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On whose corpses Andropov and Gorbachev came to power

On whose corpses Andropov and Gorbachev came to power

Like all Soviet people, we lived with our cares and problems, performed the assigned work and did not particularly delve into what was happening “up there”. The permutations in the Central Committee and the Council of Ministers did not affect us, or even interested us. There was one member of the Politburo, instead another - well, God be with them. As stated in the joke of those times, "they have their own company, we have our own."

Only after many years, the damned questions began to arise. How could an ordinary talker Gorbachev reach the highest authority in the country, so that he could be betrayed later and given to his enemies to be torn apart? As the most stable economy in the world, providing all citizens of the USSR unshakable confidence in the future, suddenly rolled down? How did a literate, politically savvy people present their fate to rogues and fraudsters who served the people they had always known as vile and cruel opponents? For the third decade, these questions have kept millions and millions from sleeping.

In no case, without pretending to the ultimate truth, I will try to give my own vision of the events of the last decades, which began with my transition to the Literary Gazette.

The main intelligence services of the world, primarily the British, have a proven method of achieving the interests of their state. In the state, against which they work, they nominate their collaborators and remove the opposing. The most famous episode is the attempt on Lenin in 1918. If this attack of the British succeeded, then the head of Russia would be their (and international Zionist) agent Trotsky. Their next victims were Dzerzhinsky, Kirov.

In 70-80-ies, political figures of this magnitude were not visible. Stalin’s prophecy came true two months before his death: “The time of geniuses is over, the time of fools begins.” So it became easier to move the pieces on the great chessboard.

The main pawns who, with subtle moves, steadily moved to queens, were Andropov, and then in parallel with him Gorbachev. What powerful forces counted and carried out these moves - I do not even have any guesswork. Great is this mystery.

Otto Wilhelmovich Kuusinen

Andropov's godfather was his mentor from the time of his work in Karelia Kuusinen. Otto Wilhelmovich is a very interesting figure. In his youth, he rotated on the political Olympus of Finland, led a friendship with the rich and influential masons. 9 years was a member of the Sejm, 6 years headed the Social Democratic Party. Then - “in underground work” (according to reference books). From 1921 to 1943 - one of the leaders of the Comintern. From 1941 until his death (1964), a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), and under Khrushchev, Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. In 1939 there was one extraordinary episode related to the Soviet-Finnish war. Kuusinen headed then created in the event of our victory, in which no one in the USSR had any doubts, the people's government of Finland. How was he denounced in the West! Everywhere except the UK. A major British politician Cripps, he publicly interceded ...


Kuusinen was in charge of international affairs at the CPSU Central Committee. In the same 1957 year, when Khrushchev nominated him as the secretary of the Central Committee, Andropov from the post of ambassador to Hungary immediately became head of Kuusinen's department for relations with the communist and workers' socialist countries, and five years later - the secretary of the Central Committee. Otto Vilgelmovich prepared for himself a reliable shift. Britain praised his services to the security services. As they say in such cases, according to some information, he was awarded the highest British order by a secret decree of the queen, was given a knighthood, and was named by his colleagues the most successful agent in their dark stories. Kuusinen’s last wife frankly wrote in her memoirs: “After all, he was, in fact, little interested in the Soviet Union. Building his secret plans, he did not think about the welfare of Russia. ”

What led Brezhnev, appointing Andropov chairman of the KGB, we will never know. Perhaps, his extremely tough position in the suppression of counter-revolutionary demonstrations in Hungary served as a recommendation? But what happened, happened, and from 1967 to 1982 the year Kuusinen's godson was in that post, and from 1973 he was a member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee. Yury Vladimirovich managed to acquire a strong influence on Brezhnev, however, starting with A.N. Kosygin, sympathy, to put it mildly, did not cause. Especially clearly prescribed it in his memoirs V.V. Grishin ("From Khrushchev to Gorbachev"). His support was Gromyko and Ustinov. For history: these three persuaded Brezhnev to enter the Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

The people who reached the summit of political power, which was the Politburo, underwent such a natural selection that they seemed to be provided with longevity. Kremlin medicine was tirelessly taking care of their health. And here you go ...

A publicist Valery Legostaev, who worked even under Andropov and after him as an assistant to Ligachev, composed a list of deaths for members of the Politburo, who opened Andropov and then Gorbachev to the General Secretary.

In the 1976 year, the Minister of Defense Grechko, a very promising Kulakov, “personally fell asleep and did not wake up” was personally devoted to Brezhnev. A year later, the vacant place of secretary of the CPSU Central Committee for Agriculture on the insistent recommendation of the aforementioned group of comrades and who joined him Suslov was taken by Gorbachev. Alexander Ilyich Agranovich commented on this appointment with the words: “We recently did an analysis of the effectiveness of investments in agriculture; in the Stavropol Territory it is the lowest. ”

In 1980, P.M. died in a strange car accident on a rural road. Masherov, who was considered as one of the possible successors of Brezhnev, and died after a no less strange incident while walking in the canoe by A.N. Kosygin.

Talking about a record year in the number of deaths among the leadership of the country 1982, one transfer will not do. Here is the case when the devil is in the details. On January 19, the first deputy of Andropov Tsvigun, who was especially trusted by Brezhnev, married to his sister Viktoria Petrovna, shot himself. Moreover, under strange circumstances: on a short stretch of garden path from the car to the cottage, from which the guards did not release his wife to the scene. In addition to the driver from the KGB garage, no one saw the moment of “suicide”, and the family was shown the body of Tsvigun only at a funeral. I asked about this dark matter of his son: he is convinced that his father was killed. Chazov wrote: “I knew Zvigun well and could never have thought that this strong, strong-willed person who had passed a large life school would commit suicide.” As a result, Brezhnev lost a very important safety net.

Andropov was seriously ill for a long time. He understood that he had very little time for coming to the leadership of the party and the country. But from the KGB to the general secretary does not fall under any scenario. To do this, you need at least a short time to work in the Central Committee apparatus. The position corresponding to his plan was only one - the second secretary, but it was held by MA Suslov, distinguished by an ascetic lifestyle and excellent health. According to Legostaev, an operation to eliminate it was developed with the direct participation of the head of Kremlin medicine Chazov, who had long been Andropov’s personal agent. Chazov himself in his book Health and Power wrote that their meetings took place in safe houses of the KGB.

M.A. Suslov

Politburo members who had reached 70 years were entitled to an additional two-week vacation in the winter. Mikhail Andreevich held him in the "suite" of the Central Clinical Hospital ("Kremlin"). Revoly Mikhailovich, the son, told me what happened on the last day before discharge. Suslova came to visit her daughter. He told her that he was feeling well and tomorrow he would go straight from the hospital to work. At this time, the attending physician brought some pill. Mikhail Andreevich, a man of the Stalin school, never took any pills at the hospital. However, the doctor insisted so much, insisting on the intention to go to work that he had to agree. Almost immediately after taking the medicine, Suslov blushed deeply and said to his daughter: “Go home, something is bad for me”. A few hours later he died. This happened a day after Zwigun’s death. A month later, the doctor who gave the fatal pill was found in a loop in his own apartment.

Detail significant. The head of Stalin’s guard, Khrustalev, who had sent all officers on his behalf to sleep on the fateful night of March 1 and didn’t call for medical services for half a day, also died a month after the death of the guard. Fanny Kaplan, who was one of them assigned to assassinate Lenin in 1918, did not survive even two days: after formal interrogation, she was shot and burned in a kerosene barrel in the Kremlin. The law of terrorists: not to leave witnesses.

Four months after Suslov’s death at the next Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee, Andropov was elected second secretary. The case in our post-war history is unique. Not only in the main Central Committee, but in all republican except Armenia, the post of second secretary has always been occupied by Russians. For the Jew, Andropov, however, made an exception.

In place of Andropov, Brezhnev appointed the chairman of the KGB of Ukraine Fedorchuk, known for his toughness in relation to the contingent served. He was absolutely sure of him.

Whatever may be said about the late Brezhnev, but he, like an already very experienced politician, completely controlled the situation and was seriously preparing for the transfer of power. First Secretary of the Primorsky Regional Committee D.N. Gagarov talked about a conversation on this topic during his stay in the province. Looking through possible candidates, Brezhnev called Andropov, but right there he rejected: “it’s no good, he burned himself at work in the KGB”. In the end, Leonid Ilyich decided. According to I.V. Kapitonov, who was in charge of the Central Committee with party cadres, a month before the already appointed plenum of the Central Committee, the Secretary General called him in and said: “In a month, Scherbitsky will sit in this chair. Make all appointments with this in mind. ” For himself, Brezhnev set out to create the post of party chairman. Did he know that, according to Roy Medvedev, there was a hidden opposition around him in the person of Andropov, Ustinov and Gorbachev? The names are somewhat unexpected, but Medvedev knows better.

What a rash step did Leonid Ilyich then! Brezhnev, of course, was aware of the fact that the KGB listened day and night to all members of the Politburo. Surely Andropov reported on all worthy conversations and even remarks to him. Microphones were everywhere, even in the bedrooms. But that he was also precisely bugged by himself, the secretary general did not anticipate. As well as the fact that the plenum will take place much earlier than the deadline it has defined, and not at all with the agenda approved by the Politburo.

Brezhnev has long been tormented by insomnia. For many years he was so used to using sleeping pills that he could not do without them. All his associates were strictly forbidden to indulge this weakness of Leonid Ilyich. In extreme cases, he turned to Yura (he called Andropov in the eyes and behind the eyes). Andropov was the last person Brezhnev met before he died. Like Beria with Stalin. What these two confidants have done with their cartridges, we will never know either. Only the results are known: Stalin received a severe stroke, Brezhnev, as was the custom of 1976, fell asleep and did not wake up. Pharmacology, as we see, does not stand still. On the eve of death, both of them felt fine, Brezhnev even went to Zavidovo to hunt, calmly defended the entire parade and 7 demonstration of November in the mausoleum.

I asked the head of the security secretary general, Vladimir Medvedev, in detail, and read the lines of the Chazov book. Only one incongruity has surfaced. On the night without waking up at the Brezhnev dacha, there was not a single medical worker, although, no matter where he went, a resuscitation machine with a full staff of staff for extreme cases followed the cortege. Medvedev and in the book "The Man Behind His Back", and verbally told how he, along with the duty security officer, unsuccessfully tried to do artificial respiration for Brezhnev. There was no one to help. After a while Chazov appeared, witnessed death. Why did he not call the resuscitation brigade when he received the first report of what had happened? Did you know everything in advance?

The death of Brezhnev was accompanied by another circumstance about which there is not a word anywhere. His widow, Victoria Petrovna, told the widow VV Grishina Irina Mikhailovna, that the first then to the dacha, literally 10-15 minutes after the first call, Andropov arrived at Medvedev. Silently went into the bedroom, took the Brezhnev case from the safe and just silently, without even going to Victoria Petrovna, he left. And then he arrived along with all the members of the Politburo, as if he had never been here before. This was confirmed to me and her son-in-law, Yu.M. Churbanov. Did not the leakage prevention of this kind of information explain his arrest and eight-year detention on a ridiculous charge? Brezhnev's family members repeatedly tried to find out from him what was stored in a mysterious case. Leonid Ilyich laughed off: "I have dirt on members of the politburo."

As expected, a plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU was held after the funeral to select a new general secretary. Andropov was elected unanimously.

On the "Literary Gazette" the change of power had no effect. Long-term contacts with him Chakovsky served us well. Another step was taken to strengthen the favor.

“Yury Petrovich,” he said once, “I heard that Andropov’s son writes poetry.” Ask him to select a few poems for publication.

I called and asked. But received a polite refusal.

Let's ask ourselves a question: why is mortally ill Andropov so eager for power? Even if good impulses were destined to him, nothing could be accomplished. What really accomplishments, if half of the General Secretary’s term had to be spent in a hospital chained to an artificial dialysis equipment? In addition to raids in cinemas and restaurants on the hard-core truants, the period of Yury Vladimirovich’s rule was not imprinted in the people's memory. A little for a figure of this magnitude. Surely it was not for this operation that the level of the commander of the squad was spent the efforts of the great players.

So for what?

To place in the right places the cadres who were to complete the change of power in the USSR.


Frame number 1 - Ligachev. I quote the memoirs of V.V. Grishina: "Nobody brought the party as much harm as Ligachev." With his hands, Andropov, and then Gorbachev, in the Central Committee and the party apparatus, replaced the proven reliable guards of party workers with former factory directors, builders, and scientists, who, as all world politicians know, should not be allowed to power. In the book “The Mystery of Gorbachev,” Yegor Kuzmich cites Andropov’s assessment of this activity, given a month and a half before his death in the Kremlin hospital: “You turned out to be a godsend for us.” We emphasize these words: “for us” ... I will cite one more quotation from the book: “Yuri Vladimirovich planned the renewal of socialism, understanding that socialism needs deep and qualitative changes”. What exactly, we clearly then showed Gorbachev, who at first time and then proclaimed: "More socialism!".

Frame number 2 - Yakovlev. Andropov returned him to Moscow from the Canadian embassy exile, where he was sent for anti-Russian speeches, giving the post of director of the second most important and anti-communist internal climate international institute of the Academy of Sciences. Without any scientific baggage. But with a diploma in a one-year internship at Columbia University, USA. From the institute Yakovlev with the speed of a comet jumped from post to post: head. the propaganda department of the Central Committee, secretary of the Central Committee, member of the Politburo — gray cardinal.

Frame number 3 - Gorbachev. It was under Andropov that he was elevated from the weakest in the position of the secretary of the CPSU Central Committee to one of the most influential, who, with the sick Chernenko, was in charge of all personnel affairs, arranging his supporters everywhere. It was he who dragged from Tomsk to the most important post in the party apparatus, the head of the department of organizational work Ligachev. The details of this operation are interesting. Such a post did not exist before. All personnel work was conducted by the first deputy director of this department, Nikolai Alexandrovich Petrovich, who enjoyed the deserved respect in the party. And his immediate leader was the secretary of the Central Committee Kapitonov, who in turn was subordinate to the second secretary of the Central Committee Chernenko. Andropov and Gorbachev spent the decision on Ligachev in one day, when Chernenko was on vacation, without coordinating it with any member of the Politburo. Aerobatics!

Some put forward a new tandem, others pushed. Cautious Brezhnev kept the first two deputies in the KGB under Andropov, his loyal people - Tsvigun and Tsinev. The Minister of the Interior Shchelokov was immensely devoted to him. A month after Brezhnev's death, Schelokov was fired. In his place was transferred from the KGB Fedorchuk, Shcherbitsky promoted. In 1984, Shchelokov seems to have shot himself - at home with a hunting rifle. In the 1985 year, already under Gorbachev, Tsinev was sent to the “paradise group” created for the elderly senior commanders. Brezhnev staff in the KGB is left.

After the death of Andropov, Chernenko was elected General Secretary at the suggestion of Ustinov. The decision on this, besides him, was discussed by Gromyko, Tikhonov and Chernenko himself. The surname of Gorbachev was not even mentioned by them.

Konstantin Ustinovich soberly assessed his capabilities, really did not want to. When I arrived home from the plenum of the Central Committee, which laid an unbearable burden on it, my wife asked:

- Kostya, why do you need this?

- So it is necessary.

His politburo colleagues persuaded him not to let Gorbachev, who had long been caught, go to power. But what successor could Chernenko prepare? He was surrounded by the same old men as himself. A younger person and more energetic than others, the Leningrad first secretary Romanov was, with the submission of Radio Liberty, completely discredited in the eyes of the people. It was transmitted from mouth to mouth that he arranged for his daughter's wedding in the royal palace, where drunk guests smashed an antique service. Romanov then demanded a refutation in print: after all, the wedding took place in the dining room of the regional committee, there were no sets, and he himself was not even present at it. Andropov, to whom he addressed, refused: they say, you never know what else they will come up with enemy voices, for each choch you do not hesitate.

Grishin, who headed the capital’s nearly million party organization, was also slandered. About him, a crystal honest and scrupulous person, one rumor spreading is more absurd than the other: that he left the family, married Tatiana Doronina and now newlyweds are delivered every day from the Elysian gastronome all sorts of free dishes; that he is a disguised Jew and patronizes all the underground businessmen of this nationality. And so on.

Cruelly dealt with Ustinov. At the end of 1984, Czechoslovakia carried out maneuvers of the Warsaw Pact troops with the participation of defense ministers. Upon returning from the maneuvers, one after another, the heads of the military departments of the GDR, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and the USSR died at intervals of several days. From which Dmitry Fedorovich died, so no one explained. Chazov wrote that his death "left many questions regarding the causes and nature of the disease." There is something to be surprised! Mass terrorist attack against high-ranking leaders of four states - and neither the investigation nor the punishment of terrorists ...


Chernenko slew with two attempts. In the summer of 1983, while Andropov was still alive, he was fatally poisoned while on holiday in the Crimea. Instead, investigations came up with a story about a poor-quality smoked scad. But it was eaten by everyone who lived on the state dacha, but for some reason only Konstantin Ustinovich suffered. So much so that miraculously did not give his soul to God. His already poor health was thoroughly undermined, for a long time he could not recover his performance. Soon after being elected General Secretary of Chazov, Chernenko was sent by way of intense pressure to amend the high-mountain resort of Kislovodsk. For a patient suffering from pulmonary emphysema, it was worse than poisoning. After 10 days, he was loaded onto a plane on a stretcher and immediately returned to Moscow. What kind of work here ...

After the second medical attempt, Chernenko tried with all his might to take the reins in his hands. His entourage also tried her best to show that he was acting. By order of the First Assistant Secretary General of Bogolyubov, Moscow staged the participation of Konstantin Ustinovich in the elections to the Supreme Soviet. But his days were numbered. They did not give him any chance to solve the main task for which he ascended to the highest post.

Chernenko died 10 March 1985 of the year. By a striking coincidence, Scherbitsky headed the delegation of the USSR Supreme Soviet a few days before that to the USA. Upon learning of the death of the secretary-general, he demanded that the ambassador return home immediately. To which he received the answer: "Your return is now undesirable." On the basis of what instructions did the ambassador decide to be so bold about a member of the politburo? My housemate, who was then in command of the government squadron, confirmed: he also received an order to delay Shcherbytsky’s departure for three days. It turns out that everything was planned.


In Moscow at that time there was a tense undercover game in which Primakov, Yakovlev and son Gromyko participated. The main character was Ligachev. Andrei Andreevich was promised the post of chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR if he in turn suggested that the politburo be elected General Secretary of Gorbachev. The fate of the future best German was hanging in the balance: none of the members of the Politburo, gathered to report the death of Chernenko, did not name him as a successor. At night, with a proposal to take this post, some of them turned to Grishin, but he refused. And Gromyko accepted the proposed deal. The next morning, as soon as the Politburo gathered, he did not wait for the official opening of the meeting, got up and did what Gorbachev, Ligachev and the powerful forces of the world scale were waiting for him to do. Voted unanimously. The same thing happened at the plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU, which opened two hours later. So the death sentence was signed to the Soviet Union and the party that raised the country from the ashes, made it a great power, defeated Hitler, saved Russia and humanity.

I learned all of the above many years later, and then, in April, 85, along with everyone, was glad that at last the weak-wise old men were replaced by a person full of energy, speaking freely from the podium without a piece of paper, promising to update everything, improve and improve. The time has come for big hopes, big expectations.

God, how naive we were!

Calculate how many corpses formed the ladder to climb Gorbachev on the coveted pedestal, give the readers.
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  1. esaul
    esaul April 5 2012 07: 52
    It was interesting to read all this and once again make sure that cowardice, cowardice, desire for power, lack of principles and banal greed of the units at the top of the social pyramid, turns into innumerable troubles for millions of people. Bitter and instructive ...
    1. domokl
      domokl April 5 2012 07: 57
      I welcome Valera! Nothing new, just a Russian proverb - Whose portrait is in the red corner, that god is too deeply rooted in us ... We believe that those who control us are saints .. and there is a bit of a bicker than lower ones ...
      1. esaul
        esaul April 5 2012 08: 05
        Quote: domokl
        Nothing new, just a Russian proverb - Whose portrait is in the red corner, he is god ... too deeply ate into us ... We believe that those who control us are saints .. and there is a bite more abrupt than at the bottom

        Greetings, Sasha! Well, this formula is mainly for those who have not especially thought about this topic before. Now the time is different and people, for the most part, have changed - they have become more informed and critical, which is a plus and a certain guarantee against repeating the mistakes of the past. An example is the diversity of opinions about the situation in the country and the formation of the majority opinion, not according to the order, but on the basis of their conclusions and lack of fear to express them. And this is from such an PLUS!
        1. domokl
          domokl April 5 2012 10: 01
          Valera, I agree with you in general, but in particular ... Some people are simply not able to cope with such a volume of information and choose only the one that they need in order to assert themselves .. An example is the attitude of the majority to the Ukrainian government ... Any article about the government and its actions, especially with regard to Russia, comes across a simple formula, we are fraternal peoples and who are against -... Any initiatives of the Americans cannot be trusted ... We are suffering from this too ...
          And we don’t give a damn that the author of the article didn’t talk about the brotherhood of peoples, but about the concrete actions of the government ... So those who wanted to be informed are informed .. Those who wanted to be right are right, those who wanted to be heard .. until you hear ... and you and I, too, are to blame ... wink .
          1. Igorboss16
            Igorboss16 April 5 2012 15: 31
            it all happened because of the loss of such values ​​as love for the homeland, and the thirst for profit, of course, not without the help of some special services, I regret that such a power has disintegrated, and I can’t stop hoping for a partial or full restoration in the future of the union when we again face major troubles or we will be threatened by a common enemy
    2. Ziksura
      Ziksura April 5 2012 09: 11
      Quote: esaul
      cowardice, cowardice, desire for power, lack of principles and banal greed of the units at the top of the social pyramid, turns into innumerable troubles for millions of people. Bitter and instructive ...

      On whose corpses did they go to power? According to ours.
      1. oiuy
        oiuy April 5 2012 10: 05
        12 th
        Oh Lord, again a universal world conspiracy ... lol Well, what kind of country is this? The article is full of absurdities and assumptions, the fact of minuscule.
        1. Was it the most stable economy in the USSR? Is this a joke or utter stupidity? ...
        2. and when ordinary people in the USSR asked who to put on the throne? The people were silently for furniture and horse labor!
        3. Gorbachev is a product of that ugly and anti-people system!
        4. Was it Dzerzhinsky and Kirov who were "killed" by British intelligence?! .. lol
        5. Where is the concrete evidence of the alleged poisoning? Facts where?
        6. Is Grishin an honest person? And also Medunov, Rashids and other "respected" tovarischi from the same cohort ...
        the senile Brezhnev was at the helm for 18 years, so the country got "results" .. what else did you want? When there are no democratic and popular elections, the results are obvious ... By the way, an interesting parallel between Andropov-Gorbachev and Putin-Medvedev ... maybe a bear was needed for a second term? skolkovo would be completed .. the article is another fantasy on a free theme
        1. Ziksura
          Ziksura April 5 2012 11: 23
          Quote: oiuy
          When there are no democratic and popular elections, the results are obvious ...

          I'm going to arrange an execution on my wife for the fact that during her work in the electoral committee in several elections she deprived me of the freedom of choice with her eternal rigging. 10 minutes ago, an observer from candidate Prokhorov left the office at the last elections, he probably didn’t go far, I’ll go to catch up and "pile" on him for not observing well, "totalitarianism" blinked.
          Thanks you! I have seen! Now I know for sure that a democratic choice does not happen when the condidate who I voted for, all members of my family, 90% of all my acquaintances win the election, and whose election will be recognized as democratic by the Indisputable Democrats. I now know for sure that democracy is not when we act according to our will, even if we make mistakes, but according to our own, and when we implicitly carry out the will of the Indisputable Democrats! I have seen!
          I’ll run to bring the light of truth to people !!!! Crash on the road of dissenting !!!
          Consider the case of me as a prisoner of conscience III !!!!!!!!!
        2. brr77
          brr77 April 5 2012 11: 34
          Here you have touched on the topic of economics, then answer me which of the economies: the Soviet or the USA, is the most efficient? I think nothing of privacy. And we need to make a symbiosis like CHINA.
        3. Sibiryak
          Sibiryak April 5 2012 14: 12
          Quote: oiuy
          Well, what kind of country is this?

          The country is excellent, and its best part is not read to the star-striped lying swamp!
          Quote: oiuy
          Was it the most stable economy in the USSR? Is this a joke or utter stupidity? ...

          Fantasy you do not hold! during the existence of the union, there was not a single economic crisis in the USSR, but in the United States, over the same period, this happened already 2 times ... This is so without going into details!
          Quote: oiuy
          and when ordinary people in the USSR asked who to put on the throne? The people were silently for furniture and horse labor!

          The election of American presidents is carried out by a college of so-called electors, consisting mainly of representatives of multinational companies, and the common population chooses only chewing gum in the store of their own free will! So first understand the pre-election system of your country !!!
          Quote: oiuy
          Gorbachev is the product of that ugly and anti-people system!

          You are the "shell-shocked" McCain and the "truth-lover" Brzezhinsky, tell the tale, and they will embellish it for you, so in general you will find mutual understanding!
          There is no need to discuss the rest, because there is no point!
        4. DEfindER
          DEfindER April 5 2012 16: 47
          Quote: oiuy
          1. Was it the most stable economy in the USSR? Is this a joke or utter stupidity? ... 2. and when ordinary people in the USSR asked who to put on the throne? The people were silently for furniture and horse labor!

          The economy of the USSR was one of the strongest in the world, because it was removed from it the most important evil of the economy - intermediaries (speculators), those who did not produce anything received 99% of the money from the sale of the product. And the states were rich not because their economy was strong, but only because all the other countries in the world were poor, especially in the third world, therefore there were constant US wars for resources, wealth and influence in other countries, and only the USSR stood at their ways, and they were ready for anything to get rid of him ..

          As for the elections, do not tell me, the system of elections in the Union was much more democratic than in the states, we elected people's deputies, whose congress made the most important decisions on the country's development. and in the states, as already mentioned, people could only choose chewing gum in stores!
        5. Odinplys
          Odinplys April 6 2012 03: 23
          It is a pity ... that I personally do not have enough opportunities and means ... to take the life of everyone ... without exception ... the relatives of those ... who killed Stolypin ... Shot the Romanovs ... poisoned Stalin ...
          It’s a pity that I can’t strangle Gorbachev .... and destroy his whole family ...
          It is necessary to take these sins into the soul ... so that su ... ki ... know ... there will be no future for their kind ....
          They must know ... and always ... live with the feeling of their own death ...
  2. TRex
    TRex April 5 2012 08: 08
    I’m afraid to admit to myself that this is all true ... Maybe there are some coincidences, overlays, etc., but the essence of the events, their focus on a global goal - the collapse of the USSR - is amazing.
    This is how the Cold War was won! Politics ... Damn!
  3. Goga
    Goga April 5 2012 08: 22
    The key word in the article "Comintern" is this shop in comparison with which the "Masons" are resting. One system of personnel training is worth it - they took the children of promising politicians around the world and, under false names, sent them to work in production as ordinary workers (including our Ural factories), then study at a good university, constant programming of the ward's brains, and after a while they have a ready-made cadre in their hands for introduction into the leadership of "their" country. Operations designed for decades. We have experienced the result of their work on ourselves - this is a trio of "perestroika" - Yakovlev, Gorbachev, Shevardnadze and others like them - everything they have led the country to is a direct result of systematic, many years of work indicated in the article "behind the scenes". These questions are rarely voiced in the media, the author deserved a "+"
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura April 5 2012 14: 53
      Quote: Gogh
      The key word in the article "Comintern" is this shop in comparison with which the "Masons" are resting.

      Who told you that these are different offices. Different "lodges" no more. Compare at least the well-known symbolism. And most importantly, the essence and methods.
  4. plotnikov561956
    plotnikov561956 April 5 2012 08: 29
    Quote: TRex

    I’m afraid to admit to myself that this is all true ... Maybe there are some coincidences, overlays, etc., but the essence of the events, their focus on a global goal - the collapse of the USSR - is amazing.

    It was also a great revelation. The scope is astounding. It seems really the truth. It is necessary to build a security system from such things
  5. Igarr
    Igarr April 5 2012 08: 33
    Yesterday about the US economy.
    Today is a picture ... of the deliberate collapse of the USSR.
    And, unobtrusively, slips - British intelligence.
    Everything is correct. As was the motto "divide and conquer! - so it works.
    Good article.

    I can imagine how much you need to break yourself, your psyche - making your way there.
    And, there are already others - "broken psychos" - sitting.
    And, on orders from abroad - psychos "knock down" each other.
    Chur-me, chur ... from such happiness.
    1. Goga
      Goga April 5 2012 09: 28
      Igarr - Hello namesake, British intelligence - it certainly is .... only from this story ears look of completely different structures and basically of a completely different nationality.
  6. 916-th
    916-th April 5 2012 08: 38
    That there has always been an undercover struggle in the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Politburo is intriguing, no doubt.

    They are caused by the alignment of forces of "good" and "evil", which was given by the author. Ustinov, in his opinion, ended up in the camp of villains. Although everyone knows what an outstanding role he played in strengthening the defense of the USSR and in the development of cosmonautics. All general designers recognized this.
    1. esaul
      esaul April 5 2012 08: 46
      Quote: 916
      They are caused by the alignment of forces of "good" and "evil", which was given by the author. Ustinov, in his opinion, ended up in the camp of villains. Although everyone knows what an outstanding role he played in strengthening the defense of the USSR and in the development of cosmonautics. All general designers recognized this.

      Stanislav, greetings, buddy. No one denies the positive that many of those named in this article have done. But, very often, in addition to ideological motives, behind many of them were motives of fear for their skin and, therefore, recognition as a leitmotif, proverb - "To live with wolves - howl like a wolf!"
  7. heruv1me
    heruv1me April 5 2012 08: 39
    Hmm, informative, but this is just a version, we will never know the truth. They will rewrite history, they will turn bastards into heroes, heroes into bastards, and so on, circle after circle.
    We should not miss the fact that in our country often many want the best, but they get it as always. You don’t have to go far for examples.
    But the fact that the English-Saxons are masters in long-stroke operations is a fact.
    1. Goga
      Goga April 5 2012 09: 24
      heruvime - Colleague, who wanted the best? Groby? This abomination was not mistaken, but purposefully (and unfortunately productively) carried out plans for the collapse of our country not drawn up by him. And yet, you are a colleague, and the United States was recorded in the "Angl-Saxons"? Kissinger, Brzezinski, etc. - Anglo-Saxons?
      On this occasion, the old Soviet joke -
      The observer of the Pravda newspaper Valentin Zorin meets with the US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and G.K. he says to Zorina - why are you Valentin, you scold me all the time, because you and I are both Jews? Zorin proudly answers - I'm not a Jew, I'm Russian! G.K. in response - so I also say Jews I'm American - you are Russian .... bully
  8. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov April 5 2012 09: 10
    I hear Gorbachev, I recall GORRR-BATY.
    Politician is the dirtiest profession in the world!
  9. Trudy
    Trudy April 5 2012 09: 31
    I do not agree with the author. A series of deaths of rulers is natural. People were old-school, who went through war, hard work. In addition, they were already old people. By the 80s, the elders sat in the party and political bureau. Brezhnev was generally a walking corpse, if anyone remembers. In the last years of his reign under Shchelokov, bribery and corruption reached enormous proportions. There are nothing grocery cards, there are empty shelves in the shops. It was necessary to change something.
    Andropov began to rebuild the mechanism with raising the economy. because in an economically weak country there can be no freedom. It should not be given to a hungry people.
    There is no time to append. I'm running away.
    1. freedom
      freedom April 5 2012 23: 01
      Well, a woman, she is a woman in Africa! Most interesting, you see, and did not say. love
  10. Vladimir75
    Vladimir75 April 5 2012 09: 35
    Hmm, another wave of alternative vision of recent history recourse to prepare something cardinal judging by the previous periods I will wait with interest for further "stuffing" on this topic
    1. Charon
      Charon April 5 2012 09: 58
      Quote: Vladimir75
      something to prepare cardinal

      Can the disclosure of the relevant archives? Since the death of Brezhnev, 30 years will soon be.
      1. Vladimir75
        Vladimir75 April 6 2012 07: 55
        Hello Charon! Even so, any information in the archives can be viewed from different points of view. And there is no guarantee that they will open all the information, not just the one that is beneficial at the moment. Rather, I tend to think that the article is "meaningful". For reflection on certain circles in power now - Think what can happen if it goes wrong. Sincerely.
  11. iulai
    iulai April 5 2012 09: 39
    spiders in one jar always eat each other!
  12. GOGY
    GOGY April 5 2012 09: 53
    to hang this labeled ... on Red Square and Yeltsin there, for the company
    1. Goga
      Goga April 5 2012 09: 59
      GOGY - Colleague, we not only have the same "nicknames", but also wishes, and about the remains of the EBNa - our people have a rich historical experience - a cannon is loaded with the corpse of such a frame and fired towards the west so dear to them - "fly to yours. .. " wassat
    2. Vito
      Vito April 5 2012 10: 11
      Hi GOGY. I have the same dream. And then he will die, it will be so insulting! No one from the top of the power has ever answered for their "great" deeds, before their people. But to bring someone from this gang of high-ranking officials to the expense right on the red square, maybe they would start thinking, or certainly they are afraid!
      1. freedom
        freedom April 5 2012 23: 09
        But what if the GDP decided on this? The genocide of the Russian people, betrayal. Pulls on two towers. I think then the name of GDP will be forever inscribed in the annals of Russia. This is the first. The second one. This step would remove the veil of lies in our society.
  13. Vlaleks48
    Vlaleks48 April 5 2012 10: 36
    The personnel policy of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (Bolsheviks) - the CPSU at all times of its existence relied on the only system of loyalty, venality and unprincipledness acceptable to the party.
    It was not possible to get a decent person into power after 1954-55.
    The main requirement for the candidate is the ability to go over the heads, regardless to whom they belong.
    As a result, we have what we have.
    The right to this opinion gives me my life experience and the time spent in the nomenclature clip.
    There are no normal people.
  14. wax
    wax April 5 2012 10: 57
    The author has the right to his vision. It seems very likely the introduction into the higher echelons of power, if not of direct enemies of the USSR, then of persons of a certain orientation (agents of influence). Yakovlev and Gorbi among them. I can not agree with the interpretation of the role of Andropov, because his measures, which are presented in the article as small, were quite effective - the USSR economy recorded a sharp increase in the pace in a very short time of his stay as Secretary General (this was also noted in the USA). The long overdue task of reforming the management system was voiced. Armament with cruise missiles began, and near the United States, patrolling of our submarines began on an ongoing basis ... I consider Andropov personally to be a mistake, but he saw it and did not manage to fix it (or did not). The role of Chazov and Kremlin medicine raises questions. In short, a more thorough analysis is yet to come. It seems to me that the United States was interested in eliminating Andropov. And then Gromyko blundered, only he could lead Gorbi. The top of the Politburo has grown too old, the question of rejuvenation has arisen extremely sharply, the old people have fussed, and there was no time left for selecting a worthy candidate. It is difficult to doubt that Masherov was eliminated - he would have a margin of time to resolve the issue of worthy continuity in the face of the current task of reforming the system of managing the national economy, since the objective trend of the country's inability to switch to the innovative path of development was obvious. Well, after and after Gorbi, the reforms turned into the destruction of the USSR, science, industry. education, etc. - all according to the script written no longer with us.
  15. Oleg0705
    Oleg0705 April 5 2012 11: 21

    Speech defects: Like Gorbachev,
    instead of "Azerbaijan" he said "Azibardjan".

    The previously promised 24 billion seemed a little. In mid-April 1993, Russia promised 43 billion. Gorbachev has never been so much
    did not promise.

    Linguists will remember the era of Khrushchev by the word "rabbit", Gorbachev by "fateful" and "lay the foundation", Yeltsin by "voucher."

    On March 15, 1991, US Secretary of State Baker told Gorbachev: "We want you to succeed. We want this as much as you do, and maybe even stronger." Gorbachev found worthy words: "Well, this is unlikely." Is this a strong male friendship or true love?

    "We are spiritually close ...", Gorbachev told the Japanese. Sounds like Tyutchev's line.

    We must pay tribute to Gorbachev's leadership team. Having come to power, she was determined to build a new society the way it is accepted throughout the world, that is, from an economic foundation. It soon became clear, however, that this is a difficult and thankless task, requiring not only intellectual potential, but consistency, perseverance and, most importantly, common sense. The management was forced to give up on the foundation and decided to start construction from the roof. In place of the economy, a huge hole called the market has formed. So in due time on the site of the Cathedral of the Savior in Moscow was "created" a swimming pool. The farce was repeated as a tragedy.
    Hands didn’t reach the new laws of nature - events fell upon President Gorbachev, the opposition, and the Communist Party like a mudflow.

    On August 19, 1991, the Soviet leadership announced the creation of the State Committee on the State of Emergency and sent tanks to the streets of Moscow. Gorbachev was on vacation in the Crimea, Democrats brought Russian President Yeltsin to the White House on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, where he led the resistance to the coup. Tanks came in handy - one of them was Yeltsin. Thus, he turned out to be the second leader of Russia after Lenin, who addressed the people from an armored car.

    The coup failed, democracy triumphed, the Soviet Union collapsed, and the grandiose construction of a new market society began on its ruins. A group of old leaders ended up in the Matrosskaya Tishina prison; the post of the President of the USSR melted into thin air along with the Soviet Union; Gorbachev, grumbling, returned to the long-forgotten status of an ordinary citizen, but with the titles of "best German" and "best Israeli"; party leaders became presidents of independent states, active leaders of the new regime, or businessmen of the market economy. The Soviet elite, in other words, was reshuffled like a deck of cards, but the whole deck remained the same with the addition of several jacks of diamonds directly surrounded by the trump Russian ace.

    Leonid Shebarshin
  16. ward
    ward April 5 2012 11: 48
    There is a person there is a problem, there is no person there is no problem ...
  17. Nechai
    Nechai April 5 2012 14: 28
    Perhaps the recommendation was his extremely tough stance when suppressing counter-revolutionary actions in Hungary?
    Without the guiding and determining role of A. Mikoyan, Andropov could not organize the Hungarian massacre. At the initiative of the young ambassador in Budapest, ALL Hungarians who were in the camps were sent from the USSR. Not prisoners of war, namely criminals convicted of crimes against the Soviet people. The arrival of this contingent significantly strengthened the anti-communists. Made them extremely warlike. New weapons and organizing instructors went into the country of already stuffed weapons.
    Medvedev both in the book "The Man Behind His Back" and verbally told how he, together with the security officer on duty, had unsuccessfully tried to make artificial respiration to Brezhnev.
    In an interview, V. Medvedev said that a closed heart massage was also performed. So much so that droplets of blood began to fly out of the old man's lips. "My whole shirt and collar were splattered with LI's blood." It looks like my grandfather's sternum was broken. Actually, the repose of L.I.B. happened after a conversation with Yu.V.A., that "Yura, you know your state of health and I know mine. After my departure, your appointment to the post of General is a short-term measure. The country needs a young energetic leader." This is where the fate of the elder was decided. Without clearing the "clearing" the hump was completely dim.
    Quote: oiuy
    The article is full of absurdities and assumptions.

    A well-worn way of counter-argumentation. In the mouth of the anisotets, everything is the true truth, I want to take care! And their opponents, well, only fiction.
    Quote: Trudy
    It was necessary to change something. Andropov began to rebuild the mechanism by raising the economy.

    Svetlana, what kind of lifting? He began the final discrimination of the Soviet Power! Checks-raids in shops, cinemas, on the street on a weekday. Here you are walking down the street. An outfit comes up to you and politely asks, why are you not at work? Do you have a certificate that you should not be at work now? And the Andropovka? This is the first appearance of the stick, as it is now called. There is no jump in economics at the snap of your fingers. You need to cook it. Provide. But when everything is ready, give the bureaucrats a good twist - the car will eat. So, if there is any merit in this, it is minimal. It's just that time was not enough for his reign. Western critics of the USSR themselves trumpet that the national economy of the USSR was extremely clumsy. And then lo and behold! The fakir showed up ...
    Quote: Wax
    And then Gromyko blundered, only he could lead Gorbi.

    Gromyko did not blunder. And he deduced from his Criminal Code his spouse and his mat. Well-being, etc.
    Kuusinen is not just an agent of influence. He was engaged in the selection of traitors. There was an essence, the name was Jermen Mikhailovich Gvishiani. Imyachko, he pronounced his own in an Anglic style. Acts are not advertised.
    Ha, Gorbachev took the reins of Chazov, rewarded for what he had done, and appointed him the Minister of Health, quickly removing him from the Central Clinical Hospital. This institution is now famous for miracles of healing. The internal affairs bodies will pinch the "patient", the one in the Central Clinical Hospital. He conducts a course of therapy and the criminal case is resolved. And nothing prevents you from taking a seat in the Federation Council.
    1. Trudy
      Trudy April 5 2012 16: 07
      Check-ups in stores, cinemas, on the street on a weekday. Here you are walking along the street. An outfit approaches you and politely asks, why aren't you at work? Do you have a certificate that you should not be at the workplace right now?

      Again I do not agree. Economics begins with discipline.
      But the fact that he had very little time - I agree. Before the man had time to do what he had outlined. And he did not bring Gorbachev for the sake of the collapse of the country. The ideas were completely different. But this tagged failed.

      ps. I do not need stripes on the skirt - minus it. But I express my opinion that is different from anyone else.
  18. Lord
    Lord April 5 2012 19: 47
    The article, even in the original source, is anonymous - pure ordering, it’s time people would understand it already ...
  19. Nechai
    Nechai April 6 2012 02: 30
    Quote: Trudy
    Economics starts with discipline

    Who can argue with that. I'm talking about the discrimination of the Soviet Power. It is not customary to talk about age with ladies. But nevertheless, let me assume that Andropov's "innovations" have never been personally experienced. Industrial discipline is not achieved by curfews. I went outside the gates of the enterprise, at least go to bed. The best way to discredit any idea or undertaking is to bring it to the point of absurdity, to ridicule. Let's take an active fight against idle time of cars on the railway. Where the pick-up and shipment went around the clock, everything went more or less, but where the pick-up from the railway was episodic, non-rhythmic there was complete seams. And why. Yes, the beginning of the destination station does not know himself, therefore he does not inform the recipient IN ADVANCE when the cars will come to him. And when they are finally served, the recipient is usually not ready. If it is in the evening, at night, this is a separate song. So instead of debugging the information component (after all, this is difficult, expensive, a lot of troubles), a decree is issued - on unloading the cars from the moment of submission of so many hours. Then a fine and so on. And what should the company's management do? Take two more shifts of storekeepers, loaders, car operators, drivers. Or easier from the beginning. the station "amicably agree" - and under the pretext of a malfunction of the carriage, he will delay its delivery until a convenient moment. And where to get money for this? Not out of your own pocket, right? There were many similar examples. Among the people, not only a thought was born, it grew stronger and stronger - they were completely stunned up there and did not realize the realities of life. The government's undertakings aroused rejection and anger. And already in the catastrophe, with organized empty shelves, the people expressed themselves unequivocally - Yes, she is so Sovetska Vlast! What actually was required by the organizers of all this booth.
    Quote: Trudy
    Before the man had time to do what he had outlined. And he did not bring Gorbachev for the sake of the collapse of the country.

    Svetlana, and where are the cons. It’s great that you express your opinion, I’m mine. People read and express their opinions. Part, just your attitude to my opusal - or + expresses.
    All that is meted out was in time. And with the couple of Gorbachevs SEA introduced, be surprised, Chazov. SE often and in large quantities, while on vacation in the Stavropol Territory, talked with this married couple. And it was not difficult to see who is the leader in the family and who is the follower. Gorby is an absolute henpecked. And without a spouse, I could hardly "climb" anywhere. You have probably met such families. That is, the MSG is never a leader, on the contrary, a person is driven. That was then repeatedly noted by the comrades-in-arms in the "pack of comrades" from the Politburo. We resolved the issue yesterday, and in the morning the General gives a completely different alignment. Ask why it was necessary to put such a frame? He rushed about, now to one, then to the opponents of the first. This he called to be over the fight. In addition, the close attention of the General Prosecutor's Office to this couple was as necessary as to the Krasnodar "comrades". And the last, now, more and more loudly voiced, the project carried out by the heirs of the Trotskyists. The thing is voluminous, worthy of a separate discussion. So it was precisely at launching the active stage that Andropov's efforts were aimed. But the project failed. What the bourgeois have promised them, only equal partnership from the position of concessions to Russia from the West will never be expected. It's not even idealism. Either stupidity or pure betrayal. The project failed. What to do next, really and publicly, meaningfully and soberly from the Kremlin scholars, no one or anything says. Understandably they would like to freeze the situation, but these attempts are in vain. The course change will take place. The question is when? If "from the top", then before the catastrophe it is possible to avoid it. If from the bottom, then it will be either during the catastrophe, or after it. That's the whole repurpose set.
    1. Trudy
      Trudy April 6 2012 08: 51
      Thank you, Valery, for the detailed alignment and respectful conversation. You almost convinced me. But about Andropov, it's very difficult for me to immediately change my opinion to the opposite. "I am tormented by vague doubts" (c). When he became general secretary I was about 22 years old. I remember then discipline at the enterprises suffered. It was like in the movie "Office Romance". In the morning I came to work, checked out and jogged to shops, hairdressers, tailors and so on (of course, mostly office workers). To look at this outrage was just painful. And when they began to impose discipline, I completely agreed with this. Plus, in our family, Andropov was respected for his merits in the KGB. He has merits, no matter what they write bad about him now. Therefore, it is difficult for me to immediately change my opinion to the opposite. Thank you, now I will carefully read everything related to him and his activities.
  20. Letekha
    Letekha April 9 2012 03: 31
    Apparently it was Andropov, and no one else began the process of collapse! I don’t understand one thing: "The period 1967-1982" is a period of unprecedented successes for the KGB, and he is the leader! It's certainly not that simple. These games have been going on for decades! I’m thinking: “If Putin turned out to be the second“ deeply conspiratorial ”Andropov, then our days guys are numbered, God forbid, of course, otherwise you can safely go and shoot yourself in the forehead! God grant that Putin turns out to be the second Stalin, then let us fight, then we’ll play some more!
    1. Sergey V.
      Sergey V. 24 June 2020 23: 07
      Year 2020. Have you decided on the answer?