinion” to be conservative. And because of this, there are risks that those who pretend to be traditionalists and conservatives will, in the end, forcibly transform the regime and the economy, politics and culture.

The second serious threat is the competition of those countries that claim leadership. Russia is trapped between the US and the EU, and China. So far, Russia has a nuclear weapon, not aerospace forces, special forces and "polite people", but the nuclear triad, the country can withstand these external threats.

But this triad naturally ages morally and physically. The military-industrial complex does not do well even with the task of maintaining the defense potential at the same level, the potential for a retaliatory strike.

Therefore, the only way is development. However, technological development, as it is proclaimed, is hardly possible on a broad front - there simply will not be enough resources and strength, and there is no where to get these resources.

But breakthroughs in small areas are possible by creating clusters and incorporating them into transnational networks. At the same time, it is possible for a part of the population and the elite to maintain the image of spirituality.

I will clarify why the conservative path may lead to a revolution?

Because we do not have that overwhelming majority who would like to live conservatively. People want to live in a modern society, they want to be consumers, they want to be tourists, they want comfort and pleasure. They are satisfied only with image traditionalism and conservatism. And the imposition of a real conservative lifestyle on them is unlikely to mobilize them again. If the economy continues to stagnate, then they will gradually turn into what the proletarians were in the city of Petrograd, in the 1917 year. That is, hungry and disgruntled people. Only this hunger will be connected not with the lack of bread, but with the lack of post-industrial and already post-virtual benefits that consumers are guided by as a standard.

In a conservative way, it is impossible to provide them. The Soviet Union was destroyed by the shortage of butter and sausage to a greater extent than the American imperialists, spies, disruptive radio stations and dissidents. No major role they played. The Soviet Union, the communist regime was destroyed by a faction within the ruling elite, which relied on the protest of the hungry masses, and they did not starve like in 17, but wanted to saturate the needs of a slightly higher level. This path is possible for Russia again.

What system opportunities exist for Russia?

In 1993, in the country tanks crushed the pro-conservative opposition. Now they are trying morally with the help of propaganda to strangle and squeeze out a liberal position. The systemic opportunity is not to push the factions together with their foreheads, but to distribute each segment of their work and be managers - mediators between these segments. Such a segregation for development, a strategy based on fragmentation and diversity. It is necessary to create an augmented reality in which both vectors of the country's development will strengthen each other. But this can only be done on a pragmatic, not ideological basis. And this is a serious managerial challenge for Russia.
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  1. Knowing
    Knowing 15 December 2017 06: 17
    The trash that Trump, with his bet on conflict and love for showing off, will bring the whole WORLD to the abyss - that’s for sure. But there will be no turning back.
    1. dSK
      dSK 15 December 2017 07: 27
      Dmitry Vladislavovich Ivanov: “It is necessary to achieve the support of an active, and, if possible in its activity, aggressive minority. This aggressive minority will fill the channels with its communications, create a virtual reality, an image of mass and victory.”
      "we are not like that, our culture is atheistic"

      Quote: Knowing
      will bring the whole WORLD to the abyss - that's for sure.
      You can cheat one person for a long time, you can cheat millions not for a long time, but cheat all and very long failed to anyoneNeither Napoleon nor Hitler. "Freedom and democracy" in its pure form is possible only for one person on a desert island, you can afford anything. Saying that God was invented by "losers" to justify their own failure. But the creator and creator knows not only what he does, speaks, but also thinks each person. It is not possible to deceive. Sooner or later we will all end the earthly path. And the myth of "reincarnation" is self-deception. "For I am the Lord, your God, a jealous God who punishes children for the guilt of the fathers to the third and fourth kind, who hate me, and who creates mercy to a thousand generations to those who love me and keep my commandments." One way is to "evade evil and do good." hi
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 15 December 2017 06: 20
      don't push fractions foreheads, and distribute to each his own segment work and be managers - picks between these segments. Such here segregation for development, a strategy based on fragmentation
      belay the author is a pancake ... you don’t know the Russian language at all, or did you study in Londons ...?
      1. S-kerrigan
        S-kerrigan 18 December 2017 08: 05
        What's wrong with that? I do not see typos on the go. Literate speech actually.
        With punctuation marks. And yes, he writes much better than you. At least remember to put spaces.
  3. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 15 December 2017 07: 16
    The brief meaning of the article is that the voter no longer has brains. Victory! So you need to completely switch to mass deception, filling (finally !!) the budgets of advertisers. Such as the author of the article. I personally think that even the presence of the brains of the voter will not fill democracy with meaning, but this is no longer important ...
    In general, there are two options for deceiving the people. The first is to cheat people, giving them a setting that is beneficial to you. And to fool people, following them, human, vague desires and vague interests. The first way does not destroy our world so quickly, but it leads to a radical acceleration of the decay of a person’s personality. A ram driven by the nose is not well suited to maintain the modern vast world in order. Technology is already pouring in slowly.
    The second leads to violent conflicts, quickly turning into global. Since it is easiest to get a political profit, following the seething of the most vociferous, dumb and aggressive members of society. Walking the easy way, you will always run into war. In general, a bad thing. Democracy is universal termination ...
  4. Selendis
    Selendis 15 December 2017 08: 12
    A logical article, laid out all on the shelves, the question just can instead of pushing the foreheads of the "political elite", can someone hear ordinary people? Not only the president should once a year, at least, arrange "open doors". Community issues should be heard and reacted by local authorities. A banal example - in front of the house - 20 meters away, they want to build a new house with us, they were hammering in all instances, even the experts agreed that this is impossible by all standards, but the place was bought out and will be built up on the sly, nothing personal is just a business.
    That is why the people, when the authorities do not hear him, are looking for an alternative. At a minimum, platforms for communication with those who might help solve a particular problem.
    1. Petr1968
      Petr1968 15 December 2017 14: 06
      Quote: Selendis
      can someone hear ordinary people?

      What for? And what does it mean to listen? Should Medvedev view all forums? Or read the whole facebook? The people have one request, a worthy life. And the rulers' press conferences are not listening, this is the circus (IMHO)
  5. Loess
    Loess 15 December 2017 08: 20
    In Russia, on the one hand, democracy is perceived as an absolute necessity.
    Well, I don’t know, I don’t know ...
  6. kalibr
    kalibr 15 December 2017 10: 14
    Some strange discoveries are made by the author. All this was known and applied back in the 90s. There are two methods of how to bring a person into power - American and ours, Russian, based on the effect of ZHAN - Zhmyrikova A.N. But nothing is said about this. It’s one thing to teach, and quite another to really do it.
  7. kalibr
    kalibr 15 December 2017 10: 19
    Quote: Mikhail3
    Democracy is universal termination ..

    No, it’s not universal ... the most ... individuals are periodically selected ... organizations are created for them, for example, the same ISIS (banned in Russia), they all flock there, then they are bombed. They do not transmit their genes, do not raise children. So is the selection of socially oriented citizens. Then there will be something else. People die - humanity lives!
    1. 3x3zsave
      3x3zsave 15 December 2017 12: 54
      An interesting conclusion that smoothly fits into Kurzweil’s theory, and even Hawking’s gloomy predictions.
      1. Petr1968
        Petr1968 15 December 2017 15: 01
        Quote: 3x3zsave
        An interesting conclusion that smoothly fits into Kurzweil’s theory,

        What part of his theory ???
        1. 3x3zsave
          3x3zsave 15 December 2017 16: 38
          In terms of technological collapse, it needs a monolithic human society, that is, socially oriented at the individual level, without any significant passionate outbursts. Yes, this is a herd, but otherwise we’ll die everything by Hawking.
          1. Paranoid50
            Paranoid50 15 December 2017 20: 44
            Quote: 3x3zsave
            but otherwise we’ll all die by Hawking.

            At times, there is the thought that Hawking is trying to avenge humanity for something. Subtle, sophisticated ... but takes revenge. request
            1. 3x3zsave
              3x3zsave 16 December 2017 09: 46
              Well, in a “thinking fern” state, it’s hard not to be a misanthrope, although Hawking, unlike most like him, is a sin to complain.
  8. kalibr
    kalibr 15 December 2017 10: 23
    But in general, the author is right! The masses always needed one thing - BREAD AND SHOW. "And how to raise the dough? Asino three axes!"
    1. Petr1968
      Petr1968 15 December 2017 14: 09
      Quote: kalibr
      "And how to raise the dough? Asino three axes!"

      And free content)))
  9. Altona
    Altona 15 December 2017 10: 27
    Quote: Dead Day
    not pushing the factions together with their foreheads, but giving each one their own segment of work and being managers - mediators between these segments. Such segregation in the interests of development, a strategy based on fragmentation
    belay author damn ... you do not know the Russian language at all, or studied in London? ...?

    Don't push conservative and liberal group of people foreheads, and give each his own work area, and be yourself process leaders. Such here division in the interest of development. Strategy based on bundle.
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 15 December 2017 13: 20
      Quote: Altona
      Quote: Dead Day
      not pushing the factions together with their foreheads, but giving each one their own segment of work and being managers - mediators between these segments. Such segregation in the interests of development, a strategy based on fragmentation
      belay author damn ... you do not know the Russian language at all, or studied in London? ...?

      Don't push conservative and liberal group of people foreheads, and give each his own work area, and be yourself process leaders. Such here division in the interest of development. Strategy based on bundle.

      read ... thanks Good man! at least someone else is Russian! drinks
  10. Altona
    Altona 15 December 2017 10: 29
    Quote: Selendis
    Community issues should be heard and reacted by local authorities.

    Current democracy does not provide feedback; politicians increasingly ignore the interests of voters.
  11. Altona
    Altona 15 December 2017 11: 15
    The author, not wanting it himself, became a hostage to propaganda. It is believed that the liberal direction is more advanced, and the traditional one is autocracy, stagnation and generally complete juche-based reliance on one's own forces and resources. Especially non-traditional sexually promoted people as hypersensitive and megatalented, supposedly gay are better as fashion designers, architects, musicians, actors and, in general, creators of aesthetic and other art objects. Which, of course, is really nonsense full and golem advertising. The main factor is the closure of information channels and the termination of cooperation with the world economy, as was the case with the USSR. But here we must proceed from the fact that the Western world, which is trying to "isolate" everything, everyone and everything, is also in a deep systemic crisis, is significantly de-industrialized and stupid by its own Hollywood, megalomania and other things that do not contribute to the mind. We are more destroyed by the unjust model of society that we were forced upon in 1991. The ruling class in every possible way robs the population and takes out the resources and candy wrappers obtained for these resources abroad. In current conditions, it is more destructive than any author. Although the topic raised is interesting. I believe that a scientific approach to any problem is needed, and not ideological, and even more so PR approaches. Then it will not matter what type of society you have and what ideological trends are present in it.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 17 December 2017 20: 24
      Hello to the strange relic! To the same as me ... Stupid approach with you and me. What kind of science? "At the next bend, scientists and engineers were thrown out of the cart, who knew how it all worked! And now the goon in slippers from Cardin is driving the world!" Alas. The reality is ...
  12. Petr1968
    Petr1968 15 December 2017 13: 59
    Our television is really "inaccessible." Licking has become so much, already disgusting.
    Yesterday, on the channel "Moscow 24", and this is not a political channel, one "political scientist" began to tell that there is practically no Europe on the geopolitical map of the world, and that NATO has already almost collapsed, and only Russia and the old Asia and Africa now rule the world. .. Maybe someone is pleased to listen to this "balm", but to me personally, it is pleasant. And so for several years now I haven’t watched nightingale trills and Kiselev’s rivers, not speaking about rent ... Not to mention the first channel ... If you need to get an obedient majority of pensioners, this is for them, and if the youth - you need to make interesting content, not built on 100% obedience. Navalny also has millions of views on YouTube, because it’s more interesting. Medvedev's cottage is more interested in people than the war in Syria. People see officials on the Mercia, see judges with billions of weddings ... And they are at that time with TV about Syria .. We need to restart propaganda, so clumsy youth you can’t buy.
  13. Radikal
    Radikal 15 December 2017 22: 44
    The author of the publication is either historically illiterate (which is unlikely), or deliberately misleads the audience! The devil, as they say lies in the details ... of his article! sad
    1. Petr1968
      Petr1968 18 December 2017 09: 38
      Quote: Radikal
      The author of the publication is either historically illiterate (which is unlikely), or deliberately misleads the audience!

      There is a third option, the liberals call this the "point of view."
  14. Radikal
    Radikal 18 December 2017 14: 45
    Quote: Petr1968
    Quote: Radikal
    The author of the publication is either historically illiterate (which is unlikely), or deliberately misleads the audience!

    There is a third option, the liberals call this the "point of view."

    Are you one of them? wassat