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Rail Wars Baltic

Rail Wars Baltic

The three small Limits, doomed to live together on the outskirts of Europe, have an unenviable fate. The infrastructure created on their territory after the collapse of the Russian Empire turned out to be useless to anyone - they were initially “sharpened” to serve the vast country and its relations with Western Europe. Exactly the same function of the Baltic States played in the USSR. Plus was the "sign" of the country. For which she received subsidies.

With the collapse of the USSR, the European Union became "underpaying" for Russophobia. But since after the global financial crisis, the crowds of refugees and the flight of Britain from the EU, the money between the three Baltic states became even worse with money.

Lithuania is especially trying. Moreover, she also manages to maintain extremely tense relations with Poland. First of all, due to the oppression of the Polish minority and the hidden claims of Poland on the Vilna region, including Vilnius, and almost the entire access to the sea of ​​tiny Lithuania. In the meantime, this has not happened, there is a real "rail war."

In particular, Vilnius did a "good" business to the Latvians, having dismantled part of the railway between the two states. As a result, it turned out to be impossible to deliver oil products from the oil refinery in Lithuania to the Port of Riga. Vilnius in its justification delirious some "security considerations" when dismantled the way.

That's just the fact that the refinery belongs to the Polish oil concern Orlen, which controls the refinery in Mazeikiai and the oil terminal in Buting. As a result, the EU fined Lietuvos gelezinkeliai (“Lithuanian Railways”) with 27,87 million euros for the analysis of rails in the section from Mazeikiai to Renga (Latvia). The European officials who considered the dispute admitted that they had not yet seen a more brazen example of fighting competitors.

As a result, Vilnius backed off and pledged to restore the dismantled paths before the new year. However, a grudge was harboring in Riga. As a result, Lithuania has not been able to agree with Latvia on the opening of a rail link on the route Vilnius - Daugavpils for six months already. Lithuanian Transport Minister Rokas Masiulis is sure that this is a response to the ways that Lithuanians have previously disassembled.

We were very surprised that this permission was not issued by the Latvian side. There is such a weak suspicion that, perhaps, it is connected with this our site of Renyg and that it is rather not an economic, but a political step.

- he said at the “government hour” in the Lithuanian Seimas

Perhaps the minister and rights. But the trouble is that such "political" steps will continue in all directions. The EU has already begun reductions in all possible assistance programs. Even without waiting for the 2020 of the year, when the current term of macrofinancial assistance to the Baltic States will end.

But then it will be even worse. Not a problem to restore a small section of the previously dismantled railway. As not a problem and agree on the passenger message. The problem is that even the long-term and multibillion-dollar gratuitous assistance from the EU funds could not stop the aging and destruction of the existing road infrastructure.

According to experts of the World Economic Forum, in which the infrastructure of various countries was assessed, Latvia took the 99 position, giving up even Senegal (97 place), Zimbabwe and Zambia (95 − 96 place). According to last year’s CSDD report (Road Safety Directorate), more than 45 percent of cars cannot pass inspection due to faults resulting from driving on bad roads.

The Latvian State Roads Minister admitted that as of the 2015 year, despite EU assistance, 46 percent of asphalt roads and almost 42 percent of unpaved roads are in unsatisfactory condition. Lange said that it is necessary to double the cost of repairing asphalt pavement and four times the repair of bridges.

But this is just impossible - the EU funds are shrinking and each of the three Baltic border countries is forced to survive alone. Their only common joy will be the implementation of the Baltic Railway project, which is partly funded from EU funds.

But the trouble is that the scanty budgets of the three limitrofs will also have to be invested in this construction, which has already been defined as unprofitable - the republic is not able to ensure the self-sufficiency of the project.

So ahead of the Baltics are waiting for even stronger shocks, inevitably arising from those who are pressing the economic feasibility of the political situation.
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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 12 December 2017 06: 40
    In the USSR they lived badly, occupation! Now freedom and life are in full swing!
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 12 December 2017 06: 47
      Natural processes, At the time of the weakening of the USSR, the Baltic states, thinking that the most cunning, ran to another owner. Believing that the new one will feed as well as the old one. Miscalculated.
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 12 December 2017 06: 50
        Quote: Chertt

        It was clear to everyone except the Balts! And also to others who have flipped over!
        1. Chertt
          Chertt 12 December 2017 06: 59
          Quote: Uncle Lee
          It was clear to everyone except the Balts!

          Don’t tell, There were moments in the 90s when I thought that “Everything”
          1. Berber
            Berber 12 December 2017 12: 48
            Yes exactly. It passed us. In general, the situation is typical of the entire post-Soviet space.
    2. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 12 December 2017 07: 07
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      Now freedom and life are in full swing!

      Judging by the behavior, he hits on the head.
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 12 December 2017 07: 23
        I did not write this, and so it is clear!
    3. antivirus
      antivirus 12 December 2017 07: 28
      will live.
      horse manure will go into business
      and once again sold into slavery to the barbarians
      1. captain
        captain 12 December 2017 12: 40
        Quote: antivirus
        will live.
        horse manure will go into business
        and once again sold into slavery to the barbarians

        On the fic (there is another word in this expression) of the poor, God will serve.
    4. meGrail
      meGrail 12 December 2017 11: 27
      From the first runoff of the author, it became clear where he would drive, not even drive, but lie directly, distort the facts and even directly insult.
      So I'll start:
      "According to experts from the World Economic Forum, which evaluated the infrastructure of various countries, Latvia took 99th position, losing even Senegal (97th place), Zimbabwe and Zambia (95th-96th place)." - if the author had not been pulling pieces from the yellow press, but found the source -
      -index-2017-2018 / competitiveness-rankings / # series
      = GCI.A.02

      it would turn out that Latvia is on the 55th place, the Russian Federation is 35th, and the Limitrophs are Estonians at 32th! Probably Trump, a scoundrel, rigged!
      And besides, the author, it’s not good to pull out from research only one of the 12 points!
      And if you take the global rating, it turns out that
      -index-2017-2018 / competitiveness-rankings / # series

      = Poland immediately follows Russia (38th place), Lithuania goes a little further, and Latvia comes 54th. Estonians again radishes - above all by 29 :(
      And the author would mention, for example, GDP per capita, according to which, according to the World Bank of the Russian Federation below Latvia ...
      And so the author bears on the thumb, which immediately shows that the author has never been neither in Lithuania nor in Latvia, and by the way there people do not eat hedgehogs and do not stand with outstretched hands. And Vilnius is very similar to the same Smolensk.
      So the author, you want to pour out bile, but not on anyone? Go better, shovel wave, at least what good will be!
      1. AKC
        AKC 12 December 2017 12: 25
        put you a plus. for criticizing the article. but I want to note you, too, like the author is cunning (I don’t know whether or not), for example, it is ridiculous to compare the Baltic countries and the Russian Federation. also compare GDP! you need to look at its structure and you can find out that a large Baltic GDP is obtained from EU assistance !!!
        PS. bloggers, experts who can compare Estonia with 1.5 million people with a small country
        1. meGrail
          meGrail 12 December 2017 12: 39
          I’m cunning, in order to show how you can pull the facts for the sake of your point of view and absolutely ignore everything that does not fit the same point of view.
          And in some places, I’m probably even grossly mistaken, but I don’t even try to write articles with the appearance that I understand business.
          1. creak
            creak 12 December 2017 14: 01
            It would be better for the author to keep quiet about the state of roads in the Baltic states - before touching on this topic one needs to travel around our .... ..
    5. The comment was deleted.
  2. Moore
    Moore 12 December 2017 07: 48
    The Minister of Latvian State Roads admitted that as of 2015, despite EU assistance, 46 percent of asphalt roads and almost 42 percent of unpaved roads are in poor condition.

    The recognition of the minister, it must be said, was heard. In 16-17gg the EU gave money, and the Latvians repaired a sufficient number of both main and secondary highways. And the assessment of the state, in truth, is such that we would have been completely satisfactory to ourselves. How much was stolen, I don’t know, but they built something. Ministerial cry worked no worse than the Russian threat.
    For half a year Lithuania has not been able to coordinate with Latvia the opening of a railway connection on the Vilnius - Daugavpils route.

    Passenger traffic dies in the Baltic states in principle. For example, from Riga you can now leave only in Minsk, Moscow (about six cars) and St. Petersburg. From Tallinn - only to Moscow via St. Petersburg.
    And with the cargo everything was sour ...
    1. igordok
      igordok 12 December 2017 10: 12
      All passenger trains (Tallinn-Moscow, Riga-Leningrad, etc.) to the Baltic states, through Pskov, were covered in the 90's. Freight railways (mainly tanks) have become smaller.
      Until 2008, there were problems due to Mercedes-Benz cars, they were in a continuous stream, and they interfered with automobile traffic. After 2008. they became noticeably smaller. And recently, "Mercedes" in the return began to carry our cars, mostly "Niva".

      The title photo was misleading, although essentially true.
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 December 2017 10: 04
    ... let them bear the fruits of friendship in a hickey with a geyropa ... bully
  4. Dmitry 2246
    Dmitry 2246 12 December 2017 11: 16
    In 1991, the Baltic countries took away the entire infrastructure of the Soviet Union (especially the port of Tallinn) and announced to Russia: "You owe us." All ex-brothers did the same, for some reason sincerely believing that they would be worthy to use the wealth they had acquired more than the Russians.
    Having destroyed logistics, they quickly “buried” their industry.
    And we, gritting our teeth, survived the 90s, built new transport routes, and today they are beginning to make a profit. We are slowly setting up life without scoundrels who betrayed us at a difficult moment.
    The most interesting is just beginning.
    1. meGrail
      meGrail 12 December 2017 13: 08
      In 1991, the Baltic countries took all the infrastructure of the Soviet Union

      Ahhhh, so who stole the road ....
      1. Dmitry 2246
        Dmitry 2246 13 December 2017 11: 04
        Let's laugh together:
        Belarusians came up with BelAZ
        Ukraine An
        Uzbeks IL-76
        Latvians RAF
        All western ports and roads have left Russia (infrastructure)
        etc. those who did not understand lost their industry including Poland. Recently, they were reminded of who they really are.
        I think with scoundrels you need to behave clearly quickly and most importantly not a cent of free. Let them work for everything.
        1. meGrail
          meGrail 14 December 2017 13: 28
          And in what direction did ports and roads leave Russia? And how did they leave, on foot al short dashes?
          Interestingly, Poland, "having lost all its industry" has a GDP of 481 billion dollars, with ~ 40 million people, and Russia 1 425 billion dollars, with 144 million people.
          Don’t you find it somehow strange that they “lost all industry” releasing more goods per capita than Russia?
          And yes, put commas, otherwise it’s very difficult to understand what you mean.
          1. Dmitry 2246
            Dmitry 2246 15 December 2017 12: 32
            The service sector (people with low social responsibility) is expensive. This has nothing to do with the production of goods. The happy exception is farming.
            I am trying.
            1. meGrail
              meGrail 15 December 2017 13: 19
              Well, I think, from afar - you know better, of course. But you were in Poland when was the last time? I think a very long time.
              And the average salary in Poland is $ 1200, apparently there they serve each other, and for expensive, so such salaries are high and come out ..
              Oh, yes, half of Belarus goes to Poland to buy equipment and not only, apparently these people with low social responsibility are throwing all this out for Europeans.
              1. Dmitry 2246
                Dmitry 2246 15 December 2017 22: 37
                My Belarusians in Lithuania got away. And in Poland it stinks a lot in winter (it’s exactly in the western one), the rent is high, the food is cheap, the cars are old, the brake drivers (compare with St. Petersburg and the capital) and they work poorly (finances, builders, etc.) "Our" often order goods and services in Germany.
                After the capitals, the Poles are "strange goons" with unfounded claims.
                And the subsidies in 2020 are ending. And they have already received more than Europe according to the Marshall’s plan.
                1. meGrail
                  meGrail 18 December 2017 09: 23
                  Most likely they bought it before the moment when Lithuania switched to the euro, after which everything went up in price there. But Poland remained with its zloty, the prices were pleasant.
                  Drivers are the same as in Belarus, except that they don’t miss crossings, unlike us. And as for the brakes, so, I'm sorry - you're all naughty! If I see inadequate in Minsk, jerking from strip to strip, as if I’m unbearable in the toilet, I put one to two, which is on Russian numbers!
  5. iaroslav.mudryi
    iaroslav.mudryi 12 December 2017 13: 35
    "Rail wars of the Baltic states" - this article shows the consequences (final stage) of this "war",
    everything revolves around the Mazeikiai Refinery, for reference:
    Mazeikiai Refinery was opened in 1979 year. It became the first and only oil refinery in the Baltic states and the last oil refinery in the USSR. The plant was equipped with all necessary equipment for the production of high-quality petroleum products. The key feature of the enterprise was that it was created as part of a single infrastructure complex, which provided supplies of Soviet oil and oil products to Europe. Firstly, the refinery was built on a branch of the Druzhba oil pipeline, and secondly, an oil pipeline was built from the plant in the direction of the Baltic Sea coast, whose reverse characteristics made it possible to simultaneously export oil products and receive oil for processing in Mazeikiai.

    Well and further, what happened and how the situation evolved (from the article): "2006 in Russia, Yukos was declared bankrupt, on the other hand, disasters began to crumble at the Mazeikiai Oil Refinery. In July, the Druzhba oil pipeline, through which the deliveries of Russian oil to the refinery, and in October one of the fuel treatment plants BURNED, and as a result, the refinery had to be stopped for repairs. "
    sport / beg-po-krugu-mazheykyayskiy-npz-na-grani-ba
    nkrotstva12052014 /
    rbii /
  6. nnz226
    nnz226 12 December 2017 14: 21
    Spratniks under the USSR were the western face of the country, with the EU they became the eastern railway of Europe ...
    1. passerby5
      passerby5 16 January 2018 10: 22
      )))) exactly.
  7. VB
    VB 12 December 2017 18: 15
    I drove through Vilnius from the airport through the center at 23 hours, an empty city. In the evening on the streets, not a soul, young people do not walk. Sensation is an empty hive. I know Lithuania very well. Soon they will sell the country overlooking the sea ... and no one will turn off the lights at the airport.
  8. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 14 December 2017 02: 23
    Quote: meGrail
    it is immediately evident that the author has never been in Lithuania or Latvia, and by the way, people do not eat hedgehogs there and do not stand with outstretched hands.

    Well, I often go there, so what? Of course, I didn’t see a hedgehog on the streets ... maybe they already ate it, and my grandmother standing with outstretched hand near the shopping center gave 50 cents.
    1. meGrail
      meGrail 15 December 2017 14: 54
      It’s strange that the grandmother hasn’t been eaten yet, judging by your logic