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Normans in Francia

Normans in Francia

A week ago, 5-th season of the historical series “Vikings” came out on our screens. Francia has a special place in the series. The series describes the storming of Paris and the Viking raids on Francia in general. Also, the brother of the main character is related to the royal dynasty of the Franks. Let's see how it was in real stories and whether it was at all.

From the end of the 7 century to the 10 century, Europe was frightened by the Vikings - the Scandinavian navigators and robbers. One of the most "visited" places by the Normans was the Frankish state.

Viking raids on Europe began because of the hopelessness of their lives. The soil in Scandinavia is not very prolific, there is little land on it, which makes it possible to effectively engage in farming. That is, the majority of the Normans had only one way out - robbery. 830 year is considered the beginning of a special activity of the Vikings in Francia. After regular raids on cities near the Rhine River, northerners occupied lands there, which later turned into strongholds for the raids on Francia. In the 842 and 843 years, the Normans burned Rouen and Nantes, and soon began regular attacks on the poorly protected valleys of the Seine and other rivers in the north of Francia. In the 845 year, 110 of the Drakars, led by the Danish king Ragnar Lodbrok, followed the Seine and broke through to the walls of Paris. The king of the francs, Karl the Bald, managed to assemble an army to defend the city. However, this army was divided into two groups by the River Seine, and a smaller part of Charles's army had to defend the gates of the Frankish capital. This did not fail to take advantage of Ragnar, breaking the small force of the king. Approximately 100 captive royal soldiers sacrificed the Scandinavian god of war Odin in front of the Frankish ruler, after which the Vikings broke into Paris and sacked him. Karl Bald was disheartened. Unable to resist, he offered a large ransom to the northerners. Having filled their drakars with all kinds of good, they swam away.

During the time of the Viking raids, Francia was ruled by kings from the Carolingian dynasty. Its founder was Karl Martell, for the first time the royal throne was occupied by his son Pepin the Short. The Frankish Empire became the second largest state in the world after Byzantium thanks to the acts of King Charles I the Great. Under him, Frankia extended its borders for many miles, and besides, Charles I did a lot for the economy of his empire. Finally, he was respected not only by the common people, but also by the aristocrats.

Trying to protect their lands from northerners, the Franks decided to bribe the Viking kings in order to protect the borders of the Frankish state from their own tribesmen. But this practice did not justify itself, because in addition to protecting the territory, the Vikings also succeeded in robbery. They controlled several large markets in the inner regions of Francia. Because of this, the king had to drive the Normans from their land.

In 911-912, the Vikings, led by King Karl, capture the coastal regions of Neustria. The ruler of Neustria, Carl Prostaty, being unable to drive away the invaders, went to negotiations with Grolf, the result of which was a treaty. Under the agreement, Grolf recognized the vassal dependence on Carl Prostato, accepted Christianity and became a Christian duke under the name Rollon. The king gave his daughter Gisela to him as his wife and Rouen and cities in the Brittany region as land. This treaty laid the foundations of the Norman Duchy, which became the hereditary possession of Rollon and his descendants. In the future, the Norman dynasty played an important role in the fate of Europe.

Duke Rollon. One of the statues to the six dukes of Normandy

Thus, the Vikings brought Europe not only misfortunes, but also participated in its development.
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  1. Ingvar 72
    Ingvar 72 12 December 2017 06: 57
    The beginning is gorgeous, but why is there no inscription "to be continued"? request The topic is not finished.
    The king gave his daughter to him as a wife Gisela
    In the series Gislu, but in reality this name sounds different - Gisele, Giselle. Do not completely rely on translations from Wikipedia. hi
    1. kalibr
      kalibr 12 December 2017 07: 14
      What do you want? We still have "William the Conqueror", although he was not William a single day. William in English and Gioiom in French. But we call Shakespeare William (William), and not William? And Walter Scott is Walter! Some names are more French, others came to us in German transcription, fourth - a poor translation. For example, the name of the same historian Nicolle — we were translated both as Nikolle and as Nikolle, until I asked him myself. It turned out - Nicole.
      1. alebor
        alebor 12 December 2017 10: 01
        Tradition is a big deal. How can you not remember about Julius Caesar, who was “Caesar” and, therefore, he said something like: Kaisar.
        1. vkl.47
          vkl.47 12 December 2017 10: 20
          Well, what language to pronounce. They have Mateo, we have Matvey)
        2. Fudo
          Fudo 13 December 2017 14: 40
          Gaius Iulius Caesar - Caesar and Caesar. This is Latin, a dead tongue. You can say so and so. Nobody knows for sure, as they said in the time of Caesar. Moreover, they probably spoke differently at different times. The diphthong "ae" in Latin is pronounced "E". So no Kaisar
          1. Max golovanovo
            Max golovanovo 15 December 2017 16: 07
            Strict reading in classical Latin - Caesar
  2. AnpeL
    AnpeL 12 December 2017 07: 29
    Painfully briefly described here. I ask for details. The film itself is certainly colorful, beautiful, at least in places and very cruel. It is clear that there is more artistic fiction and fantasy of direction, but you can see. Of course, by no means for the knowledge of history. And according to the article, we are waiting for the continuation.
    1. andrewkor
      andrewkor 12 December 2017 08: 48
      Following: Normans in Britain, Sicily, Byzantium, in Russia!
    2. Buffet
      Buffet 12 December 2017 09: 35
      And I am very pleased that they speak well about this series, although in some places it doesn’t coincide very much with history. But the same thing, "the artist sees it that way", but our Viking is bad, he cannot claim the title of historical and, in general, slag. Double standards? No, have not heard...
      1. zoolu350
        zoolu350 14 December 2017 10: 35
        Compare. The series “Vikings” can be reproached for historical inconsistencies, and in the domestic “Viking”, in addition to historical inconsistencies, there are also a bunch of mistakes (dirt in the cities of Gardariki in winter, the Slavs are shown full savages before baptism).
        1. Buffet
          Buffet 14 December 2017 21: 41
          Well, the feeling that you yourself were there and saw) Right by Zadornov))))
          1. the lord
            the lord 18 December 2017 00: 15
            Opinion of an eyewitness? Right by the miller))))))))
  3. andrewkor
    andrewkor 12 December 2017 08: 45
    Literature and other sources on the Vikings a dime a dozen, just do not be lazy. The topic is very interesting, especially with regards to Russia. Objectively, the Normans, the Vikings, the Vikings had a huge impact on European history, there were not enough resources that would change the American too!
  4. nick_826
    nick_826 12 December 2017 12: 21
    Article certainly deserves attention. If only to write, then picking up the primary sources (Snorri Sturluson "Circle of the Earth") - Grolf, aka Hrolv Pedestrian was not a king at all, but the son of a friend and associate of king Harald I the Fair-haired. Harald expelled Hrolva from Norway for the ruin of the Norwegian lands (outlawed him) and there was nothing left for him to "dump" somewhere under pain of death at home, the choice fell on France.
  5. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 14 December 2017 13: 37
    Good note.
    Based on the motives, so to speak - the Song of the Nibelungs, the Legend of Aella, Snorri-Snore, Snow White and seven porn actors ... etc.
    One question is constantly interested - why do we believe in fairy tales, counting them as legends -chronicles?
    We do not believe when the knights of the Round Table, and the rest of the eateries, only do that they hunt dragons. But in the knights themselves - we believe. Some miracles.
    And now let's imagine - the Normans, the Vikings, and the Varangians along with him (although there is another conversation about the Varangians) - fled from Scandinavia .... why? From hunger and cold.
    But! Nevertheless, they built completely seaworthy dragrakars and snekkars, forged swords and axes, imposed a breakthrough of ropes-linear-shkertiks, wove sails and even panties.
    And now, having a well-developed infrastructure at HIMSELF at home, they starved to seize the peoples who lived as if, according to the chronicles, in more optimal conditions. Having in recent history a magnificent example of the Great, Terrible, Mighty, All-encompassing Roman Empire. Where did the technology go? The Romans, again in history, not only did the fleet - give the way, but also had sea guns - all kinds of catapults. Onagra and scorpions that can be successfully used против gangs of rabble, which is about to bend from hunger.
    Somehow does not fit with one another!
    Or the Scandinavians were much more advanced than all the Franks and Lombards there, and then they would go to them among the poor Franks.
    Or something else here. Namely - an unbridled desire for storytelling!
    And for some reason, it is the second that impresses me more. Because from the history of Russia, we know that these same Normans-Vikings-VARYAGI more often acted as guest workers - take us, they say, to our service. Blood and life sold.
    And how do we feel about Gaster? They were also treated then.
    Wonders. In the sieve.
  6. lapkinromandmitrievich2005
    23 December 2017 09: 58
    In the future, I am going to write further about the Vikings