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In the regional elections in Corsica, the nationalists won

The Coalition of Nationalists "For Corsica", which includes both supporters of the extended autonomy of the island, and politicians advocating independence from France, won a convincing victory in the elections to the regional legislative assembly (Assembly), reports TASS message agency France-Presse.

“On Sunday, in Corsica, the second round of elections to the island Assembly was held - a single local government that unites both departments of the island - Upper Corsica and South Corsica. The fate of 63 deputy mandates was decided. 234 thousand Corsicans with voting rights could take part in the vote, ”the statement reads.

As a result of the counting of ballots, it was announced that the block “For Corsica” won, gaining 56,5% of votes. Corsican right in second place with 18,29 percent of the vote. The ruling presidential party "Republic on the march" was in third place (12,67%).

It is reported that the nationalists control the authorities of Corsica since 2015, when elections were held in the new Assembly, which united both departments. The new composition of the meeting will manage the region in transition: since 1 in January 2018, the two island departments will merge into a common administrative-territorial unit with a special status.

At the same time, according to the agency, there is no talk about attempts to secession from France: “the coalition comes out from markedly moderate positions, thereby attracting the maximum number of votes to its side”. However, in the bloc's electoral program, the rights of the Corsican autonomy through 3 have been extended, the requirement to give the Corsican language official status on the island and the introduction of a “special resident status for local residents” in Corsica in order to create obstacles for visiting speculators who are pushing up real estate prices.
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  1. Shura Perm
    Shura Perm 11 December 2017 13: 09
    Catalonia 2.0?
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 11 December 2017 13: 13
      Time will tell, but I hope that everything will be different here.
      1. Teberii
        Teberii 11 December 2017 13: 16
        Where they run, the island and so live independently. The new Napoleon is still invisible.
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 11 December 2017 13: 18
          speech about attempts to secession from France while does not go

          I highlighted the keyword, for
          in the bloc’s election program - expanding the rights of Corsican autonomy after 3 years, the requirement to grant the Corsican language an official status on the island and the introduction in Corsica of a “special status of residents for local residents” in order to create an obstacle for visiting speculators inflating property prices

          And then the whistle can begin.
      2. xetai9977
        xetai9977 11 December 2017 14: 05
        No Catalonia shines here. Nationalists will not chop the branch on which they sit. The standard of living in France is much higher than in Italy, for example, and the Corsicans are the same Italians, in fact. Corsica sits on a subsidy from mainland France. The maximum is some additional powers.
    2. NEXUS
      NEXUS 11 December 2017 23: 45
      Quote: Shura Perm
      Catalonia 2.0?

      No, Benito Mussolini 2.0.
  2. maxim1987
    maxim1987 11 December 2017 13: 14
    it seems that Europe is striving in the 18th century and wants to consist of small specific principalities
  3. Gladius
    Gladius 11 December 2017 13: 18
    Looks like Europe is already fed up with the thoughtless pro-American policy of Merkel.
  4. Terenin
    Terenin 12 December 2017 21: 22
    No matter how you eat from the belly, using all the privileges of the existing Western system, sooner or later you still ask yourself the question - who are you? What good is your nation doing to you? Who were your ancestors and why are you on this earth ???
    As the saying goes, "not by bread alone ...."