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One of the most closed units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation reveals secrets

Krasnodar region, 543-th Center for Geospatial Information and Navigation. The units of the topographic service based here are considered one of the most secret in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. After all, topographers are the first to enter the field, long before it becomes a battlefield.

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  1. shurik
    shurik 10 December 2017 12: 36 New
    So what is there in that cave?
    MOSKVITYANIN 10 December 2017 16: 20 New
    The cognitive program, well illuminates the activities of individual services of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation ....
  3. gridasov
    gridasov 10 December 2017 17: 07 New
    For simplicity, there are no computers that can read information on digital cards and independently determine the flight route at such flight speeds as the same cruise missiles flying at low altitudes. But there are no digital cards either, so that it can be converted from a video recording made by the same drone into a mathematical system, and then reproduced in recordings. Moreover, the question lies precisely in the fact that specialists have become not only faced with the task of achieving hyperspeed of missile flight, but also with a hyperspeed analysis of incoming information. A supercomputer in such a rocket will not fly. Therefore, the question rests again, so what? Correctly-mathematics. And mathematics what rests? Right in the function of the number. What is needed is mathematics, not computational, but distribution, and on such properties of a number that they do not want or cannot understand yet.
  4. Sergey Rudov
    Sergey Rudov 10 December 2017 21: 48 New
    Why did you need to map that cave? If it's a secret, then there was nothing to shoot it. In the field you could show the work of cartographers. Dislike.
  5. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 10 December 2017 23: 20 New
    Yes, knowledge of the area, reference to points and navigation is the most important for communication and shooting.