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What did Erdogan say in Athens?

For the first time in 65 years, the Turkish president went on a visit to Greece. Recall that between these countries within the NATO bloc, for decades there have been mutual territorial claims, which, by the way, does not prevent them from being in the North Atlantic military bloc. Questions exist on a number of small islands, as well as on the status of Northern Cyprus, which Greece is not ready to recognize as independent or Turkish territory.

As soon as Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Athens, very harsh statements began from both his side and the Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos. Erdogan once again reiterated that the Lausanne Peace Treaty of 1923, which established the borders between Turkey and Greece, is unfair and must be reconsidered.

In turn, Pavlopoulos said that Greece rejected the very possibility of revising the Treaty of Lausanne, as this would lead to negative consequences in the Mediterranean region.

What did Erdogan say in Athens?

In addition to territorial claims, Erdogan in Athens said that Ankara is worried about "the violation of the rights of Muslims in the territory of Greece." According to Erdogan, Athens prohibits Muslims in the north of Greece from choosing their own muftis, and they are engaged in their centralized appointment.

Erdogan also expressed his displeasure with Pavlopoulos that Greece does not give out eight Turkish soldiers who fled after a failed attempt at a coup in the country.

Erdogan's numerous claims caused a significantly negative reaction in the camp of the Greek authorities and the public. The Greek press appealed to the president of the country with a proposal to close the entrance to Greece for Erdogan.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 8 December 2017 06: 25
    But how did he leave alive after that? But it’s interesting if now the two countries of the same bloc clash in the war (the Greeks shine a little ..). Then the whole world will see what is the collective responsibility and security in NATO!
    1. Anarchist
      Anarchist 8 December 2017 06: 50
      Quote: 210ox
      Then the whole world will see what collective responsibility and security in NATO are worth!

      But the `` best friends '' Russia will still not leave the bloc! Such as the Baltic states, Poland ...
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 8 December 2017 11: 07
        Quote: Anarchist
        But the `` best friends '' Russia will still not leave the bloc! Such as the Baltic states, Poland ...

        These will simply be kicked by all the armies that will ride through their territory, for one solving their demographic issue.
    2. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 8 December 2017 07: 23
      Quote: 210ox
      But how did he leave alive after that? But it’s interesting if now the two countries of the same bloc clash in the war (the Greeks shine a little ..). Then the whole world will see what is the collective responsibility and security in NATO!

      In 1974, in my opinion, the Greeks raised their Phantoms to attack Turkish landing ships going to Northern Cyprus. the Americans deployed the Greeks with an ultimatum.
    3. Masya masya
      Masya masya 8 December 2017 08: 07
      Quote: 210ox
      But it’s interesting if now two countries of the same bloc clash in the war

      Interestingly, the rest of the NATO countries will defend whom? recourse
      1. den3080
        den3080 8 December 2017 10: 29
        they will split ... in half and wait for what the owner will say.
    4. donavi49
      donavi49 8 December 2017 09: 46
      Why? The Greeks of the Air Force are better for example, only the Greeks have the latest F-16 Block 52М. Erdogan has the bulk of the block 30. Plus, the Greeks have a car of different Mirages.

      The Greeks and the air defense are better. Including patriots.

      In the fleet, yes - the Greeks will roll out.

      In the army - in Greece it is better equipped. Fresh Leopolds. Fresh art. Fresh management systems. However, it is much smaller. Plus, the main budget goes to maintaining the flight readiness of large air forces (raids, repairs, firing, etc.). Little is allocated to the army - therefore the training there is weak, but somewhere at the level of the Turks, taking into account their exploits in Syria.
      1. Razvedka_Boem
        Razvedka_Boem 8 December 2017 10: 34
        "According to the Greek Air Force, Turkey violated Greek airspace almost 3000 times between January 1 and October 22 of this year."
        It seems the Turks do not know that
        The Greeks Air Force is better for example

        or the Greeks have a small intestine ..
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 8 December 2017 10: 56
          There violations take place in a small area. Which the Greeks consider their own, the Turks their own. Turks fly in 1-2-5 minutes and leave.

          The list and actual composition of the air force in Greece + air defense - look more interesting. And taking into account the fact that the bulk of the money is spent on maintaining airworthiness and flying large (in Greece in the Top 5 Air Force in Europe with AWACS and 200 + modern IFIs + 40 Phantoms) the Air Force also allows you to make a choice in favor of Greece.

          Turkey has some problems with the Air Force, plus the bulk of the F-16 of old modifications (block 30 and less, while 75% of the fleet of the Greek Air Force is brought to block 50 / 52 and there is a block 52 of new construction).
          1. Razvedka_Boem
            Razvedka_Boem 8 December 2017 11: 01
            I believe that if the situation worsens, Erdogan will simply open a corridor for refugees in the direction of Europe. And tolerant Europe will accept them by hammering another nail into the lid of its coffin.
      2. IL-18
        IL-18 8 December 2017 10: 42
        I knew many Turks who were engaged in business in Russia. They had 3-4 citizenships. Moreover, in addition to Turkish, it was necessarily Greek and Bulgarian. Here one can only guess why Erdoогan in Greece started the right to download?
        Maybe he decided that he had already talked too much against the EU and NATO. I decided to warm up the situation. Greeks in this situation are best suited, begin to respond, developing tension. And the intermediary emissaries from NATO, the EU, the UN, human rights defenders, the table tennis federation and the global society of Ekibano lovers will fly to Ankara.
        Why is Erdogan? To emphasize personal importance, to bargain for yourself or Turkey (which is approximately the same), to push someone’s foreheads and take a place over the fight, to amuse yourself or just to pile a heap under the door of a neighbor ... We don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t even know. But political scientists around the world will find thousands of reasons for what Erdogan said, he, when he looks at the Evening with Solovyov or the Place of Meeting with the Live Broadcast, will be shocked by the serious conclusions of the talking heads.
      3. parkello
        parkello 8 December 2017 12: 51
        the Turks still have to grow and grow. and in the Navy they can not afford much. our pilots drive them like a lousy in a bathhouse ... they can’t do anything at sea because nature there is against the Turks, they won’t even have time to go out and build an order as they’ll be sunk. the only plus of the Turks is their number ... and they have no more superiority to the army of the war.
    5. bald
      bald 8 December 2017 11: 50
      Yes, just a madhouse. And where are these 300 Spartans ?!
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 8 December 2017 06: 28
    ... to someone else’s garden with his own law ... bully
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 8 December 2017 06: 32
    close the entry to Greece for Erdogan.
    I could not restrain myself! My tongue is my enemy !!
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 8 December 2017 06: 41
    Erdogan’s many claims ...
    "And then Ostap suffered ..". It’s easier to name whom Erdogan had no complaints lately. Quarreled with all the countries surrounding Turkey and even with the "friend" of the United States. With Russia, it behaves like a cat approaching a jar of sour cream, but not forgetting to hint that the end of the construction of the Turkish Stream is in his hands.
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 8 December 2017 07: 17
      Quote: rotmistr60
      It’s easier to name whom Erdogan had no complaints lately. Quarrel with all countries surrounding Turkey

      Erdogan completely lost his chain, forgot that since the days of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has no friends among its neighbors. From the word at all. Even more, some enemies. And in the Balkans, and in Greece, and in Syria, and in Iraq, and in Iran, not to mention Armenia and the Kurds in Turkey itself / Yes, and in Russia towards it, no one has special sympathies and everyone grinds a tooth on Turkey , and all in which case they will be with great pleasure to "tear" this very Turkey to pieces. The question is, who needs this Turkey, so that someone would intervene for it? Apart from the states, which always and everywhere, any war is for the good. So Erdogan is clearly doing something wrong. Either the authorities "blinded their eyes" and the brain became cloudy, or they deliberately provoke a new armed conflict in the region.
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 8 December 2017 11: 26
        Quote: Orionvit
        Erdogan completely lost his chain, forgot that since the days of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has no friends among its neighbors.
        Yes, not quite like that. From the time of the fall of the empire, until the arrival of Erdogan, Turkey leveled relations with its neighbors, but Edik decided to revive the Ottoman empire and climbed to divide Syria, after which he already corrupted relations with all neighbors. There, his mustache was set on fire, so he decided to pinch it off from Greece, in order to expand the empire’s possessions by at least 10 square meters. I don’t understand what prevents him from pouring artificial islands with the subsequent statement of claims for territorial waters laid on these islands. repeat
        1. Orionvit
          Orionvit 8 December 2017 13: 47
          Quote: Nyrobsky
          From the fall of the empire to the arrival of Erdogan, Turkey has aligned relations with its neighbors,

          She could even out relations with her neighbors, but only at the level of governments (which Erdogan is ruining in every way). But the peoples themselves, living in the countries surrounding Turkey, historically do not feel love for the Turks, the memory of their ancestors.
      2. garnik
        garnik 8 December 2017 11: 49
        Unfortunately, for the Turks, since the time the Bolsheviks came to power, Russia stands to the detriment of itself. Trying to use a friend of his strategic enemy in his own interests, thereby strengthening his (Turkey) position.
        1. Dry
          Dry 8 December 2017 12: 46
          Garnik, now in Russia there are no Bolsheviks in power and a repetition of a situation a century ago is impossible.
          1. garnik
            garnik 8 December 2017 13: 18
            You know, that sharp turn in the history of Russia we used to blame on the Jews, according to V.V. Putin a bunch of (thugs) decided the fate of Russia, 80% of which were Jews. And then the Turks were in the balance of the death of the state, but the Bolsheviks ordered in their own way. I think now a similar situation. And only the question remains. Who will be the victim in temporary friendly relations between the Kremlin and Turkey? Indeed, without benefit to themselves, the Turks will not be friends with anyone. And who is pushing Russia into the arms of an eternal enemy?
  5. ukoft
    ukoft 8 December 2017 06: 44
    how profitable such a scandal and tension between the two countries, the leadership of these countries.
    it means in the economy, something is not necessary urgently to divert attention to the problems of international and territorially neighboring ones.
  6. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 8 December 2017 06: 53
    A frenzied perimeter gnaws at something. And after a bite for a while, and then? These birds talkers intelligence and quick wit never differed, we were lucky.
  7. Herculesic
    Herculesic 8 December 2017 06: 56
    How do they get along both countries in NATO? With the requests of the Turks, I am surprised that between them there has not yet been a real war with great casualties.
  8. Humpty
    Humpty 8 December 2017 07: 27
    Benderbay was found. With the same success, the Greeks can safely invoice for the occupation of Constantinople.
  9. cedar
    cedar 8 December 2017 07: 42
    Quote: Orionvit
    Erdogan completely lost his chain, forgot that since the time of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has among its neighbors, no friends. From the word at all. Even more, some enemies.

    Why the hell are friends? He needs tourists, and there are millions of them in Turkey, most of them are Russians with Tugriks, and Tugriks are the best friends of capitalists around the world.
    So do not be sad, friends ... Erdogan has.
  10. nikolaki6890
    nikolaki6890 8 December 2017 08: 17
    Here, many are surprised who and why invited this “Tugrik." It is surprising that, almost every day, the Turks violate the border .....
    1. ukoft
      ukoft 8 December 2017 09: 16
      invited to distract the attention of the people. came, because he also needs to divert attention
  11. Clyde barrow
    Clyde barrow 8 December 2017 10: 45
    according to all kinds of old prophecies read on the Internet, the collapse of Turkey will begin just after the attack on Greece)) angry
  12. Butchcassidy
    Butchcassidy 8 December 2017 11: 07
    Is it necessary to remind the prohibition of the Turkish authorities to be called the head of the Constantipole Orthodox Church -
    To the Ecumenical Patriarch "ecumenical", considering him only the head of the Greek community, as well as the grossest interference of the Turkish leadership in the election of the patriarch of the Patriarchate of Constantinople of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church?
  13. garnik
    garnik 8 December 2017 11: 51
    According to Erdogan, Muslims in northern Greece Athens are forbidden to choose their own muftis, and are engaged in their centralized appointment.

    Insolent, and this is what he himself has been doing all this time in relation to Christians.
  14. Guru
    Guru 8 December 2017 12: 05
    Erdogashka entered Rush?
    1. nakhtigalsif
      nakhtigalsif 8 December 2017 16: 37
      Shawarma glut oneself? .. wassat
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. faterdom
    faterdom 9 December 2017 19: 06
    Nothing mysterious. As the European Union has kept Turkey in limbo for more than 50 years, Erdogan now, having really appreciated NATO’s readiness to intercede, an attempt to overthrow it, and recent adventures with portraits will blackmail NATO with Turkey’s membership and the Incirlik base. For Turkey, what real nishtyaks in this membership at the moment and in the future there. But Turkey needs the organization like air, because without it the office directed against Russia is deprived of the southern flank and the possibility of a direct threat to the Caucasus. Well, Iran, as a target of NATO without Turkey, looks immediately more protected.
    Therefore, the S-400, therefore, Jerusalem, and therefore, the Greeks have no complaints about the Greeks - and either the USA kisses and presents Turkey, or receives a lot of problems. Well, the EU, of course, but who is asking him?