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During the search for the submarine "San Juan" found a sunken ship

In the search zone of the Argentine submarine "San Juan" found a sunken ship, reports RIA News the message of the Argentine Navy.

During the search operation, two objects were found at different depths.

"In the study of an underwater object, fixed remotely controlled uninhabited submersible CURV21 at a depth of 650 meters, it turned out that this stone is one meter in length," - said in a statement. The study involved the American ship "Atlantis".

The second object, found at a depth of 139 meters, was identified by the British crew HMS Protector as a wreck.

Earlier, Russian Navy specialists discovered a sunken fishing trawler in the search area during the diving of the “Panther plus” remote-controlled bathyscaphe.

Recall, the submarine "San Juan" stopped communicating on November 15 communications at the transition from the naval base of Ushuaia to Mar del Plata. On board were 44 man. The Argentine Navy reported a single explosion that could be associated with the disappearance of a submarine.

After 15 days after the disappearance of the submarine, the rescue operation was stopped, but the search for the submarine itself continues.
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  1. zzdimk
    zzdimk 13 December 2017 15: 14 New
    I hope they find a boat. An interesting reason for her death.
    1. 34 region
      34 region 13 December 2017 16: 03 New
      zzdimk, 15:14 p.m. It turns out at the current level of technology, there is no means for tracking and detecting underwater objects. There are no means of signaling a crash of underwater vehicles A submarine fleet emerges, a formidable weapon that has no chance of saving crews in a crash.
  2. san4es
    san4es 13 December 2017 15: 18 New
    The second object, found at a depth of 139 meters, was identified by the British crew HMS Protector as a wreck.

    Type: Research Vessel & Icebreaker
    Displacement: 5000 tons (4,900 long tons; 5,500 short tons)
    Total length 89 m (292 ft 0 in)
    LBP 80.4 m (263 ft 9 in)
    Beam: 18 m (59 ft 1 in)
    8.35 m (27 ft. 5 in.) (Maximum)
    7,3 m (23 ft 11 V) (like an icebreaker)
    Sid class: DNV LED-05
    Installed power: 2 × Rolls-Royce Bergen BR-8, 2 x 3,535 kW (4,741 hp)
    Rolls royce adjustable pitch screw
    Brunvoll thrusters (800 + 600 kW), aft thrusters (1125 + 990 kW) and a retractable Azimuth thruster (1500 kW)
    Speed: 15 knots (28 km / h; 17 mph)
    2 Miniguns
    4 general purpose machine guns
    1. Svarog51
      Svarog51 13 December 2017 20: 01 New
      Sanya, how do they relate to our "Amber"? In terms of technical capabilities to search for underwater objects? hi
      1. san4es
        san4es 13 December 2017 20: 24 New
        - I don’t know Seryog, count it yourself request
        Displacement 5230 t
        Xnumx length m
        17.2 width m
        15 nodes travel speed
        Cruising Range 8000 Miles
        Autonomy of swimming 60 days
        The crew of 60 people ...

        In March 2017, it became known that with the help of submarine unmanned aerial vehicles and the Yantar oceanographic research vessel, carrier-based Su-33 and MiG-29KR fighters were discovered and examined

        ... Theirs half fellow
        1. Svarog51
          Svarog51 13 December 2017 20: 31 New
          Sanya, thanks for the trust, but I'm in the ship's technical specifications - well, a complete zero. It seems they are "classmates." Here, as I understand it, "filling" plays a major role.
          1. san4es
            san4es 13 December 2017 20: 36 New
            ... Theirs ice-breaking  fellow
            ... And so (in functionality) are similar request
            1. Svarog51
              Svarog51 13 December 2017 20: 45 New
              And so it is necessary to beg on the ground for little by little. I understand that being close to such a technique you get used to. That's when I never saw her - everything is interesting. Even the "mark" of fish that you caught and ate. "One spotted pike - caught forty pieces." wink drinks
              1. san4es
                san4es 13 December 2017 21: 22 New
                Quote: Svarog51
                And so it is necessary to beg on the ground for little by little. wink drinks

                ... Here is Seryoga infa normal ... fellow I hurried for you

                AHA "Consul" in the hangar "Amber"

                American spy device recovered from the bottom of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk:
                ... still

                When Amber began operating south of the Canadian island of St. John's, a wave of moaning rose in North America. am
                1. Svarog51
                  Svarog51 14 December 2017 04: 03 New
                  Similar deep-sea vehicles starred in the movie "Abyss", and of our Worlds in Titanic. About the spy device, I also heard "by the edge of my ear". But how does he search? The devices are lowered to examine something already found. And what is "Amber" in August 2015. explored in the Atlantic? Apparently, there were just naval convoys from the Allies. request
  3. Dezinto
    Dezinto 13 December 2017 15: 26 New
    It seems to me that they will never find her. Soon searches will stop. And this will be another mystery of the ocean.

    That is, without any gloom, I simply state that there are many such cases.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 13 December 2017 15: 30 New
      They may not be found if she was specially drowned.
  4. Herculesic
    Herculesic 13 December 2017 15: 45 New
    It reminds me of a story with an airliner, like the Philippines, that fell somewhere near Australia, and they can’t find it for the third year! Such unpleasant associations arise sometimes. ....
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 13 December 2017 19: 54 New
      I also wanted to write it. disappeared near Australia, and fell in the Donbass ... Only I about the Malaysian ...
    LAWNER 13 December 2017 15: 48 New
    Our specialists must find this submarine .... And if they raise it (experience is available), then the causes of the accident "can" drop the level of confidence in German shipbuilding to a minimum level ... There are many options and Germany knows that ...
    And if the place of death is designated as a mass grave, then the people of Argentina will still be grateful to the Russian sailors!
  6. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 13 December 2017 17: 19 New
    We must call the Swedes; they constantly find our submarines at home. And then immediately find.
  7. VladimirNET
    VladimirNET 13 December 2017 23: 50 New
    Quote: zzdimk
    An interesting reason for her death.

    So already wrote:
    1. Power outage on the boat.
    2. Failure of batteries (which were recently repaired).

    PS. And according to the latest reports from the crew - the boat sank into the depths, not having the opportunity to emerge.