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New camp reports in Idlib

Syrian journalist Riyad Farid Hijab continues to receive reports of the atrocities of militants of the Dzhebhat al-Nusra (* banned in the Russian Federation) in the province of Idlib. The journalist confirms that in Idlib the terrorists organized a real concentration camp, which became, in fact, the center of the slave trade.

According to Farid’s interlocutors, militants from the camp sell young girls to other slave trade markets - in particular, to Libya. The militants are trying to either involve the men who are in the camp into their armed structures, in particular, turn them into suicide bombers, or transfer them to relatives if they are solvent. Those who cannot be bought out or are not able to join the ranks of terrorists are simply killed.

New camp reports in Idlib

Farid talked with one of the Syrian women who managed to escape from the camp in Idlib. According to her, being imprisoned and subjected to constant beatings and harassment, she hoped that the Syrian army would release all the prisoners, and then level the terrorist lair with the ground.

Against this backdrop, there are reports from Syria that the first groups of Russian servicemen began to leave the Hmeimim airbase in the province of Lattakia. Recall that on the eve of the corresponding order gave personally Vladimir Putin, who visited Syria on a short working visit. Only those Russian servicemen will remain in the SAR, who will continue to monitor the cease-fire regime - to start a full-scale political process. Syrian President Bashar Assad thanked the Russian military for their invaluable assistance in preserving the sovereignty of the Syrian state.
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  1. Sail
    Sail 12 December 2017 06: 22
    Against such a background, there are reports from Syria that the first groups of Russian troops began to leave the air base

    Helped than we could? Then yourself !!!
    1. 210ox
      210ox 12 December 2017 06: 28
      The main thing would be done. And ours would not have to come back ..
      Quote: Segel
      Against such a background, there are reports from Syria that the first groups of Russian troops began to leave the air base

      Helped than we could? Then yourself !!!
    2. Scoun
      Scoun 12 December 2017 06: 35
      Quote: Segel
      Helped than we could? Then yourself !!!

      What does it mean "how could"? They helped with their Lives.

      If you believe the messages of interlocutors Farid, .....

      Against such a background, there are reports from Syria that the first groups of Russian servicemen began to withdraw

      Comrades ... I certainly understand everything and I understand that both Farid and who helped, novice journalists .... but do not confuse the consequences and reasons.
      If we talk about the "background", then in a different sequence, otherwise the "bad" Russians leave, and there in Idlib they sold slaves ...
      This is exactly what you get from the read. hi
    3. creak
      creak 12 December 2017 09: 08
      Quote: Segel
      Helped than we could? Then yourself !!!

      Yes, it’s not working out for ourselves - we have been helping the Syrians since the days of the USSR, we are training and patronizing .. We didn’t swell forces and means in this country - I had a chance to see something at one time .... And as a result, two years ago, fate Assad hung in the balance and if not for us .... What would have been easy to guess ...
      And this Hijab needs to remember that Syria is his country where the war is going on ... And instead of crushing a tear and sympathizing with the victims of the Islamists, he needs to change the computer to a machine - how to learn how to handle it quickly - it would be a desire ... And with others fighters to restore order in the country, to begin to take up this camp in Idlib, and not wait for what others will do for it, including Russian soldier ... Stop wailing - get down to business ...
  2. Herculesic
    Herculesic 12 December 2017 06: 25
    Tales of all this - once we withdraw the troops, it means that there are no militants either - why didn’t the Ishilovites say that they no longer exist? belay
    1. hrych
      hrych 12 December 2017 08: 46
      Quote: Herkulesich
      there are no militants - why didn’t they tell the igilovites

      They did not destroy all the militants, but the state of Iraq and the Levant. Assad’s army, which had collapsed earlier, was reformatted, became professional and combat-ready, thanks to our specialists, Hezbollah and the IRGC also gained combat experience and equipment. The Russian Federation does not abandon Syria, but it is time to return to Ukraine, a group has been deployed there, if you include parts of the LDNR, up to 700-750 thousand bayonets, 2000 tanks and 800 planes, taking into account the experience gained, the liberation of Kiev is being prepared.
      1. protoss
        protoss 12 December 2017 09: 20
        do not stop surprising with your fantasies laughing
        and Washington’s release is not accidentally preparing?
      2. creak
        creak 12 December 2017 09: 56
        Quote: hrych
        taking into account the experience gained is being prepared the liberation of Kiev.

        Walking broadly, tearing your pants ... bully
        "Quickly cook dinner and step on Sokal" Adventures of the Good Soldier Schweik .. soldier
  3. Herculesic
    Herculesic 12 December 2017 06: 30
    I am shocked by such a quick departure - it painfully resembles the GDR, Czechoslovakia, Poland - as if we are stepping on our heels, we don’t have to leave, but we have to run away! Why, when a third of the country — large parts of many provinces — under the power of militants and the United States, did we suddenly begin to leave urgently? Liberals did not give money for the war? What was the reason for this decision ????
    1. karelia-molot
      karelia-molot 12 December 2017 06: 52
      Well there - forever to keep such a mass of troops? The bases remained, if necessary, you can re-deploy quickly enough.
  4. Masya masya
    Masya masya 12 December 2017 06: 59
    Hope for Russia, but don’t be bad!
  5. gukoyan
    gukoyan 12 December 2017 08: 14
    Pfff, again hastened to victory ... But as everything is official, victory, etc ...
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 12 December 2017 09: 25
      Well here is the map. In theory, the main goal has been fulfilled (not about IS) - the land communication with Iraq is open. Suleimani and his Shiites have already entered the Euphrates. Further from Iraq will still catch up. That is now the first violin to help the Persians. They have the same ambitious task - to release the Shiite Foix and Kefrai - which in a year will already be like DeZ at the time of the siege.
  6. protoss
    protoss 12 December 2017 09: 23
    this hijab - a rare nonsense, all the time throws some kind of misinformation. there is an impression that this is some kind of fictional character, a bot journalist, through whom all kind of hell is pushed like "from the scene."
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 12 December 2017 09: 53
      Well, in TIP (the former Uyghur caliphate in Idlib - and now a bunch of all Central Asians, with a skeleton of Uzbeks) - the slave trade is officially authorized.
      1. protoss
        protoss 12 December 2017 18: 26
        I know the Uyghur Kaganate in Mongolia, but the Uyghur Caliphate in Idlib is something new laughing
        What does “officially authorized” mean? Uyghurs (Turkestans) control jisr shugur and its environs. they didn’t proclaim any state education there, they act within the framework of agreements with hts and Turkey. accordingly, some official decrees, firma, etc. they do not publish; the slave market in the central square was not organized. most likely one of the captive or unfinished Alawites is released for ransom or in exchange for their own, but everyone is doing this
  7. Nemesis
    Nemesis 12 December 2017 09: 27
    Well, where is the slave trade there and concentration camps ... Islamic terrorists have always been engaged in this, and therefore the punishment for them and their accomplices should be only the death penalty, with confiscation of property
    1. Amorphis
      Amorphis 12 December 2017 09: 50
      I’ll allow the amendment: not with confiscation of property, but "... with dismantling into bodies and subsequent confiscation of property." am
      1. Nemesis
        Nemesis 12 December 2017 10: 36
        I do not mind, for any, the most severe punishment, for terrorists and their accomplices, all alone is not enough for them to be able, in full, to atone for them
  8. Sergey53
    Sergey53 12 December 2017 11: 14
    They will be completely cleaned up soon enough, so why are they accelerating?