Military Review

Supersonic Destroyer: Tu-22М3 long-range bomber

Nicknamed "Shilom" for the characteristic shape of the nose, the long-range bomber bomber Tu-22М3 has become one of the symbols of the war in Syria. These vehicles carried out already under a hundred sorties, the results of which were thousands of terrorists killed. However, the main task of the "Carcass" is the hunt for aircraft carriers, because the plane is armed with almost hypersonic X-22 missiles.

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  1. alekc73
    alekc73 7 December 2017 18: 25
    Awl-clean Tu-22.
    The Tu-22M3 is essentially another aircraft named so because Khrushchev put it on missiles, and he didn’t give money to new planes.
    1. komvap
      komvap 8 December 2017 04: 01
      That's right Tu-22, it sewed, and Tu-22m - a completely different plane.
      Only Khrushchev had nothing to do with it - such a tricky trick to deceive the leadership of Tupolev took when he was long since retired.
      Tupolev did not care who to cheat on to receive orders (and related funding and medals).
  2. 32363
    32363 8 December 2017 02: 13
    beauty, cool ... no words