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America vs Russia: Doping Wars

The recent doping scandal with the exclusion of Russia from participation in the Olympic Games, as we know, had a political background. This is recognized not only by Russian politicians and public figures, but also by many reputable people in the world of sports, including those from states that are difficult to suspect of sympathy for Russia.

For example, the former president of the Latvian Hockey Federation, Kirov Lipman, spoke about the political background of the scandal. Even if there have actually been cases of the use of doping by individual athletes, it is not possible, because of this, to remove the whole country from participation in the Olympic Games. Especially since they repeatedly caught athletes from all over the world on the use of doping substances. If we talk about American sports, then the use of doping is almost a national tradition. Therefore, when American sports officials and politicians talk about the inadmissibility of doping, this looks like a typical example of "double standards." However, the United States has always used the policy of “double standards” and sport - only the most harmless sphere where it is applied.

The most interesting thing is that the United States resorts to "double standards" inside the country, dividing American sport into privileged and discriminated types. For example, the most cash, profitable sports, such as basketball, baseball, and American football, are literally built on doping in the United States. It is known that the policy of such sports organizations of the USA as the National Basketball Association and the National Football League is notable for its softness with regard to doping athletes and functionaries who incline them to it. The fact is that all the sports listed above bring a lot of money to both merchants and the state. For many decades of existence of these associations, in the USA there was a real sports mafia, which stubbornly defends its interests and protects the areas under its control from outside interference.

The attention of the public to football, basketball, baseball, and so much. Therefore, functionaries from basketball and football are trying to carefully protect their sports and their athletes from doping scandals. For example, the NFL leadership prohibits notifying the media about the positive results of the athletes' checks on doping. The NFL is a very closed organization and keeps its secrets carefully, so athletes, even those caught in the use of doping, can make an innocent face in front of the cameras and deny any rumors of violations.

Sanctions for doping in the National Basketball Association and the National Football League are really very soft. For example, in the NFL, it is forbidden to participate in four games for the first time if he is caught using doping. That is, he leaves the games for only 30 days - not a significant period for losing fame and form. For the second case of the use of doping, the athlete is isolated from eight matches, that is, he will not be able to play for two months. Only on the third revealed fact of the use of doping American football player is disqualified for a period of one year. Softness is different and testing athletes NFL for the use of various drugs.

In 2016, doctor Chad Robertson admitted that for a long time he had been supplying doping drugs to the star of world and American boxing Mike Tyson, as well as a number of other famous American athletes. Moreover, a number of American athletes receive doping legally, as a therapeutic exception.

America vs Russia: Doping Wars

Any attempts to combat doping in American football, baseball and basketball are faced with serious opposition from interested parties, primarily businessmen and sports functionaries, who make the most of the profits from the most popular sports in the United States. But to create the appearance of a complete absence in American sports of examples of the use of doping is very difficult. Therefore, “poor” sports, not media and not bringing big profits, become “scapegoats”. For example, doping scandals very often arise around athletics. American sportsmen do not have a due regard for athletes - a runner can easily be excluded for two years from the fact that they used doping. What is the loss of two years for an athlete, in addition to the deterioration of the form? It is also a gradual decline in interest to his person from the public and the media. Of course, compared with the ban on participation in 4-8 matches, a two-year disqualification is a much more serious punishment for athletes.

Widespread doping in American sports is also associated with the position of the athletes themselves. Unlike Russian, American sport is maximally commercialized. For athletes, their victory at the Olympics is a way to get huge money and media fame. In the struggle to achieve these goals, they are even ready to sacrifice their health. For example, when a survey was conducted, are you ready to take drugs that will help you win, but in the long run they will turn you into disabled people, 80% of the American athletes surveyed answered in the affirmative. Even more than the athletes themselves, coaches, sports officials, bigwigs of the sports business, whose well-being is directly related to the athletic achievements of the wards, are interested in using the latest doping.

As for international sports, in it charges of doping have long been a means of manipulating and achieving their goals, including not sports, but economic and political. Big sport is politics. The International Olympic Committee and the commissions responsible for checking athletes are controlled by the Western elites and act in their interests. Therefore, no one is surprised that more often with doping they “cling” to China and Russia - the two main opponents of the United States.

Interestingly, among the founders of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency - World Anti-Doping Agency) there is not a single Russian, moreover - they are not included in the executive committee. Thus, in the structure of this organization there are no people who could fight the practice of “double standards” and defend the honor and interests of Russian sport. Dr. Michael Eshenden, considered one of the world's leading experts in the field of doping, argues that the anti-doping movement operates according to its laws and is similar to the Mafia, which adheres to the law of silence. Interestingly, in the United States of America, where the National Anti-Doping Agency operates, WADA does not send its commissions. The leadership of this organization is inclined to trust the data that American functionaries of the anti-doping movement provide to WADA.

WADA itself reveals its cards, publishing information about doping studies. So, Russia is considered one of the world leaders in anti-doping violations, there are many complaints from the international agency and to China. But, for some reason, it is overlooked that both Russian and Chinese athletes take much more doping tests than athletes from other countries, especially taking exit commissions, whereas in the US situation WADA agrees with the data provided by the American side. What can this be connected with, if not with political considerations?

For example, in 2014, 13 180 samples were taken from Chinese athletes, from Russian ones - 12 556 samples. For comparison, we give the number of doping tests for athletes from other states: USA - 7 167 samples, UK - 5 160 samples, France - 7 434 samples. As you can see, the difference is almost twofold. It turns out that doping tests are taken almost continuously from Russian and Chinese athletes, and twice less frequently from Western athletes. That is, some countries are "more equal" than others. Russia, by the way, is making quite serious efforts to combat doping. Of course, some Russian athletes, like any other athletes from any other country, may use doping, but this has nothing to do with state sports policy. It is hardly reasonable to “disqualify” the entire country solely because several individual athletes were caught using doping. Moreover, not so long ago in Russia, legislation was seriously tightened in relation to the fight against the facts of doping.

As is known, more than a year ago, on November 22, 2016, Mr Putin signed a law passed by the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation criminalizing the inducing of athletes to doping. Corresponding additions were made to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Now it has art. 230.1 - "The athlete's declination to use substances and (or) methods prohibited for use in sports" and Art. 230.2 - “Use of substances and (or) methods prohibited for use in sports with an athlete”.

Lawyer Tamerlan Barziev emphasizes that the articles 230.1 and 230.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation provide for the responsibility of inducing the athlete to use doping for coaches, sports doctors and "other specialists in the field of physical culture and sports." Thus, it is not the athlete himself who is responsible for the use of doping before the law, but those who pushed him to this step. That is, it is theoretically possible to bring to justice and high-ranking sports officials who fit the definition of "other specialists in the field of physical culture and sports."

Tightening responsibility for inducing doping is Russia's response to the accusation that doping in our country has almost been elevated to the norm by state policy in the field of physical culture and sports. At least, the introduction of criminal liability for coaches and functionaries demonstrates the determination of the state in the fight against doping. Lawyer Andrei Lisov believes that the adoption of this law is a tribute to the tendencies common to the modern world in the world of sports, since criminal liability for doping is valid in Germany, Italy, Finland, France and a number of other states. For the use of doping in some countries, for example in Germany or Italy, you can get a real term of several years in prison. Another question, emphasizes Andrei Lisov, is how effective this measure is, because the profits of businessmen from sports are so great that one can ignore such consequences.

Interestingly, the International Olympic Committee acknowledged that it was never able to find evidence of the participation of "higher state authorities" in doping manipulations. But, nevertheless, the IOC put the blame for doping not only on individual athletes and their coaches, but also on the Russian state as a whole. Allegedly, since Russia signed the International Convention against Doping in Sport, having pledged to abide by certain rules, it should be fully responsible. It is noteworthy that one of the first to exclude Russia from the IOC was called by the head of the American Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), Travis Tygart. Although the Americans themselves have many problems with the facts of doping, the IOC prefers not to pay attention to the numerous violations of the stars and stars of the stars and stars. But the IOC blames all sins of Russian athletes, although in the same athletics Russian athletes demonstrate surprising for modern sports "cleanliness" on doping tests. For example, the anti-doping coordinator of the All-Russian Athletics Federation (VFLA) Elena Ikonnikova argues that the Russian athletes themselves tend to be tested more often, because they have nothing to hide.

In turn, Vladimir Putin believes that Russian athletes should defend their interests and an honest name in civil court instances, since the special judicial systems operating in the sports field, as the president noted, are not enough. The honor of Russian athletes in the courts, many of the country's leading lawyers volunteered to defend for free.

Meanwhile, the very fact that Russia has been banned from participating in the Olympic Games in Pkhenchkhane can also be viewed as a dress rehearsal for a more powerful attack on our country “along the sport line”. In the summer of 2018, Russia is waiting for the World Cup finals. Several key cities of our country are preparing to receive it at once. Naturally, the West will attempt to disrupt the championship in order to cause serious economic and political damage to Russia's position at the international level.
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  1. Knowing
    Knowing 14 December 2017 06: 35
    Maybe a little off topic, but could not resist: Olympic champion, world champion Nikita Kryukov on his official website turned to fans
    - We are at the edge of the abyss and are thinking where to step so as not to fall. The choice! .. How difficult it is to make it right. Throughout life, we have a choice! And now again we have a choice: to a greater extent before the athletes. I want to share my opinion on this issue without condemning anyone's choice and not insisting that my opinion be correct.
    The Olympic Games are the most important start for an athlete; everyone knows this. I was at 2 Olympics and always only prepared for victory. And I was determined not to win the car that the president would give me, or the apartment, or anything else, it's all secondary, I always thought about higher values. I wanted to win for the country! I wanted to stand on a pedestal and see our tricolor soaring above all! I wanted to sing a hymn! I wanted the Russian team to win the overall medal standings and my contribution to this victory was significant. And, indeed, at the Olympics, namely at the Olympics, you feel how all sports support each other. Everyone wants one thing: to get their medals! Because we are one team, we are the Russian team!
    I consider humiliation to go to the Olympic Games under a neutral flag and under the conditions set by the IOC.
    The decision to allow the “one” athlete to the Olympics, without coaches, without a service team, without massage therapists, doctors ... You know, if there were none, I would not have achieved anything. There is safety in numbers. Thanks to the coordinated work of the whole team, they manage to win! More than one person wins, the team wins!
    Many say: you need to go and fight to prove ... Who to prove ?! IOC functionaries, someone else? What to prove? What are we clean? Or that we can win clean? I don’t think that my sport - skiing - is “dirty” in our country. I can’t speak for everyone. But I won more than once! Clean !!!
    For me, the Olympic movement, the high ideals of Olympism collapsed like a house of cards when I watched what they were doing with our Team in Rio. As without proof, Isinbayev, Shubenkov and many others were not allowed to blame.
    At such moments, you realize that with a wave of someone’s hand you can go to the main start of life or stay at home.
    And finally, the most unfair thing for me is that so many athletes have “so-called” therapeutic exceptions. For me, this is tantamount to doping! If you are sick, then heal! If you took a drug that is prohibited, then wait a month, six months, a year until it is withdrawn so that it does not leave a trace on the schedule, and then come back. You don’t run the competition in plaster, or don’t remove the plaster in a week, if the doctor said to go for half a year. Until the use of therapeutic exceptions is stopped, an unequal struggle will continue.
    I am for a fair fight. And for an honest sport.
    - Probably, THIS IS called True PATRIOTISM. hi
    1. krops777
      krops777 14 December 2017 06: 50
      For me, the Olympic movement, the high ideals of Olympism collapsed like a house of cards when I watched what they were doing with our Team in Rio. As without proof, Isinbayev, Shubenkov and many others were not allowed to blame.

      It’s all right, who will now remember the removed athletes and what is the use of the courts.

      Zhukov here recently proved to the deputies that it was necessary to go no matter what, because they are trying to achieve this, the SGA, it’s sad, they admitted it, and going to speak without a flag anthem is humiliation. I think it is necessary to declare a boycott of the IOC to stop financing all this mess and create an alternative for myself in other options, I don’t see, because now it will last a very long time.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Finches
        Finches 14 December 2017 08: 54
        No, I don’t agree with you - to go, in my opinion it is necessary to prove, even so, that we wanted to spit on them, precisely through sports achievements! And this is a real US war against us! After all, everyone in the world knows that the same McLaren is working with an American detective agency? Here everything is decided by money, among other things - the American public does not want to see Russians at the Olympics, although 583 athletes officially received permission from the same Americans to use dope, supposedly for medical reasons ...
        But still I wouldn’t forget our officials - the same Zhukov didn’t do nichrome after Sochi, didn’t court, didn’t hire cool international lawyers for sports affairs, nothing! They didn’t tear your asses off the seats - here would ask them what you did to protect our athletes! And athletes - they’ll ruin their whole lives for this - you can’t go to the Olympics and deprive them of this right, everyone must decide for himself!
        1. krops777
          krops777 14 December 2017 14: 24
          No, I do not agree with you - to go, in my opinion, it is necessary to prove, even so, that we wanted to spit on them, precisely through sports achievements!

          And the main thing is not victory, the main part, because without trainers, massage therapists, and doctors, we won’t see victories over Americans doped with dope, and if they win, then they will again be accused of doping and take the medal, let's face it, IOC and WADA under full control of the United States. If now we begin to boycott the Olympics, then others will sooner or later join because we are tired of this chaos not only for us.
    2. INTER
      INTER 14 December 2017 10: 46
      Quote: Knowing
      I am for a fair fight. And for an honest sport. - Probably, THIS IS called Real PATRIOTISM.

      They want to come up with a neutral flag, so you can come up with the flag of the USSR, and even the anthem, God save the king, just in support of GDP))))) if only we would score a specific GOAL for them))))) good good
      1. igorka357
        igorka357 16 December 2017 11: 45
        Not under the white flag, but under the flag of the Olympians, and with the anthem of the Olympians! Do you really think someone will allow God to save the tsar, or carry the flag of the USSR?
  2. cedar
    cedar 14 December 2017 07: 12
    Ilya Polonsky touched on a hot topic, but he does not draw conclusions. The World Champion Nikita Kryukov cannot make them in his appeal given by the Knowers. One statement of the kicks and kicks that the adversary began to reward us with will not make it possible to change the situation in our favor, i.e. get out of this sanctioned war by the winners.
    There is a need to recognize the lack of state sovereignty that Russia lost after the defeat of the USSR in the twentieth. It affects literally everything, including sports ... Polonsky and Kryukov described this quite clearly. If they still came to the conclusion that Russia has been holding the trap for 25 years in a colony position, and sports officials are proteges of the metropolis who NEVER go against their overseas masters, then the conclusion about the need for the National Liberation Movement would be natural and justified by the realities of our Everyday life. But Putin would be perceived as the leader of the NOD, but not otherwise.
    How many more kicks do you need to get to understand these simple and obvious truths?
    1. SeregaBoss
      SeregaBoss 14 December 2017 08: 54
      Questions and a little nonsense, we are all happy to ship in wagons. Where suggestions what to do? What steps should be taken ??? NOD, PUTIN, LIKE A HERE!
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 December 2017 07: 28
    looks like a typical example of “double standards”
    Too soft and diplomatic towards the United States. We are already used to the double standards of Americans in everything. And this is cynical, insolent pressure of Russia using its, unfortunately, large resources in all international organizations. It seems to me that there are times when diplomacy and its polite language need to be pushed aside and call a spade a spade.
  4. Moore
    Moore 14 December 2017 08: 10
    Meanwhile, the very fact of the removal of Russia from participation in the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang can be considered as a dress rehearsal of a more powerful attack on our country “along the sports line”.

    “Attacks along the sports line” is just one of the instruments of influence on our country in the general plan called “Wipe Russia off the world map”. I must say that the tool is very effective, no worse than a demonstration of the complete powerlessness of the Russian authorities during the arrests of Russian citizens or Russian property abroad.
    Why do they continue to interact with structures that are controlled by our opponents and where they are free to change the rules of the game as they see fit, our rulers do not want to explain.
    It would seem that the "elite" should understand that the enemy does not plan to take prisoners and that it will not be possible to agree with him. What is more correct to listen to the "voice of the people" and use the sentiments prevailing in the main patriotic mass for confrontation.
    Instead, the population is shown the repentance of a boy, Sasha Zhukov, on behalf of the whole country to the Bund ... in Lausanne
  5. Commander
    Commander 14 December 2017 08: 28
    Good and robust article. The actions of the West are precisely designed to split the country. it is precisely these actions that show that we are returning our sovereignty - they shit wherever they can, and in fact by the little things, because in the main we got it by its faces. We need to analyze what actions we are being pushed to and think back steps. Only calmly, without foam.
  6. Vard
    Vard 14 December 2017 08: 45
    The unprofessionalism of sports officials ... this is the main thing now ... The same Mutko ... well, he does not pull the post ... but he clings, you can’t tear it off ... Personnel decide everything ...
  7. brn521
    brn521 14 December 2017 12: 47
    - Prince!
    - AND?
    - trouble!
    - What is there?
    - It turns out Peresvet was under dope!
    “And now what?”
    - Well, Chelubey was awarded the victory!
    - Hmm ...

    - Prince!
    - Well?
    - Again trouble!
    - What?
    - It turns out the whole squad was under dope!
    - Itit-pound and why?
    “They are now forbidden to fight under your flag, only under neutral!”
    - However...

    - Prince!
    - God-cats, what is there again !?
    - Published evidence that you were under doping.
    - Hm ...
    - In general, now the victory was awarded to Mamaia! And you were removed!
    - From what?
    - I do not even know...

    - Prince!
    “What a day !?”
    - trouble!
    “I guessed now what?”
    - Jagiello at a press conference said that he defeated the yoke!
    - So he was for them!
    - Well, now no ...

    - Prince!
    - Do not come! I’ll hack the dog for pisyunami!
    - There is a letter from Mamaia.
    - I don’t even want to read!
    “Well, he generally accuses you of sexual harassment.” The world community is outraged ...
    - Oh, that's it! I went to sleep!
  8. datur
    datur 15 December 2017 01: 31
    the hero turned out to be-1 -the rest, yes just !!! wink that's all !! wink
  9. Sinbad
    Sinbad 18 December 2017 14: 50
    But who needs them, these "Olympic Games" on such conditions. Once I supported the team of the USSR, then Russia. Now for whom? For individuals under the flag of surrender?
  10. Des10
    Des10 18 December 2017 22: 46
    We don’t have to explain that, the author ... We are aware of how they relate to our and “not ours” athletes.
    The article is cool, but it’s useless.
    With all due respect to GDP, he was not surprised by the appointment of R. (already messed up and down), not by blindness of organs, not by betrayal and the spread of doping, but only by the fact that he (R.) transported all this chemistry across the state border! ? smile
    And how ~ well, I know who appointed him, and what will you do now? Stunned.