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Slovakia presented the new BTR Patria AMV

Slovakia presented a "partially domestic" armored personnel carrier. During the Industry Day, the Patria AMV BTR was shown with an EVPU combat module.

In November of this year, the military departments of Slovakia and Finland signed a memorandum on the joint development and production of armored personnel carriers Patria AMV XP. According to the signed document, in the period from 2018 to 2029, the Slovak army will receive an 81 BTR. The first three copies will be delivered from Finland, the rest will be produced on the territory of Slovakia (localization will be about 70%).

Slovakia presented the new BTR Patria AMV

Patria AMV XP prototype for the Slovak Armed Forces

During the Industrial Day 2017, a prototype Patria AMV was presented with the TURRA 30 combat module installed by the Slovak company EVPU. It is equipped with an 30-mm automatic cannon, a 7,62-mm machine gun, and also has mounts for installing two ATGMs.

TURRA 30 Battle Module

Armored Patria AMV XP was first shown at the international exhibition DSEi 2013 called Enchanced AMV. The AMV XP is an upgraded version of the Patria AMV BTR, developed in 2001 year. The key differences between AMV XP and its predecessor are improved booking (including mine), enhanced diesel engine, increased wheel size and a more spacious cabin. The total mass of the BTR is 32 t with the payload 15 t., Transmits "Warspot"
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  1. kolkulon
    kolkulon 13 December 2017 12: 17
    Pancake. Soon tanks will catch up with the tanks.
    1. Michael67
      Michael67 13 December 2017 12: 19
      Nothing so teddy. High.
      1. Jedi
        Jedi 13 December 2017 12: 27
        The height of the hull is 2,3 m. So yes, not low.
        1. san4es
          san4es 13 December 2017 12: 32
          hi _Health Max
          Count 1st floor fellow
          1. Jedi
            Jedi 13 December 2017 13: 01
            Hi Sasha! hi And if you add a tower with a 90-mm semi-automatic Kokeril, then it will be higher. yes
            1. san4es
              san4es 13 December 2017 13: 10
              fellow ... gigantomania is called wink

              1. Jedi
                Jedi 13 December 2017 13: 15
                Nevertheless, Patria with such a tower is available, check out:
      2. xetai9977
        xetai9977 13 December 2017 12: 31
        Slovakia has always had a developed defense industry.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 December 2017 12: 26
    Slovakia and Finland
    Strange cooperation to create technology.
  4. san4es
    san4es 13 December 2017 12: 27
    Patria - AMV XP 8X8 Amored Modular Vehicle
  5. san4es
    san4es 13 December 2017 12: 41
    ... with the TURRA 30 combat module installed

    This RCWS modular design is offered as a one-stop solution for wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. At the IDEB exhibition, it was shown mounted on a deeply modernized BMP-1. Turra 30 has a 30 mm 2A42 automatic cannon and a coaxial 7,62 mm PKT machine gun; ATGMs and smoke launcher grenade launchers can also be installed on it.
  6. cannabis
    cannabis 13 December 2017 12: 43
    In pursuit of fashion! Striikin, Boomerang, Patriots, as they say find 10 differences! 32 tons of 8 wheels, is it necessary to calculate how much ento will be on one wheel? Yeah - 4 tons. So it means - it won’t go on sand, it won’t go on arable land, it will fail on a wet meadow, it will be sanded on wet clay. Hooray ! Let them do it for internal use. Yes enta gun with a bolt frame like AKM and a feeder like a pump-action shotgun. We know, exploited.
  7. Vadim851
    Vadim851 13 December 2017 12: 51
    Not so bad. Right there’s a parade of wheeled armored infantry fighting vehicles recently and the trend of armament for armored personnel carriers is 30 mm and sometimes more.
  8. JonnyT
    JonnyT 13 December 2017 13: 07
    Front link rods are visible.
    Something everything in Europe is incubator - BTRs are similar to each other
    And then the Slovaks (like the Czechs) will give all this good to the “new Hitler” whom Obama threatened.