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US Marine Corps moves to new patron

The United States Marines adopted new ammunition. According to portal, the command of the US Marine Corps has officially adopted the cartridges, which the American army has been successfully using for several years.

Today, the Marine Corps uses M5,56 cartridges used by the NATO armies in 855 for their 1977 caliber mm rifles. In this case, the US Army began the transition to the new M855A1 cartridges back in the 2010 year. Initially, the US Marines refused to use new cartridges due to the problems of using them with the M27 rifle shops (HK416), but now the Marine Corps has adopted new stores and it was announced that from 2018, the M855A1 will become the marines' main patron.

US Marine Corps moves to new patron

For the first time, M855A1 began to enter into service with US military units in 2010, and three years later, the US Department of Defense decided to completely transfer the army to a new ammunition. The M855A1 is a 5,56 × 45 mm caliber cartridge designed for M4 army rifles, as well as compatible with M16 rifles and M249 machine guns.

According to the description of the cartridge M855A1, the composition of its powder mixture includes an additive that reduces the flash of flame when fired. The bullet consists of a copper semi-shell with a steel tip, develops greater speed and has increased armor penetration (9,5 mm steel from a distance 350 m) compared to the bullet cartridge M855, which was previously used in the US Army and is still used in the US Marine Corps.

For several years, the US Department of Defense insisted that the army and the Marine Corps use a single type of ammunition. The military believed that this would improve logistics and reduce the cost of providing military personnel with ammunition. But since each of the types of American armed forces have the right to decide for themselves what to equip their troops, sometimes this leads to additional costs and problems in logistics. In addition, the US Marines are very reluctant to part with the old weapons - so, only in October last year, the Command of the Special Operations Forces of the Marine Corps officially abandoned the Colt 1911 pistol, while the US Ground Forces wrote it off as early as the 70s, reports "Warspot"

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  1. Frol 7525
    Frol 7525 14 December 2017 14: 47
    Cartridges M855A1 are sometimes called "green" due to the lack of lead in their bullets. These ammunition was designed to replace the M855 cartridges that have been used by the U.S. Army since the 1980s.

    The slow motion video shows what happens inside the ballistic gel when the bullet of the cartridge M855A1 hits the target. 21 century, however ...
    1. Shura Perm
      Shura Perm 14 December 2017 14: 50
      another barbaric cartridge for terrible injuries ... democracy, it is so ...
      1. Mik13
        Mik13 14 December 2017 16: 09
        Quote: Shura Perm
        another barbaric cartridge for terrible injuries ... democracy, it is so ...

        Hmmm ....
        If you believe that the non-barreled 5.45x39 cartridge has a more humane effect on the patient - I have very bad news for you.
        High-speed small-caliber bullets are generally an extremely harsh thing. Regardless of the existence of democracy.

        PS - by the way, on the video in Comrade’s comment Frol 7525 The second expansion of the gel block with flash and explosion is the “diesel effect”.
        When passing through a ballistic gel blog, a bullet vaporizes and sprays part of the gel. When the pulsating cavity collapses due to stapling, the temperature of air in the cavity rises and the mixture of gel and air (in fact, the air-fuel mixture) ignites.
        This suggests that the ballistic gel is of poor quality. Quality does not burn.
        When hit in a living object, no diesel effect, of course, does not occur. Only a pulsating cavity. However, this is quite enough.
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 14 December 2017 19: 07
          But I don’t understand what kind of “problems with the store” this might have been during the transition from the M855 to the M855A1, the cartridge is the same, only the filling is slightly different.
          It seems to me that behind the "problems with the store" there is a very strong gesheft of many people laughing
        2. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 14 December 2017 23: 13
          "the patient has a more humane impact - I have very bad news for you." ////

          We didn’t have a jel.
          We shot a barrel of water (the so-called "barrel") from AKM and M16.
          From 50 meters. After a shot from the AKM, water flowed out in two trickles from two equal
          holes on both sides. After a shot from M16, water spilled out in a stream from an outlet hole of about 5 centimeters in diameter. And a little trickle from the inlet.
          And it’s much less pleasant to remember how they watched where the bullet hit one dead “bad” guy who was unlucky in the shootout. Could not visually identify.
          He was lying on his back. But when his officer carefully turned his hand, it immediately became clear where the bullet came from. It was very sickening. negative
          Such unpleasant 5.56 bullets ...
          1. bootlegger
            bootlegger 15 December 2017 11: 27
            Well, apparently these were the first bullet models 5, 56. They were also compiled from hunting 223 ringtones. So they came out with increased expansiveness.
            But in war, this is even harmful. Lost impact and accuracy if the bullet is destroyed are lost. In addition, wounding the enemy in a modern war is more important than killing. A huge amount of resources must be spent for its treatment and transportation, but he will no longer be at war.
            1. voyaka uh
              voyaka uh 15 December 2017 14: 28
              "but he still will not fight." ////

              He won’t fight, but when the battle is over he’ll have to take the militant prisoner, provide first aid, take him to the hospital, operate, possibly, then keep him in prison for years. Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on it.
              And so, a shot from M16 is a corpse.
              1. Mih1974
                Mih1974 15 December 2017 17: 37
                Oh come on - you are the “God-chosen” “... threatened to drive the weapons of women and children into the building motivating this with protection from obsterlae, which they soon abandoned and through which the IDF inflicted airstrike that led to the deaths of all civilians inside the Palestinians ..” (with) am
              2. bootlegger
                bootlegger 15 December 2017 23: 21
                Well now it’s not so. New bullets are sharpened for armor penetration.
                What is their expansiveness if they sew 10 mm steel ..
              3. Grigory_78
                Grigory_78 19 December 2017 09: 51
                Great! No man - no problem! And he took up arms or just accidentally fell under fire - who cares ... He will not go to court with a guarantee. I’m still thinking about whether you will soon begin to massively dispose of Palestinians, as the Austrian artist used to dispose of you in his time. Judging by your statements, you really like his approach to practicality.
          2. serezhasoldatow
            serezhasoldatow 15 December 2017 12: 30
            Be proud, there are no wounded, only the dead.
    2. RASKAT
      RASKAT 14 December 2017 15: 35
      90% of the goals for the American army are majahideen, Taliban and other characters in skullcaps, dressing gowns and sandals on their bare feet. Is the penetration of the new cartridge excessive for such purposes? Judging by the bullet, it is much more expensive to manufacture than the old cartridge. Is the cost overrun justified?
      1. Piramidon
        Piramidon 14 December 2017 16: 48
        Quote: RASKAT
        Is the cost overrun justified?

        Are you worried about American taxpayers? For me, the more expensive the better.
        1. RASKAT
          RASKAT 14 December 2017 17: 05
          Are you worried about American taxpayers?

          Yes, no, I’m afraid that ours don’t have monkeys. We need to weigh the pros and cons. If it is only a matter of armor penetration, we have pretty good bullets for 5.45 PP, PB, BS and a good development of 7H39 Igolnik.
      2. Sands Careers General
        Sands Careers General 14 December 2017 17: 13
        So it’s worth thinking about what this cartridge is for, and for whom in case of what they will shoot.
      3. Doliva63
        Doliva63 14 December 2017 17: 44
        Or do you mean new goals? Us, for example.
      4. strelok581
        strelok581 16 December 2017 15: 47
        what's the difference for amers how much a shot costs. do not forget about the machine. on / off and there is no country. and you say cost overruns.
  2. Jedi
    Jedi 14 December 2017 14: 49
    Comparative tests of penetration of m855 and m855a1:
  3. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 14 December 2017 15: 45
    Marine Corps in its repertoire. The last to adopt - the last to withdraw from service. When the army was already rolling out the M1A1 abrams, the KMP was using the M60A3 with might and main. And he began the transition to the "Abrams" a year later than the Egyptians. smile And “Huey” and “Cobras” the ILC still buys.
    After reading the headline, I thought that the ILC decided to return to the good old 7,62 caliber. laughing
  4. alex-cn
    alex-cn 14 December 2017 15: 45
    copper half shell with steel tip
    Formally, this cartridge can be attributed to the expansive-doom-doom, the use of which is prohibited in the army.
  5. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 14 December 2017 16: 25
    "In addition, the American marines are very reluctant to part with the old weapons" ////

    On the contrary, the command of the marines is very "innovative." These are the "land hunters" they have "sediment".
    The Marines are the first (and fast) to change old weapons to new ones.
    Example: replacing the M4 with a German assault rifle.

    "an additive is included to reduce the flash of flame when fired" ///

    The long M16 had almost no flash. And the shot is quiet - almost inaudible.
    We suffered from this when the militants began to move from Kalash to M16.
    Bullets whistle overhead, and where they shoot - incomprehensibility.
    But the short M4 has a larger flash. Therefore, an additive was required.
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 14 December 2017 18: 40
      Quote: voyaka uh
      On the contrary, the command of the marines is very "innovative." These are the "land hunters" they have "sediment".

      Who rides tanks inferior to the army for 2-3 modernization? KMP!
      Who was unable to normal BMP? KMP!
      Who renamed the armored personnel carrier of Vietnam’s development into an “assault vehicle” and continues to use it? KMP!
      Who still buys cobras and hueys? KMP!
      Who wanted to buy the Harriers being written off by the British to save on spare parts for their AV-8? KMP!

      Of the Marine Corps innovations, we can only recall the LAV family, which paved the way for wheeled armored vehicles for the army.
    2. serezhasoldatow
      serezhasoldatow 15 December 2017 12: 33
      Sufferers you. How hard it was from Kalash and it got worse from the M-16.
  6. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 14 December 2017 16: 26
    Is it really that important to US marines?
  7. Graz
    Graz 14 December 2017 17: 26
    similar introductions to our Defense Ministry should be considered when developing new equipment for infantrymen
  8. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 14 December 2017 17: 35
    What made me unpleasant was the fact that the rim with rifling was shifted forward. This gives additional stability, accuracy and range. Our bullets are less stable.
    1. bootlegger
      bootlegger 15 December 2017 11: 20
      The rifled rim should be as close to the center of gravity as possible for maximum stability. And since the bulk of the cartridges we have is 7N6 or 7N6m with technological cavities in the bow of the bullet, everything is fine with the location of the rim relative to the cm. They have the center of mass of the bullet behind the center of pressure, that's the reason for the low stability, and not in the rim ..