Military Review

Satanovsky reveals the "Syrian maps" of Russia

The Russian operation in Syria showed the broad capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, from which the NATO bloc did not even guess.

The preparation itself for the military action against the terrorists in the 2015 year was carried out so covertly that the maximum that it looked like from the outside was the supply of light weapons to the Syrian army. No planes or helicopters that struck their first blows on September 30 were ever suspected. From the point of view of logistics, the Armed Forces of Russia have shown high-class and efficiency. This was recognized by the Western media.

All types of troops of the Russian army received a unique combat experience. Fighter, assault and bomber aviation for the first time in many years, they attacked a real enemy. Strategic aviation was applied for the first time at all stories. In a combat situation, we managed to test the newest domestic air defense systems C-400 and Pantsir-C1. In Syria, the Krasuh-4 EW complexes, the Bastion coastal anti-ship complexes, and even the aircraft carrier compound were involved.

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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. the most important
    the most important 13 December 2017 17: 46
    Now when the "smartest" will become the Prime Minister of Russia ??
    1. vanavatny
      vanavatny 14 December 2017 00: 16
      I would say: when will we have a smart prime minister? I'm not in terms of head size and brain weight ...
  3. ilik54
    ilik54 14 December 2017 06: 33
    In fact, Syria - this is now for us, as planetary Stalingrad - we will win in Syria, but they have already won, everyone will crawl to us on four wheels, and have already crawled. Strength is everywhere and everyone respects.
    Well, Ukraine ..., with Ukraine everything is simple - we are sitting on the riverbank waiting for the corpses of our enemies to swim by - they will devour themselves there and have already begun to devour.
    For three years, Putin and his team have been delaying nuclear war for the extermination of Slavs by Slavs for the joy of Am, Fritz and Geyropeans with their skillful actions.
    And yet, the war in Syria showed the whole world that the military machine of Russia has become a high-tech system for destroying the enemy anywhere in the world, and all this happens without straining and with small forces. It did not even require the aircraft carriers, which the patriots and the billions of dollars of investments that the Americans make are so fond of. Everything is done in the highest degree culturally, intelligently and rationally. We haven’t fought like this for a long time, since Suvorov’s times, in any case, I see Suvorov’s style in this operation. Go Russia!
  4. Celt
    Celt 14 December 2017 07: 15
    It’s interesting to listen to Yanycha, well, let's see not everything is so smooth ...
    "guerrilla" war is still going on ...
  5. Valery Saitov
    Valery Saitov 14 December 2017 08: 57
    "Shell-C1" showed its ability to shoot down drones and Israeli missiles. So it has been fully developed and I think the improvement will soon follow "... C2".
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. steelmaker
    steelmaker 22 December 2017 20: 41
    What are the economic benefits for Russia? Since 2015, prices have more than once already risen for everything. It turns out all at the expense of the people. The United States has been at war for all its life and the people they live with are envy of us. And we have? If we got involved in this war, then we need to milk this cow until we have salaries, pensions, housing and communal services, etc., become worthy.
    1. woron333444
      woron333444 10 January 2018 12: 41
      Well, the flag in your hands, why not in the USA?