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The United States has shown how they will destroy the most powerful cruisers of Russia

Americans began to use low-visibility stealth technology to create medium-range and long-range anti-ship cruise missiles. Speech about the project AGM-158C LRASM.

According to the developers, the new rocket is perfect in its class. Its first difference from all the others is the built-in passive radar system. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it does not emit any signals, but only receives them. This makes it difficult to find and detect.

The second difference is its new electronic system architecture, partly borrowed from B-1, F-22 and F-35 stealth aircraft.

The AGM-158C LRASM rocket has two modifications. The first is the LRASM-A, which has a subsonic speed and a range of about 900 km. The second - LRASM-B, can move at supersonic speeds and is technically similar to the Soviet "Granite". Both versions are equipped with penetrating high-explosive fragmentation warheads mass 454 kg.

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  1. ImPerts
    ImPerts 12 December 2017 09: 39
    Scary, already terrible ...
    Now not a single ship can move away from the ship ...
    And the genius of the American military-industrial complex will overtake them at the pier ...
    Although the invisible hand of the market is much worse.
    1. Vend
      Vend 12 December 2017 09: 43
      Well, here it is aggression against Russia. Wolf in sheep's clothing.
      1. bagr69
        bagr69 15 December 2017 13: 52
        Do they really think that on our ships there is nothing besides a high-speed heavy machine gun?
        1. ostrom
          ostrom 19 December 2017 13: 56
          They have a simple principle in all simulators - but what is it for us? And they always win, of course, that in action movies, seals and Marines save the whole world, that in games - an American soldier / saboteur / cyborg - a loner solves global tasks to prevent something bad in the world, etc. .. They are probably from fear of Zircon, apparently, they are shooting cartoons, to remind them, they have to send the same video all the time - undermining the “602 product” in the 61st year. And this is not "Kal of duty" and not a cartoon about LRASM :)
  2. Basil50
    Basil50 12 December 2017 09: 41
    Something reminds * wunderwaffles * of the Third Reich. It seems like there is something, and even advanced technologies are visible, but in reality only beautiful or awesome pictures.
    Do not forget about the largest military budget that is cut by everyone who has the opportunity to * saw *. By the way, the level of plundering the US budget is simply staggering. They steal so much that many do not believe. Although the anecdotal cases of theft reach the media.
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 12 December 2017 16: 49
      Quote: Vasily50
      By the way, the level of plundering the US budget is simply staggering. They steal so much that many do not believe. Although the anecdotal cases of theft reach the media.
      Is that how you reassure yourself and justify the thefts in Russian departments?
      1. sir_obs
        sir_obs 13 December 2017 11: 05
        See you everywhere. In Europe, about 18 percent of all transactions go into the pockets of various officials, this is an official statement of the European Union itself. And a trillion disappeared in the penyagon, no one can tell where. And the aunt-auditor who did the check was handed over to retirement and the case was closed. Senators never found that stole grandmother. This is again the data of the Americans themselves, there is even a video of the meetings of the congressional commission on this subject.
 13 December 2017 11: 38
          Quote: sir_obs
          See you everywhere.

          Do not be so frank. No one will appreciate it anyway laughing
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 12 December 2017 10: 06
    That is, besides the AK630 and its analogues, there is nothing for our ships to defend? Clear. The poor fleet of the Russian Federation, some sort of hens will soon be raked by hens with their paws.
    1. Boris Chernikov
      Boris Chernikov 13 December 2017 00: 36
      so Hollywood): well, you think that in the AK630 zone they will fly for 15-20 seconds, well, you’ll think there are several more missile systems designed to counter such complexes ...
    2. Plombeer
      Plombeer 14 December 2017 21: 00
      AK 630 in the common people is also called metal cutting due to the intensity of fire. in addition to airplanes and helicopters, this heavy machine gun (although it is considered a cannon) was rarely used effectively by many. Forget this word for weapons ship. There were a lot of 75 and 100 mm anti-aircraft guns, which targets started from a range of 45 kilometers and the effectiveness of destruction from 20. And their stealth technology for some reason can be recognized by detection stations 60-70 years of release
      1. Evgeny Goncharov (smoogg)
        Evgeny Goncharov (smoogg) 17 January 2018 04: 26
        they are immediately recognized by the radar from the factory, and you slander our weapons
  4. Eurodav
    Eurodav 12 December 2017 10: 27
    Is it not easier to apply stealth technology to a mattress scout, an agent of some kind 009? He will sneak to us and steal all the secrets! This device in fairy tales was called the “Invisible Hat” ... Wouldn’t Matrasia go this way and make a fairy tale come true? And then again in the will play enough and Kolobrod ... One example of an overseas stealth in Serbia is very well remembered ...
  5. NEXUS
    NEXUS 12 December 2017 10: 33
    I wonder what the mattresses will say when the Zircon will be adopted and how the AUG will behave, when a Russian ship with these very Zircons will stand in the way ...
    1. tlauicol
      tlauicol 12 December 2017 12: 56
      Quote: NEXUS
      I wonder what the mattresses will say when the Zircon will be adopted and how the AUG will behave, when a Russian ship with these very Zircons will stand in the way ...

      Well, imagine that on Atlanta and Sarych there were Zircons. And? What changed ?
    2. Gabriel
      Gabriel 12 December 2017 22: 47
      It receives radiation)) So it can also receive radiation from "Rubella", for example)))
    3. Boris Chernikov
      Boris Chernikov 13 December 2017 00: 44
      for them, the British responded that they say, "British Navy spokesman Paul Berkan said that the British military are carefully watching what success Russia has achieved in the field of hypersonic weapons. Both scientists and designers of Foggy Albion are not even able to come close to the achievements of their Russian colleagues . And therefore, Berkan said, any hypersonic weapons should be “regulated by international norms and rules." "Just if ours launches the production of these missiles, then in fact we are talking about the order of 300 launchers for Zircons ... and given what they can carry ships of different types, to act on the principle of "drown the largest ship" will not work
  6. ImPerts
    ImPerts 12 December 2017 12: 26
    Quote: NEXUS
    I wonder what the mattresses will say when the Zircon will be adopted and how the AUG will behave, when a Russian ship with these very Zircons will stand in the way ...

    And they will not go around the corner)))
    1. 13 December 2017 11: 41
      Really in trousers will be ??? recourse
      1. ImPerts
        ImPerts 13 December 2017 11: 51
        Really in trousers will be ???

        Sir, where is your tolerance and humanism?
        To diapers, to diapers! wassat
  7. av58
    av58 12 December 2017 14: 03
    American funny pictures. Seen many times :-)
  8. Pacifist
    Pacifist 12 December 2017 14: 54
    well yes. And the anti-missile defense order drinks. Chic selling video. Marketing in action.
  9. Leonid Har
    Leonid Har 12 December 2017 15: 24
    And if instead of the AK 630 there will be two Duets at a speed of 20000 rounds per minute? What won't these missiles bring down? And what about "Shell ME"? And if missiles on approach suddenly fall under the influence of electronic warfare equipment TK25E?
    1. tlauicol
      tlauicol 12 December 2017 15: 48
      apparently the Yankees know better than yours that neither one nor the other nor the third is put on Atlanta and Sarychi.
      By the way, you will be very surprised if I tell you that TC 25e will not even see LRASM (read the principle of operation)?
  10. mavrus
    mavrus 12 December 2017 16: 11
    So if it is "passive", it means that all the "sores" of passive homing must be present a priori ...
  11. Yuriy Malyshko
    Yuriy Malyshko 12 December 2017 16: 44
    Does Russia have cruisers?
    1. Berber
      Berber 12 December 2017 16: 55
      Yes, at least two.
      1. Eflintuk
        Eflintuk 12 December 2017 21: 55
        I counted two with a stretch. Those two 1164 which are 30 years without repair, one on the Black Sea is rotting, with the second in the Far East I don’t know what will be done there - only for parades. The cruiser seems to be pulling “Ustinov” recently undergone kerosene repairs, but there again they can’t revive the missile system due to its ugly old age, well, Peter remains, but he still passes through ...
        So we look at the zombie creator - we are happy to turn the fleet into a coastal one (which may be right).
        1. SergF123
          SergF123 13 December 2017 05: 21
          Kuznetsov, Peter, Moscow
 13 December 2017 11: 45
          Well, the mattresses are all cruisers with a needle ...
          Yesterday they launched into the water.
          What are we measuring?
          1. ImPerts
            ImPerts 13 December 2017 11: 57
            Yesterday they launched into the water.

            One iron in the Panama Canal broke down, the second filter went short.
            Well, minor troubles with older ones:
     13 December 2017 18: 14
              Yes, I read somewhere that the Yankees were sentenced to write off half of Ticonderoga ...
    2. SergF123
      SergF123 13 December 2017 05: 21
      If in your head, like in a balloon, or in a soccer ball, then ask Google!
  12. alexizhevsk
    alexizhevsk 12 December 2017 18: 22
    Ugh, they’re sawing money, already the fur coat is wrapping ...
    JETFLAG 12 December 2017 19: 03
    Mmmda, the next war will definitely begin with the destruction of satellite groups and covering the RPS with a basin ...
    1. ostrom
      ostrom 19 December 2017 14: 14
      I remember that with a joperez and SOI, they figured out a virtual demonstration of the explosion of ordinary steel balls in orbit, after which everything calmed down. All rockets with space navigation are "effective" only in peacetime, I think, with a big mess, after the exchange of nuclear strikes, the survivors will beat with sticks :)
  14. reminin
    reminin 12 December 2017 19: 17
    A feature of the "new" missiles is that they only receive signals. And take a lot of signals. Thousands or millions of marks from one target at a time. From one buoy on a boat of electronic protection. And there may be many buoys.
  15. Eflintuk
    Eflintuk 12 December 2017 21: 37
    An air defense system based on the action of an a priori active radar in fools, its carrier target is detected many times farther than it will see someone. In this video, the Americans believe that only the AK630 has enough detection / reaction time for an unobtrusive low-flying target. Our granites have a reservation of the frontal part of the "volcanoes" - i.e. a similar attack is supposed, and in cartoons with anti-ship "caliber" - a similar picture, missiles will probably already be deflected once. “Zircons” - in this fairy tale there are more questions than hopes for something sensible - the claimed range of 500 km seems too small for the surface carrier (given that it is visible in the palm of your hand and no one will allow it to such a range), the hypersound guidance system it’s not at all clear how it will be carried out (naughty somewhere "in that direction" with a nuclear charge, by analogy with a blind and deaf "flurry"?).
    1. Boris Chernikov
      Boris Chernikov 13 December 2017 00: 46
      or you don’t know from your couch, which is more likely
  16. Oleg Salov
    Oleg Salov 13 December 2017 01: 28
    Well, this grandmother said for two, we already proved that our air defense systems very effectively detect American stealth, so the Americans are already used to the idea that stealth does not work on our radars, we see everything, and Russian missile defense systems are recognized as the best in the world, so the destruction of stealth of our ships by American missiles is a fable for ordinary Americans.
    1. Evgeny Goncharov (smoogg)
      Evgeny Goncharov (smoogg) 17 January 2018 04: 35
      > our air defense systems very effectively detect American stealth
      on the pages of the Komsomol member if only

      > that stealth does not work on our radars
      because we have RUSSIAN, SPECIAL physics?
  17. SergF123
    SergF123 13 December 2017 05: 19
    I suspect that this prodigy was created to intimidate countries with a weak and technologically backward fleet. Since stealth is of course "cool"))) BUT, as experts have suggested to me, anti-ship missiles fly very low even without radar detection. They also said that, for example, the “Bastion” is seen by the Amerzot at the moment when it is aimed at them, i.e. at the time of guidance, their system will illuminate itself, and then the electronic warfare will help us and the AK-630 and the Shell, etc.
  18. Hardyhard
    Hardyhard 14 December 2017 00: 07
    I didn’t understand anything, the gun mounts fired a salvo of prestige III .. and where everything else) a group of ships as targets in a shooting gallery for an air gun)) incredible inventors ...
  19. Nariman Shaimulikov
    Nariman Shaimulikov 14 December 2017 08: 18
    In Syria, over two Russian bases, sometimes American satellites blind, the diameter of the blind zone was about 600 km. Where is the guarantee that such equipment will not stand on one of the ships of the squadron.)))))
  20. Benya krik
    Benya krik 14 December 2017 15: 16
    I have doubts that everything will be so smooth ... In the first hours, the gimmicks, our VKS will begin to “turn off” the Amer’s satellites, and see how their missiles (working only on reception) will find targets ...
  21. Ilgiz kamaev
    Ilgiz kamaev 14 December 2017 16: 36
    Beautiful cartoon from amers to the New Year. They assured that their bombers were built using stealth technology. But it turned out that the air defense of the 70s easily recognizes them and knocks them over Yugoslavia. I don’t think our radars will be able to detect these missiles.
  22. asr55
    asr55 17 December 2017 00: 02
    Tongue wagging - do not toss bags. The Americans and Castrolegolov oh how succeeded in this.
  23. Molot1979
    Molot1979 19 December 2017 08: 53
    Yeah They will destroy. If they manage to bring to mind and adopt. And then there’s already been a lot of advertisements advertised, up to orbital lasers with resonant pumping, but in life everything turned out to be much more boring and prosaic. In contrast to this American abbreviation, Zircons are already flying and being put into service. And this ... unpronounceable is just "planned."
  24. Conserp
    Conserp 6 January 2018 12: 29
    > The AGM-158C LRASM missile has two modifications. The first, LRASM-A, has a subsonic speed and a range of about 900 km.

    Officially, “200 miles”, i.e. 320 km.

    > Second - LRASM-B

    The second - does not exist in nature. I never went beyond the scope of advertising images and was officially closed back in 2012.

    Who only writes this illiterate nonsense, moreover, outdated for 7 years?