Military Review

Syrian Chronicles: War through the eyes of the Russian military

Civilization, which originated in the fourth millennium BC, near the fertile plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, changed many names, faces, religions, ethnic groups and flags. This land knew the Roman protectorate and the influence of Egypt, saw the Arab conquerors and the Crusades, faced with global wars and local conflicts.

But for the first time in all the millennia, it has to confront large-scale terror. Like a plague that came from the Middle Ages under black banners, it is spreading all over the Middle East. And every hotbed of this epidemic can spark a spark that will cause a world fire.

Syria. She has a special role in stories humanity and in the history of Christianity. Here appeared one of the oldest alphabets. Here is one of the oldest existing capitals today - Damascus. This country is the keeper of world cultural heritage. Today the fate of many nations is being decided here again.

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    MOSKVITYANIN 13 December 2017 22: 36
    The Syrians are not the first people to save the mysterious northern country ...
    1. Seraphimamur
      Seraphimamur 14 December 2017 08: 24
      Quite right, this is not the first country that Russians are saving. And in return - spitting and abuse of the monuments of our fallen soldiers.
  2. 32363
    32363 14 December 2017 01: 03
    Stop, where is ... kunbula? laughing
    zvizdets they are stupid, and they have the wrong system)))
  3. vagabo
    vagabo 14 December 2017 09: 09
    :)) To tears neighing over the video!
    Only these are Sudanese, not Syrians.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 16 December 2017 04: 28
      But what's the difference, I’m just wondering - at the end of the training, Ours will know Their language or vice versa? laughing laughing good
  4. slavaseven
    slavaseven 15 December 2017 13: 20
    Quote: 32363
    Stop, where is ... kunbula? laughing
    zvizdets they are stupid, and they have the wrong system)))