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The American regiment stationed in Europe received the first Stryker with an 30-mm gun

The 2 Cavalry Regiment of the US Army stationed in Germany and regularly rolling around the Russian borders received the first Stryker XMNNXX Stryker ICV Dragoon (ICVD) armored vehicle, equipped with a combat module with an 1296-mm automatic gun, reports bmpd.

The Stryker machine in the version with the 30-mm gun was developed by General Dynamics Corporation in the interests of the 2 Cavalry Regiment in accordance with the contract issued in April 2015.

Delivery of ordered armored vehicles in the number of 81 units should begin next year. 8 prototypes are now in the test. The contract value is about $ 329 million.

“The demand from the 2 Cavalry Regiment to equip Stryker 30-mm cannons is directly motivated by the need to withstand numerous main Russian armored vehicles equipped with 30-mm cannons (BMP-2, BMP-3, BTR-82). So far, the Bryvka APC has been regularly equipped with remotely controlled Kongsberg M151 Protector combat modules with an 12,7-mm M2 machine gun or an 40-mm Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher, ”the article says.

30-mm automatic gun Orbital ATK XM813 Bushmaster paired 7,62-mm machine gun. The gun has dual power and ammunition in the module in 150 shells, can use remote undermining shots.

The machine has a body with enhanced mine protection (Double V-Hull ”, its nominal capacity is 9 paratroopers.
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  1. Jedi
    Jedi 11 December 2017 14: 32
    The 2nd US cavalry regiment stationed in the Federal Republic of Germany and regularly riding off the Russian borders received the first armored vehicle Stryker XM1296 Stryker ICV Dragoon (ICVD), equipped with a combat module with a 30-mm automatic gun

    So what? Everyone urgently surrender to the valiant US Army? Will the new Stryker tear us apart like an ace warmer? request lol
    1. san4es
      san4es 11 December 2017 14: 47
      ... to puncture the tires and steal the radio wink
      Hi, Max!
      1. Sanichsan
        Sanichsan 11 December 2017 15: 35
        and chtol module without stabilization?
      2. Lexus
        Lexus 11 December 2017 17: 37
        ... to puncture the tires and steal the radio tape recorder wink

        After participating in the “on / off” exercises, 100% will go back on tow trucks!)))
    2. Maz
      Maz 11 December 2017 14: 48
      And the ammunition is strange and thin, for five minutes of battle ... on the defensive ... or in ambush
    3. cannabis
      cannabis 11 December 2017 14: 50
      This regiment has gone through all the "hot spots" of recent decades. No need to give up valiantly. You just need to understand that in this regiment there are 5000 people, 123 Abrams tanks, 114 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and 80 armored personnel carriers, which after the Christmas holidays will be replaced by 86 Striker vehicles. Which - none, but on the roads that can reach Moscow. Otherwise, fuck - rena they are being taken to Europe? Need to prepare.
    4. novel66
      novel66 11 December 2017 14: 57
      and something in a condom? afraid of infection? they are Poles ...
    5. Dante
      Dante 11 December 2017 15: 05
      Oh yeah in the figs of these of your reporters.
      When I worked. In GD ... we made pyrnies 3 this was in the 8th year and piranha is an analogue of a striker, by the way it is worse than piranha 3. Already then piranha 5 was produced by prototypes for the British for testing with a 30mm gun (suppliers from Israel) by the way, the microfonon tracks in the darkness a heart beat of 3-5 meters in standby mode, it’s better not to sneak up on the heart itself and crash, one of our mechanics who gave the party to Belgians went for a smoke almost got out of it when the muzzle was aimed at him and the shutter clicked, the gun was gone charged, and with a 100mm cannon, sampling was also carried out.
      Since 10 years have passed already.
      This is all there is just here such a machine is 2-3 million worth, who has a denyushki there and create one. Inside there is one leather and at least 3 minotors, a motor from the driver’s right, a driver’s seat behind the motor from the right, plus seats for 8 fighters, armor plates can also be different thicknesses from 10 to 50 mm thick and are screwed with screws, I’ve joked that it is possible to glue rubber sheets between sheets of armor and hard springs under the screws so that small bullets and fragments bounce off.
  2. 3vs
    3vs 11 December 2017 14: 49
    I do not understand something:

    Cavalry, cavalry - a type of army in which a horse was used to conduct combat operations and / or movement. Possessing high mobility and maneuverability combined with a swift and powerful blow, cavalry played a decisive role in many battles.
    Cavalry - Wikipedia

    Nuggosaxes are not like people! laughing
    1. novel66
      novel66 11 December 2017 14: 59
      the horses are gone, but the name remains, well, really not to disband - the banner is not lost. The names of the horses smoothly pass to tanks and infantry fighting vehicles
      1. Turist1996
        Turist1996 11 December 2017 19: 13
        Well, where is the banner to lose if you did not fight ?!
        1. novel66
          novel66 11 December 2017 20: 09
          quote from the dmb movie - "this is the guarantee of our victories!" laughing
    2. Skay
      Skay 11 December 2017 15: 04
      This is their tribute to history. At first they rode horses, now on strikers.
    3. Sergey-8848
      Sergey-8848 11 December 2017 15: 19
      These are historical names, here you understand. This is accepted in the armies (in most normal). This is where Wikipedia drop, and think personally. A well-deserved title in a battle is simply not given or transferred, even if from that time cavalrymen moved to tanks a long time ago (these units once really fought well and earned the right to be different from others). In our troops, the ranks of the formations were given by the names of the captured (liberated) cities, towns, forced rivers. The proud title won in battle, the banner or distinction deserved in battles among all equals - it is impossible to take away or give away.
      1. Turist1996
        Turist1996 11 December 2017 19: 20
        In normal armies, it is just customary to do reformation with a simultaneous change of names, but preservation of ranks won in battles, such as Mariupol, etc.
        It is in the colonial armies that they still think that around them are blacks with spears, and they are white "civilizers" ..
        Morons, b ... t! (c) Lavrov.
    4. Sands Careers General
      Sands Careers General 11 December 2017 22: 47
      From the name “Cavalry” the erroneous opinion went that the Polish soldiers tried to attack the fascists in armor on horses with sabers back in 1939. In fact, these were tank troops. There were horses, but mostly like draft power. In general, the novel said correctly66 - the horses left, but the name remained.
  3. Alexander War
    Alexander War 11 December 2017 14: 50
    Look, put a 30mm automatic gun, not retarded anymore
    1. novel66
      novel66 11 December 2017 14: 59
      automation works from a black man rotating a knob
      1. Makarov
        Makarov 11 December 2017 15: 19
        General Dynamics has always made very high-tech weapons ... they they can be expected with anything just a non-rotating handle ...
    2. san4es
      san4es 11 December 2017 15: 04
      Quote: Alexander War
      Look set 30mm

      hi ... Sanya is healthy ... Zyr shoots like wink
      1. Alexander War
        Alexander War 11 December 2017 15: 10
        Yes power laughing punching a facing wall into a brick floor is expensive, the only thing is shells with remote detonation!
        1. san4es
          san4es 11 December 2017 15: 16
          Quote: Alexander War
          Yes power laughing punch a brick wall into a brick floor

          ... This is a gentle mode wink
          1. Alexander War
            Alexander War 11 December 2017 15: 25
            We already have a module like on a BTR-82A with ATGM, judging by how recently the truck got stuck in them)) the striker only needs to drive on new asphalt
      2. Turist1996
        Turist1996 11 December 2017 19: 28
        Yeah, judging by the video, from a distance of 300-500 meters.
        As usual with the Anglo-Saxons, any trivial guano is shown as a mega achievement !!!
        Even boring, the right word!
        1. san4es
          san4es 11 December 2017 19: 38
          Quote: Turist1996
          ... even boring, the right word!

      3. Sands Careers General
        Sands Careers General 11 December 2017 22: 57
        I saw nothing but the ability to ride and shoot.

        But here, slow-mo, and the projectile flies beautifully, and it’s just as beautifully sucked back into the barrel, Holim Hollywood, I laughed so much))

        In general, there is only one conclusion - only in combat is military equipment tested, and nothing else. And the video is window dressing, and base.
        1. san4es
          san4es 11 December 2017 23: 03
          Quote: Sands Career General
          I didn’t see anything .... And the video was a window dressing, moreover, base.

          ...Clear bully
          1. Sands Careers General
            Sands Careers General 12 December 2017 02: 24
            Which is understandable? Explain yourself.
  4. Sergey53
    Sergey53 11 December 2017 14: 58
    Quickly they cooked it up however. Ours are longer, no, well, they do much longer. There is already a whole line of similar equipment based on Boomerang. True only on paper, but there is. When will we start to do this?
  5. m.cempbell
    m.cempbell 11 December 2017 14: 59
    And what does the striker have an adjustable suspension?
  6. assa67
    assa67 11 December 2017 15: 08
    "confront the numerous, mostly Russian armored vehicles" .... our cars are on our land, but what kind of hu. dog .. Lord Merikos pushed to our borders because of a puddle?
  7. Dezinto
    Dezinto 11 December 2017 15: 13
    Well, by the way. Yesterday in Poland:

    "Rights bought, but not bought a ride" lol
  8. shadow
    shadow 11 December 2017 15: 34
    Question: how does this gun still shoot? And then maybe 2 shots and all shot.
  9. AleBors
    AleBors 11 December 2017 15: 51
    It’s sad. This movement near our borders is not without reason.
  10. Ratmir_Ryazan
    Ratmir_Ryazan 11 December 2017 22: 03
    Serious car, I hope they will have a little ....
    1. Yura Yakovlev
      Yura Yakovlev 12 December 2017 00: 30
      No equipment will help them if they are not trained to ride on the road and navigate the terrain.