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Qatar will buy French BBC VBCI

An agreement of intent was signed in Doha on Thursday regarding the acquisition by the Qatar 490 armed forces of VBCI armored personnel carriers with the 8х8 wheel formula manufactured by the French association Nexter Systems and Renault Trucks Defense, reports bmpd.

A solid contract must be signed by Qatar with Nexter Systems (the main contractor) until the middle of 2018.

Qatar will become the first foreign customer of the BBC VBCI.

It is reported that Qatar "intends to acquire the VBCI VBCI-2 modification in the basic version with the twin tower Nexter Systems T40M with the new 40-mm CTA Intermational 40 CTAS automatic cannon using telescopic ammunition, and with ATGM launchers - it was in this configuration VBCI that passed tests in Qatar in 2016 year. "

Qatar will buy French BBC VBCI

According to preliminary data, the cost of the contract for the purchase of 490 units VBCI will be 3,2 billion euros, including 1,5 billion - the cost of the actual chassis, and the rest - the cost of weapons, ammunition and equipment.

French media say that the Qatari order for VBCI is very important, since the production of 630 machines of this type ordered for the French army is being completed at the plant in Rouen.
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  1. Lopatov
    Lopatov 8 December 2017 13: 58
    Hehe ... Replacing the failed Emirate contract by the French ... All the time were in the lead, then sanctions, “Mistral”, and the contract went to the Finns / Poles.
    Apparently, Qatar decided to pay so much for France's support of the country's sovereign right to finance terrorism.
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 8 December 2017 14: 11
      A solid contract must be signed by Qatar with Nexter Systems (the main contractor) until the middle of 2018.

      Until mid-2018, a star-striped merchant may well stick his nose in.
      1. san4es
        san4es 8 December 2017 14: 29
        hi Hi all,
        the production of 630 vehicles of this type ordered for the French army at the enterprise in Rouen is being completed.

        The power plant with the systems serving it is located in the bow of the car body on the starboard side and occupies almost two-thirds of the width and one-third of the length of the hull. As the power unit, a Volvo D6D in-line 12-cylinder diesel engine (produced under license from Renault, which became a subsidiary of Volvo) is used with a maximum power of 550 hp. The engine is combined into a single unit with an automatic 4-speed ZF gearbox. Aggregates and transmission elements are mounted on a frame under an armored housing and are protected by armored sheets around the perimeter. Engine exhaust gas is mixed with the outside air to reduce the IR signature of the machine.
        1. komandir8
          komandir8 9 December 2017 00: 38
          This is VBCI-2 - 2015 upgrade. Includes a new aluminum welded body with increased height, a Volvo D13 engine with a capacity of 600 liters. with. The VBCI-2 has a driver’s thermal imaging device, as well as a circular surveillance system using digital video cameras, the data from which are displayed on the crew’s displays and on the screen in the airborne squad. The landing consists of six people, a crew of three. By car is a fairly advanced SIT information system. This is a unified system of command and control adopted in the French army, which receives and transmits data to other combat vehicles of the unit and seriously improves the controllability of combat crews and their awareness (it is enough to detect one firing point with one vehicle, as others immediately know about it) .
  2. Coconut
    Coconut 8 December 2017 14: 00
    1 RPG ... 1VBCI .. sort of like that .. winked
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 8 December 2017 14: 35
      And what are the armored personnel carriers that "hold" the RPG?
  3. Mihanishche
    Mihanishche 8 December 2017 14: 23
    Hehe ... The French failed the Emirate contract and this is a replacement for him. Always leading, then “Mistral”, sanctions and the contract went to the Poles. Finns.
    Qatar, you see, decided to pay France for supporting the right of a sovereign country to finance terrorism.
  4. assa67
    assa67 8 December 2017 14: 31
    Why do they need so many armored personnel carriers? .... to fight off the Saudis?
  5. Loess
    Loess 8 December 2017 14: 38
    Or maybe they will change their minds and buy something from us, eh?))
  6. Vadim851
    Vadim851 8 December 2017 14: 45
    Impressive pretty weapons for an armored personnel carrier. Many infantry fighting vehicles can envy
    1. zivXP
      zivXP 8 December 2017 16: 10
      The center of gravity is high, and the wheelbase is not wide at the same time.
      1. Vadim851
        Vadim851 8 December 2017 18: 53
        Yes, it is noticeable in comparison with other armored personnel carriers and the mass for the wheeled one is just huge, already 32 tons, while the armor is aluminum.
  7. just exp
    just exp 8 December 2017 14: 46
    According to preliminary data, the cost of the contract for the purchase of 490 units VBCI will be 3,2 billion euros, including 1,5 billion - the cost of the actual chassis, and the rest - the cost of weapons, ammunition and equipment.

    fuck, armored personnel carrier is 2 times more expensive than T-90.
    only one body with an engine costs 3 lyama. like the T-90 itself in all weapons and equipment.
    1. Warrior-80
      Warrior-80 8 December 2017 15: 02
      The rich have their own quirks, here one clown from a neighboring branch said that soon the hovercraft would replace the wheeled armored personnel carriers, we had to participate in the tender with the boats too, the Qatari would be awesome laughing
      1. just exp
        just exp 8 December 2017 20: 32
        Well, maybe he’s right, you don’t know who he is, maybe from the immortals, for such 2 thousand years it’s “soon”, and after 2 thousand years I think the armored personnel carriers will be replaced not only with VP boats, but with something with teleportation and power shields.
  8. Kerensky
    Kerensky 8 December 2017 15: 30
    Too many cars. It's still armorconveyor, that is, his task is to move the infantry, and not his engine. We can conclude that it will be used a little for that. Yes, and the price of a taratayka .... as rightly noted here.
  9. JonnyT
    JonnyT 8 December 2017 15: 44
    The car is serious, given the fact that optics, thermal imaging devices, etc. and the French are among the best in the world
  10. tchoni
    tchoni 8 December 2017 15: 55
    6.5 milltons of Jewish money per armored vehicle? Take a pair of t-90))))
  11. Stas 2rep
    Stas 2rep 8 December 2017 19: 04
    vbci on the teachings of the foreign legion
  12. alexhol
    alexhol 8 December 2017 19: 35
    Honestly, I don’t understand why they need so much? well, the kickbacks are clear that no one has canceled, and human greed she is at least Russian, at least Arab is all one. But: the area of ​​Qatar is 11 square meters. km divided by 586 units and we get that one APC in the center of the square with a side of 490x5km. You cannot forbid rich life.
    1. just exp
      just exp 8 December 2017 20: 33
      for such a density would it be how many would be required for the Russian Federation?
  13. missuris
    missuris 8 December 2017 20: 36
    For telescopes ++++ but the price is simple) 6kk euro for heavy bmp nehil so)
  14. Graz
    Graz 8 December 2017 22: 28
    Well, I don’t know, I’m not special, but don’t the wheelers feel bad in the deserts, will they not get stuck there by chance?