Armament of Georgia - Turkish wheel armored transporter EJDER

The armored transporter with wheel formula 6х6 was created by the Turkish company Nurol Makina on the order of the Turkish military as a light armored vehicle on the wheelbase for its own armed forces. At the beginning of the 90-s, Nurol Makina, prior to this order, was developing the BNR RN-94, the Turkish-Romanian armored transporter project. In the middle of the 90-s in Romania, the first prototype of a prospective floating-type BTR was built with the 6-X6 wheel formula. Developers: Romanian "RAIMIL" and Turkish "Nurol Makina". Features of this development - the widespread use of aggregate units armored conveyors "TAB-77" - the Romanian version of the Soviet BTR-70 and BTR-80. The second prototype of an armored vehicle RN-94 is assembled at a Turkish factory. Soon, five more prospective BTRs were collected for testing. They undergo a variety of tests before 1999. Prototypes have proven themselves, each car during the tests "wound" almost 20 thousands of kilometers along the roads and off-road. The management of Nurol Makina assumed that the Turkish Defense Ministry would place an order specifically for this armored personnel carrier, but by 1999, the requirements for modern military equipment are increasing, and RN-94 could no longer meet these requirements. The creation of a new machine based on the acquired experience and skills begins.

Armament of Georgia - Turkish wheel armored transporter EJDER

Armored Transporter EJDER
The main difference between the EJDER armored vehicle and the RN-94 armored vehicle is its modular design. This made it possible to begin the creation of various versions of armored vehicles based on the EJDER BTR:
- Light armored transporter;
- machine for fire support;
- command machine;
- evacuation ambulance;
- reconnaissance vehicle;
- self-propelled artillery system;
- self-propelled mortar type;
- repair machine;
- machine intelligence.
In addition to the above modifications of the base machine, the machines with the wheel formula 8х8 and 4х4 are being developed.

The armored conveyor as a unified chassis has the following advantages:
- the cost of upgrades will significantly decrease;
- reduced maintenance costs;
- reduces the load on supporting services;
- the level of specialists and the time of their preparation is increasing.
The armor transporter receives a “NATO STANAG 4569” of the third level, which protects the crew and the landing force from small weapons. The body of the machine is welded type of steel sheets. V-shaped execution of the bottom of the machine protects against the blasting of various mine devices. Armament is standard for machines of this class - 7.62 mm machine gun and 40 mm grenade launcher. In addition, there is a modification of the armored vehicle with the French tower Dragar from GIAT. The tower is provided with an 25-mm automatic gun M811, which is assembled from Turkey under license, the manufacturer is the Turkish company MKEK. With this tool paired 7.62 mm machine gun. Naturally, when the turret was mounted on an EJDER BTR, the number of troops carried was reduced and the course range decreased.

The first and second pair of wheels are driven type. Armored car independent suspension torsion, secured by hydraulic shock absorbers. To turn the armored conveyor need eight meters. To overcome the water obstacles, the BTR was provided with two propellers, which were positioned at the rear of the machine. When moving afloat, the screws take power from the BTR propulsion system. Wave shield is located in front of the car on the frontal armor sheet. A modern system is installed on board for protection against weapons of mass destruction and air filtration. A control system has been installed for the equipment of three video surveillance units, which provide a complete overview for both crew and paratroopers. Independent suspension of the central execution of the production company “Timoney” provided the armored conveyor with high cross-country ability in off-road conditions. The control of the first and second pair of wheels has a gain. The 2's emergency disc brake system will lock the steering if necessary. The BTR brake system is also provided with 2's disc brakes. For increase of passability and restoration of pressure in tires the central pressure regulator is used. The EJDER BTR is provided with an automatic control system. The bridges of the armored conveyor are connected or disconnected, based on the terrain features, there is an automatic switching of bridges, which is used for this by installed special sensors. The BTR is provided with a hydraulic winch. Fire extinguishing system is located in MTO. On the sides of the machine in the troop compartment there is an embrasure 6. In the roof of the troop compartment there are three hatches - 2 rectangular and one round, fixed in the extreme position. Before the round hatch it is possible to install various weapons - grenade launchers or machine guns. The exhaust pipe has an outlet on the right side of the roof of the MTO. The driver-mechanic and the commander of the car are placed one after another in the department of management. Crew members' seats are provided on the hull roof with round hatches. In front of the driver-mechanic’s hatch, bullet-proof glass is installed.

Key Features:
- team machine - 2 person;
- capacity of the troop compartment - 10 people;
- weight - 18 tons;
- length - 7 meters;
- height - 2.4 meter;
- width - 2.7 meters;
- engine characteristics - HP 402;
- ground / water speed - up to 110 / 9 km / h;
- range - up to 650 kilometers;

Additional Information
In 2008, the Georgian Defense Ministry placed an order for an EJDER 76 BTR. In the same year, the first deliveries of armored vehicles began, armed with an AGL-40 grenade launcher with a remote control and a set of video cameras for a complete overview of the environment.

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  1. Sergh
    April 5 2012
    Funny miracle, interesting, but they asked, do we need it? Trophy-like-trophy!
    1. +10
      April 5 2012
      Museum workers in Kubinka scratch their hands, of course it is necessary!
      1. Aleksey67
        April 5 2012
        A good target for RPGs. As if specially made so that the grenade almost perpendicularly entered from any angle. wink
        1. +2
          April 5 2012
          perfect even)))
        2. 0
          April 5 2012
          Yes, in my opinion, it will go with the PC Bzeshka ...
        3. oper66
          April 5 2012
          Yes, the coffin on wheels and armor does not climb into the box and all sinter up to our 80 them as before China cancer
        4. +1
          April 5 2012
          I'm interested in Aleksey67 what is the chance of our armored personnel carrier 80 .... with its inclined armor to withstand RPGs ... how YOU do you think?
          1. OSHA
            April 7 2012
            100% for the armored troop-carrier moves with speed yes. and RPG is not maneuverable yes, count yes. and this is an armored personnel carrier and not a tank so that the RPG is enough to keep confusing the warm with the soft
  2. +4
    April 5 2012
    To be honest, an ugly armored personnel carrier. Ours are much more beautiful and graceful
    1. +3
      April 5 2012
      That's how it is, but 6x6 in cross-country conditions in the mountains is just that. And what is ugly is a fact. And there are many perpendicular planes ...
    2. oper66
      April 5 2012
      and the dog can ride with the breeze and feed
  3. +4
    April 5 2012
    It's not about beauty, although it’s a very dubious design, but the fact is that Georgia, for some reason, is actively arming itself. But for what? (Although we already know the answer)
    1. oper66
      April 5 2012
      they are actively buying weapons in place so that we can be gifted to us as 2008
  4. -2
    April 5 2012
    Something they have is all plain-looking ... and an armored personnel carrier ... and the president ... and burdemagh wine ... Something lately Georgia has become a synonym for saying so as not to offend .... but their children are good. .. plus for everyone ..
    1. Sergh
      April 5 2012
      I was a little un-finished, will the driver always have a head above the cab or will he have an inflatable pillow below? Yeah, I still like a glass from the front in front of him so that his ears would not be puffed! And so, like a non-bad coffin, only repainted preferably immediately.
  5. dmitriy2012
    April 5 2012
    etozh brdm licked at us, only the 3rd wheel was added !!!! nothing and we will burn this box !!!!
  6. Vital 33
    April 5 2012
    It is written - the torsion bar suspension, although the springs are clearly visible. Something the author confused ...
  7. 0
    April 5 2012
    How glad I am, Shaw Mishka stsukoshvili is a fool. Any kaku buys.
    In fact, open springs were especially pleased. I understand in Turkey there is no shit where an APC gets stuck and then it all freezes. But still.
  8. dred
    April 5 2012
    I wonder why Georgia doesn’t like our BTR-80.
    1. +4
      April 5 2012
      Well, probably because he is ours?
  9. +2
    April 5 2012
    If the bench press is playing, and you are waging a war, the infamous technique will not help.
  10. black_eagle
    April 5 2012
    Armored personnel carriers, armored personnel carriers, various sentinel armored vehicles, I don’t understand what doctrine Georgia is armed with? With this technique, it’s ridiculous to control order in captured cities, it’s pointless to attack, it’s ridiculous, the feeling in Georgia is that the people will soon get tired of all this garbage and start to rebel, then this is all it’s useful to suppress riots, another I do not see competent use
  11. +1
    April 5 2012
    Quote: black_eagle
    Armored personnel carriers, armored personnel carriers, various sentinel armored vehicles, I don’t understand what doctrine Georgia is armed with?

    According to the doctrine - "from the world on a string" or someone who will give up, give or sell on the cheap. And tanks, as you know, are much more expensive than armored personnel carriers, so no one gives them, they have to be content with a variety of armored personnel carriers.
    1. black_eagle
      April 5 2012
      It seems to me alone that their army is starting to resemble some kind of African, a bunch of lightly armored vehicles, two planes! and helicopters - two!)))))))
  12. Lustrator
    April 5 2012
    Next time, I hope you still catch him in Tbilisi. And hang the mad dog head down.
  13. Neogumanoid
    April 5 2012
    Exclusively my opinion:
    From the pluses + the versatility of the design, for different modifications the common base is the possibility for endless upgrades.
    + A short base is good for the city and mountain conditions.
    Of the minuses - a high silhouette is an easy target for everything.
    -not a rational angle of inclination of the lower armor plate.
    -in the description did not find a description of protection against portable, hand-held anti-aircraft weapons, and in addition to it there’s nothing to land, the crew will be able to get out. hard. the crew will simply be burned.
    The water-melting abilities of this product are meaningless on the territory of likely use of the Georgian Armed Forces, they will force wide water obstacles with flat banks on the territory of the rebellious republics and it is unlikely to force rivers such as the Volga in the blitz cry mode due to their low survivability.
    It will be possible to operate this product effectively if a full production cycle is established on the territory of Georgia, and mainly in police operations.
    If where wrong wrongly refute ... so we come to the truth ..
  14. +1
    April 6 2012
    Mishiko, Mishiko, the coffin on wheels just left the cemetery, looking for your street .....
  15. Korvin
    April 6 2012
    Let Georgia arm itself exclusively with Turkish armored vehicles. But for a long time, everyone understood about its quality. lol
  16. OSHA
    April 7 2012
    it's from the heading jokes
  17. ZUI
    April 7 2012
    Chest with bugs.
  18. Columbus
    December 5 2013
    I don’t understand why everyone rushed to Turkish equipment ??? I had a lot of business with Turkish companies (cars, special equipment, equipment for their repair, etc.) intersected with their engineers. Very good equipment is produced, not even for many European companies, in general I am silent.

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